About Hip

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For years we have heard the horror stories in the media about Detroit. From the fires of Devil's Night to the many years that we topped the lists in crime, this city has been given a bad reputation. You can find a million articles that will tell you about the down falls of this city and all the problems it has had over the years. What you won't find are the stories of the amazing people who live, work, play and raise their families in the City of Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. Well we are here to tell that story. The story of the people we love, the things they do, and all the positive aspects of a place we fell in love with as children.

We are two girls that have been going to shows and supporting this city since we were kids. We are part of the generation that never left Detroit and we are here to share everything that our city has to offer with you. We are here to tell you about what's hip in Detroit.

Hip in Detroit is ran by Sadie Q. and Christie Laabs
Contact us at hipindetroit@gmail.com

Some of Sadie's Favorites:
Restaurant: Chartreuse
Band: The HandGrenades, Flint Eastwood
Solo Artist: James Linck, Tunde Olaniran
Hair Dresser: Kelly at Salon Noir (Romeo)
Store for Clothing/Accessories: Saffron
Place to Eat when Partying at 2 a.m.: Lafeyette Coney
Place to have a Picnic: Belle Isle
Annual Event: DIY Street Fair
Venue: St.Andrew's Hall
Record Store: UHF Royal Oak

Some of Christie's Favorites:
Restaurant: Jolly Pumpkin
Bar: Small's
Bands: Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, Against the Grain, The HandGrenades
Shop: City Bird
Place to Eat when Partying at 2 a.m.: Sgt. Pepperoni's
Place to Spend the Day: The Detroit Zoo
Annual Event: Hamtramck Labor Day Festival
Venue: El Club