Thursday, September 29, 2016

Don't Miss Your Chance to Meet Lala, Coby and Beau at The Red Bull House of Art

Red Bull House Of Art changed the City of Detroit. A few years ago the energy drink company opened a gallery in heart of the Eastern Market and helped spur on a new wave of art and art appreciation in Detroit. In the beginning, the gallery would bring together a variety of local artists to spend a few months creating something new to be featured in the gallery.  After about 10 different rounds of local residencies they decided to change the format and instead have started to invite three artists from out of town to come here, stay a few, and experience the city while they put together the next show for the house. It's an amazing program that has introduced Detroit to new artists and introduced the rest of the world to the art and culture of Detroit.

This time around the gallery has brought Beau Stanton, Coby Kennedy and Lala Abaddon to town to experience Detroit and create. I had the pleasure of having dinner with the group at Green Dot Stables and I can assure you that they are having a great time in Detroit while working very hard to get ready for their opening on November 11th, 2016. They are about halfway through their stay here so they will be sitting down to talk about the process so far at the Gallery on Saturday, November 22nd at 2 p.m.  This will be a chance for you to meet the artists and have a conversation with them. We had a chance to talk to Lala a little bit about her experience so far and this is what she had to say. If you want to hear more, head up to the Red Bull House of Art on the 22nd!
HID-What is the biggest misconception you had about Detroit before you arrived here?
Lala Abaddon- "I can't say that I had any misconceptions, because I didn't know much about it to begin with, beyond common knowledge... but what what I wasn't prepared for was the level of magic and art that is just celebrated and experienced all over the city. I have had people tell me how great Detroit is- how magical, specifically, but I wouldn't have imagined it to be so constant and vivid. And also, so welcoming. There really is a common thread throughout the city the keeps all of its people connected, and that comes out in forms of community and gathering that is refreshing for me to experience."

HID- What is the most surprising thing that you've discovered about the city so far?
Lala Abaddon- "Really I think it's the architecture. Sometimes the art deco and late 50's modernism, coupled with the industrial structures, and the eventual loss of certain industries, reminds me of where I grew up as a kid in Syracuse NY. But other elements of it just make other cities pale in comparison- like the Guardian Building, and the Fisher Building... they are so opulent, and detailed, but so modern and forward thinking. There is an air of late 50's grandeur and pride, and you see that in the remaining older houses and structures, too."

HID-Have you been able to check out any bands or Detroit artists? If so who have you liked?
Lala Abaddon- "As for artists I was actually so lucky to be here during Murals in the Market, so I have met so many artists in the past week especially, and it has been ever inspiring. I've also gone to a lot of shows, like the Big Sculpture Show at The Factory, where Hannah Chalew blew my mind. During murals in the market I got to know Sydney James and see her mural unfold and her work is so charged and strong, so from a personal and artistic level I am humbled by that. Also I got to watch the film Wastedland 2 by Andrew Shirley a few times at the Art Park and that was incredibly funny and motivating, and real. There have been so many artists in and out, and I've met countless incredibly talented people."

HID- Are you nervous about showing your work to everyone on November 11th?
Lala Abaddon- "I am definitely not nervous. If anything I am just anxious to create all the work and be there with it all finished. What I have planned is more than me just isolating myself and creating a good body of work to hang on the wall and be admired. I want to give back that inspiration and magic that Detroit and it's people have already given to me with experiential, reality bending work. So the majority of the work I am creating is installation based, and there will really be an opportunity for people to choose to interact with it. I think Detroit is so hands on, and so much of it is burned forever in my brain. I'm trying to translate that all back, but with my own twist."

HID- Is there any chance you would ever move here or come back for a visit after the residency is done?
Lala Abaddon- "Most definitely. I wish I could move here, now. It seems like it is changing by the day and so a part of me wants to be here to experience more of it in it's purity. But, I don't think I'll be moving here just yet- I still love Brooklyn, and all it has to offer, and all it has given me. But I will definitely be back, as Detroit already feels like home."


Take a Tour of The Detroit Library Tonight!

