Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day

This Saturday, May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day, a day that's name explains it all. It's a day that people can walk into their local comic book store and get a comic book for free. You can't just walk in and grab any book that you want, there's a list of specific comics that are available each year. But, the list is pretty expansive. This year it includes big favorites like The Simpsons, Doctor Who and Bob's Burgers along with classic favorites like The Avengers. You can check out a full list of this year's selections here.

Most local comic book stores participate in this annual event, with many even hosting special activities to go along with the big day. For instance, Detroit Comics on Woodward in Ferndale will have the Star Wars 501st Great Lakes Garrison in house, signings with Detroit's own Glenn L. Barr, face painting for the kids and the B-9 robot from the Lost in Space TV show will be on site and available to take pictures with. Green Brain Comics in Dearborn will have some of your favorite local comic creators in shop, such as Jay Fosgitt (Bodie Troll and My Little Pony). There will also be DJs, a canned food drive, and they will be collecting old books and cellphones.

If Free Comic Book Day sound like an idea that you can get behind, head over to the official website here. Once you are there, you can search for shops in your area and get all of the details on what Free Comic Book Day 2015 has to offer.


WhateverFest 5 is Happening this Weekend

Blowout isn't the only festival happening this weekend! This Friday and Saturday night WhateverFest 5 will be taking place in Hamtramck and Detroit.

WhateverFest is a DIY fest that started five years ago in the Cass Corridor and has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. This year the event will feature over 30 acts along with some vendors spread throughout two venues, Elijah's on Friday and TIRES on Saturday. There will even be a skate session on Saturday and Communal Painting. The lineup for both days is pretty stacked, with bands starting at 8 p.m. on Friday and 3:30 p.m on Saturday, and this party goes into the wee hours of the morning. Check out the complete lineup and set times below.

Friday, May 1st @ ELIJAH's (9536 Joseph Campau)
8:00 p.m. - Gaye Israel
9:00 - Fly Money
9:30 - White Bee
10:15 - Taxon Clade
11:45 - Nightmericans
12:30 a.m. - The Cheetahs

Saturday, May 2nd @ TIRES (6541 Lafayette)
3:30 p.m. - Andrew Maslowsky
4:00 - Tameika Thompson
4:30 - Virgil Shepp
5:00 - Tusks
5:30 - Chronic Tan
6:00 - Honeybabe
7:00 - Growwing Pains
8:00 - The Omecs
9:00 - Prude Boys
10:00 - DEV & KHZ the Ripper
11:00 - The Vonneguts
12:00 - BLAKDOG
1:00 - Sheefy
2:00 - Heaters
3:00- Dopehead
4:00 a.m. - TEZ

6:30 p.m. - Coin Laundry
7:30 - GrayBliss Music
8:30 - Five Pound Snap
9:30 - The Rose Cult
10:30 - Nina & The Buffalo Riders
11:30 - My Pal Val
12:30 - The Deadly Vipers
1:30 - Moonwalks
2:30 - Sapphire Bracelet (member of Deastro)
4:30 a.m. - Detroit BOOTY

Admission is only $5 a night. But, if you make a donation to the event via their Go Fund Me page, you can get in for even cheaper! A $5 donation will get you and a friend in or $20 will get you and 3 friends in plus you will get a WhateverFest Compilation CD or a WhateverFest poster. This sounds like a super fun event with a great lineup. To stay in the loop on WhateverFest 5 and for all of the details, head over to the Facebook event page here


Hip In Detroit's Picks for Metro Times Blowout 18

The 18th installment of the Metro Times Blowout is here. It's time for 4 nights of music, partying, and very little sleep. This year the Blowout will be taking over most of Metro Detroit, with shows in Ferndale, Hamtramck and Detroit. For one low price you can get in to approximately 20 venues this weekend, with over a hundred bands playing throughout the 4 nights. 

One of the best things about Blowout is discovering bands you haven't seen before. With great lineups at so many venues, there are tons of bands to see, spread across all different genres. And even though you want to catch some different acts than you might usually see, you want to see some of your favorites too. Well, you have some decisions to make and we want to make those decisions a little easier for you. So we went through the entire weekend lineup and made a list of who we think you should try to catch. Some of the times overlap and obviously you can't be in two places at once. So, in some cases you will still have a tough choice to make. But, we at least narrowed things down and made your decision a little easier! Take a look at our picks for Blowout 18 below. 

WEDNESDAY - 4/29 - Metro Times made it easy on you for the kickoff night! All of the acts are playing under one roof at St. Andrew's Hall. The sets will be spread across three stages, St. Andrew's main stage, The Burns Room upstairs, and in the basement at The Shelter. The lineup is stacked from start to finish, but here are the ones you definitely don't want to miss! 

11:30 PM: ANDREW W.K. (Solo Show)


9:00 PM: SAPPHIRE BRACELET (Featuring Randy Chabot & Mark Smak of Deastro)

THURSDAY - 4/30 - Hamtramck is the place to be on Thursday night! There are some good lineups in Ferndale and Detroit too, but Hamtramck is hosting some favorites like The HandGrenades and James Linck and the widest variety of other acts. So you can see all kinds of music in one night, in one city. Plus, in Hamtramck you can bounce from place to place relatively easily.


PAINTED LADY (Hamtramck)

PAYCHECK’S (Hamtramck)




ZEKE’S (Ferndale)



FRIDAY - 5/1 - You should probably plan on bouncing around on Friday night. So many good bands! And they are pretty equally spread throughout all three cities. 


NEW DODGE (Hamtramck)

PAINTED LADY (Hamtramck)

PAYCHECK’S (Hamtramck)
9:00 PM: HAWK & SON
12:45 AM: PUP

PLAV POST #10 (Hamtramck)

11:30 PM: VSTRS

SMALL'S (Hamtramck)
12:45 AM: OLD GODS



11:00 PM: TART

WAB (Ferndale)
10:30 PM: DUENDE!

