Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Little Hip Hop For Your Easter Sunday

When you hear hip hop and rap, people don't usually think of me. I'm quite possibly the whitest girl you can find. That being said, I have a very open mind and I'm always up for something new. So when my friend told me about his friend's hip hop band playing at Northern Lights last night, I of course had to go! And let me tell you, I was surprised just how much fun I had and how awesome it was.
It was the album release party for Of Mice and Musicians and their fantastic lineup included Clear Soul Forces, Detroit CYDI, House Phone, and Passalacqua. All of the bands were really good and everyone there was dancing and singing the whole time. When there is an entire song dedicated to video game references, Pasalacqua wearing huge masks for a song and Oberon on tap, how can you not have fun? And I can't forget the water gun covered backpack (see above) that I am extremely jealous of.
I think the best surprise of the night (after finding out that I do indeed like rap) was House Phone. They are definitely one of my new favorite local bands. They aren't rap, and they even made us think of Prince at times, but they were so fun! The singer reminded me of someone, and I still cannot figure out who it is. Please, please tell me if you figure it out. It is driving me crazy!

So, if you're looking for something new and different to listen to, check all of these bands out. Detroit CYDI's music is even free online! So why not?

Happy Easter!

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