Tonight the historic and beautiful Detroit Library will be opening its door for a late night tour of the space. A docent will walk you through the building and show you all of the things that make it special. If you are a sucker for history and architecture, you will love this chance to see the library in a whole new light!

Tickets are donation based, they can be purchased here. All proceeds from tonight will go to the HYPE Teen Film Festival on October 15. This is a great way to get an inside look at the beauty of Detroit!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Win Tickets to See Leon Bridges at The Fillmore

Leon Bridges may be young, at just 27 years old, but he has a classic sound and look that is reminiscent of a different time. He mixes R&B and soul to create a sound that will take you back to the '60s. He released his debut album Coming Home last year on Columbia Records. To stick to the "old" sound, the album was recorded using vintage equipment. The title track was played on radio stations and was even featured on an iPhone commercial. In addition to making his own album, Bridges has also collaborated with many big name artists, like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Check out the video for the song "Coming Home" below.

This Friday, September 30th Leon Bridges will be hitting the stage at The Fillmore in Detroit. Joining him for the evening is Lianne La Havas. Tickets for the show start at $29 and can be purchased in advance here. Thanks to our friends at Live Nation Detroit we are also giving away a pair of tickets to this show. If you would like to enter to win those tickets, please send your name to with Bridges in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner the day before the show and will send them details on how to claim their prize. 


Win Tickets to See Flowers Bloom's Last Show for Awhile

The Painted Lady in Hamtramck has always been a bar that you're pretty much guaranteed to have a good time at. From the pink walls to the strong drinks, it's hard to not enjoy this place. The awesome bartenders make this place even better. And if those three things aren't reason enough to get you in the door, a good show will definitely get you there!

This Friday, September 30th The Painted Lady is having one of those shows. Flowers Bloom and Blakdog will be hitting the stage along with Garbage Greek from Ohio. These are three great bands, which should be reason enough to head to the show, but this will also be Flowers Bloom's last show for a while. Front man Miles Hubbell (who you might also know from The Vonneguts) is heading to Guatemala to work for the Guatemala Solidarity Project. So make sure you head out and wish him well on his travels before he heads off to do good in Guatemala.

Admission to Friday's show is only $5 and things are set to kick off at 9 p.m. If you want to save that $5 for a drink, you can also enter to win a pair of tickets to this show. We will be giving away a pair of tickets to 3 lucky winners this Friday morning. To enter to win, just send your name to with Bloom in the subject line. We will draw our winners the morning of the show and they will get to attend this awesome show with a friend for free.

Take a few minutes to get ready for Friday night with this music video from Flowers Bloom for their song "Yeah They Told Me".


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Hip Chat with The Basement Punk Ryan Allen

When I was younger I tried to write a song. I carried a pad of paper around for months and tried to put together lyrics and a tune. I didn't play an instrument so I was literally trying to write a basic melody with some words and I failed miserably. I couldn't ever figure out how to get past the chorus and in retrospect the lyrics didn't really hold up. I cannot imagine actually creating a piece of material that someone else would want to hear or sing along to. When someone is able to write, record, and perform their own music I am always impressed, especially when they write something that catches my ear.

Ryan Allen's work has always been able to peak my interest. He constantly pushes himself forward to create something new. On top of that, he creates new music and gets albums recorded fast. In fact, I don't know anyone that can put together an entire project and execute everything as fast as he can with the passion that he does.

His latest album Basement Punk is the third album that he has recorded and released as Ryan Allen and his Extra Arms in the last five years. In that time frame he also released two full length albums with Destroy This Place. I am not sure how someone can create this much music so quickly, but I truly look up to Ryan for expressing himself so beautifully. I really dig his poppy hooks and gritty jams.

This latest album is his best work to date, you can pick up a copy of the new album this Friday at the New Way Bar where Ryan will be performing alongside Fawnn and Lawnmower. But first, check out our latest interview with one of Detroit's hardest working rock and roll vets, Ryan Allen.

