Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hip Exclusive: Shady Groves "Waves"

Artwork by Connor Irwin
Shady Groves are preparing to take Detroit by storm! Today, they are releasing their first music video "Waves" for their upcoming album Bitzer which is also being released today! Then, they will be performing this Saturday at WhateverFest. The band sent over some of their tunes and we liked what we heard so we reached out to them to find out a little bit more about this project.

The band is unique in that three of the five members write the music, so each tune can have a different feel depending on who put it together. I also love that they take themselves seriously, but not too serious. Check out what they had to say, get the new album here, and come by WhateverFest at 4 p.m. this Saturday to see them perform live!

HID- How did the five of you meet and decide to play together?
Adam- "The three of us were in a band together called The Kodaks for a while; myself Jeff, Dylan and Mat Hofman were in that band. We put out our debut album “Night Surfing” in 2012 but then we all got pulled in different directions. After The Kodaks ended, Jeff did his project Animate Daze (which also featured Dylan) and I did Moon Lake with Mat Hofman and Ojala with Chris Jarvis. I also played guitar for James Linck for a while, that was a lot of fun. All of us kept writing our own songs and recording demos but we all had to start taking care of “adult life” too. Even when we weren’t putting out music we were all writing and when Jeff and Dylan started showing me the songs they were working on, I realized we all needed to work together. We met Jamie and Colt because they were playing music in the same area of Michigan as us, we know they are serious so we get along well. It can be hard to get people together and focus but I think we all support and respect each other."

Jeff- "I’ve known Dylan since 2nd grade. (I totally ripped his ass off trading hockey cards
back in the day. His mom even called my mom and made us do a “trade-back”.) I’ve known Adam since 7th grade. I was an obnoxious little skater kid, but we somehow became friends. So we’ve actually all played music together since high school, in some way or another. But, I started hanging out with and talking to Adam a lot more again in April or May of 2015 – and I suggested that we start another project. He said he was down and wanted to call it “Shady Groves”, and I had no qualms about the name because I thought it sounded cool. We hit up Dylan, and he wanted to be apart of it — and, bam, Shady Groves was born."

HID- Why did you name the band Shady Groves?
Adam- "I don’t know if I’ve really told anyone in the band this, but I had a kind of special out of body experience or something in a literal shady grove up north. Kind of an epiphany or moment of clarity or something, and I tied that lucidity to that shady grove. I think a name should be evocative in some sense while also being all encompassing. This project is a combination of efforts and since we all write songs and play a weird mix of instruments the name should translate the blended mystery a forest represents. This project is a platform that we can all use as a vehicle to further our musical aspirations. We’ve all wanted to make music for years, and now with Shady Groves we can do it the
right way."

Jeff- "The name actually made me think of Slim Shady at first, and I jokingly said that Eminem is going to sue us... But it turns out there are zillion things in the world named “Shady Grove” or “Shady Groves”, so finding us on Google is almost impossible, so that’s kind of the downside to the name. But yeah, I didn’t know Adam had an out of body experience in a Shady Grove until I read what he typed for this interview haha..."

Dylan- "Yeah, I’m with Jeff on this one. Had no idea the name had anything to do with leaving bodies, or witchcraft, or any of that business. Mostly I just liked how the name sounded when Adam brought it to the table… A real, literal wooden table, with fine craftsmanship; passed down through generations of other bands who used the same table to come up with their band names."

Adam- "If only we knew actual witchcraft…"

HID- Why did you title the first album Bitzer?
Jeff- "I was trying to think of an unusual, yet straightforward, album title that no band had
ever used before (or at least according to Google) – and I stumbled across the word “Bitzer” (which is apparently Australian/New Zealand slang) – and it seemed to make perfect sense because the primary definition of Bitzer is, “A contraption made from previously unrelated parts” – which is exactly what the album is.With the exception of “Waves” basically all of the songs on the album were
written/devised before Shady Groves officially became a band. But once the band started, we wanted to use our “best songs” to attempt to create an album. So in that sense, the songs were “previously unrelated” – but then they were amalgamated to form the contraption that is Shady Groves’ first album.People also use the word Bitzer to refer to a “mongrel dog” (i.e., a mutt), which also
makes sense when thinking of the album, since it contains “mixed musical genetics”..."