ZEKE’S (Ferndale)

SATURDAY - 5/2 - There are couple of shows in Hamtramck on Saturday that could easily keep you in place for the night. Ferndale, on the other hand, has three shows that you will definitely want hit up if you are in town.


WAB (Ferndale)

ZEKE’S (Ferndale)

10:15 PM: TELCO


NEW DODGE (Hamtramck)

PAINTED LADY (Hamtramck)

PAYCHECK’S (Hamtramck)

PLAV POST 10 (Hamtramck)


SMALL'S (Hamtramck)

The Blowout isn't making it easy for anyone this year! But, having too many good shows to go to in one night is a good problem to have. Remember, it only costs $20 to get in every venue this weekend! If you just want to go to one night, it's only $15. For 5 bucks more though, why wouldn't you go at least two nights? To purchase your wristband in advance, click here. Although we tried to narrow the list down a bit, there are a ton of great bands playing this weekend that we didn't even mention! To see a full list of acts and a schedule of who's playing when and where, click here.


One Girl's Guide to the Blowout

Photo Credit: Joe Gall a.k.a. Camera Jesus
The Metro Times Blowout starts tonight! Hamtramck, Detroit, and Ferndale will be taken over by thousands of people who want to watch some live music and have a good time. The Blowout is in its 18th year and is poised to be the bigger and better than ever before. The festival has grown and changed a lot throughout the years. It has become a four day event that takes place in over twenty bars across three cities. There are tons of  local acts mixed in with some great national acts including Andrew W.K., Pup, Fucked Up, Trick Trick, and the Arkells. The next four days are going to be amazing!  Here's a list of things to think about before you head out the show tonight!

1- Figure out how you are getting home before you head out for the night.  
The Blowout takes place in three cities, Ferndale, Hamtramck, and Detroit Michigan. Sometimes, you start the night out in one city and then quickly head over to another city or venue to catch a band,   Make sure that you roll with a sober driver or take an Uber around town. There is no reason to drive drunk, that ruins everyone's fun!

2- If your heading out on the town alone make sure that you pay attention when you're coming in and out of venues.  
Listen, things happen, don't be the asshole who never saw it coming. I know it's temping to get your phone out to start checking Instagram before you get in the car. But, when you're out and about (especially by yourself) you need to make sure that you are paying attention to what is happening around you. Save the social media for inside the car. Make sure to keep your head up, pay attention to your surroundings and don't dick around. The more you dick around, the faster you can become a target.

3-You can grab a quick bite late night. 
If you're in Detroit hit up American Coney for something greasy, Sgt. Pepperoni's for something cheesy, and Niki's for something Greek. If you're in Hamtramck head into Campau Tower for some of the best sliders and fries around. Ferndale has a few great spots with late night menus, including Imperial tacos, Public House sliders, and the W.A.B. Any of these choices will make your stomach dance with joy!

4- Sometimes paying for parking is worth it.
I'm cheap, like really, really cheap, but sometimes even I will pay for parking. Detroit and Ferndale are known for ticketing cars even if the parking meters are broken. Ferndale is a small town and parking fills up fast. There are a few select lots that are worth the money. Venues like the Garden Bowl, HopCat, The Rustbelt, St. Andrew's, and The Majestic Cafe can be harder to park at, but all of these places have paid parking within walking distance. If you need to get  into a venue quickly to make sure you catch a band, just pay for parking! That leads us to number five...

5- Make sure to carry some cash.
Make sure to get some cash out before you head out to bar hop for the Blowout. You may end up needing money for parking and a few of these venues are cash only. The Blowout also occasionally features beer gardens in the venue where patrons can get a drink much faster, these are also usually cash only.

6- Don't get too drunk the first night and miss out on the rest of the fun. 
Pace yourself, this is a four day event. But, if you end up drinking too much, try one of these tricks to avoid the hangover.
-Drink as much water as you can before going to sleep, and put some beside the bed too.
-Take an antacid to settle your stomach.
-Alcohol is a depressant, so tea or coffee can perk you up (but they can also dehydrate you, so keep up the water as well).
-Drinking lowers your blood sugar level, so eat as soon as you can. Bananas, cereal, or an egg on toast are all good morning-after snacks. Never ever do hair of the dog - you’ll just prolong the agony.

7- Look out for each other.
We're all brothers and sisters, people trying to have a good time. Instead of making fun of the girl or guy who got too drunk, look out for them! Give them a glass of water, offer to call them a ride, whatever they need. We are all music fans and that makes us a family and family takes care of each other!

The Blowout kickoff party starts at 7:45 tonight. Tonight's lineup includes Flint Eastwood, The Beggars, Blaire Alise & The Bombshells, Cheerleader, Jamaican Queens, and more. It's $20 bucks to buy a bracelet for the weekend. See you at the show!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Palmer Park Art Fair

May 2nd and 3rd The Palmer Part Art Fairvwill take over Palmer Park for the second year in a row. This year 75 Detroit artists/vendors will gather to show off their work at the event. This family friendly attraction will also feature live street painting, live music, sculpture carving, live glass blowing demonstrations, and a chance for you to try your hand at screen printing and instrument making. There will be a beer tent sponsored by Motor City Brewing Works, Coffee by the cup from Detroit Bold Coffee Company, popcorn from Mystic Kettle, and food from Shimmy Shack, Detroit BBQ Company, and Detroit Mini Donut.

The Fair will run from 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. 'til 5 p.m. on Saturday. This event is FREE for anyone that wants to attend. Palmer Park is located at 19013 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48203.


