Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Have You Heard of Magnetic Recording???

Hip In Detroit is dedicated to bringing you the latest and the greatest in local music and entertainment around the Metro Detroit area. That's why when we heard about Magnetic Recording studios in Pontiac, we pounced on the chance to talk with the event planner Helena Kirby and find out more about the studio, the performance space, the living quarters and all that this facility has to offer musicians. The space has a big show coming up this Saturday. So we wanted to give you the scoop before then and then on Saturday we are going to take a trip inside Magnetic Recordings so we can give you a more inside look at this place. In the meantime please check out this great chat with Miss Kirby and the photos of the space and mark your calendars to join us to see The HandGrenades this Saturday at Magnetic Recording Studios!

HipInDetroit- How did you become involved with Magnetic Records and what is your role with the studio?

Helena- "My life is entirely erroneous, so naturally my introduction to Magnetic came out of left field. Over the last ten years I have immersed myself in the world of entertainment overseas and here in the states. Hosting and producing interactive game shows,hosting live events, I've stuck a few poses, interviewed artists, and got into character for a few films and commercial spots.But music has always had my heart, beginning my journey at the age of five on an old upright. As anyone in the industry knows, no gig is guaranteed. So, this time last year I was working with my father at his Allstate Agency in Commerce. The steady cash flow was desirable, but it came at the cost of my (in)sanity, I had to get back to my craft. I decided to peruse the almighty Craigslist and stumbled across someone in need of an event planner. I got a call back within minutes resume and set up to stop by that day. Low and behold, it was Mr. Mark Baykian with Magnetic Recording. The rest is magic. "

HipInDetroit- Tell us about the studio, what kind of equipment, acoustics, set up are we working with here?

Helena- "Magnetic Recording spawned about twelve years ago under the expertise of owner and engineer, Mark Baykian. On the surface, Magnetic could be labeled as a fully functioning analog studio, multi-purpose venue and proficient ADR stage. I see a 7,500 square foot madhouse with three echo chambers (one of which is 37 ft.), 16 and 24 track tape recorders in mint condition, top-of-the-line ADR system, an expansive projection screen and dubbing stage, a beautifully modified Mozart board, modern and vintage microphones, a sizable sound stage, custom built tracking room and vocal booth, and a relaxed atmosphere. Not only is Mark the mastermind behind Magnetic, he doubles as our very own MacGyver! Fixing or inventing whatever's necessary at any given moment downstairs in his wood shop or the electronics shop up top.
When asked, Mark put it to me like this; "We haven't had a "hit record" here, yet, but our focus is the facility. Its production capabilities for housing and hosting music or film clients. The amenities, the personality. The randomness of the endless supply of things in here, the crazy town." His expertise includes component level electronics, magnetic tape evaluation, including alignment tape creation, broadcast equipment maintenance and location sound for television. In addition to being a mad scientist, of course;)
We focus on the comfort and confidence of the artist in order to create great energy which feeds the magic that fuels Magnetic.
Come get a 'Reel' recording. "

HipInDetroit- Magnetic Recording also has a space for musicians to perform? Tell us about that space, the capacity , and what shows you have already hosted?

Helena- "Our main studio at Magnetic spans nearly 4,000 square ft allowing approximately 250 guests. A unique and ideal setting for concerts, art showcases, film production, a live studio audience, meet n' greets, business affairs and even the occasional wedding reception! The entire venue is sound-treated along with antique wood flooring and two furnished balconies.Original artwork hangs from a checkered ceiling, the lighting is ambient, and the stage is set with a drum riser and runway.
We've held events for national acts such as Islands and Idiot Glee, and local favorites such as Prussia, The Satin Peaches, The Ragbirds, Covert, Phantasmagoria and Dada Trash Collage. We've run ADR sessions with Cameron Diaz and have run screen tests for Faye Dunaway. With some fresh ideas, a high morale, increased awareness, and a growing appreciation for analog, I believe the best is yet to come. Tin Tin Can, from Chicago recorded both albums at Magnetic and just released their latest album, 'Strange Vibrations' and will be playing in the show on the 28th. Also Larry Mcray, blues artist, on Cleopatra Records recorded 'Chop n' Change' a Black Keys cover."

We heard there is a loft available to rent, is that true? Has anyone stayed there yet? What kind of amenities does it feature?

Helena- "Magnetic Recording now offers the option of 'Studio B' a luxurious loft directly above the studio! This swanky new spot is not your average hotel room. At over 1,000 square feet it can also function as a snazzy 'green room' for artists, video shoots, and other plush gatherings. An aesthetically pleasing design and a spacious setting allow for a rhyme and reason to relax. Of course it come complete with a full kitchen, wet bar, authentic wood flooring, full bath, custom built sound cloud and amenities, a partition for privacy, eclectic decorations, flat-screen TV, washer and dryer, an antique record player and i-pod dock, eye-catching artwork from Tom Tonkin out of NYC, and even a pool table for all you sly sharks out there! Mark and I put our blood, sweat, and tears into this project, literally. It was completed after three months of debauchery and dedication, just in time for the Islands show this past February. They were the first to experience 'Studio B' and spoke nothing but kind words and statements of satisfaction."


HipInDetroit- Will you continue to host more shows at the venue? How would someone get in contact to book the venue or the studio?

Helena- "The way I see it, as long as the music makes magic and the freaky people dance Magnetic will house the hooligans. Naturally, we favor the opportunity to deliver desirable recordings, but we are a multi-purpose venue. Make memories at Magnetic, book your event today! Send any ideas or inquiries to helenakirby@magneticrecording.com, please include your full name, the name of your band or project, and contact information. Like us on Facebook for updates and giveaways! Check us out at magneticrecording.com, or call and request a tour!"


HipInDetroit- Tell us a little about the show on Saturday April 28 featuring The HandGrenades, The Crooks, Mick Bassett and The Good Things?

Helena- "Epic. Simply epic. The 28th shall be one for the books. With four of Detroit's finest acts and some Chicago cats, it couldn't get any better. The pristine three-part harmonies of the HandGrenades, the twisted lyrics from Tin Tin Can, the groove from The Good Things, the craziness of the Crooks, and the melodies from Mick Bassett equal nothing short of a damn good time.for all. Show starts at 9, $5 at the door. Check out the event on Facebook!"

Make sure to check back after Saturday for some pics from the show and to see our video tour of the place!


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