Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Legendary Creatures

Last night I had the privilege of catching up with an old friend. Not only is she getting prettier with age, but apparently has more talent than she ever let on! I grew up with Sarah Vaughn and little did I know that one day she would start singing and my mind would be blown. Sarah has always been a pretty lady, but a pretty lady who writes her own music and sings it? HELLO!

I first saw Sarah perform with band mates Matt, Jesse, Andrew and Nathan at the Old Miami a few months back. I initially went to see The Glossies and was pleasantly surprised when I found out Legendary Creatures was also playing. They use all sorts of instruments during their performance including a mandolin and ukulele, and a violin in their recording. The overall vibe was calming and beautiful. You can check out their music on band camp here. They have one formal release entitled Bonfires that came out in May of 2011, they have promised more recordings in the near future.

We planned to go cover the whole show last night including openers Honey Locusts, Macrame Tiger and Estuaries, but due to illness we were unable to stay for what turned out to be a late show.

Instead we did a quick on camera interview with Matt and Sarah. Not only was Christie feeling under the weather, Sarah was just getting over the loss of her voice. She was a little worried about being able to sing for the crowd that night. She was drinking tea and honey and saying as little as possible to prepare herself for the show. Here's what they had to say:

We will be revisiting a show in the future and bringing you coverage of this band. I am so excited to see an amazing female singer doing Detroit rounds and making amazing music.

Thanks again Matt and Sarah for taking the time to sit down with us and chat!


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