Friday, November 30, 2012

Feelin' Crafty?

It's that time of year when you have to start making pesky lists of what you are going to buy everyone for the holidays. And there is always at least one person that you have absolutely no clue what to buy for, or in my case, many people. I usually end up wandering the mall or going to every shop I can think of until I come across that one random thing that is just perfect! But that's me, and I am always a last minute shopper. 
However, if you are like me, or even if you're smart and plan ahead but just like to shop, then one stop you should definitely make this year is at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, put on by Handmade Detroit. The annual fair, which is in it's 7th year, will take place at the Masonic Temple this weekend, December 1 from 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. and December 2 from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.

There will be 100 local and national vendors selling unique, hand-made items ranging from homemade treats to home goods to accessories and clothing. So I'm sure you'll be able to find something for everyone on your list! A lot of our favorite local artists/designers will be on hand like Shawn Knight, Glass Action!, FLEE Studio and many more! For a full list of the vendors that will be there this weekend, you can go here.

If you get there early on Saturday and are one of the first 50 people in the door, you'll get a 'swag bag' filled with homemade goodies and coupons to make it worth getting up early!

Admission in to the fair is $1 for those 12 years and up. Happy shopping and remember to shop local and support your fellow Detroiters this holiday season!


Check out the Bobby Electric at The Old Miami Saturday

We get a lot of bands that want us to come to their shows and review their albums, and for the most part we are happy to do so. Sometimes we get a band that we fall in love with and feel the need to share them with our readers without them asking us to do so. The Bobby Electric is one of those bands for me. 

I met one of the members when he was doing sound at a recent show at Small's and he agreed to send over the music that he plays. He sent me a link to their bandcamp and I threw the album on while I was cleaning my house. Soon enough I found myself enjoying the music and dancing. When my significant other got home, he asked me what I was listening because he also was digging the jams. I immediately restarted the album and we listened to all 15 songs together. You can now consider me a fan of The Bobby Electric! 

Their record is available here and is sells for the name your price rate, my favorite way to buy an album! The LP is called “It Was Hard to Meet You”. There are 15 original songs and you can download them in MP3, FLAC, or any other format that works for you. The vocals were great and I loved the sound they achieved with their guitars. This band sort or has a 90's grunge feel but more updated and more relevant. If anything my biggest complaints is that the vocals need to be turned up! I also liked that each song was a unique song. It is not an album of 15 of the same songs with a little variation, instead it is an album that reflects a band that has eclectic taste in music and is able to produce all sorts of of tracks.
The best part is if you like them as much as I did, you can check them out this coming Saturday at The Old Miami in Detroit. They are playing alongside Ghost Heart (Grand Rapids), Darkred, The Factory Girls and All the Wild Children. The show is $5 at the door and starts at 9 p.m. The Old Miami needs to start advertising their shows better because they book a lot of great ones, but they do not get enough attention. Contact us Old Miami if you need someone to get the word out for you! 


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jamaican Queens and Bars of Gold at Small's

Last week two of my favorite local acts played together at Small's and both bands killed it! Jamaican Queens and Bars of Gold were simply amazing and if you were not there, you missed out. Thankfully your girls at Hip In Detroit are always there to get you videos of the best bands in town, so you never feel like you missed out. You can check out a couple songs down below and make sure not to miss out the next time these two bands play. They do not disappoint! 


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Few Minutes with Few And Far Between

While most bars were full of drunken slobs the night before Thanksgiving, we spent our evening with a slightly classier crowd at Small's. Good friends, new friends and a few super fans all gathered for the Few And Far Between show, which themselves seem to be few and far between these days. We had a chance to hang out with the guys before the first band went on and even do a short interview. I must say, this was by far one of the nicest bands we have met so far. (So, that first "few and far between" repeat in one sentence was on purpose. Not sure why I keep saying far in every sentence now though. Kind of weird.) So...check out Sadie's interview with the guys down below:

We also had a chance to shoot a couple of songs from Few And Far Between's set, including one song with guest vocalist Dave Graw (Nice Hooves, Isosceles Mountain). You can check those out here:


If you missed out on this great show, you will have another chance to catch Few And Far Between on December 28th at Black Christmas presented by Black Iris Booking at The Majestic Complex. There are a ton of other great bands playing that night to. A TON! More info on that coming soon, but until then, visit the Facebook event page.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Win More Kaleido Tickets!!!

We had such a crazy response to the tickets that we gave away to the November 30th Kaleido show at The Magic Stick. Due to the high demand, we are giving away another set of tickets, giving you one last chance to get in the door and hang out with Kaleido and Hip In Detroit for free!

This show is going to be epic! After a year of hard work, the band is finally ready to release their first piece of recorded music onto their fans and we could not be happier to be part of it! All you have to do to enter is email us at and give us your name and mailing address and make sure the subject line reads Kaleido because we are also giving away Tunde tickets this week. We will announce one lucky winner this Wednesday morning, so we can get them to you in time for the show. If you don't win the tickets, or you want to guarantee that you get in the door, you can purchase tickets in advance at If you haven't seen the promo video for the show yet, you can check it out below.

 Kaleido is ready, are you? 


Win Tickets to See the Amazing Tunde, Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks and Phantasmagoria!!!