The Tangent Gallery Hosts the 3rd Detroit Rummage Sale this Sunday

This Sunday, May 3rd The Tangent Gallery will host their third annual Detroit Rummage Sale. This event will feature over 40 artist and collectors from around the Metro Detroit area. The vendors will be selling vintage and antique items, as well as clothing. The rummage sale is FREE to get into and the Tagent Gallery will be serving soft drinks, beer, and some hot food throughout the day.

The rummage sale will take place from 12 p.m. to 6 pm. and the Tangent Gallery is located at 715 E. Milwaukee in Detroit.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brodzilla Returns to the Stage as L7 for Halloween in April with The Seraphine Collective

This week The Lager House will host a very special '90s edition of Last Thursday's with The Seraphine Collective. Broadzilla will be returning to the stage as L7 alongside a pretty solid lineup of great music including:

9:00 - 9:20 - Willa Rae Adamo as ANI DIFRANCO
9:30 - 9:50 - Sex Police as CONCRETE BLONDE
10:00 - 10:20 - Lainie Epstein/Kelly Elliott/Craig Adams (The Witches) as PJ HARVEY
10:30 - 10:50 - JUNGLEFOWL as BJORK
11:00 - 11:30 - Brodzilla as L7
11:40 - 12:10 - Double Winter / Casual Sweetheart members as the BREEDERS/THE AMPS
12:20 - 12:50 - Rebel Kind members/ Diskette members as LIZ PHAIR
1:00 – end - Val and John from MPV and Mathias Aduke and Angie Kaiser as BIKINI KILL

It's every riot gurl's dream lineup! They are billing the night as a Halloween in April and only charging $6 to get in the door (with one dollar from each paid entry going to the Collective). To learn more about The Seraphine Collective visit their website here. This is all happening this Thursday, April 30th. The Lager House is located at 1254 Michigan Ave. in Detroit. Music starts promptly at 9 p.m.! 


Win Tickets to See Dance Gavin Dance

Post Hardcore sweethearts Dance Gavin Dance will be playing the new and improved Majestic Jr. on Monday, May 4th. They will be one of the first bands to play in the newly revamped space. They will be playing alongside Polyphia, Hail The Sun, Stolas & Adventurer.

Dance Gavin Dance are on tour in support of their latest album Instant Gratification that was recently released on April 15th, 2015. You can download the new album here. You can win tickets to this show and be one of the first people to check out the new space by emailing your full name to with Dance Gavin Dance in the subject. We will draw a winner a few days before the show and email them details on how to claim their prize.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Funk Night is Tonight!

It has been awhile since we've told you to bust out your dancin' shoes. But, tonight you're definitely going to want to! That's because the best party around, Funk Night, is making its triumphant return!

The party will feature music from DJs Brad Hales, Frank Raines, Cheddar Bob & Eastside, spinning "heavy funk and soul 45s all night long". For the comeback, the Funk Night crew is switching things up a little bit and bringing the party to City Club. We hope all of the goth club goers got the memo, otherwise there are going to be some pretty confused chicks showing up with tape on their nipples while everyone else has shirts on. The good thing about having Funk Night at City Club is that you know the party will go super late!

It all starts at 10 p.m. tonight and it's only $5 to get in the door. The Leland City Club is located at 400 Bagley St. in Detroit.


We Finally Gave Hopcat a Try

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I decided to finally check out the much raved about Hopcat in Detroit. Coincidentally, on that particular night we were also heading to the last show at the Magic Stick. It seemed fitting to go to this new hot spot, like we were saying goodbye to the old Detroit while checking out the new Detroit. Even though I am all about the growth and expansion of our City, there is some lingering sadness that goes along with this advancement. So, I was somewhat skeptical about this new bar in Midtown. Well, now that I finally sucked it up and checked Hopcat out, I can't wait to go back.
Hopcat is a bar & grill that offers 130 craft beers on tap and hosts live music on select nights. As soon as I walked in the door, I was already into this place. In the center of the room there is a large wrap around bar featuring the many taps, while awesome works of art featuring some of Detroit's biggest names in music adorn the walls. My friend and I ventured in to Hopcat for dinner, but with over 100 beers on tap, how could we not order one? Our waiter was very knowledgeable of the beer selections and helped us navigate the list a bit. There were a bunch local favorites on there, like Ghettoblaster and Loonie Kuhnie, but also quite a few that I've never heard of. The list is constantly changing too. So this is a great place for beer connoisseurs to visit, and with new selections all of the time, you have a reason to keep going back.
On to the food. We were absolutely starving so we decided to start out with an appetizer. We ordered the Buffalo-Blue Pretzel Nuggz. I have been dreaming about them ever since. They are bite size soft pretzels, covered in hot sauce, and sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles. Absolutely delicious. This is a great alternative to boneless wings for all of you vegetarians, and they were a super tasty treat for meat lovers too. Since I am a meat eater, for my meal I decided to go old school and try a burger with the infamous Hopcat Crack Fries. It definitely was a good burger! And the fries were delicious. At first I wasn't sure why they called them crack fries. I mean, they're good. Well, once I was almost done with my fries and just wanted more of their delicious cracked pepper, potato-y goodness, I understood. I was hooked. My friend got the Reuben Kincaid, which was a vegetarian take on the Reuben sandwich, featuring porter mushrooms, sauerkraut, grilled red onions, spinach, Swiss cheese & Thousand Island dressing. A great option for vegetarians, but this carnivore also thought it was awesome and very filling.

When we first walked up to Hopcat, we really didn't know what to expect. We figured there would probably be a long line and we might not even get in. We were pleasantly surprised when we were immediately seated and we quickly were happy with our decision to give this place a try. Definitely some good food and cool vibe. Now this leaves me curious about the Huma Room, where Hopcat features live music. I will definitely be going back soon to check out that part of this new Detroit bar. For a list of their upcoming shows and events click here.