Adam- "We all write different styles of music and the more we write together and separately the songs and styles keep evolving and changing. Bitzer embodies the idea of our band being a collective made up of different elements."

Dylan- "I feel like most of my answers will just be agreeing with Adam and Jeff. I do remember several different album titles and Bitzer was the one that seemed to work. So we put it on the table; a real, wooden table, of course… made with American oak, carved by the finest Vikings."

HID- How many songs will be on the new album?
Adam- "Nine songs. Plus we are releasing three more songs as B-sides for a bonuspackage, so twelve songs total. These songs are the results of three different songwriters over the past two or three years."

HID- Describe the new album using a color. Explain!

Adam- "I feel like if the Milky Way were a color, that’s what Shady Groves go for. I think each song on the album has it’s own feel and therefore it’s own vibe or color. I guess I envision Bitzer like Aurora Borealis, an amalgamation of colors. Dylan, Jeff and I are the main songwriters but we each have really different personalities, tastes and styles of writing. Now that we’ve added Jamie and Colt to Shady Groves, the palate keeps expanding so to speak, so I don’t think there’s only one color that could describe our band or the album. We are all into a bunch of different genres of music, styles of playing, everything under the sun is an influence for us (and maybe everything in the dark reaches of space too) so the album is a mix... or a mutt… or a Bitzer."

Jeff- "Black. Like my non-existent soul. (Just kidding?)"

Dylan- "I would have to say a nice Royal Green… the same color that would force kings to their knees and into a fine wooden chair with a beautiful royal green cushion. The very same chair that would be placed at the very real table. A table developed from the hands of the peasants, and nourished by Aphrodite’s teet."

HID- Who came up with the concept for the “Waves” video?
Adam- "Our friend Connor Irwin has done all of our artwork and we decided to work together on a video. He kind of just filmed us hanging out in West Michigan for a long weekend. The song is about love, loss, confusion and moving forward… so we wanted to show different relationships and friendships changing and intertwining over time. Whenever we work with Connor we are always blown away with what he comes up with,he’s a multi-media artist that can churn out lots of different types of art and it’s all quality. Connor directed, filmed and edited the whole video, so we kind of gave him an idea of what we wanted but he really ran with it – AND he left in some funny shit, which
we really appreciate because nothing is more lame than a bunch of divas taking themselves too seriously."

Jeff- "Coming up with the concept for the Waves video was actually a somewhat dramaticand hilarious thing. There was supposed to be a hot lesbian kiss scene and affair between he two female actresses in the video, and then after the affair, they get back with their boyfriends... which I think was supposed to represent the “waves” in a relationship.However, since the two female actresses were actually Dylan’s and Adam’s significant others, I guess that idea was considered weird/scandalous. So the original idea was sorta executed, but made much tamer than originally envisioned. BUT, if viewers watch closely, they will notice two girls kissing each other in a dimly lit
room at some point in the video... I won’t say when. People will just have to really pay attention. But yeah, I agree that Connor deserves most of the credit for how the “Waves”video turned out."

Adam- "Obviously we didn’t want to exploit our ladies for the sake of the video. I think it comes across more genuine without all the acting and drama; we aren’t really like that in real life (I don’t think?) so I wouldn’t want to give people the wrong impression, although that can sometimes be interesting."

Dylan- "I remember we were all gathered around a table, talking of stories past. I don’t remember any of them (because of the barley we had been drinking) but I do distinctly remember the delightful chestnut aroma coming from the beautifully crafted table we were all sitting at. And this table was the real deal. Not a silly made up story table: I’m talking real wood. Hard as your grandfather’s knuckles in his prime of working down in the coal mines."

