About Hip

Photo Credit: Camera Jesus - See more of his work at CameraJesus.com
Hip in Detroit is a positive space that features the people, places, and things that make the City of Detroit and the surrounding suburbs special. We discuss music, art, culture, food, and the ever-changing social scene of the city. We also promote shopping locally, pet rescue, and political issues that are important to us. We promise that anytime we discover something that we think is hip, we will make sure that you know about it too!

Hip in Detroit is run by Sadie Q. and Christie Laabs

Some of Sadie's Favorites:
Restaurant: Fancy: Chartreuse Regular: Chilli Mustard Onions and Street Beet
Band: Sweat, Kimball
Solo Artist: James Linck, Tunde Olaniran
Hair Dresser: Kelly at Salon Noir (Romeo)
Store for Clothing/Accessories: Coup D'état
Place to Eat when Partying at 2 a.m.: Lafeyette Coney
Place to have a Picnic: Belle Isle
Annual Event: DIY Street Fair
Venue: St. Andrew's Hall
Record Store: UHF Royal Oak

Some of Christie's Favorites:
Restaurant: Union Assembly
Bar: The Painted Lady
Bands: Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, Jax Anderson, Against the Grain, The HandGrenades
Shop: Vintage Eastern Market
Place to Eat when Partying at 2 a.m.: Dos Los Tacos or Sgt. Pepperoni's
Place to Spend the Day: The Detroit Zoo or Eastern Market
Annual Event: Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Venue: Small's