Thursday, April 5, 2012


The nominees have been announced for the 2012 Detroit Music Awards and the amazing FLASHCLASH have been nominated for four, count it, four awards. We kind of want to say we told you so, but I guess we’re not that bitchy. We have been trying to tell you that this is some futuristic, bad-ass, amazing shit. And finally, FLASHCLASH may be able to get the acclaim that they deserve.

FLASHCLASH was nominated in four categories at this year’s awards: Best Electronic Musician, Best Electronic Recording for “Born of Astronauts," Best Live Act, and Best Electronic Live Producer, Dilan Wade. The awards will be handed out at The Fillmore on April 27. We personally believe that they deserve to win every one of these titles, but would be saddened to hear that they did not win best live act because we have never seen anyone else do what they do. The production, lighting, sound, and decor of their stage show only adds to the fact that they write great music and play it well.

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I was able to briefly contact Astronaut Bryce Carroll-Coe to ask him about the nominations and impending awards. Here's what he had to say;

The nominees for this year's Detroit Music Awards have been announced and you were nominated in 4 categories, including best album and performance. Two huge categories. How does it feel?

Bryce- It's great that we're up for these awards. I'm particularly excited and honored for the Best Performance category. From the start our General, Yorg, has had a vision of something that people have never seen live. We've been able to take that vision and have it come to fruition. It's a point of pride for me primarily because of the hard work it takes to put out our performance from day to day or show to show. It's anywhere from 2 1/2 to 4 hours to get our show up and running. Lots of heavy lifting and lots of trouble shooting from venue to venue. Plus, seeing it all light up with a crowd up front is erection inducing.

HipInDetroit- Over the weekend you let your followers in on a little secret, the Mayans were wrong and the world won't end. Since you're from the future, do you know the outcome of the awards? Want to share it with us?

Bryce- I've made it a point to not know too much about what's already happened. Keep in mind that The Holt has done everything in their power to rid us of any real historical documentation. We only know the Mayans were wrong because we're still here in 2987. Also, did the Mayans even bother accounting for Leap Years? We have some items of historical importance but, nowhere near enough to aid us too heavily. The temptation to check what we do have is always there, though.

Will you be able to attend the awards on April 27 or do you think The Holt will stop you from being able to make an appearance?

Bryce- It depends on whether or not they've gotten wind of what we've got coming up. There's lots of promotion here in this time period but, they don't see everything we're doing here. If someone here is following us and returning to them with information concerning our whereabouts, then we might be in for a fight. I am not worried about it. As long as they don't notice we're not currently in 2987 on that night if should be safe for us to attend.

Who comes up with the concept for your videos? I specifically love "Spiraling" and "Don't Let Them In." You should have been nominated for best video! That chick with the leopard print skin is f-ing hot, by the way!

Bryce- Yeah, that's actually a really good friend of ours from this time period, Helena Kirby. Her FA's (future ancestors) asked us to look in on her and show her the ways she can help now. Being in the videos and helping us write music is only the beginning for her . . .
The concept for DLTI was kind of how Yorg started the concept for this mission. The song was one of the first ones he designed. Once we received our marching orders from Chann (our mother) Yorg decided that for a revolution to begin, people had to be shocked. We researched and looked for the things that shocked people from this time period. This is the year we needed to start this revolution.
Spiraling's video was a concept designed by a small task force of revolutionaries that go by Axis Media. They've been good enough to listen to and support our struggles. They're extremely smart and extremely well stocked in their arsenal. Lots of firepower. It's for them that I feel bad about missing out on this nomination. Their preparation and execution were second to none on that shoot and they pulled out the ideas they were most excited to portray.

Never give up. Never surrender.

We are hoping to get into the Detroit Music Awards and get a sneak peek at the astronauts winning an award or four. I truly wish them the best and congratulate them on all they have accomplished so far. We continue to support you in your fight against The Holt! Music makes the world go round. 


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