HID- Where was the video shot?
Adam- "We shot it with our friend Connor Irwin in Grand Rapids. He also filmed us in Grand Haven and in a national park on the western shores of Michigan. We rented a house via Air BnB and our little Shady Groves family hung out for a few days. It was like filming non-existent dramatic life events over a fun filled friend vacation in cold as shit December Michigan. I should thank Connor, Jessica, Josie, Ron, Joe and everyone else who was involved with the video and made it possible. My sister Elaine Smith has done our other videos so far too so we should thank her for her awesome work. We are lucky to have people who support us, because otherwise we wouldn’t get far."

Jeff- "We also went to some antique/thrift shops to get some of the shots. An abundance of nifty trinkets there."

HID- What’s the most difficult part about working with three different writers in a five piece band?
 "I don’t think it’s that difficult because we’re all good friends and have known each other for a long time. It was sort of the “agreement” going into the project that we would try to keep songwriting duties fairly equal to keep everyone’s stakes/interest in the band up. Also, Adam & Dylan are good songwriters – and all our styles complement each other’s in a weird way – so it just makes sense that we can all play/record each other’s songs and help promote the band together. But in my perspective, the most “difficult” part is having to teach everyone in the band how to play my songs... Because I write and record my own guitar and bass parts – but I play drums in the live band, so it’s like extra learning/teaching everyone has to do. But it’s not really that bad because everyone usually catches on pretty quick."

Adam- "Well, obviously everybody has an opinion and we feel everyone in this band is entitled to his own opinion being heard, so we do try and work together a lot. That being said, each songwriter also has the say on his own songs, and that’s not a problem. That just makes the most sense to us. Usually we will write the majority of a song on our own, then bring it to each other to finalize before recording it. Certain songs (like “Coyotes”) actually have all five of us on the recording but most songs aren’t like that. Jeff writes and almost always records every instrument on all his songs. Jeff records the songs for everybody in the studio he has built and now we all contribute gear to that studio. I will make demos and so will Dylan, all three of us have a lot more songs than we will ever release so we kind of get to pick and choose which songs everybody likes best. It can be hard because when Jeff and I write sometimes we will write and record every instrument on our own, so then we have to teach all the parts to the other guys later. So we all write alone most of the time but then Shady Groves work together to record and produce the music, and Jeff is the one producing every single track, working with every single layer, and then mixing everything. Dylan showed me “Plain Dream” maybe two years ago and I thought it was so good, sometimes I don’t think people realize how good their songwriting is because it’s hard to listen in on your own work and formulate an honest judgment/evaluation. I helped Dylan finish “Plain Dream” and then we ended up writing some more songs together so when Jeff and I started hanging out and writing together again it made sense for every one of us to go all in. Now we are helping each other with writing and recording more than ever, so I think our next record will be even more cohesive."

Dylan- "I will say the most difficult part for me is mostly that Adam and Jeff don’t understand what a table even is? It’s not just a surface that you eat your rabbit stew on, but rather something that represents a fine smooth brotherhood. The finely sanded and stained surface that lets you know, “Hey…everything is going to be okay, because I’m a table and we are friends”. The table is the foundation. And I just wish they would understand that."

Without further ado, "Waves":

Win Tickets to See Say Anything with mewithoutYou and More at The Crofoot!

Say Anything has been rocking the indie music scene since the beginning of the millennium. The band recently released a new album entitled I Don't Think It Is back in February. It's currently streaming on the band's website here. Now the guys are midway through a tour in support of that album. They've hit the road with mewithoutYouTeen Suicide, and Museum Mouth and will be making their way to town later this week.

The stellar lineup will be hitting the stage at The Crofoot in Pontiac this Sunday, May 8th. As a special treat on this tour, meithoutYou and Say Anything have been playing their own take on each other's songs and are even selling a tour split of those covers. So not only will you get to hear your favorite songs from these two bands, but you'll also get to hear them play their favorite songs from each other's band. A pretty cool way to switch things up and make these shows extra special.

