Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coming to You From The Future- Here's FLASHCLASH

It's only Tuesday and as usual, we are already focused on the fun we'll be having this weekend. Like most Metro Detroiters we are very much ‘working for the weekend.'
The plan was to think up some witty commentary on FLASHCLASH so I could charm you into coming out to the Magic Bag in Ferndale this Friday to see them perform. But, after a long Monday of all work and no play I just want to be real with you.
FLASHCLASH is going to be different than anything that you have ever seen- period. I could to go into details about the set, the costumes, the girls, the dancing, the videos, the lights, but I cant even begin to describe it. I just know that I couldn't stop smiling the last time I saw them...for hours!
The time traveling Anthropomorphists, Bryce Carroll-Coe and Yorg Kerasiotis, take you into the future and show you something you have never seen, heard or expierenced before.
I had the opportunity to speak with Bryce and asked him about what to expect from their show, and his answers perfectly capture what is so special about them.

HipInDetroit: What are your biggest musical influences?

Bryce: Our musical influences range from century to century and throughout all dimensions. We constantly find new music and inspiration everywhere the FLASHCLASH takes us. Being here now in your time, we've found some really amazing stuff- M83, Phantogram, Stepdad, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Neon Indian, Keep Shelly in Athens, Memory Tapes, Class Actress, Arial Pink, and so many others I couldn't even imagine naming them all. This time period gives us so much to work with and take back to 2987.

HipInDetroit: Favorite thing about playing live/worst part about playing live? 

Bryce: Our favorite thing about playing live is the fact that in this dimension and time period, we actually get to play live. In the future music is a crime. Art is a crime. Free speech and thinking are a crime. Having the capabilities to travel time and come back to a time when live music is not only allowed, but supported, is the ultimate dream come true. If only our fellow Anthropomorphists could see this and dance with the rest of you. No such thing as a bad thing when it comes to playing live music. 

HipInDetroit: How long does it take you to set up your full set?

Bryce: Our full show with projection, lights and sound takes anywhere from 2 1/2 hours to 4 hours to set up. It depends mainly on the venue and how many hands we have helping. There are magnet based lifting tools in the future, but we couldn't get them through the portal. The magnets could send us off course so, we have to do the lifting and set up by hand.

HipInDetroit: Will you be shirtless part of show, most of show, or all of show?? Can we expect costume changes like last time?

Bryce: I'm gonna leave my shirtless status to the imagination. I might be. I might not be. I've got lots of battle scars from the war being waged on our people. If the crowd is feeling me then I might just be feeling them. I can almost guarantee uniform changes. It's tough to start the new set without the space suits we travel in. They have a futuristic polymer that allows us to travel safely through the portal and the music reacts directly to their physical make-up.

HipInDetroit: How did u form FLASHCLASH and what was the inspiration behind it?

Bryce: FLASHCLASH was formed out of necessity, really. We have been fighting the Holt for centuries, and they've taken all that defines us as a nation and people away from us. Art, music and freedom of thought. Through the historical documents we realized that the one unifying art form from the 20th and 21st centuries is music. We had to find a way to learn music, find the means to play music, and find a way to get it to our people. Being here now, in this time period, is giving us hope that we'll be able to bring joy, unity and peace to our people

HipInDetroit: Favorite Detroit venue to see a show or play at?

Bryce: So far our time here in Detroit has been limited. We have to constantly go back to 2987 to make sure that the Holt doesn't realize the Generals of the Anthropomorphists are gone. They might become suspicious and start looking for us. If they knew we discovered the FLASHCLASH and were looking for the means to inspire our people to fight, there would be severe repercussions. We have to continue to keep the Holt in the dark as to protect our people. But, Detroit is an amazing city with infinite styles and venues of different styles. With the eclectic nature of this city we continue to find inspiration and drive to take it back to our people.
Photo Credit: Joe Gall
To prepare yourself for Friday, check out their new video here:


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Intellivision Was Incredible!