Hopcat Detroit is located at 4265 Woodward Ave. in Detroit, just kitty-corner from the Majestic. They are open Monday thru Saturday from 11 a.m. 'til 2 a.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m. 'til 2 a.m. On Saturdays and Sundays they offer a special brunch menu as well. To see a beer list and to take a peek at the menu, head over to


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Win Tickets to see Guns N' Hoses - an All Female Guns N' Roses Tribute Band

I'm a sucker for a great tribute band, especially when it's an all female lineup. On Friday, May 1st Guns N' Hoses will be coming to The Magic Bag alongside Stiff Competition. Guns N' Hoses is one of those great tribute bands that really appreciates the music that they play, they do a lot more than imitate the original. The ladies were recently named the best tribute band in New York by the Village Voice and Slash himself recently tweeted his approval after catching a rehearsal. I mean the band's tag line is "Welcome to the Vajungle", that in itself is pretty bad ass.

A Cheap Trick tribute band called Stiff Competition will be opening the show and tickets are only $12 in advance. They can be purchased here. We also have three pairs of tickets to give away to the show courtesy of The Magic Bag. To enter to win, please email your full name to with Guns N' Hoses in the subject line. We will draw the winners the day before the show and email them details on how to claim their prize.

Check out this video of the ladies playing at the Bowery Ballroom. We guarantee after you see it you'll want to catch the live show yourself!


Another Chance to See "N'kisi Concorde" Brought to You by Playground Detroit

A few weeks ago we told you about a film called N'kisi Concorde that was being shown at the Freep Film Festival. The film tells the story of two Detroit artists with huge art installations that the public can experience everyday. One of the artists is Dmytro Szylak, the man behind Hamtramck's Disneyland, and the other is Olayami Dabls of the African Bead Museum. Check out the trailer below.

Well, if you missed the Freep showing, you have a chance to check this film out again. Playground Detroit is hosting a private screening of N'kisi Concorde at The Carr Center in Detroit. This screening is part of a series being called Selections + Selectors. After the film there will be a conversation about art in the public space, with a panel featuring Olayami Dabls and other distinguished members of the Detroit art community. There will also be cocktails at the event, as well as music provided by DJ Lady Fantastic of Nothing Elegant.

Tickets for the Playground Detroit Screening of N'kisi Concorde are $15 at the door or you can get presale tickets here for $10. Doors are set to open at 6:30 p.m. with the film beginning at 7:30. The Carr Center is located at 311 E. Grand River in Detroit. For more information on this event click here. To learn more about N'kisi Concorde, check out our interview with the film's creators here.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Win Tickets to the 2015 Metro Times Blowout

Next week the 18th annual Metro Times Blowout will take over Detroit, Ferndale and Hamtramck and this year they are going for bigger and better than ever. The Blowout has become legendary over the years. Playing a solid set at Blowout can get your name out and increase your fan base really quickly. Every band in Detroit has played the Blowout at some point and usually has a great story to share about their experience.

The event has expanded to four full nights of music throughout three cities. Everything has changed and become bigger except for the price. Somehow it is only $20 for a wristband that gets you into all 20 venues to see all the bands that are playing throughout the weekend. This year they have mixed locals like Blaire Alise and the BombshellsFlint EastwoodRadio BurnsThe HandGrenades, James LinckLittle Animal, and Valley Hush with bigger names like Andrew W.K.The Black Lips, PUP, Perfect Pussy, and Fucked Up. There are bands of every genre being represented. This year's venues include Baker Streetcar Bar, The Burns Room, Fowling Warehouse, Garden Bowl, The Huma Room at Hopcat, Jumbos. The Loving Touch, Majestic Cafe, New Dodge. Painted Lady, Paychecks, Plav Post 10, Rust Belt Market, St. Andrew's Hall, 7Brothers. The Shelter, Smalls, W.A.B., Wiskey in the Jar, and Zeke's Rock and Roll BBQ. You can see the full lineup and schedule of bands here.

We also have two pairs of passes to give away courtesy of Metro Times themselves. We will be drawing two winners on Tuesday and they will get two passes to enjoy four nights of fun. To enter, please email your full name to with Blowout in the subject. We will be drawing two winners the day before the kick off party and we will give them details on how to claim their prize. Good luck, see you at the show!


Motor City Nightmares - A Horror Fan's Dream

If you are a fan of Horror Films you have to go to Motor City Nightmares this weekend! The event is taking place at the Novi Sheraton and it will feature a film festival, celebrity guests, vendors, filmmaker workshops and more! Even if you aren't too into horror films, but you're into filmmaking, you might want to head out to this event. The MCN filmmaker workshops will feature Q&A sessions with successful producers, writers and directors. Some of the names involved are John Russo (Night of the Living Dead), Steven J. Wolfe (500 Days of Summer), Sean Tretta (12 Monkeys) and Michael Perez (Return of the Living Dead). From the fan side, a few of the celebrity guests that will be in house include James Karen (he's been on a million shows and in tons of movies), Thom Mathews (Jason Lives, Return of the Living Dead), Sid Haig (The Devil's Rejects, House of 1,000 Corpses), female rocker Lita Ford, and a full list of guys and gals from some of your favorite flicks. Check out the list here. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of The Return of The Living Dead, so quite a few cast members will be on deck for this event.

In addition to all of the great activities and features during the convention, there are also after parties on Friday and Saturday night that will feature some great music. The lineup for Friday night includes The Amino Acids and Soldier's Last Breath. Saturday night The Gutter Ghouls will be playing with Pick Axe Preacher and The Worst Of.