Tickets for the Metro Detroit date at The Crofoot are $18.50 in advance or $23 the day of the show. Since this event is brought to you by Fusions Shows, you can pick those tickets up fee free online here. Thanks to those fine folks at Fusion Shows you can also enter to win a pair of tickets to this one! If you would like a chance to see Say Anything for free this Sunday, just send us an email with Say Anything in the subject and your name in the body. We will draw one lucky winner and they will be able to attend this awesome show with a friend for free.

In the meantime, take a walk down memory lane and watch the music video for one of Say Anything's more popular songs "Alive With The Glory Of Love".


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Win Tickets to Stories Untold's Album Release Show

Stories Untold from St. Clair, MI are getting ready to release a new album this weekend! The full length, Can't Go Home, is officially being released on May 13th. However this Friday, May 6th the band will be holding their release party at The Loving Touch in Ferndale! The album is currently available for pre-order on iTunes where you can hear a preview of some of the tunes. Click here to check it out for yourself. They also just released a music video for the track "Too True to Be Good". Give that a watch below.

Joining Stories Untold for their release show are AntevortaLILAC • LUNGS and A Year in New York. All ages are welcome to attend this show and doors are set to open at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $10 here or you can get in for $12 at the door. Thanks to our friends at Fusion Shows, we are also giving away a pair of tickets to this show. If you would like to enter to win, please send your name to with Stories Untold in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner the morning of the show and they will get in the door with a friend for free. 

The Loving Touch is located at 22634 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale. For more info on this show click here


Another Great Free Show Tonight at Kelly's

If you're looking for a fun FREE night out tonight, head down to Hamtramck to Kelly's Bar. Tonight they are hosting one of their free shows and Timmy from Human Eye and Timmy's Organism will be serving up tacos throughout the night. Just as with most shows at Kelly's, the lineup is pretty awesome. It features Minihorse, Brass Bed and Flowers Bloom.

Minihorse is the newest project from Ben Collins of Lightning Love. This time around he has teamed up with Christian Anderson and John Fossum. Check out this new music video that the band released for their song "FYea" and hear more of their tunes here.

Brass Bed is a Psych Pop band on tour from LA. They just released a new album a couple of weeks ago and had a track from that album featured on NPR. Listen to that song "Be Anything" off of their album In The Yellow Leaf here

And last but not least is Flowers Bloom. This trio kicks out genuine '60s and '70s garage rock. You can take a listen to some of their music here.

As we mentioned, admission to tonight's show is free. 21+ are welcome to attend and things will get started at 9 p.m. Kelly's Bar is located at 2403 Holbrook. For more info, click here


Brendan Patrick Can't See Sh*t!!

Brendan Patrick is an artist. He has been painting for most of his life which may not sound like a big deal until you find out that for the last few years, Brendan has been blind.

Brendan was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and had to undergo a lung transplant. Around the same time he lost his vision. For most people this loss would have meant the end of their art careers, but not for Brendan. He has come up with his own method of painting and he creates some beautiful works of art.

His story of perseverance and not giving up is inspiring. A local film company called Get Super Rad thought his story was so inspiring that they created a short video about Brendan. Once they saw people's reactions that film, they decided that they had to create a full length documentary about Brendan. They started an Indiegogo and they are trying to raise the money to make this happen.

I was really intrigued by the story and I would love to see a movie get made. I reached out to Rob from Get Super Rad and asked him a few questions about the project and I asked Brendan a few questions about what it is like to lose your vision. Read our interview, watch their video, and donate to the cause!

HID-What is your background in film?
Rob Cousineau- "My company Get Super Rad formed about 5 years ago, we mostly worked in the commercial world, occasionally making short form documentary pieces focusing on skateboarding and sometimes for brands like RAM and Chevy. Chris and I wrapped our first feature film last year, FUTURE which is currently in post production. We've been filming Can't See Sh*t for a little over a year already."