This week's Tour Detroit party brought us to a random loft in the middle of a neighborhood on the East side of Detroit. Since this was our first time going to an official Tour Detroit party, we were pretty excited about it. Becca was especially excited because parties like these don't really exist in Western New York, where she grew up. 
As soon as we walked in there was a great vibe in the building. Steven Robert and Joe Vargas were already spinning and the music kept us dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Not everyone was there to dance. A good amount of people were there just to enjoy the atmosphere. 
The party was great. Here are a couple shots that we got from the night.
If you haven't already, make sure to check out our interview with Steve & Joe from earlier this week! 
Keep an eye out on their Facebook to hear about the next party they have coming up!

~ CB

"...And Now It's Time For The Wilsons!"

Wilson rocked out last night at The Ritz. It was an awesome show. They are definitely one of our new favorite bands! We got a chance to meet up with them at their practice space before the show.

If you didn't get a chance to make it out to the show last night, they will be playing at The Pike Room on February 9th.


Friday, January 27, 2012

"Your 'Tour Detroit' Guides This Evening will be Steven Robert and Joe Vargas"...

Every decade seems to bring about a different style of music that is reminiscent of that time. In the 20's there was Swing. The 50's brought about Rock 'N Roll. There was Disco, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pop, Techno, Funk, and the list goes on and on. Tour Detroit, is a group that has managed to bring all of these styles together, plus some, to create a series of parties that have become legendary in Detroit.

Tour Detroit is made up of Joe Vargas, Steven Robert, Erno the Inferno and Mike Mackool. According to Joe Vargas, "Tour Detroit was born out of all of us having played a few parties together, and wanting to do it way more often... We drew a lot of inspiration from different sources like, Dorkwave, Organic, Interdimentional Transmission, the family parties, etc. and a lot of dingy, virtually unknown spaces we were going to at the time." The group started by having parties in the warmer six months of the year, starring different guest DJs, and featuring a different venue for each event.

If you have never been to a Tour Detroit party in the past, Steven Robert explained that you can, "Expect to hear both new and old music. We try to keep it fresh, but we're also always digging for the older deep records as well. As for the crowd, they're great! They're just there to dance and have a good time."

Yes, there are DJs, dancing, and it is a party, but these gatherings are not to be confused with rave parties from the 90's or an evening at Tiki Bob's. According to Vargas and Steven Robert, these parties have "Soul" and "Better Music". Steven continues by saying, "People come out to listen to some of the best House and Disco you can find. Not to bang skeezy broads in Ugg boots...Okay, some of them want to bang skeezy broads in Ugg boots."

You can guarantee that when these guys says "Better Music", they mean it. Both of them have been involved in music at a professional and personal level for most of their lives. Once they discovered electronic music, it seems they were hooked. When asked how they each started DJing and what made them want to get into it, they had this to say:

Steven: "I was studying jazz performance and music management at Wayne State when a fellow classmate, by the name of Dominic Arellano, was working at a Techno record label named Transmat and offered me an internship there. I knew little to none about dance music at the time. My parents were pretty serious competitive disco dancers in the 70s. So I grew up listening to disco, but that's as far as it went. Over the course of two years that I had worked there, we put on the Movement Festival twice. I learned a great deal while working with those guys. It opened up a whole new world of music to me. Without sounding too corny, there's a whole vibe about electronic music that you can't really explain. It's something you kind of have to experience. A couple years later, I bought some turntables and a mixer off of an old friend who used to throw parties back in the late 90s and I've been playing ever since."

Joe: "For me, it was going to my first party, and being fascinated by the way the DJ kept the party/music going. I kinda became a 'gear head', wanting to know more about the technical process and mechanics of it all.
That plus a kind of curious fascination with dance rock from the 80's, my emerging appreciation for disco and funk, and more current love for 'indie dance' or whatever, plus, the rich history that Detroit has in electronic music, AND my aforementioned love of gear kinda put me over the edge, ha."

After chatting with the guys, it became apparent that Tour Detroit parties are about good music, good people, and having a good time. 