When deciding to go to a show there are two factors that play a big role in the decision for me; who's opening and how much does it cost? A few shitty openers or a high entrance fee can detour me away from any show, even if I really like the main act. Other times, there is a show of such epic proportions, that's priced so cheap that it blows my mind. Thankfully this show is of the latter. Even more importantly we are giving you the chance to win 2 tickets for you and a friend to be on the guest list to see this show this Thursday, November 29th, at The Magic Stick.

We have been telling you about Tunde Olaniran since we first started the website. He is one of the best looking, most original, highest energy acts that I have ever seen, local or not. The outfits, the stages, and the show are constantly changing and evolving much like the artist himself. He mixes pop, hip hop and soul in a way that I have never heard before. He can also dance really well! He always has at least two hotties up on stage with him and he sings his heart out. He killed it this year at Dally in the Alley and had the whole crowd asking “Who is this guy?”. He’s Tunde! I’ve been saying it for months and he’s the best! Check out our previous interview with him at The Lager House a few months ago:

We have also told you about Phantasmagoria, another local gem that we have had the pleasure of seeing a few times around town. This two piece also features its own unique sound and style and draws in an eclectic crowd. The vocals are amazing and haunting at the same time. Basically they have a style of their own and I am digging what they are up to.

However, we have not told you about Maria Rose and The Swiss Kicks yet, but they have had such a buzz around town that you may have already heard about them before we had the chance to tell you. They have been compared to some of the greats, including Fiona Apple and Adele. Their debut album was released in December of last year and is titled “New Direction”. We are planning to catch up with them at the show on Thursday and learn more about the people creating all this hype. I don't doubt that I will fall in love with them when I finally get to see them live.

To enter to win tickets to this great show please just e-mail your name with the subject "Tunde" to The winner will be drawn at the end of the day on Wednesday. The best part is that even if you don't win the tickets, this show is only $5 dollars! This is definitely one of those shows that is worth every penny. All ages are welcome and doors are at 8 p.m. I will be there watching and enjoying every minute of this! I hope that you will join me!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Shop Local Tomorrow at Division Street Boutique

It’s time to get ready for the holidays! With Thanksgiving officially over, the time for shopping, gifts and Santa is in full swing. 
Our friends over at Division Street Boutique have put together an event this weekend for those of us that want to get a jump start on our holiday shopping. They have decided to open their doors and invite local designers to team up with them to put on a one day sale. Not only will you be able to pick up all the Detroit Hustles Harder gear that you desire, but you will also be able to check out the newest items from some of the area’s biggest local designers. 

This list includes Angela McBride of Peace Love Spandex (bright, sexy clothes, all hand stitched), Urban Pheasant Glass (hand-blown glass items), Fotoula Lambros Designs (Custom dresses and clothing, all organic), Jeremy Skritski’s Vintage Sports Gear (from the 80's and 90's), GoRay Productions (sculptures and posters), Salam’s Juice Bar (fresh squeezed treats while you're shopping) and lots of CD’s and records that will be on sale for 25% off for the day. They also have new artwork up in the gallery and will have a keg available for drinks for a donation. 

DJ Jefferson and Jeff Woodward will also be playing music for you to enjoy while you shop. They are promising major markdowns on all their items for the day. The sale runs from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and the boutique in located in the Eastern Market at 1351 Division Street. Let the Season of shopping begin and remember to buy local!


Weezer Tribute Show Tonight

Do other people love Weezer as much as I do? I saw them for the first time when I was 15. They opened up for a little band call No Doubt and I was totally hooked from that day on. Their self-titled album is still in constant rotation at my house and I belt out the lyrics like I’m still 15 years old. With lyrics like “I want a girl who laughs for no one else” you can’t help but to feel sentimental when you hear Rivers sing about love. A few years ago a band did a really good rendition during Creepy Cheapy and it was one of the highlights of the night. It's so fun to get together and sing along to great music and Weezer is one of those bands that is perfect for a sing along. 

This Friday TRU presents a tribute to Weezer at The Pike Room. They are taking their shot at bringing some of the best music from the Blue Album, Pinkerton, the Green album and the self-titled to your ears. The show starts at 9 p.m. and is only $10. This is an all ages event. So feel free to bring those younger ones and teach them about the awesomeness that is Weezer. After all, your garage might be where you feel safe, but sometimes you go to get out and go to a show : )

Bars of Gold, Jamaican Queens and More Tonight at Small's!

Once the turkeys have been carved and the thanks have been given you will likely need to get out of your house and away from your families. I know that personally after a day with the whole crew I need to hear some good music and have a stiff drink. No, Aunt Janice, I still haven’t finished my masters.Yes dad, I really did get that tattoo. You get my drift. Luckily we live in Detroit rock city and we have many events to choose from on any given day. But, I can tell you where I will be this Friday; at Small's watching 2/3 of my favorite local bands tear up the stage at my favorite bar. This Friday the amazing Bars of Gold and Jamician Queens are teaming up with Lightning Love and Meadower to kick off the weekend right.

Bars of Gold are like no band you have ever seen before. The way that the singer moves and the sound of his voice makes me melt. This is by far one of the best bands I have ever seen live. They suck you in immediately and keep you mesmerized the entire time they play. Check out the last time we saw them at Small's here:

Jamican Queens is also like no one that I have ever seen. They just started playing out this past year and I cannot miss a show. This 3 piece has a unique sound and are also unique people. Their 3 song EP has been one of my favorite things to listen to for months and I am addicted to the singer, Ryan Spencer’s voice. They do not remind me of anything that I have ever seen before, which a great thing. Check out this video from when we caught up with the queens at The Pike Room:

The show starts at 9 p.m. this Friday  and tickets are $8 and can be purchased at the door. I can’t believe that I get to see these bands in the same place on the same night! It is going to be epic! 