HID- What inspired you to work with Brendan?
Rob Cousineau- "Brendan called me up. He asked me to make a video for him to promote his art show, so Chris and I headed over and filmed a bit with him, but as we began editing, we just wanted to see more, and realized the scope of the project could be feature length easily. Brendan and I have been close friends science we were teenagers. So when he called of course I was excited to make something with my bud."

HID- Why do you think it is important to make this film?

Rob Cousineau- "This film is important because Brendan is accidentally inspiring. He laughs off his terrible situation, and accomplishes what he sets out to do. Brendan has tons of medical ailments, and not one of them defines him, he’s such a funny and interesting guy, that there is never a second of pity for him and his situation, you just forget about all that and enjoy being around him."

HID- Will this film be like the short video you released or will you be doing something different with the full length version if you get to make it?

Rob Cousineau- "This is going to be a feature length documentary, We intend to dive way deeper into the art world, and see where Brendan’s career can go. We also want to delve more into Cystic Fibrosis and speak with other survivors so they can tell there story and we can see how they align with Brendan’s."

HID- Brendan, what is the shittiest part about not being able to see?
Brendan Patrick- "Not being able to go get whatever I want in an instant. Sometimes I want a burrito from Taco Bell or a Slurpee and it becomes a whole thing."

HID- Do you remember colors? If so how?
Brendan Patrick- "I remember the color wheel really well, color coordinating isn’t something that went away from me. I had vision until 8 years ago, so I can still visualize my color template pretty well."

HID- People always say when you lose one sense the others get stronger, is that true?

Brendan Patrick- "I think maybe my senses have gotten better, it’s just that you use them differently you know? I am more aware of my surroundings because I have to be. I am pretty much Daredevil now is what I am getting at."

HID- How often do you paint?
Brendan Patrick- "Everyday, I usually get 2 - 4 paintings done a day, its therapeutic for me. It’s like My opportunity to see again for a bit, and I have to sort of meditate and paint out the image in my head, it helps me not to stress on anything when I am painting."

HID- How do you feel about turning your life into a documentary? Why do you want to do it?
Brendan Patrick- "Initially it was about exposure to my art. It’s hard for me to feel self conscious about a lot, with all my medical problems I have been prodded and poked and examined pretty much every way imaginable. But yeah, I feel good about it, people tell me my story inspires them, and that's a new, good feeling. Also, if it sheds some light on Cystic Fibrosis and helps raise some awareness there, that’s a huge bonus."

HID- Do you have any upcoming art shows?
Brendan Patrick- "I will be in Pittsburgh this weekend at art all night exhibiting as well as doing some live painting. Then I will be at Tangent Gallery for When Visions Collide April 30th. May 7th I'm doing a fundraising show for Cystic Fibrosis in Ypsilanti."


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Win Tickets to Be Saved by the 90's

This Saturday, May 7th St, Andrew's is throwing a 90's dance party! Saved by the 90's will be preforming some of your favorite nineties jamz live.  This party originally started in NYC but has quickly spread across the us.  Its a great excuse to bust out your best 90's inspired clothing and dance. Tickets to get into the party are only $12 in advance, they can be purchased here.

We also have a few pairs of tickets to giveaway to the show.  If you feel like heading out and dancing this weekend email your full name to with the subject line #90's.  We will draw a few winners and email them details on how to claim their tickets.


Win Weekend Passes to WhateverFest

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday May 6th - 8th  WhateverFest is taking over Detroit. The three day festival features an eclectic lineup of artists, skateboarding, live painting, vendors, BBQ, a photo booth, and an opportunity to help raise money for a few great causes.