This Saturday, Tour Detroit Presents: Intellivision. The location for the party is undisclosed, unless you RSVP to the event on Facebook. Along side the great music and killer sound system, Prismviews will be there projecting visual art, that should add to this already awesome event. 

So, if you haven't already, RSVP to this event on Facebook, and while you're at it, get out your dancin' shoes! Hope to see you all Saturday night!


'Tonight Is My Friday. Thank God It's Thursday!'

Last night there were two great Detroit Punk Rock shows, with bands that showed the wide range of music that fits into this genre.

First off, we headed out to The Pike Room in Pontiac to catch The Swellers with a few openers, including SpringBreak. We got a chance to meet up with Ryan & Anto from The Swellers and Brian & James from SpringBreak during the show.

The show was awesome and all of the bands played great sets.
The Swellers are out on a U.S. tour through February. Then, they are headed over to the U.K. in the spring. If you are up for the drive, they are playing in Kalamazoo at The Strutt on February 22nd.
As the guys from SpringBreak said, they are working on an EP now. They're always adding shows to their schedule. So keep an eye out for these guys.
After the show at The Pike Room, we hauled ass down I-75 to catch Hellmouth at The Magic Stick, put on by Black Iris Booking. The show was crazy intense! We were able to get some video, but as you can see, we couldn't get very close!

If you weren't there, you missed out on one hell of a show!
In case you missed it, we interviewed Justin & Jay earlier in the week!

Thanks again guys!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Party & No Bullshit

If you were smart enough to go to this year's Creepy Cheapy Halloween Treat at the Crofoot, you were lucky enough to see one of the greatest tributes to AC/DC ever done. Being that I have always been a huge Howard Stern fan, I have always had a big spot in my heart for AC/DC and their legendary singer, Brian Johnson.  

Wilson took the stage this year as AC/DC and embodied everything that rock and roll promises. Parties, dancing, drinking, screaming, hot guys, and fun. Their singer, Chad Nicefield, proved himself to be quite the front man, jumping, screaming, and giving as much energy to the crowd as the crowd was giving to him. Why were they able to do this so well? Well, its because they themselves embody all the components of a good rock and roll band. Good songs, loud guitars, great stage presence, and the ability to show their fans a good time, every time.

Wilson is known for their stage shows and the party that they throw when they play live. They have spent the last two years tearing down venues from Michigan to Texas, and have gotten a lot of attention in the process.

Wilson is made up of Chad Nicefield, Jason Spencer, Matt Puhy, Kyle Landry and Taylor Wallace. All five guys are Michigan born and raised.

We are excited to see Wilson perform this Saturday, January 28th, at The Ritz. They are playing along with The Product, Reverend, A Living Portrait and The Malcontent. Doors are at 7 p.m. and it's an 18+ show. It's $8 for 21 and under and only $6 for 21+! 

Wilson is about drinking partying and having a good time. So there's no reason not to come and join in the festivities.

We have scheduled a pre-interview with Mr. Nicefield and will bring you coverage, pictures, and videos from the show on Sunday, but Wilson is better when seen and not just heard. So it is to your benefit to come experience the show with us, not just read about it after you've missed out!

Can't wait to see you guys there. In the mean time please check out their video for "Snake Eyes". It has zombies!

Also, you can vote for Wilson as Real Detroit's Best Rock & Roll Band!

See you Saturday! Party! 


Happy Birthday Michigan!!!

Happy 175th birthday to the great state of Michigan, the place we call home! Our home is also known as The Wolverine State, The Mitten State, and The Water Winter Wonderland. Did you know, Michigan is the only state to consist entirely on 2 peninsulas and a person in Michigan is never farther than 6 miles from a water source and 85 miles from a coastline? We have a total of 64,980 lakes and ponds to swim, skate, tube and canoe on. In fact, we have the longest freshwater coastline in the world!!!

