Monday, April 23, 2012

Party All Night With PBR and Running With Panthers

Sometimes it can be very difficult to do a write up about a band. I have had writers block, not had anything nice to say and not felt that anything was very interesting about a band before, it took me forever to finish even a small blurb about the show. But, I am currently having the worst time trying to figure out how to tell you about Running with Panthers and it is not for any of the aforementioned reasons. Instead, it is because I really like this band, can think of a million things to say and just want to find a way to make you decide that you need to come to this show as bad as I want you to.

I grew up with some of the guys in this band and watched them grow as they performed with their previous groups including Just Ask, The Code, and Bottomed Out.

When I heard that Drew, Scott, Steve, Seth and Meko had gotten together and started RWP, I knew I had to check them out and was likely to be a fast fan. I caught them for the first time at the WAB after the Suicide Machines Christmas show. I was so happy to see Drew back on stage entertaining a crowd, something he is very good at. I saw them again a few months later and I wasn't surprised to find that their following had already grown in that short amount of time, when good people play good music and show their fans a good time, people hear about it and want to be included.

That is why I want everyone to come to the Royal Oak Music Theatre April 26. Running With Panthers is playing along side Steel Panther, in what promises to basically be one big night of party. It is fitting that when I asked Steve to describe the band in one word that he in fact said, "party." From their newly inked PBR partnership to their promo and behind the scenes music videos, a clear picture is painted, we love music and we love to party. Is their anyone in Detroit that doesn't love to party? I sincerely doubt it!
Photo Credit to Joe Gall!

Check out this quick interview with Stevie: 

HipInDetroit- Describe your band in one word. 

Stevie- Party. 

HipInDetroit- Tell me why someone would want to come see Running with Panthers open up for Steel Panther April 26th at the Royal Oak Music Theater? 

Stevie- People need to head out to watch us support our party rock brothers Steel Panther because in these hard times, the Panthers still offer the most bang for your buck, free. 

HipInDetroit- Where can someone find a sample of your music to listen to before the show? 

Stevie- We will be releasing a 4 song EP the night of the show, but on record store day (April 21st) Bellyache Records will be releasing a limited number on colored vinyl. Go to UHF and get yourself a copy. If you're broke just go to our Facebook page to hear some old shit or steal it online somewhere. Digital copies will be ready the night of the show. 

HipInDetroit- Tell us a little bit about playing The Darkness after show? 

Stevie- What happens with The Darkness stays with The Darkness. Let's just say we're all still hungover. 

HipInDetroit- I've seen that you guys have cool t-shirts, but when do we get to hear some recorded music? Any plans to release anything in the future? 

Stevie- We have cool shirts? Oh yea, our buddy and skateboard artist Jason Smith made those. The only thing we put out before Drew's stroke was a 3 song single called "Blown out at the Blowout." It's way out of print, but I'm sure someone put that shit on napster. 

HipInDetroit- I enjoyed the video that you made to promote your last show with The Darkness, where did you come up with such a great idea? Will we see more funny clips in the future? 

Stevie- We came up with the idea that night after a drunken late night rehearsal. Drugs were not involved. Yes we will have more videos coming soon. Drugs will not be involved in those either.

HipInDetroit- Where is your favorite place to play music in the Metro Detroit area? Any other bands in the area that you guys would recommend to our readers?

Stevie- Our favorite places to play... house parties. We're trying to get a gig at Centerfolds right now. Smalls and the LT usually pay us so we like them, too :)
Everyone we know plays in a band... Bars of Gold, Octopus, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Pigeon and The Suicide Machines all are doing pretty amazing shit.

We hope to see all of you at the show! PARTY!!!


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