Beards, Boobies and PARTY!

By now everyone knows that the guys in Wilson usually have some of the nicest beards around and they obviously make all the girls go crazy with them! Well, I guess some girls don't like beards (ahem, Sadie), but they are just silly. I, personally, am a big mustache fan (call me a hipster all you want, they are just so funny), but beards are pretty great, too!
Well, now that it's 'No Shave November', it was just plain obvious that Wilson had to do something to go along with it. They are doing what they call Beards for Boobs- "A No Shave November to Remember." Boobs, facial hair, they totally go together. Wilson came up with a plan to give back to the boobs that have meant so much to them over the years, which is a little different twist on Movember that usually supports mens health. 

So, for the whole month of November all you have to do is grow those facial hairs and post a picture of them on the Wilson Facebook page. Even though it is halfway through the month already, there is still plenty of time! For each picture, they will donate 50¢ to the Keep a Breast Foundation. You can post pictures of the final beard or an in-process one, but they do have a request- no Jon Hamm-style five o'clock shadows, you have to look like you've put a bit more effort into it than a day! I'm sorry if you have trouble growing one, but don't worry, it will get fuller!

So whether it be a beard or a perfect handlebar mustache, good luck! Let's raise some moolah for the boobies! Get creative, I wanna see some good ones!


Perfect Reason to Check out the Revamped Flint Local 432

Ever since the Flint Local 432 re-opened its doors about 6 months ago I have been trying to make it out to a show to see the renovations and changes. They used the money from a grant to completely gut the place and remix and remake it into something new and fun. This used to be the hip place to go in Flint and from what I have heard it's even better than before. They had The Swellers play a 10 year anniversary show recently and even sold the place out a few times since reopening. The one setback is that it is an alcohol free zone, but I guess you can still have fun without drinking if the music is good enough. Thankfully they have finally booked a show that is making me driving to Flint to check out the new digs, so I wanted to share it with our readers and invite you to come along.

Saturday, November 24th our friends in Odd Hours are playing alongside One Blown Speaker, Elliot Street Lunatic, The Bicker Brothers and The Finale. Fresh off the heels of the release of their new music video with Tunde Olaniran, Odd Hours are ready to take the stage and show you what they have. Speaking of the video, have you seen it yet? Tunde killed it with the styling and Gold House did a great job putting it together. Check it out here:

How do i get Tunde to make me a hat with spikes all over it? I love that! 

The show starts at 7 p.m. and is only $6 at the door. I love when venues keep the prices down! That means more money to spend on merch! This event is all ages and the Flint Local 432 is located at 124 W. First St. in Flint.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Meet Local Musican The Gator

Recently I met a local musician who is just like me; she loves music more than anything else in the world. She is about to fund her first recording and began a kickstarter to help cover the costs of a vinyl pressing of the album. If you donate to her kickstarter, you can be guaranteed a copy of the album when it is released. I watched her video on and was inspired by the clip that she had put together about what music meant to her. So, I asked her to sit down with Hip In Detroit and tell us about herself, the music she loves, the music she writes and where she wants to be in 5 years from now. Check out the kickstarter clip here  and read along to learn more about this talented Michigan resident and musician. If you like what you see you can donate to help her reach her goal by November 30th. You can also check her out live November 24th at The Trumbullplex with Due North and Matt Wixon’s Flying Circus. Without further ado, here is The Gator:
Photo Credit: Roger Fruin
HipinDetroit- What's the first song you ever learned to play and what instrument was it on?

The Gator- When I was four and five, I would take a guitar and attempt to play along to The Who’s "Tommy". We have video somewhere of me at that age singing and 'playing' along to Acid Queen. But when I started playing for real, I wrote my own songs. I’ve also played violin, trombone, and piano, and on a much less proficient basis, accordion, piano, drums. I also play bass fairly well.
 HipinDetroit- How old were you the first time you played in front of an audience?

The Gator- I was 13 the first time I got on stage with a band and rocked it out. We played a few cover songs. Less Than Jake, NoFX, Sublime, Silverchair. I had been dreaming about it ever since I was very small, and let me tell you, it was everything I had hoped it would be.

HipinDetroit- How would you describe yourself to someone who never heard your music before?

The Gator- The Gator is beardless folk punk.

HipinDetroit- What bands/groups/acts have you performed with?

The Gator- This summer I played one of the most fun shows ever, with The Wild (ATL), The Taxpayers, and Ramshackle Glory. Ramshackle Glory invented the Gator clap, by the way. I also play a lot of shows with my dear friends Due North, and Cheapshow. Egon’s Unicat from the Illinois Valley is probably the most intense, entertaining group ever. I’m playing with Run, Forever on the 17th and Franz Nicolay on the 19th. When I was in Utility Monster, we played with this tight band called Bahamut
 HipinDetroit- Who are your biggest music influences?