Motor City Nightmares will take place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 24th - 26th. There are numerous admission prices for the event. Your best bet is to buy a Gold Pass for $125, which will get you in to the convention all three days, VIP admission to the vendor area, VIP seating at the seminars and screenings, and access to the after parties. There is also a weekend pass that will get you in all 3 days to almost everything, but not the parties, seminars or workshops, plus you won't get the VIP treatment. That pass is $50. If you're just going one day, you can get the same access as the weekend pass with a day pass that costs $20 on Friday, $25 on Saturday or $15 on Sunday. If you just want to go to the after parties, you can do that too for $10 on Friday or $15 on Saturday. You can look at a list of pass prices here with the descriptions of each here. Presale tickets are only available until Noon on Wednesday the 22nd, but you can also purchase tickets at the door this weekend. Don't forget, just like at most conventions, most celebrities charge an additional fee on top of your ticket price if you would like an autograph or photo.

The Novi Sheraton is located at 21111 Haggerty Rd., Novi, MI 48375. For more details on Motor City Nightmares, head to or head over and "like" them on Facebook here.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Catch Bars of Gold at Zeke's Rock and Roll BBQ

Zeke's has become the hip new place to eat in Ferndale. But, did you know that it is also the newest place to catch a live show? Zeke's truly is a rock and roll BBQ, and this week they will be bringing Detroit's own Bars of Gold to their stage. So far, most of the artists that have been played the space are solo or acoustic, Bars isn't either of those things. In fact, if I know anything about Bars, they are going to be moving around and really breaking the place in!
If you haven't seen Bars of Gold before you must head out to Zeke's at midnight this Thursday, April 23rd to catch the show. It's only $3 to get in and you will have a great time. No band in the area has more energy on stage than Bars of Gold. Head up to Zeke's have a late dinner (make sure you get some jalapeno mac and cheese), have a drink, and catch one of Detroit's best bands in one of Metro Detroit's newest spaces.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Win Tickets to Ooh La La Lucha

Imperial Restaurant in Ferndale, Michigan is one of the hippest places around and when it comes to Cinco De Mayo nobody throws a better party. Last year they established themselves as the tastemakers for the holiday by throwing a sold out event called Ooh La La Lucha. The event includes Lucha Libre wrestling, burlesque dancing, food, drinks and more. Next Saturday, May 2nd they will be hosting the second Ooh La La Lucha and it will be bigger and better than ever before.

The party has moved from Ferndale to The Masonic Temple in Detroit and they have planned even more to do. The night will feature performances by some of Detroit's best, including Roxi D'Lite and Lushes Lamoan. We had a chance to ask Imperial a few questions about the party and they were kind enough to give us a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky reader. To enter to win, please email your full name to with Ooh La La Lucha in the subject. We will draw a winner on Friday May 1st and email them details on how to claim their prize.

HID- Why do we celebrate Cinco De Mayo?
Imperial- "Cinco de Mayo is also referred to as El Día de la Battala (the Day of the Battle). It’s the day the Mexican Army scored an unlikely victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla. Everyone knows how Imperial loves an underdog! We thought it would be a blast to host our own battle with luchadores in the ring fighting it out for the title!"

HID- Why did you move the event to The Masonic Temple this year?
Imperial- "Ooh La La Lucha sold out in advance last year - it was a huge hit with lines down the street of people we had to turn away - so, to say the least, we out grew our space in Ferndale. The Masonic is a perfect fit and hopefully will be its permanent home."

HID- Why did you decide to combine Burlesque with Lucha Libre wrestling?
Imperial- "That’s entertainment! Beautiful women and men in tights - could you ask for more??!"

HID- Will last year's champ be returning to defend his title this year?
Imperial- "Absolutely! The Mysterious Movado will be defending his title in a four corners battle for the belt!"

HID- Does ticket price include any food or drinks?
Imperial- "No. The ticket price gets you in the door for some seriously unbelievable entertainment. We have Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Queen of Burlesque AND Miss Exotic World, the stunning Roxi D’lite! Detroit's Hardest Working Showgirl Lushes Lamoan, Last years crowd favorite POLEformers the Benson Twins are back again this year! The wrestlers put on 5 bouts of spectacular wrestling. We will also be offering Imperial’s famous sonoran hot dogs as well as veggie and barbacoa burritos. It just wouldn’t be a party without some of Imperial’s signature cocktails… we will be serving the Ring of Fire, Detroit Tart, Imperial Margarita, Hotel California and a selection of canned beer. Oh, and don’t forget the luchadore masks!"

HID- Is the wrestling real?
Imperial- "Absolutely! 100 percent authentic Lucha Libre wresting. Championships on the line, people are betting the pink slips from their hot rods on these matches! It’s a throw down you have to see to believe. Champions will be made on this night!"

HID- How many tequila's will the tequila bar feature?
Imperial- "We will offering over 20 different kinds of Tequila! From to Locally owned favorites like Blue Nectar and Cabresto to a variety of Mezcal, Anjeo, and Reposado’s from all over the world."

HID- Will Imperial have any specials on Cinco De Mayo this year?
Imperial- "Yes! On May 5th the kitchen will be throwing down with our notorious tamales, we’ll offer drink specials, raffling off a bad ass custom lowrider bike and finishing up our lucadore mask sales. All proceeds from Luchadore masks and Lowrider raffle will go to benefit the Michigan Youth Arts Non Profit Organization."

HID- Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?
Imperial- "Last year the event sold out in advance so get your tickets early!
Tickets are on sale now - at Imperial & Public House (cash only)
OR online at Raffle tickets for the Lowrider at Imperial can be purchased at Imperial."

