Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WIN TICKETS : Protest the Hero / Periphery / Jeff Loomis Band / The Safety Fire / Today I Caught the Plague

Well kids, you have just about made it to Wednesday! We're only a few days away from the weekend and what better way to celebrate the middle of the week than to see a bunch of great bands! Thanks to my ladies at Black Iris Booking we are bringing you yet another chance to win some tickets! This time it's all about the metal!!!

Wednesday night, Protest the Hero, Periphery, Jeff Loomis Band, The Safety Fire and Today I Caught the Plague are playing at The Magic Stick. We have two sets of tickets to giveaway to two lucky winners! That’s right you and a friend will be on the list to come check out the show! There is nothing like a little progressive metal to get the blood going after a long day at work.

All you need to do to be entered to win is tell us why you want to go. We know why these bands are amazing, but do you? Leave us a comment at the end of this article and include your email address so we can contact you. Winners will be announced a little later today!

Check out videos of a couple of the bands!
Protest the Hero:
The Safety Fire

If you are not one of the lucky winners and still want to come to the show, you can purchase tickets online here or at the door. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. and is $20. Good Luck!



  1. I would love to go because I love technical metal and breakdowns. Plus, I've never had the chance to see Periphery before.

    Paul Pomerleau

  2. I would like to attend this show because I have not yet seen Periphery or Protest the Hero live and am on a bit of a budget. I was informed that Protest the Hero can put on a phenomenal live show and I was busy the last time the band came around on their tour with the Dillinger Escape Plan. This concert would clear my head of the stress of school. School's really like to hammer you with homework on the first day back from vacation. Progressive and technical metal are up there with my favorite genres as of late. It's hard to come by artists like Periphery and Protest The Hero nowadays without a couple singles and the rest filler. Each and every song by both bands is unique in its own way.

    I'm David Joseph.

  3. Periphery raped and murdered my wife. Tonight I seek revenge.


    1. Next time adam thanks for entering...next time answer sooner!