Here's a few other fun facts you may not know :

State Bird - Robin
Flower - Apple Blossom
Reptile - Painted Turtle
Fish - Brook Trout
Fossil - Mastodon
Rock - Petoskey Stone

So, Happy Birthday, Michigan! I'm sporting my Michigan pride today with this sweet necklace made by GlassAction! If you want one too, visit
Glass Action on Etsy!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

¡Mmm...tacos! ¡Ole!

I decided to try something a little outside of the box for lunch yesterday. There is a new restaurant in Warren at Van Dyke & 14 Mile called Mestizo. It's menu has both Mexican  & Soul Food on it. With that combination of food, I expected some weird little dumpy restaurant, but was pleasantly surprised when we got there. You wouldn't expect Mac 'n Cheese to go so well with Cactus Tacos! It was delicious. And the waiter was pretty awesome too.

Mestizo had a huge variety of food. To go along with their slogan, "Mexican Food with Soul", The menu has 2 parts - Soul Food and Mexican, which is pretty authentic. The entrees are a pretty average priced (ranging from about $7-$12), but you can get 2 tacos for an unbeatable $2.50. Now when I say authentic, I mean they don't have any of that hard shell taco nonsense. Only corn tortillas (yum!) or flour tortillas, but they have some pretty interesting options for the the fillings. 

On our trip, I had the Tacos Nopales which had sauteed cactus, peppers & onions, and had crumbled pork rinds on top. Along side, I tried the mac 'n cheese. The mac 'n cheese doesn't quite compare to Slows. It's different, but it's still really cheesy and delicious. 

Unfortunately I didn't snap any pictures of my tasty food (What was I thinking!?!?), but luckily their Facebook page has tons of pictures, as well as their menu!

All in all, the restaurant itself is really nice and clean and new. If you are looking for delicious Mexican cuisine with a twist, this is the place for you! 


And Now, A Trip Down Memory Lane with Less Than Jake

Hey Ska lovers! Less Than Jake just unveiled their Celebratory 20th Anniversary Video! The video contains clips from the band’s first 20 years together with highlights pulled from hundreds of hours of archived footage.

If you have ever been to a Less Than Jake show or listened to the band, this video is sure to take you down memory lane. Here's to 20 more years guys!

Less Than Jake is set to head out on tour in February. Right now the closest date to Detroit is February 23 at Peabodys in Cleveland. Keep an eye on their tour dates to see if a Detroit show is added!

To catch the video, head over to Less Than Jake's website!

Michigan Made it to the Oscars!

Well the Nominees for The 2012 Oscars were released a few days ago, and surprise surprise, there are a hand full of movies that are nominated over and over again in every category. There are a few films that are on the list that stood out to me though.

If you were downtown at all the last couple of summers, you could see the streets were transformed into Hollywood style sets. Depending on the day, you might have caught a glimpse of George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Hugh Jackman, or Shia Labeouf (and he wasn't here filming "Even Stevens"). Well the good news is that all 3 of the movies these guys made while in town, "The Ides of March", "Real Steel", and "Transformers: Dark of the Moon", were all nominated for Oscars. The bad news is that they are all in the categories that most people don't really care much about.

"The Ides of March" is nominated for Writing: Best Adapted Screenplay. "Real Steel" is up for Best Visual Effects against "Transformers: Dark of the Moon". "Transformers" is also up for Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. All 3 categories are ones that the general public might not be too impressed by, but those that work in the industry or that are interested in film at all, know that it is a great accomplishment!

So we wish these movies the best of luck on Oscar Night. Hopefully Michigan can continue to be a part of some great movies!

If you haven't seen these 3 flicks yet, here are some videos for you to check out:

"The Ides of March" Official Trailer

"Real Steel" Main Event Featurette
(Keep an eye out about 20 seconds in for our friend, and former Miss Michigan USA, Channing Pierce!)

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Official Trailer


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We Are Equal Opportunity Offenders...and Other Reasons You Should Go See Hellmouth this Thursday

This Thursday night the infamous Hellmouth will be headlining at The Magic Stick as part of a solid lineup including Old Gods, Child Bite, and Golden Torso. This event was brought to you by our favorite, Black Iris Booking. To prepare myself for the show, I first verified that I still had multiple sets of earplugs. Then I did a little research on the band.