The Gator- Without question, Rancid and Bad Religion shaped me growing up. Let’s Go and Suffer were the entry points. Rancid stole my heart and then Bad Religion showed me there was a place for intelligence in punk rock. At 14, that was monumental. Operation Ivy’s Energy got about a million plays in my Discman as well. …And Out Come the Wolves changed my life. I still remember the Epitaph Records order form that came in other cds, when Out Came the Wolves was just released. It said, “This rules the universe. Be a part of punk history.” So I went down to Beat Hotel and bought it, duh. And Joe Strummer is my punk rock hero, above all. I love NoFX. I love Swingin’ Utters. Alkaline Trio, boysetsfire, Hot Water Music, Jets to Brazil, The Lawrence Arms, and Against Me! picked up the mantle late 90s/early 2000s. The Weakerthans are perennial favorites of mine. As for slightly lesser known favorites, I think The Gamits are incredibly underrated. Their album Parts is one of my favorites.

Beyond the punk rock world, once we drift towards the singer-songwriter world, Joey Cape (of Lagwagon) started me on this path. I’m a huge fan of Neko Case. I unapologetically love Elliott Smith as well. I think John K. Samson’s songs are marvelous. I love everything he’s done.

The Beatles and The Who started everything when I was a small child. My dad used to play blues albums when I was young. I grew up listening to Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, Ted Hawkins. And Patti Smith has been this sort of constant presence my entire life. I also got to see Nina Simone in Detroit not long before she died. My parents have been major musical influences as well, just because they played all these albums all my life. Luckily they never played me any music that sucked. Seriously.

HipinDetroit- L.A. to Chicago to Detroit, what do you see as the difference in the music scene here from the other places you lived? [Seattle too!]

The Gator- I’m no expert. I would preface my answer by saying that I’ve never felt like I was truly part of any scene, which is to say that I’m not sure I ever fit in anywhere. But that’s how we all feel. I’ve gone to more punk rock shows by myself than with friends. I guess you don’t need to go with friends when there’s a whole pit full of new buddies every time. Punk rock is my friend. It doesn’t require you to fit any particular mold. In high school I’d play my shows in a J. Crew sweater because that’s just what I had on that day. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings. I’ve had the same haircut my entire life. I mean, clothes don’t make you punk rock. Body modification doesn’t make you punk rock. Being an asshole certainly doesn’t make you punk rock. I’ve always thought that punk was, or at least should be, the most inclusive and accepting of all art forms. There may be others, but whatever. I love punk rock. It’s desperation and elation simultaneously.

When I moved out of Michigan the most recent time, the scene in Detroit felt depressed. All the jobs were gone anyway. My whole band was unemployed. I left because I lost my home, and my extended family back in LA was able to get me a job. But my perception was that in Michigan, the scene was depressed, in the medical sense. Nobody felt like doing anything. We’d play shows and the same 20-30 people would be there. Let me tell you, we had a great time together. But when we’d play a show in another city, it felt more alive.

Los Angeles has a lot going on, I don’t know that I have anything too insightful to say about it. Chicago has always seemed fine to me because I’ve gone in to play shows with other non-Chicago bands, and we’ve had a great time. But other friends in Chicago bands have bemoaned the pretentiousness there. I haven’t experienced it firsthand, but I can see how that could be the case. Seattle was really friendly, but then again I wasn’t there for very long. And also, I made a very good friend right away, in a great band, so that helped.

Detroit feels alive again. Maybe I’ve been away too long and the scene is even further along than I perceive. But we have everything it takes. Pain makes great art. And we have been through the wringer. NoFX has that song, The Desperation’s Gone, where Mike sings about how “the notes and chords sound similar, the same forbidden beat but the desperation’s gone. The song’s the same, the desperation’s gone.” We have the desperation and its necessary counterpart: community. We’re doing this together. Restoration. Rebuilding. Reclamation. It seeps into our sound. You can hear a Chicago punk band and know it. You can here an LA punk band and know it. Bay Area, Philly, DC, Gainesville. Same. You can hear it, and it’s because of a shared experience. Detroit is audible. And it’ll kick your face in.

HipinDetroit- Favorite venue to play at in Detroit (and surrounding areas?)

The Gator- Trumbullplex! They are the best. I love the people there. Austin, J Rae and Mikey are incredibly dedicated to fostering an inclusive arts and music community. I’ve had the great privilege of playing several shows there, and I’ve loved every second of it. I also like the Lager House a lot. PJ is incredibly kind, and I love how he’s always there and talking to everyone. And he remembers you the next time. I am also really stoked about the Toepfer House starting to get a lot of attention. My friend Vince from Cheapshow (Toepfer House is his house) is the real deal. He represents so much of what is great and right about music. I love him. He also sends the funniest text messages.

HipinDetroit- where do u want to see yourself in five years?

The Gator- I actually do write five-year plans. I was trained to do that. This project, The Gator, will still be going. I’ve decided on that. Writing, recording, touring. Five years from now, five more albums, lots of tours, lots of singing along together. The question here is really, what does success look like to me? The answer is a self-sustaining music career. I’m happy to work a job in addition to music so I can directly help people. And I need health insurance because I end up in the ER a lot. But musically, I’d like for the album and touring to pay for itself. I don’t want to be famous, not even close. Fame seems like a terrible curse. I love Bandcamp and crowd-funding. There are still great labels, and if a band or an artist wants to grow and expand, labels can provide the distribution and tour planning and exposure that an artist may not be able to create on their own. But now anybody can make some music and release it on the internet. That leaves the onus on the audience. You can’t let the radio tell you what’s good (you never should have anyway!). You have to listen and decide for yourself. In five years I will be able to say I’ve been working tirelessly on learning and creating with music, and that I’ve been able to meet thousands of great individuals along the way.