HID- Your latest album is called Basement Punk, is there a meaning behind that title? If so, what is it?
Ryan Allen- "There is a song on my record called "Basement Punks" that is somewhat specifically about my friend Sarah Zeidan  who tragically passed away when were all in our early 20s. She was in a ton of awesome bands, an amazing musician, and probably the most positive person I've ever met. I wanted to write something that was a dedication to her, and the setting I most frequently associated her with was gleefully bashing away on the drums (or bass) at basement punk shows (places like the Vegan Grocer in Pontiac or at our friend Chad Miller's house out in, like, Clinton Township). So the song is basically about that whole scene, one Sarah fully embraced and to me - as I was kind of on the fringe of it all - seemed like the cheerleader of it all. She had this magnetic pull to her personality, and had a free-spiritedness to her that came out fully when she was playing music. I didn't know her extremely well (though her and I did jam together once, just 2 days before she passed), but she left a huge impact on me and so many others that she came in contact with. I wrote something on Facebook about her on the 15th anniversary of her passing, talking about some of the things that would later end up in the song, and my friend Scott Stimac commented on it saying something along the lines of "basement punks", in reference to the people and places of that really important time in all of our lives. I just sort of locked that phrase in my brain as something to maybe mine for a song later on (also, thanks Scott!). So all of that kind of ignited the initial idea for everything, really.

Then after the album was recorded, I was texting back and forth with my buddy Nick Piunti (a great power pop artist that I collaborate with from time to time) trying to figure out what to title the album and he suggested "Basement Punks". Then I said, "How about 'Basement Punk' 's'?". I liked the way it sounded as a title, but then I had to dig into my brain a little bit to figure out what other kind of meaning I could attach to it. I really quickly identified with the idea of being a "basement punk" at this point in my life, as well as what it meant to be one 15 years ago. Basements have always played this pivotal role in my musical evolution, from being 11 and 12 years old, just going in the basement of my parents house and plugging my dad's guitars in and making noise, to actually learning how to play guitar and having my first band practices there. From there you start to figure out what's going on in the world around you, and start going out to see and play shows of all sizes. Some of the most intense and impassioned ones I saw and played were in basements. Now, at 36, and hell, for the past 10 years, I've been writing songs and demoing them in my basement, recording them on a pretty crappy set up that works for me. So even now, when I'm not necessarily going to shows in basements, I'm still connected to the idea of having to kind of go underground to find inspiration and create new and exciting things. And attaching the word "punk" to the whole thing...I mean, it's not about the genre "punk rock"'s more about the idea that to be "punk" or to be a "punk" means you are doing what you want to do and you aren't going to let anybody tell you that you can't or shouldn't. So yes, this is a long explanation for a pretty straightforward question, but in essence I wanted to create a label for myself and for the album (and maybe other people out there) that I would be proud to wear, and "Basement Punk" is it."

HID- How do you write and record albums so fast?
Ryan Allen- "Writing songs is just something that comes extremely natural to me. It's embedded in my DNA, and I'm always working on various little things that end up becoming more fleshed out tunes at some point. What I try to do is not talk myself out of things. I usually end up finishing songs in some way shape or form, but some of them never make it out of my head or the basement. I'm always workshopping and whittling down, playing around with ideas and trying to keep my songwriting muscle strong. I love writing words and melodies, and the best moments are when I don't have to try very hard; when things come together really easily that's when I know I'm on to something good. Fortunately for me the well hasn't run dry, so I plan to keep doing this for as long as I can. I'm always listening to music, finding inspiration in new and old bands, keeping my ears open for little phrases and jotting down things I read for lyrical inspirations. Writing songs is kind of like a scavenger hunt, and I really enjoy the process of taking all these things from various places and then trying to connect them somehow in the context of a 3-minute pop song. It's always been a fun thing for me, so I'm just going to keep on having fun!"

HID- Who shot the photos for the album cover and where were they taken?
Ryan Allen- "All the photos were taken by Alicia Gbur. She's an incredibly talented person, and I feel extremely lucky that she was able to squeeze me into her very busy schedule (she's got a wedding photo business that is very much in demand, and she also just released a fantastic new record with her band FAWNN). We took the photos in - surprise! - the basement of my house. My wife, my son and I made the stenciled backdrop that's used on the front and back cover of the album, hung it up, Alicia came over, we took some pictures of me jumping around for about an hour, and that was it! It was pretty simple and easy and I think it came out great. My awesome friend Amanda Barker laid out the whole thing for me and 2 months later 500 CDs showed up on my front porch. Now to figure out how to get rid of them..."