Hellmouth consists of Jay Navarro (vocals), Justin Malek (drums), Jeff Uberti (bass), and Alex Awn (guitar). These guys have a laundry list of successful bands they have been in, including The Suicide Machines, Fordirelifesake, Left in Ruin, World of Hurt, Coalition, and Varsity.

So, what makes a Hellmouth show so special? Well, vocalist Jay Navarro and drummer Justin Malek

were kind enough to answer a few of my questions before taking over the stage this Thursday.

Reading a review of a Hellmouth record, of a past show, or the lyrics to one of their songs can be instantly intimidating. I mean, have they really been banned from venues? Did someone really lose an eye at one of their shows? Yes, and yes, according to the guys. Justin explains, "There have definitely been several situations (where they have been banned or dropped from shows). The one that comes to mind is the priest that was organizing a protest against us at one of our shows in Indiana or someplace like that. They (the protesters) never showed up, but some higher up resigned as a result of it and said a kid had lost his eye at the show." Jay followed up by saying, "We got kicked out of Bledfest, they didn't have the balls to let us play".

With all of this controversy it's hard to remember that they are just four guys, that grew up in Detroit and love playing music, really well.

How does this band differ from its former dynasties? Lead singer, Navarro, feels Hellmouth is really for the O.G. Suicide Machines fans. "It wasn't fair to people who believed in the Suicide Machines for us to go down the road we were headed with the last 2 records. That band was a symbol of hope. Hellmouth picks up where I left off with 'War Profiteering'. Over the 2 years I did nothing, I became even more misanthropic. So Hellmouth calms those demons D.E.W.N.". Justin is quick to chime in that for him it's interesting because he's "never been in a band where the first thing the singer does is tell the crowd to go to work in the morning and shoot their boss in the face."

All jokes aside, Hellmouth is a band who was signed to Ferret Records within a week of its first release. Since that day they have made it known that they are a force to be reckoned with. Protests aside, they are

animal lovers, who are anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-sexism and even anti-human at times. I asked Justin to further explain. "If we weren't around, the world would last a fuck of a lot longer than it will with us on it, destroying and beating it to shit." But, don't worry kids, Justin promises "Hellmouth is an equal hate opportunity employer. Racists, homophobes and sexists need not apply." Basically, weather you agree or disagree with their religious or political views, you can't deny that Hellmouth is making a bold statement on the state of the world today.

There is no doubt in my mind that this band will deliver when they play on Thursday. Jay promises that at the show we can see him "spitting on kids, because it's my blessing". I'll take that blessing! As far as I'm

concerned, Jay is one of the best vocalists Detroit has ever seen.

I say let's grab the ear plugs, a few dollars for a nice drink and head down to The Stick Thursday night for what guarantees to be some true Detroit style, punk rock, metal fun.

The All Ages show starts at 8 p.m. and it's $10 to get in.


I Can't Wait for the Grand Re-Opening of the S'Wallow Valley Mall!!!

So, I am a HUGE fan of Tim and Eric, as I'm sure many of you are. You either love "Time and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" or you hate it. Their latest season, was even more bizarre than those before it and many fans didn't think it was quite as awesome. But, don't you worry, Tim and Eric fans. The guys released the trailer for their new movie and it looks like they are back to doing a Great Job! Ok, that was a little lame...

Anyways, the movie, "Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie", is set to hit theatres on March 3rd. The storyline of the movie is that Tim & Eric get a billion dollars to make a movie. Things don't go as planned and instead they decide to open a mall. (Hopefully the mall has a "My Big Cups" store.) The movie has many of your favorite actors from "Tim and Eric Awesome Show" in it, such as John C. Reilly (a.k.a. Dr. Steve Brule), Zach Galifinakis (a.k.a. The Snuggler) and James Quall (a.k.a. James Quall). According to "TheMightyMonarch" on IMdb, even though there are many actors from "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" in this movie, they are not playing the same characters from the show. I find it hard to believe that James Quall could be anyone other than James Quall, though.

