Thursday, April 12, 2012

Periphery, Protest The Hero & Pizza!

My new favorite thing about The Garden Bowl/Magic Stick/Majestic Complex is Sgt. Pepperoni's Pizza! It may be the perfect way to enjoy a super metal night. It also may be the reason that I will be obese by the end of this summer. You win some, you lose some I guess.

I love metal shows. I love awesome drummers. And, because of this, I definitely loved Periphery, especially their drummer. He was pretty bad ass. They had a pretty big crowd. In fact the band said it was the biggest crowd they ever played for in Michigan. Good job Detroit for showing them that we still have a music scene that is alive and well! The crowd was jumping so hard that the entire room was shaking, I loved it! 

Protest The Hero was much more melodic than the other bands. Metal, but with more melodies if you will. They talked about the Robo Cop statue and the fact that it never happened. Personally, I hope it never happens, but it was cool that they knew a little about our city. They also got the crowd moving and dancing. So may sweaty, tattooed men in one room!

Matt Moy was nice enough to fill in on camera and video for us and he captured some great stuff for you! For those who didn't get to attend, please check out the videos and make sure you make it out the next time these guys roll through town!

As always, thanks to Black Iris Booking! Hope our contest winners had as much fun as we did!


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