The party starts at 8 p.m. and The Masonic Temple is located at 500 Temple Street, Detroit.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

An Interview With The Muggs

The Muggs have been making beautiful music for over 15 years. The band has gone through its ups and downs throughout the years, this includes appearing on a reality show and completely rethinking the set up of the band when bassist Tony Muggs had a stroke. The only constant for the band is that they play some really good music. I am inspired by their story and their perseverance. They are one of those bands that always puts on a great live show and always has a positive attitude. They recently released a new album called Straight Up Boogaloo, and they are about to embark on a European tour. They also released a new music video for the single "Applecart Blues".

We had a chance to ask the band a few questions before they head out of town. Check out what they had to say and make sure to head over to their website to give the new music a listen and the new video a watch! 

HID- What inspired you to begin playing music?
Dannymuggs- "I grew up in a family where three of my uncles sang and played acoustic guitar so I was always intrigued by the instrument and music in general. I finally decided to really learn to play when I was at MSU. I just wanted to play Beatles songs. But soon, blues music became my passion and my priority. I just listened and practiced all day. Tony and I started writing songs together around this time. He was the singer back then because he had the balls to sing original lyrics on a mic. I was scared to death. Still am, actually. But you gotta start somewhere."

HID- Who is your favorite band of all time?
Dannymuggs- "The Beatles will always be my favorite band. They did everything right and inspire me in so many ways. Queen is a close second though. Brian May is my favorite guitar player ever."

HID- How old were you when you had a stroke?
Tonymuggs- "I was 28 years young. It came totally out of the blue. No warning signs. Hell, I was the healthiest (I thought), of all my stoner friends! It came fortunately when I was at work, ironically, trying to book studio time, when I started losing my speech in a phone conversation. Luckily, one of my bosses was in during lunch hour. I came to him, couldn't speak by then (only minutes from the phone convo). He thought I may have been stung by a bee so sent me to the hospital (just to be safe). From there it went south real quick. I spent 2 months in the hospital. A couple near death experiences and yet here we are. I'm indestructible!!!"

HID- Did you know what a stroke was before it happen to you?
Tonymuggs- "I did. On my way to the hospital, I was losing my speech rapidly, and I recall telling the salesman who was driving me to the hospital that I think I'm having a stroke. My grandpa DeBol had a stroke at 82 and lost his speech. It's called aphasia. I had total paralysis of my right side too."

HID- Tell us about the process of learning to play your bass lines on piano. Did you ever think that you would play piano?
Tonymuggs- "In January 2003 I went to SoCal to rehab at this "alternative therapy clinic" in Mission Viejo, CA. It was a rip off but I met a Physical Therapist who really changed my way of thinking. Six months prior, Matt Smith, of Outrageous Cherry fame, asked if I had ever considered playing the "bass guitar" on "piano" like Ray Manzrek of The Doors. It never occurred to me!!! So when I was in Cali I called Dannymuggs, long distance, about trying it out and he said "Go for it kid!". So I did! 3-4 hours a day, 4 months straight and I gained a working knowledge of interpreting a "bass guitar" to "piano". The rest was just dialing in a good bass tone through an Ampeg bass head (with equalizers) and 6x10 bass cab."

HID- What gave you the strength to pick up and get your life back after the stroke?
Tonymuggs- "Love of music and my mom Judy! I've always routed for the underdog and now I'm looking at me as the underdog. Once I discovered I could play again, I threw myself at it as fast and as hard as I could. What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking. I was reacting. It gave me purpose, it gave me meaning, it completely absolved me of my handicap. My mom, Judy, was amazing throughout this time. I feel so lucky to have had her. What child can say he got the love and care from a mother twice in one lifetime? This guy!!! Judy never pressed me about getting back to work or anything like that. She let me figure my shit out and I'll forever be thankful for her selflessness and perfect humility."

HID- Do you ever get recognized for being on “The Next Great American Band”?
Dannymuggs- "I still get recognized all the time for being in that show. So many people in Detroit watched the show and voted for us. So cool. I'm a bartender at the Cadieux Cafe so people always come up to me and say "Hey! I remember you from that show" although nobody can remember what the show was called. It was a hilarious and surreal experience."

HID- The Muggs' bio states that the Muggs got a lot of attention after playing the Blowout in 2001. The festival has changed a lot in the last few years, what do you think of the “new Blowout”? Do you think that it still has the relevance that it once had?
Dannymuggs- "I still love The Blowout. A lot of people complain about the politics of it and what-not, but I don't get caught up in all that noise. All I know is its a great forum to see a cornucopia of awesome Detroit bands in one weekend. A celebration of Detroit music is always a good thing and great for the city."

HID- Tell us about the new album. Where was it recorded? How many songs?
Todd Glass- "We recorded all the rhythm tracks and most of the overdubs and some vocals at The Brooksfield Gentlemen's Club in Detroit. Owned and operated by Adam Cox. I play with Adam in The Octopus as well and had been cutting tracks there and I really liked the tones he was getting so I suggested it to the guys. While we were recording the building that the studio was in got sold and Adam had to move out. (He's currently building a new studio) Another brilliant Engineer I've been working with is Jason Kuehn at his Blend Studio. Jason and I had worked together on other projects and he's a world class engineer/producer so we finished some guitars and most of the vocals there. It couldn't have worked out better. This record was a fresh approach for us as a band and having new ears to get the sounds on tape was a great choice."

HID- You also released a new video, what was the inspiration behind that project and who created it?
Tonymuggs- "My mom's basement! Drew Podgorski, a brilliant video editor, whom I met about two years ago did this music video. He had similar deficiencies on his right side (having survived a stroke as well) and we have been like brothers ever since. Getting back to the video, The Muggs wanted a video that married our live rehearsal setting and cool "b-roll" European footage from 2012 & 2013 EU tours. We practice in my mom & Gary's basement so no need to find a place to film other than mom's. Mom's basement is quaint & snug and perfect for our first of many music videos off our new LP Straight Up Boogaloo."