Nonetheless, the trailer looks great and I for one can't wait to see this movie. Hopefully all of our favorite characters will be a part of this film and it will live up to all of our expectations!

Keep an eye out for "Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie" in theatres on March 3rd or on January 27th
AT&T U-Verse, Comcast and Direct TV subscribers can catch it On Demand!

Be advised, this trailer is Rated-R and may have Shrim.



Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spooky Style!

You may have noticed the awesome spread in Real Detroit this week, featuring a ghostly photo shoot! The shots were all taken by the photography genius, Joe Gall, and feature Winter Fashion with a dark twist. The photos are amazing and even though it's fashion, something tells us even the dudes will like this collection. Come on, what's hotter than a chick hanging out in a cemetery anyways? 
Visit Joe's Flickr to see the entire set!

Ghost Fashion


Wooderson, Butch Walker & Kesha! Oh my!

I may be a little bit obsessed with Butch Walker & The Black Widows, but after watching the new music video for their song 'Synthesizers', you will be, too. To commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the filming of the classic "Dazed and Confused," Matthew McConaughey reprises what is probably his best role of all time in this video. Even though it has been 20 years, he still makes a great Wooderson in those peach pants and mustache.
Whether you are just a Wooderson fan, or a Butch Walker (who is looking pretty good as the bartender int he video) fan, you should really just watch it. So here ya go:

Also, Butch Walker & The Black Widows posted a pretty surprising video. I usually despise Kesha (so much so that I refuse to replace the 'S' with a '$'), but she did a tribute to Bob Dylan. And it is good. Like, "what the hell" kind of good. Anyways, watch this while you're sitting around this lazy Sunday afternoon, too:


Saturday, January 21, 2012

You Say TomAto, I Say Tomato!

If you were to see The Tomato Kitchen from the outside, you would think it's just a hole in the wall. It is in a tiny shopping center on Orchard Lake Rd. in Sylvan Lake, which is just West of Pontiac. This restaurant is more like a diamond in the rough. Right when you walk in, the decor makes you feel like you are in a cute deli in the big city. The food is even better than the atmosphere!

The Tomato Kitchen has a huge variety of food. Our group tonight started off with the complimentary breadsticks, that are addicting on their own. Once you add their Cheese & Garlic Dip to it, they are to die for. After our appetizer, everyone at the table took a completely different direction with their main course. First, there was the Turkey & White Bean Chili that was super, super hearty and you get a giant bowl. It's a little on the spicy side, but very good. Another big hit was the Greek Salad with chunks of feta cheese and fresh sliced beets. The small salad is definitely enough for a full meal or for two people to share. If you would like to take the more traditional approach and see what their tomatoes are all about, definitely try out the Spaghetti & Meatballs. Even Sadie liked it and she normally will only eat her family's homemade Italian food. The entire table shared a side of Sweet Potato Fries that are like no other and served with a side of applesauce. This dish would even be great as a dessert! The winner for the night was probably the BBQ Ribs & Chicken. Like we said, they have something for everyone! The ribs were super tender, their sauce is great, and their BBQ Chicken was excellent! It didn't have any greasy, funky parts like you sometimes get elsewhere...You know what we're talking about.

Obviously most of these dishes are for the carnivores, but there are plenty of choices for vegitarians too! The menu has tons of pasta, sandwiches, salads, and even pizza. There is even a display case with everything from Olive Salad to Chocolate Cake that must have been a foot tall. Our tummies were way too full to try everything though! 

The only down side to this restaurant is that they only serve non-alcoholic beverages. So all of you wine-o's are out of luck. However, if you decide to pick up some carry-out, they do have 6-packs of great beer, like Magic Hat #9 available.

Overall, The Tomato Kitchen is a delicous choice. It might be a little bit of a hike for some of you, but the great food, served in big portions paired with the great prices makes it worth the trip! If you want to try this place out, make sure to keep an eye on Groupon because they have deals popping up on there all of the time!