HipinDetroit- Favorite live show you ever saw or experienced?

The Gator- October 24th, 1998, Rancid at Clutch Cargo’s was my first big punk show. One time before a Bad Religion show I was so stoked that I punched my sister in the stomach. Tom Waits in Detroit. One time my dad took me to see Nina Simone. Against Me! in Pomona, CA. BR’s 30th Anniversary show in San Francisco. Gogol Bordello puts on a phenomenal party. The Weakerthans are pretty powerful too. I mean, I have a box full of ticket stubs like everybody else. But if we’re talking pure fun, pure enjoyment, then I have an unexpected answer. I saw NOFX at ROMT in 2008, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a show. I can’t explain it. I mean, I heard they suck live. And also, ROMT has pretty crummy sound. I was 25, so it’s not like I was young and impressionable anymore. But they played every song I wanted to hear, and they played The Decline, and they told everyone to elbow a kid in the eye. Say what you will, but that was a good damn time.

But the show with The Wild, The Taxpayers, and Ramshackle Glory was probably my favorite to play. I’ve had a ton of fun with Due North, with Egon’s Unicat, and with Sagan Youth.

And about the Kickstarter:
All the info is on the page, but I just want to stress again that this project means the world to me. I am paying for the recording myself. The Kickstarter money would fund a vinyl pressing of the album. My good friend and roommate, Chuck, challenged me, back in September, to record and press this album by March 30th. Let’s win this challenge!
Photo Credit: Cale Kehoe


Get Your Turkey Ass Down to The Magic Stick Tonight!

I don't know about you, but when I think of Thanksgiving 2 thoughts pop into my head... "I can't wait to eat the shit out of some turkey!" and "What a perfect night for a punk rock show!" Well if your mind works the same way as mine, you are in luck today! There will be turkeys ready to be eaten everywhere you go and there is a great punk rock show tonight at The Magic Stick... Make that 2 great shows.

First off, head to The Magic Stick to check out a pretty killer show. The bill includes our buddies in Bill Bondsmen, Down Down Down, RawDogs and Suicide By Cop.With a lineup like that I'm sure there will be all sorts of shenanigans. Plus, I heard mention of a gravy toast at midnight. I kind of hope that isn't true, but it also sounds like the perfect way to end Thanksgiving.
But, another great way to end Thanksgiving is to head downstairs to The Garden Bowl after Bill Bondsmen plays to catch Weed Nap. These guys have only been around for a few months now, but they are a ton of fun. Plus some of your favorite bartenders from The Garden Bowl are in the band! Weed Nap has a couple of songs up on Bandcamp that you can check out here.
As always, the show in The Garden Bowl is FREE. To get upstairs tonight, it's only $7 and I'm sure it will be worth every penny. While you count down the hours before doors open at 8 p.m. tonight, entertain yourself with this video interview with Bill Bondsmen and part of their set at Toepfer House AND an interview with Down Down Down and a song from their set at The Loving Touch.  

We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and hopefully we see you all at The Stick tonight...unless we get sucked in by the Black Friday/Thanksgiving Night deals. Then we apologize in advance and you can punch us in the face next time we see you. Unless you never see us again because we are too busy watching our brand new $99 TVs!!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Detroit Bike City Shacksgiving

Have you been to The Shack in Detroit yet? I went a few weeks ago to see Steven Robert DJ and I had a great time. It’s a cool little space in the Woodbridge area of Detroit that is starting to throw some really great parties. This Wednesday, November 21st, they are throwing a Shacksgiving party to kick off the Thanksgiving weekend. They invite you to come and hang with your friends before you have to spend the day with the family. 

Instead of waiting an hour at a bar to get a drink, you can come over to The Shack and either bring your own drinks or take part in the keg they will be providing until it runs out. With the way that we drink in Detroit I have a feeling that the keg will run out very fast! So either get there early or bring some back up so that the party doesn’t have to stop. 

 They are only charging $5 cover, but if you bring a winter coat or three cans of food, you can walk in the door for FREE. 

Wednesday night they have musical guest Dante LaSalle as well as some other guest DJs that they have not announced at this time. 

The Shack is located at 1520 Merrick. This is a another nice alternative for those that don't want to go to a bar this Wednesday!


Win a Prize Pack from Kaleido!

Kaleido is releasing their first EP on November 30th at The Magic Stick in Detroit. We caught up with the band about a month before the show and made a little video to show all of you how they are preparing to play.

Nothing like pizza and bowling to help get your band into tip top shape!

What we didn't tell you when we released that clip was that we wanted to make sure that you had a chance to get in the door for free and win a gift from the video shoot(also from the Magic Stick where they will be officially releasing their EP)! While we were at the Magic Stick for the shoot, the venue was nice enough to give us a bowling pin to have the band sign. The band signed it and gave it to us to give away as part of a gift pack that includes two tickets to party with Hip In Detroit at the EP release! To enter, please email your name to We will email one lucky winner back a few days before the show. If you are not the lucky winner, or you want to guarantee you get tickets before they sell out, you can purchase them in advance at

Don't forget to pick up this week's Real Detroit shot by the famous Camera Jesus (Joe Gall), Christina is jumping in the air and the colors are amazing and all the guys look great! Cant wait till the 30th!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Slightly Different Way to Spend Your Thanksgiving Eve

If you're in the mood to go out Wednesday night, but you aren't into the whole bar scene, we have an event that might be just up your alley. My Pal Val has teamed up with Tangent Gallery for an evening of art, music, aerial performers and more. The band line-up for the evening is stellar on its own, with sets from The Summer Pledge, Reverend and Hear Hums. Then, they went ahead and added a long list of artists and performing artists which makes this an event you won't want to miss. 