WhateverFest is a three day celebration of music to raise money for Community Push, The Youth Transit Alliance (Detroit Bus Co.), as well as a fund for Scripps Park. The first day of the fest will be held at WIG Skate-park off 3rd & Selden Ave. in Midtown from 12 pm-9 pm! The second and third day (May 7 & 8) will be held at Scripps Park on Trumbull in Woodbridge. The catch is that the organizers behind the festival are trying to raise all the money that they need to cover the cost of the event so that they can every dollar raised this Friday to charity.  They created a go fund me where they are "selling" ticket packages for the night.   There are multiple different tickets that you can purchase for the night, you can view the packages and purchase tickets here.
We also have a pair of tickets to giveaway to the show courtesy of the cool cats that are putting this whole thing together.  If you would like to enter to win two weekend passes for WhateverFest this weekend please email your full name to  We will be drawing one lucky winner this Friday morning and they will to pick up two passes to show hop all weekend.  For more details about the festival check out the Go Fund Me video here. Don;t forget to hit up the after parties!


FRIDAY (WIG Skatepark)

145-Taxon Clade
230-Scientific Sunshine
4-Kevin Midas
415-Fluffer (Cincinnati)
530-Mover Shaker
615-Battersby Takes Bronze
7-Go Tiger Go
745-Mango Lane

SATURDAY (Scripps Park)
1-Honey Pot
2-Electric Honey
3-After Hours Radio (Chicago)
4-Shady Groves
5-Gray Bliss
7-Bronze Mambas
8-Feral Ground
9-Pile (Boston)
130-Charming Relative
230-Young Punk
330-Strange Fir
430-Virginia Violet & The Rays
530-Flowers Bloom
730-Indigo Black
830-The Erers
930-The Idiot Kids
3-Cass Ketchum
6-Killa Kev
9-Dopke X Barret

SUNDAY (Scripps Park)
1-Carmel Liburdi
3-Raven Love & The 27s
4-White Bee
5-Five Pound Snap
6-Nina & The Buffalo Riders
7-Sheefy McFly
9-The Ill Itches
130-Holly Bernt Band
430-Wu Zee
530- Sun Tribe
630-The Old Adage
930-Earth Engine
3-Dave Sterling
5-Liquid Flow & Detroits Goldie
6-Sapphire Bracelet
7-Lt. Bad
9-Edward Elektro


El Club Opens Its Doors This Week

A new club is coming to Southwest Detroit that will feature two of the best things on this planet; live music and pizza. El Club is the newest venue and restaurant on the scene and the latest endeavor for LA transplant Graeme Flegenheimer, who has teamed up with Detroit's own Virginia Benson of Party Store Productions and Kyle Thousand. The venue will feature an eclectic mix of live music, featuring everything from metal to hip hop, along with pizza and craft cocktails. That's right, craft cocktails! Sure, you'll be able to order a bottle of beer and watch a band play. But one thing this venue will have up on others is that they will also feature fancy drinks, think along the lines of Sugar House or The Oakland (with a bit lower price point). They will have signature cocktails as well as special features for special events, making this not only an amazing place to catch a show, but also a great place to have a drink.

The venue is split into three different sections, a bar area, the concert area, and an amazing patio. They have been hard at work sprucing up the joint, that already has an amazing art deco feel, for their big grand opening this week. For details on the space, that grand opening, and more we caught up with the trio behind El Club. Check out what they had to say and get a small glimpse into this awesome new space.

El Club will officially open their doors this Wednesday, May 4th for their Friends and Family event. The show will feature Detroit's own Negative Approach and The Cheetahs with Hank Wood + The Hammerheads from New York. Admission to get in on opening night is $10 and all ages are welcome. Doors are set to open at 8 p.m.

To stay in the loop on all of the great shows and events coming to El Club (and to find out when that pizza oven is fired up and ready to go) make sure you head over and give them a "like" on Facebook here.