What's That White Stuff???

We finally had our first BIG snowfall! Luckily it wasn't as bad as the weathermen predicted, but it's the end of January already! We had it coming! If you weren't quite prepared for stomping through the snow today, you're in luck! Incognito in Royal Oak has 50% off all winter boots right now! So head on over there and boot up!

While you're out there braving the cold today and shovelin' that snow, just sing this catchy little tune to yourself. Well, the chorus at least.


To Market To Market!

All this talk about food has left our heads dancing with ideas of what we are going to cook up next, but this busy week left our fridges seriously lacking in supplies. Which reminds me... Tomorrow is Saturday here in the city and one of our favorite local spots will be open for business! Whether you are waking up early or heading home when the sun rises, make it a point to swing by the Eastern Market! It's located between Gratiot & Mack Ave. and between I-75 & St. Aubin, just Northeast of Downtown Detroit.

One of the greatest vendors down there is Don Schneider, a.k.a. “The Mushroom Man”. He serves up some of the best fungus among us, along with great fresh bagged spinach, oranges, and avocados. His mushrooms can cost from $2 to $220 a pound depending on what you are looking for.

Recently, a friend cooked up some great pasta for me with large chunks of Fish Sausage that blew my mind! The sausage came from a new addition to the market,
Joann's Great Lakes Fresh Catch, which is located in Shed 3. They promise to bring some great selections out this Saturday including Frozen Whitefish Fillets, Frozen Salmon Fillet Portions, Frozen Lake Trout Fillets, Frozen Whole Dressed Salmon, Smoked Whitefish (Chunks and Whole), Smoked Lake Trout Chunks, Smoke Salmon Fillets, Smoked Whitefish Spread, and Smoked Whitefish Cajun Sausage. Mmmmm who isn't looking for some fresh Michigan caught Trout Chunks!?!? Seriously though some of the best stuff I've ever tasted!

After you have hunted down your fresh veggies and produce in two of the covered tents which, ARE OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND (Saturdays from 7am-3pm) you can head over to Rocky Peanut Company. There you can pick up some fresh granola for that morning yogurt and some Detroit Tigers stadium style peanuts to snack on throughout the day. A girl can get in trouble buying so many great snacks in bulk!

While you're down there, walk a couple doors down and have a quick meal at the
Russell Street Deli! In addition to their regular menu, they have awesome weekly specials!
Before you head home make sure to stop into R. Hirt for some fresh cheese! There may be a long line at times, but its the only place where you can get cheese that Americans wouldn’t be embarrassed to share with the French!

The eastern market is a wonderful place to shop local, buy healthy food and buy one of a kind Detroit products! 


Friday, January 20, 2012

Black Iris is the Best!

 Hey Guys & Gals,

We just got the most up to date show list from Black Iris Booking, and you know they book all the best shows in Detroit. So here it is:

"$10 admission includes limited edition 7"" of all 4 bands covering
Black Flag songs"
8PM * $10 * AA
The Tossers/We Are The Union / St Thomas Boys Academy / Fires in Japan
Friday March 9, 2012
At Smalls
8pm * $10/12 * AA
Larry and his Flask / Goddamn Gallows / The Night Market Revival / Noman
8PM * $8/10 * AA

with The Flatliners, Have Nots, & Wilson
Monday March 12, 2012
At The Magic Stick
7pm * $15 * AA
The Wonder Years, Polar Bear Club, Transit, The Story So Far & Into It Over It
Thurs March 15, 2011
At The Magic Stick
6:30PM * $13/15 * AA
On Sale: Jan 20th
Comeback Kid / Close Your Eyes / Foundation / Such Gold / Living With Lions
Sunday April 1, 2012
At The Magic Stick
6pm * $10/12 * AA

8PM * AA * $16/18
"Against the Grain -  Release their 2nd Full Length Album "
The A-Gang / Wilson / Beast in the Field / The Dewtons
Friday May 4, 2012
At Magic Stick Lounge
8pm * $5 * AA
8PM * $15 * AA

Make sure to check Hip In Detroit to hear about all of the Black Iris Shows before anyone else knows about them! 