Since this night of fun is a little out of the ordinary, and is being held at a venue I've never been to, I reached out to Joe Van Bael from Tangent Gallery to find out a little more about the space and about Wednesday's show.

Hip In Detroit - Tell us about Tangent Gallery? How long has it been around? How did it get it's start? What sort of events do you have?

Joe - "The Tangent is a raw Detroit gallery/performance venue housed in an old industrial print shop. Tangent is devoted to allowing artists to showcase their works of art, live performances, and live music. Consider it a blank canvas for each artist or promoter to do his or her thing whatever that may be.
Tangent opened in 2001 doing solo shows under the curation of Mitch Cope. We now host a variety of different types of art and entertainment. Art Exhibitions, film screening, live music, industry, performance art, fashion shows, weddings, private parties, pop up dinners, pop up yoga, fire performances, aerial performance, etc. Skies the limit! Being an industrial space with 20' ceilings, It is an ideal venue for aerial & circus performances.

Tangent was started by myself and Detroit News Photojournalist Robin Buckson. We bought the building in August of 99 with the intent of creating a venue as well as live work space for ourselves and others." 

Hip In Detroit - It looks like you guys have a lot planned for the Thanksgiving Eve Bash! What can you tell us about the artists that night?
Joe - "Thanksgiving Eve was created and planned by My Pal Val, a Detroit original indie rock band. They're planning live painting and lyra performances while the musicians perform their original music!"

Hip In Detroit - Since Thanksgiving Eve tends to be a pretty big bar night (so we've heard), why should someone come out to your party rather than going bar hopping? 
Joe - "People should come out because these are original artists! And they need support to perfect their craft! They're putting their art on the stage for a one time, unique, live experience that will never be duplicated. Tangent only opens when we got a show!"

Hip In Detroit - After Wednesday night, what other big events do you have coming up?
Joe - "You can check out our events page on our website @"

Thanks Joe for taking some time to give us the scoop on Tangent and the Thanksgiving Eve Art/Rock Bash! For a full list of artists and more info on the show, visit the event page on Facebook. Doors open at 9 p.m. on Wednesday night and 18 and up are welcome!


Satin Peaches Reunion

Every year around Thanksgiving we have a huge decision to make; go out and rough it with the crowds on the biggest bar night of the year or stay home and miss out on all of the fun. Obviously, being a party girl, I always decide to go out, but I am not always happy with where I end up. Some years it has been fun and other years it has been disappointing. Thankfully this year the decision is easy to make. Yes, you should go out and you should go to The Magic Stick to see the reunion of The Satin Peaches.

The Satin Peaches used to be a Detroit staple, playing around the town. They had about 3 million lineup changes during the years that they were active which is approximately 2008-2011, depending on where you get your information. They seem to be that elusive Detroit band that you liked, but you could never pin point who was in the band and what they were up to at the time. For one night only they will be back together playing with George Morris, Jesse Shepard-Bates, Ryan Wise, Aaron Nelson and Jeremy Smith.

They are teaming up with Starling Electric, The HandGrenades and LoveChild for this all ages show on November 21st. The cover is only $10 and doors are at 8 p.m. You can get tickets online at If you happen to buy tickets ahead of time, make sure you print them out and bring them to the show! If you do, the band will give you a free gift! If you don't buy tickets in advance, they will be available at the door, but then you miss out on the free gift. 

Let’s all get wasted, listen to rock & roll and show up at our families’ celebrations hung over and ready to eat!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Few And Far Between

Years ago, Few and Far Between could be seen playing around town on any given weekend. They were a staple at some of the best shows I saw playing with bands like Small Brown Bike and Heads Will Roll before slowing down their schedule and taking a step back from the spotlight. Half of the band still lives here in Detroit and the other half lives in NYC. This helps explain why throwing the gear in the van and heading out to play a show isn't as easy as it used to be. 

Now when I hear that they are performing, my ears perk up and I make a point to make it out to the show. The reality is that you can't be sure how long it will be fore they book another gig. That's why I am so excited that they are playing at Small's in Hamtramck on November 21st with Old Mission and Cruise Italy. They have recorded a Split 7" with Cruise Italy that will be for sale at the show. You can download their full body of work on iTunes. Their best known record is  “We're All Safe”, but their entire collection of music is worth the money. Tickets for the November 21st show can be purchased at and are only $7. This show is 18 and over, so you can get in if you are under 21! For more information and updates you can follow the Facebook event here.


Friday, November 16, 2012

The Goddamn Gallows Are Back!

All the way back in March (it feels like years ago now and not just a few months) we had the pleasure of seeing and interviewing The Goddamn Gallows at the Magic Stick. They will be back in town tomorrow night and we can't wait!
The Goddamn Gallows are from the Lansing and Detroit area originally, but have been touring like all over since 2007. They have been playing crazy amounts of shows, sometimes 200 a year!