HID- What is your favorite track off this album and why?
Ryan Allen- "It's hard to narrow that down, because I have an attachment to all of them for various reasons. Some I like because sonically it captured what I was going for; others stick out to me for the lyrics. Some I just like the production, or the way I played drums on it, or whatever. So it's tough to just say one...but for the purpose of this article, I'll go with "Alex Whiz". I've always wanted to write a shoegaz-y pop song, and I made an attempt at it with my last record, but I think I really nailed it with "Alex Whiz." The lyrics are, at least I think, pretty interesting and creative (it's about a super unique kid I knew growing up, and how all the bullying in the world can't stop him from still being awesome and unique), and the track just kind of has this woozy, melodic sway to it that I love. So yeah, today, right now, that's my favorite one. It'll probably change tomorrow!"

HID- What’’s your son’s favorite track and why?
Ryan Allen- "He really likes the first song, "Watch Me Explode" because it's fast. If we're listening to something and it's slow, he always says "Turn this off! It's too sloooooow." His favorite band right now is Black Flag, if that gives you any indication of where his head is at."

HID- Why did you pick the New Way Bar for the album release show?
Ryan Allen- "The New Way, to me, is the perfect place. It's a great location in Ferndale where lots of people live, they let you pretty much do whatever you want, it's the perfect size, it sounds good...there's really nothing to not like about it. Jamie, the owner, and I have become friends over the last year, because our kids went to pre-school together. So that's another reason to want to support them. Good people. Good bar. Good times."

HID-Who are you listening to these days?
Ryan Allen- "I feel like I'm always kind of listening to my main standbys - Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, Elvis Costello, Beatles, Superdrag, Dinosaur Jr., Sloan, Buffalo Tom, Superchunk... I've been listening to a lot of Lemonheads records lately, especially "Lovey" and the self-titled one with the guys from the Decendents playing on it that came out in 2006. I just finished reading "Trouble Boys", a really great bio on the Replacements, so I've been re-connecting with a lot of those records lately, and especially digging into "Don't Tell a Soul", which I never really checked out until reading the book. I've been digging through Doughboys catalog, ever since J Navarro from the Suicide Machines/Break Anchor/etc. said my stuff sounds a bit like them; "Crush" is a great record and I've been enjoying that one a lot lately. In terms of some newer stuff, I've been really liking a band called Smiles from San Francisco, who have a short EP online that is really great (kinda Posies/Teenage Fanclub kinda power pop). I've been listening to a band called Fury Things from Minneapolis and a band called Hurry from Philly that do the jangle-y pop thing really well. Big Eyes and Tancred are both female fronted poppy punk bands that I've been liking a lot. I finally got into the Cheap Girls record from last year. The new Lees of Memory album (John from Superdrag) is really great. Wild Stab by the I Don't Cares is really cool (Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield's new thing). My friend Nick Piunti's new album is really wonderful (I play and sing on a lot of the songs on it). I love the new Nada Surf, Teenage Fanclub, Bob Mould and Dinosaur Jr. albums (the 90s are alive and well in 2016!). I'm looking forward to the new Beach Slang that comes out later this month. I'm probably forgetting stuff, too. There's just too much damn music to dig through. Thanks Spotify."

HID- You’ve been playing music and touring for most of your life. What’s your favorite thing about playing a live show? What’s your least favorite thing?
Ryan Allen- "Playing live, I just love the sheer physical and mental rush that comes with playing loud rock songs in front of people. I sometimes get anxiety about people actually being there, and promoting shows now really isn't as fun as it used to be. I still try and make fliers and go hang them up at record stores and stuff, but I don't have it in me to go to 10 shows a week and pass them out to people like I did back in the Thunderbirds Are Now! days. But still, at the same time, it's not about having a packed house or whatever (though that would be nice); I pretty much perform the same way no matter how many people are there, and give it my all every time. There's also something really cathartic about singing into a microphone, and pushing your voice in a live setting, almost demanding to be heard. I like doing that, and it's fun to push that muscle harder live than I might in the studio, trying crazy things, messing with the melody or just screaming something a little more than I would sing it. I dunno, you get kinda lost in the moment and for me at least, that's what comes out. I love that."