Here's What's Happenin' This Weekend

Still looking for something to do this weekend? Here are our picks for what's going on around town the next few days:

- Who's Bad - The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band @ The Magic Bag in Ferndale
- Legendary Creatures w/ Illy Mack & Eurocream  @ The Magic Stick
- Koffin Kats w/ Bat on Fire & The Loving Dead @ The Machine Shop

Tomorrow Night: 
- Tour Detroit Presents: Nightlife / Alexis @ The Magic Stick

This is also the last weekend to head out to the North American International Auto Show @ Cobo and for American Idiot the Musical @ The Detroit Opera House.

Our last pick for the weekend is the Redford Theatre's showing of "Forbidden Planet" starring Leslie Nielsen. If you haven't been to the Redford Theatre before, you definitely need to check it out. You can't beat the price, there's tons of legroom, and the atmosphere is amazing. Make sure you get there early enough to catch an old Looney Tunes cartoon before the movie and the organ player. The movie starts at 8 p.m. tonight and tomorrow and there is also a matinee at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

If you have an event you think we should know about, let us know. Email us at hipindetroit@gmail.com!


Solid Dudes Season 2- Part 2

In case you missed out last night, here's a few pictures from Solid Dudes Kitchen Premiere from last night...

Thanks to our favorite friend, Matt Moy, for snappin' some pics for us!


Solid Dudes Was Pretty Solid, Dudes.

The Solid Dudes Kitchen Season 2 Premiere had everyone drooling over their culinary creations on the big screen. The venue was awesome, Michael Trombley was spinning some good tunes, and there was free beer. Wait. Correction. Not just free beer. Free, good beer.

There was a great turnout of people that were eager to see what Dave & Derek came up with this time around. People that got there early enough had a chance to try out some Green Dot Stable's tasty food - from pb&j's to mystery meat sliders, for the brave souls. Rumor has it Bugs Bunny was on the menu.

Season 2 proved to be just as hilarious as the first one. In this season you'll learn that Dave can grow a wicked beard REALLY fast, both Dudes can seriously hold their liquor and how to cook delicious food. To add a little more spice this time around, the guys even take you on a journey overseas.

The Season 2 DVD has 6 Episodes on it and you can add it to your collection for only $10. If you already have Season 2 and you're hungry for more, check out all the sweet stuff you can get on their site! Our personal favorite is the apron, even though we don't really wear them that often. If you already have one of those, too, we want to see a picture of you wearing it...and only it.

If we haven't sold you on Solid Dudes Kitchen yet, check this out:

Solid Dudes Kitchen - Mayonnaise Trailer from Solid Dudes Kitchen on Vimeo.

We commend you on an excellent night out and a job well done, Gentlemen.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What up bitches!!!!!!

Welcome to Hip In Detroit. We have been so ready to launch this site for awhile now, but we wanted to make sure we started it off right and that we present you only the best! So here it is, our first post , and it feels sooo good. 

We are here to present you with a look into the place we call home and the fun that takes place within it. People always refer to Detroit as a “dying city“. Those people simply don’t know what they‘re missing out on. This city is full of music, bars, artists, galleries, parks, picnics, salons, restaurants, and amazing things one can’t do or see anywhere else. So, today we launch the site and tomorrow we kick things off by bringing you an inside look at an awesome event. The Premiere of Solid Dudes Kitchen: Season 2. If you haven’t been to the Casino at Belle Isle before, it is an amazing place. And, if you haven't checked Solid Dudes out yet, the time has come! Now, if you haven’t already R.S.V.P.-ed to the premiere party, you might be out of luck. Word on the street is that it is going to be pretty packed, and you must have a pass to get in. But, don’t fret! We will be sure to give you the scoop, and it will be like you were there with us! Until then, check out clips from Season 1 of Solid Dudes Kitchen here!