They really put on one Hell of a show, too! They play what they call 'twanged-out punk rock gutterbilly.' How could you not be intrigued? If you haven't seen them before and that isn't enough to get you to one of their shows, how about the fact that they have a fire breather? Yes, he's in the band and plays the accordion and washboard (also awesome), but he breathes fire! Come on!

Well, the Goddamn Gallows are playing a show Saturday (November 17) night at Small's. They are playing alongside Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band, Black Jake & The Carnies, and Ricket Pass. Doors are at 8 p.m. and tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Plus, the show is all ages. Now you have to bring your little brother! 

To get you ready for the show tomorrow, check out our interview with some of the guys in The Goddamn Gallows (and then Larry & His Flask) from the last time they were in town!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dryvel, Sadie and More at the Pike Room this Friday!

Dryvel is playing this Friday with The Electric Playground, Finding Bliss and Perfect Kiss at the Pike Room in Pontiac. The best part about this show is that they have asked Sadie to be the MC and hostess with the most-ess for the night. 

We have been telling you guys about this band for months and we had a great time with them partying in Lansing about a month ago. Check out the interview from that night here. These guys are fun, friendly and put on a great live performance that is not to be missed. 

The band has invited all three ladies down to the Pike Room to party with them and we would like to invite you to come along for the ride. The show starts at 7 p.m. and tickets are $10 at the door. The best part is that Bacardi has decided to throw their hat in the ring and they are giving away a free drink to the first 50 people that walk in the door! They will also be giving away loads of swag throughout the night and in between bands.Friday's show is 18 and over. So even if you can't come have a drink, you can come and have a good time. To make the night even more special, we will be celebrating the birth of Dryvel’s own Matt Marriot. Expect Sadie to make the whole room join together in a toast for him at some point during the evening. Hopefully she hasn’t drank too much at that point, but when you’re having fun with your friends you never know how crazy it will get. Tickets are available for purchase through ticketweb. We are looking forward to this event and we hope to see you there!

Detropia Tonight at Brew 'n View!

Detroit as been the focus of many news stories for awhile now all over the country, as well as being in the background of many big movies the last few years. Now it is the main focus of a documentary called Detropia
Detropia aims to tell the story of Detroit while showing the spirit of the people in the city and their refusal to abandon it. It also focuses on the connection of the downfall of Detroit to the collapse of the U.S. manufacturing base. The movie gained a lot of hype when it first screened recently, and not just in the Detroit area. My Dad, who is not exactly in the loop on these types of things, in western New York heard about it and wants to see it!  

The documentary was out of theatres for a little while, but you're in luck if you missed it the first time around! It is playing again tonight for one day only at the Magic Bag for Brew 'n View! Admission is only $2 and doors are at 8 p.m. with the movie starting at 9:30 p.m. Sorry kiddos, it's 21 and up.

Among the many nominations Detropia has received, was best original original music score. You can listen to the whole thing, as well as buy it, online here. It is really beautiful and done entirely by local artist Dial.81, so you should definitely check it out! You will have a chance this Saturday, November 17, at Motor City Wine, where Dial.81 will be giving a live performance with a few of his friends of the Detropia soundtrack. They will be playing from 10 p.m.- 2 a.m. and the cover is $5. Here is a little promo for the show Saturday.

The closest the movie will be playing after tonight for awhile will be Toronto, so I suggest heading to Ferndale to check it out tonight! Until then, here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome Home To The Swellers!

Saturday The Swellers were welcomed home by family, friends and fans at the Magic Stick. They played to a big crowd that seemed as happy to have them back as they were to be home. 

Sadie had a chance to sit down with 3 of the 4 guys before their show and talk about bananas, koalas and their new album. Check out what they had to say.

If you want to hear their new EP or check out some of their old music, you can find it here. Great show and welcome home guys!!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Zombie Night at the Main Art Theatre

Halloween might be over, but with the surging popularity of Walking Dead, zombies have never been bigger. If you didn't get your zombie fix in October, you have another chance to make sure that you get all the living dead that you need. The Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak is hosting The Mitten Movie Project's 6th Annual Zombie Night this Tuesday November 13th at 7:30pm. This includes all the zombie shorts, zombie trailers, music videos, documentaries, animations and experimental pieces that you could ever want to see. Some of the features include titles like "Unemployed Zombies" and "Ghetto Zombie Pimpsmackdown". This is not your standard zombie fare by any means. 

There will also be a free raffle that anyone can enter from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and the winners will be drawn during the opening announcements. Prizes include ticket packages for the Main Art and swag, like music and posters. 

The best part is you can use that leftover blood from Halloween because if you come dressed as a zombie, you get in free. Tickets are $8 in advance and are available by e-mailing or it's $10 at the door.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Win Tickets To See Gallows On Monday!

Does anyone else think that it's crazy that Gallows are playing this Monday at Small's in Hamtramck? To see such a big band in such an intimate setting is going to be a treat for all those smart enough to attend the show. 
Gallows are a hardcore punk band that was started in Watford England in 2005. They have two albums of note called Orchestra of The Wolves and Grey Britain. They are very big in the UK circuit, but they are taking a leap across the pond and touring the U.S. 

They are scheduled to play at Small's Monday, November 12th with Barn Burner, The Armed and Sawchuk. It is only $13 in advance and $15 at the door. 