HID- What are you most looking forward to on your European tour?
Glass- "Well, number one it's always nice to visit Spain and Germany, just to be in that part of the world is always fun. I'm just looking forward to further spreading The Muggs' music there. We have a core group of fans that I can't wait to perform for, but we are hoping to attract even more this time. We have a great team over there and things get better each time we go so far. Plus, we'll get to see many of the great friends we've made over the last few years."

HID- Are you listening to any local bands right now? If so, who?
Tonymuggs- "Moonwalks are blowing my mind right now as well as The ERERS, Outrageous Cherry, Duende!, The Beggars can't be beat!!! the Vonneguts, Size Queen for you punks, this awesome Cream tribute band, Tales of Cream, Dead Again- Grateful Dead tribute, Audra Kubat, Mike Galbraith, it's endless really. I love supporting local music. I need it every week!!!"
Dannymuggs- "AwesomeR is the best band on the planet, but those pompous jerks only play one gig a year. But I really dig Moonwalks, Blaire Alise, John Holk, John Speck, Matt Smith and any band that Eddie Baranek is in."

HID- Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?
Dannymuggs- "Tony and I spent the night in jail for climbing on a church roof. Todd and I snore, but Tony doesn't. Theotis Toddlinski owes me 10 bucks and the moon landings were faked."


Ferndale Welcomes InkAddict to the Neighborhood

Image from
InkAddict Apparel has a true "we started from the bottom now we're here" kind of story. They literally started in a basement in Royal Oak in 2007 and this week they will open their first flagship store in Ferndale, Michigan. InkAddict took over the building in 2013 and has been talking about opening an event space ever since they moved in, this week their dreams will become a reality.

This Saturday, April 25th they will be welcoming the community inside their doors for the first time.  The team over at InkAddict has put together quite a special night that includes flash tattoos by award winning artist Matt Hockaday, a preview of their 2015 Spring line, an art gallery, a performance by Shine on Kentucky Moon, food and drinks, and more.  

 Image from
This will be the first of many events that they plan to host within their new space. The celebration starts at 1 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m. this Saturday. It is FREE to get in and it's your first chance to check the place out, so get hip and don't miss out! 


Friday, April 17, 2015

Tips for Touring Bands from Touring Bands

To any of us that are not in a band or that have never gone on tour before, the whole idea sounds pretty awesome. You get to travel, meet new people, go to shows every night, and share your music with people across the country, or even the world. Although there are of course great things about being on tour, sometimes it's not all that it is cracked up to be. You're away from home for days, weeks, or even months. You're stuck in a van for hours on end with a bunch of other people (usually a bunch of dudes, and dudes can get smelly). You're stuck in a van for hours, period. You sleep on floors a lot and don't always get to shower. And you're at shows every night, which is pretty awesome, but we're sure can also get pretty tiring.

Even though we just listed a bunch of cons, touring definitely has its appeal, otherwise bands wouldn't continue doing it. There are upsides and downsides, but it's an amazing thing to be able to experience.

Well, touring season is upon us and a ton of bands from Detroit and elsewhere will be hitting the road soon. Some of them will be heading out for the first time, while others have been doing it for years. We decided to check in with some guys and gals from Detroit that have done the touring thing a time or two in the past to get some tips from them. Find out what a few of our favorite rockers had to say about life on the road, surviving the tour thing and making the best of it.

"1. Let things slide. if it doesn't directly harm you, it's none of your business. 2. Fast food = shitty feeling. Shitty feeling = shitty playing.  3. Party after you play." 
- Rob Nowak (Against the Grain)

"Gold Bond and don't be a dick - ever." 
- Jason Spencer (Wilson)

"When in doubt, get a side salad. And if your singer downloads a beat machine on his phone make sure you crank your radio loud enough to drown it out."
- Louie Badalament (Axe Ripper, Crumble, Rawdogs)

"1) Be early for everything! You never know when there’s going to be an unexpected set back or if the person who’s supposedly navigating happens to be slacking off. A wise man once said, “if you’re 10 minutes early, you’re already late” (that wise man is Shades, our tour manager). 2) Go to every record store and bookstore possible and bring a record player! One of my favorite parts of touring is going into brand new record stores and finding new albums you’d never find otherwise. I always bring my portable turntable because we get really excited about our finds and don’t want to wait until we get home to listen to them! 3) Always be kind and respectful to the people you’re touring with. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in van all day with people that don’t get along! Eric Allen, the bassist, Kyle Schanta, the drummer, Shades, tour manager extraordinaire, and I are a power team. We have so much fun together and love being around one another, which makes touring the best time! 4) Set aside some time to explore the cities you’re playing whenever you can. Being able to see new places is one of the best parts of touring. It gets tiring only seeing the inside of bars, hotels, and the van! 5) When loading equipment in and out of the van, remember S.F.W.E.F.T.: same fucking way every fucking time (more wise words from Shades). 6) The final and most important rule by far: If somebody needs to break wind in the van, it’s their responsibility to say “window” so everyone else can roll down their windows as quickly as possible. Don’t wait until the genie is out of the bottle!" 
- Blaire Alise & The Bombshells (Blaire Alise & The Bombshells)

"Sometimes when you're out there for a while it begins to seem like a waste of time, playing to no one, getting screwed over, leaving your loved ones at home. Then you start to think about all the other squares back at home working the jobs they hate and it makes it all worth it." 