Win Tickets to Party at Ooh La La Lucha

This Friday, May 6th Imperial restaurant and Working Class Outlaws Productions will be throwing the third annual Ooh La La Lucha party at St.Andrew's Hall in Detroit. The night features "Mexican-style Lucha Libre wrestling, burlesque, and (of course) great food and drinks". Every year the party has been getting bigger and better, so we expect this year to be the best year yet!
This year will include performances from NYC burlesque troupe Wasabassco and local favorites The Benson Twins, a musical performance from The Reefermen, and of course lots of wrestling!!!!

Tickets to get into the party are only $30 in advance, you can purchase them here. We also have one pair of tickets to give away thanks to our friends over at Working Class Outlaws. If you would like to enter to win a pair of tickets to attend the party with a friend, please email your full name to with the subject line #oohlala. We will will draw one lucky winner the morning of the show and we will email that winner details on how to claim their prize.

Doors at St. Andrew's open at 8 p.m. this Friday!


Exclusive Video Premiere: The Old Adage "Red"

A few weeks ago we introduced you to The Old Adage, a new band that was brought onto our radar. We reached out and interviewed brother and sister duo, Mimi and Nino Chavez, right before the release of their first album Cycles. If you haven't heard the their music yet, you can check it out here.

If you like what you hear as much as we did you will love their new music video for the song "Red". We reached back out to Mimi and Nino and asked them to tell us a little more about the concept for the video, the styling, and whats up next for the band. Check out what they had to say and then start your week off right by check out their new music video, "Red".

HID- Who came up with the concept for the video?
OA- "Both of us came up with the concept and it was further discussed and refined with the directors of the video Emily Sigler and Drew Ford of Synchronous Media\."

HID- Where did you shoot it?
OA- "The shots in the woods were taken close to where we live in Monroe, MI. at Munson Park. The studio shots we done in East Lansing, and the parking garage shots were filmed in Ann Arbor."

HID- Who styled it? Specially who did Mimi's makeup? That lipstick is on point! And where did Nino get that amazing suit? 

OA- "Thank You! It was a combination of us both and the directors. We all had a say in the specifics. It was an idea orgy. Imani Bonner initially did the makeup on day one. Then Mimi did her best to replicate it on the days we shot after, Nino actually has had the suit for a while it was originally bought from Men's Warehouse and we decided to utilize it for the video."

HID- Do you like being in front of the camera?
OA- "I don't think it's our favorite, but it was a lot of fun filming with some old and new friends. Every time we shot we had a lot of help. It was nice to have other people be a part of it. It was a good distraction from my hideous brother."

HID- Did either of you ever act in a school play, if so what was it and what part did you play?
OA- "Mimi played a rock once. I played Santa once in a Christmas play in elementary school, but that's about as far as either of our acting careers have gone."

HID- Why did you choose to make a video for the song "Red" as opposed to some of your other tracks?
OA- "It just happened to be the first song we released off of the Album. We were still writing and recording Cycles while filming it. We do plan on filming a few others here soon though!"

HID- What shows do you have coming up?
OA- "We are hosting 'Cinco De Mayo Fest II' at The Old Miami in Midtown Detroit on Cinco De Mayo (May 5). We also will be a part of 'Whatever Fest' at Scripps Park. We are playing Sunday, May 8th at 6:30 pm. Lastly we're gonna be playing The Sound Board at Motor City Casino opening up for CCR (Credence Clearwater Revival) on June 2nd!"

HID- Where did the band name The Old Adage come from?
OA- "It actually oddly came from the Atreyu song "Becoming the bull". The lyric was "Grab the bull by the horns the old adage goes, but no one tells you where to go from there." Nino had mentioned it once or twice (he didn't love it) but right when I heard it I was like "that's it!" It was one of the few band names we came up with at the time that wasn't already a band name. Soon after it came to grow a lot of meaning for us. Relating to becoming the bull, it is an adage that is stating to take control and charge of your life. A lot of adages have been known to be good advice and positive inspiration and we hope to give that back through our lives and music."

Without further ado, here is "Red":