As always, we like to one up our game and get you into the show for free. So we talked to Mike at Small's and he gave us two sets of tickets to giveaway to our readers! That’s right two lucky readers will be able to head down with a friend and their names will be on the guest list for this show! 

To enter to win you can email us at with your full name and we will email two lucky winners back. We will draw the winners early on Monday so make sure you send your emails now! 

To purchase tickets for the show you can either go to or you can purchase them service charge free when the bar is open (usually 8-2 a.m. nightly). This is an all-ages show so all are welcome. 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rock Out For Kids!

The spirit of giving and charity has been in the air lately and I couldn’t be happier about it! Last week, we told you about Bat On Fire rocking out for wounded veterans and this week we have another event to tell you about that is raising money for those in need. 
Bill Bondsmen, Standard Issue, Darkred, Best Idea Ever and The Kalashnikovs have teamed up to raise money for an organization called Little Kids Rock. This group provides music education and instruments to children in underfunded schools. 

When kids are involved in any activity at their school, the success rate increases and the failure and dropout rates quickly go down. Music education is noted to help kids in all aspects of education including improving cognitive skills, memorization and advanced thinking and problem solving skills. 

Bill Bondsmen are also going to be releasing a new 7 inch at this event that will be available for purchase. To find out more about the charity please go to This show is scheduled for Saturday, November 10 at 8:30 p.m. at Corktown Tavern. It's only $8 a person and 21 and over welcome. Come out, have a beer and rock out for kids who rock! 


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

80's Metal Halloween Faux Guns N Roses, Metallica, and Faith No More

Last Thursday, The Loving Touch was packed wall to wall for a day after Halloween celebration. Some of Detroit's most talented musicians came together and put on quite a show. Personally, I threw on leopard print spandex and my brightest pink lipstick and headed out for the show. 

Three bands were featured including Guns N' Roses, Faith No More and Metallica. Guns N' Roses consisted of members of The Suicide Machines, The Grand Nationals , Faith No More had members of The Meatmen and Old Gods; and Bahamut did their best recreation of Metallica. 

All three bands killed it and really did justice to their namesakes. Thanks to the amazing Matt Moy we were able to get video from each set to share with all of you.  



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Win Tickets to See The Swellers on November 10th!!!

We are very excited to announce that The Swellers are returning home from their voyage around the world. When they triumphantly arrive in Michigan, they will be playing a welcome home show in the city of Detroit at The Magic Stick. On November 10 they will team up with Diamond Youth, Pentimento, Undesirable People and Reed Wolcott of We Are The Union to bring you a night of good music and fun. In the words of Kanye “It’s a celebration bitches” and we want you to be part of it.  

The Swellers were formed here, in Flint, Michigan, but in recent years have taken their brand of music all over the world, from Germany to Australia and everywhere in between. They recently released their first independent EP called “Running Out of Places to Go’ that is available through their Bandcamp for as low as $4! I just went ahead and downloaded all of their music because it was priced so fairly.

The new album is amazing and we got a chance to talk to guitar player Ryan Collins last week. You can read that article here.  

The Swellers were one of the first bands that we ever interviewed and certainly one of the biggest. So here is our challenge to you. Go back and watch the interview that we did almost a year ago. While you're watching, pay attention to how Sadie and Ryan know each other. Once you have figured out the answer, e-mail the correct answer and your name to to be entered to win a pair of tickets so you and a friend can be part of the crowd on November 10th. Its that simple as that!

We can't wait for this show! To us, this is epic. So we highly suggest that you enter now and if you don't win just cough up the $12 at the door so you can be part of the celebration. The show starts at 7 p.m. and is brought to you by Black Iris Booking.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Pizza, Push-ups and Preparing to Rock With Kaleido

Our website was officially launched this past January when we posted our first article about the release party for the second season of Solid Dudes Kitchen. We wrote our post, added our pictures and launched ourselves into the blogging world. Unofficially, the process for launching the site started years earlier and included schooling in writing, video and sound along with a lot of planning and preparation. To the naked eye, Hip came out of nowhere, but to those in the know it was something that all of us had been working towards for years. 
I feel that this same unfair tag has been applied to Kaleido. When I was at Motors and Music this year I overheard the crowd talking about the band that seemed to have come out of nowhere. Kaleido performed during Tigers games this summer and Christina Chriss sang the opening anthem for the Pistons this fall. Christina was heard on Sirius 101’s Farrell show and she performs acoustically with Joey Fava (from Kaleido) all over the town. 

Kaleido did not come out of nowhere, but instead was the next step in a long process of learning and growth that has fine tuned the talent of those in the band and brought them to where they are today, about to release their first EP. Their success and accomplishments came from hard work and not giving up on their dreams. They are by no means an overnight sensation.

Kaleido was formed in October of 2011 and was originally a four piece consisting of Christina Chriss, Joey Fava, Ronnie Rosolino and Cody Morales. Six months in they also added Jamie Allen Burnham as a second guitarist. As a five piece, they joined Warped Tour this summer and began recording their first EP. 

They booked their release show for almost one year after the conception of the band. It is amazing to see what they were able to do in one year. They are scheduled to release their EP and play a live show at the Magic Stick on November 30th. We are excited to announce that we got to catch up with the band and see how they were getting ready for this momentous occasion. 

You can check out some of their music here and purchase tickets for the EP release at We look forward to interviewing the band and celebrating this release with all of you. Check back before the show for further updates and even a giveaway!