"Headphones, tooth brush, deodorant are most def luxurious items we can all afford that would make your trip better not only for yourself, but the other van residents as well. Odd item that makes everything 100 times better: an inflatable pool raft. One big enough for one person. It works the same as an air mattress, cost $5, and you can easily break it down and get it out of the way. We also utilized it at a seat in a van with only two captains chairs. Other than that, you're fine. If you have $200 and aren't an idiot with you're money, you can be out for 10 days and be a okay."
- Vincent Troia (Cheapshow)

"Tip one, if you are touring to become rich and famous then you are in the wrong world. I only say this because it's for the adventure! The drive! God I love long drives anywhere, mountains, deserts, forest, cities sunsets and a sunrise from an overnight drive. Do it to meet people and to open your eyes to the rest of the world. Hear awesome music chances are you would have never gotten to hear. Make a best friend or friends! To learn.... It may keep you forever young, but it really does make u grow as a human if you let it." 

Definitely some good advice from some great people! You'd be wise to take their advice. If you're heading out on tour this spring or summer, our tip is to have fun, but be safe! We want you to spread your music to the masses, but we also want you to make it back to Detroit! And, we know the people listed above aren't the only ones from our area that have spent some time on the road. If you have some advice to give, feel free to comment below! We imagine heading out on the open road can be pretty intimidating, so why not spread your knowledge and help out other bands? 

A huge thanks to everyone that shared their input with us so far! We here at Hip In Detroit have certainly never been on tour and really can't imagine what it would be like and don't know how we would survive. So, we hope these words of wisdom come in handy to a few of you out there! 


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Win Tickets to See Two Gallants

San Francisco duo Two Gallants are currently out on tour after recently releasing a new album. Entitled, We Are Undone, this marks the fifth studio album from the band. Right after the release, the band played on Late Night With Seth Myers. You can check out that performance below.

Two Gallants is making a stop in Pontiac at The Pike Room on Saturday, April 25th. Tickets for the show are only $15 and can be purchased in advance here. Joining Two Gallants for the evening is Blank Range from Nashville, TN. All ages are welcome to attend this show and doors are set to open at 8 p.m. 

Thanks to our good friends over at The Crofoot, we are also giving away a pair of tickets to this show! If you would like to enter, email your first and last name to with Two Gallants in the subject line. The winner will be on the guest list with a +1 and they will also win a copy of the band's new CD. Pretty awesome stuff! We will draw the winner the day before the show. Good luck!


Celebrate 75 Years of Gone With The Wind at The Redford Theatre

This weekend the Redford Theatre will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Gone With The Wind. The iconic film featuring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh takes place during the Civil War and features one of the most dramatic love stories of all time. The film runs nearly 4 hours, but every minute is enjoyable. This is truly a classic. And if you never have seen it before, this is the perfect opportunity. 

Tickets for Gone With The Wind at The Redford are only $7 and can be purchased here. There will be showings at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 1 p.m. on Sunday. Beau Wilkes, one of only two surviving cast members, will also be at the theatre this weekend.

The Redford Theatre is located at 17360 Lahser Road in Detroit. For more information on this movie and to see a list of upcoming films, head over to


Record Store Day 2015

Record Store Day 2015 is this Saturday, April 18th! The event was created to get people in to their local independent record stores and also to promote the culture of records and these stores. Over the past 8 years it has grown immensely, with tons of exclusive RSD albums being released every year and record stores holding all sorts of events, basically making a party out of it.

The Metro Detroit area has some great stores, many of which have promotions and events going on this Saturday for RSD. Here's a list of a few of the stores with activities going on this Saturday.

Flipside Records:
Doors open at 10 a.m. with Free Promos, 20% Off All Used Music, Video Games, DVDs/Blu Rays & MORE! There will also be live music from Charming Relative , Remnose & 1592!

UHF Records:
This shop will also have in-store performances in the afternoon from Moonwalks, Danny Kroha and The Muggs! There will also be a Third Man Records Roulette Wheel on site. Anyone that purchases 3 records from TMR will get a chance to spin the wheel and win records, tickets, merchandise, and more! Head over to UHF's Facebook page on Friday after 4 p.m. to see a list of what RSD releases they will have in stock.

Lo & Behold:
Lo & Behold in Hamtramck is doing things a little different for RSD. They have teamed up with Girls Rock Detroit for a Meet & Greet. The event will feature a Children's Jam Session, Folk Songs & Stories, performances by Molly Jean, Tony Paris and Dave Morrison, a raffle drawing and food and drinks. The Girls Rock crew will be on site spreading the word about their first Rock N Roll Summer Camp too. The fun happens from 2-7 p.m.

Stormy Records:
It's all about the music at Stormy Records! They will have some RSD selections in stock, but they are focusing more on the great used records that they sell every day. They have some that they have been saving just for this day and they will also have 4 crates of $2 "solid rock n roll titles".

Weirdsville Records:
Our good friends from HYPE Screen Printing will be in house slinging shirts to anyone that spends $75+! The store will also offer 20% off all used vinyl, cassettes, CDs and DVD, Those Hounds will play live and Andy Garcia is DJing throughout the day!

Melodies & Memories:
Get to this shop early and you will get a free doughnut and some orange juice! Sounds like reason enough to make this your first stop! Jett Plastic Recordings will be on site with their special RSD release, from Macaulay Culkin's band The Pizza Underground. Kenny Tudrick will also perform live.

Found Sound:
Found Sound will be hosting a hell of a show at the end of Record Store Day! The lineup includes The Beggars, Duende!, Deadly Vipers and The Scrappers. The music starts at 8 p.m. and goes to Midnight, and admission is always FREE!

There are quite a few other record stores throughout Metro Detroit that aren't on this list, but these are the ones that we heard were going above and beyond the normal RSD releases. Speaking of RSD releases, for a full list of what is being released click here. You can even download a pdf of the list here. Wherever you end up this Record Store Day, the important thing is to get out there and support your local record store. Afterall, they are the best stores around!