HID- Favorite place to see a live show in Metro Detroit?
Ryan Allen- "10 years ago I would have said the Magic Stick, but now there's so many more options. I like the Loving Touch because it's close and it sounds good. I like UFO because it's small and their hot dogs are pretty wicked. Marble Bar is really awesome, but I've only played there and haven't seen a show outside of that. Ol' boy here doesn't get out like he used to, ya know?"

HID- Favorite venue to play at in Metro Detroit?
Ryan Allen- "All of the aforementioned are great places to play. I'll always dig the Lager House. The Majestic Cafe is actually really cool and sounds pretty great, but I don't know how often they are really doing shows there. And of course the New Way is probably my favorite."

HID- Favorite guitar that you own and why?
Ryan Allen- "I feel like I kind of have the perfect collection of guitars, and have something at my disposal depending on the song and the feel that I'm going for. I have my Rickenbacker for my jangle-y stuff, I've got my Stratocaster for my Big Star-ish stuff, my double cutaway Les Paul Jr. for the more aggressive stuff, and my Jazzmaster when I need to do bendy, shoegaze-y stuff. So I really love them all for their diversity."

HID- Favorite guilty pleasure band and why?
Ryan Allen- "I don't really believe in guilty pleasure what you like, you know? With that said, bands like Soul Asylum, Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls, even Nada Surf, that people kind of equate with certain singles or whatever all have great albums with awesome deep cuts that in my mind overshadow whatever "hit" they may have had. I mean, Gin Blossoms wrote some really great songs that sounded like Big Star and later-era Replacements, but maybe it wasn't as obvious to people back in the 90s when those records came out. It's more obvious to me now, and I enjoy it more now than I would have admitted then.

I also really like the Faint. I don't know if that's a guilty pleasure or not, but I think "Wet From Birth" rules; it's a great one to run to. It's probably because I also love Duran Duran. Again, nothing to be ashamed of, even though they are kind of outside of my "jangle-y guitar" wheelhouse."

HID- Favorite band you have ever shared the stage with?
Ryan Allen- "Sheesh. Almost impossible to say. I've been lucky to play with SO MANY amazing bands. I can say that the best live band I've ever played with is Les Savy Fav."

HID- Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Ryan Allen- "Just that they can order my new album here and if you've ever checked out my music at all, even for a second, thank you! Oh, and come to the New Way Bar on 9/30 to see the show. FAWNN and Lawnmower are playing and they both rule. And I've got an awesome band playing with me, with Sean Sommer (Destroy This Place) on drums, Mike Gallacher on guitar and Ryan Marshall (Palaces) on bass. We're fired up and ready to play!"

Ryan will be releasing the album at the New Way Bar this Friday, September 30th.  $10 gets you in the door with a copy of the album, $15 gets a couple through the door with a single copy of the album!


Win Tickets to See Tobacco at The Shelter

The Shelter has always been and will always be one of my favorite places to see a show.  It is the sister venue of St. Andrew's, the smaller cooler little sibling that keeps catching onto the latest thing before anyone else. It is a room that births new acts and hosts up and comers right before they become household names. When you walk down the stairs you are sucked into another dimension, there are no windows and there is no outside world. There is just you, a few hundred like minded people, and if you have a few dollars, a few good drinks. We would personally recommend stopping by and catching a show at The Shelter as soon as you can, because the venue itself is worth checking out. But, if you're into dancing you can enter to win a pair of tickets to catch Tobacco there this Thursday, September 29th.

Tobacco, also known as Thomas Fec, is an electronic musician that records a lot of his music using analog synthesizers and tape machines. His latest album is called Sweatbox Dynasty, you can check it out here.  The High Tides  and Odonis Odonis will be opening up the night and tickets to attend the show are $15 in advance. They can be purchased here. We also have one pair of tickets to give away to the show courtesy of Live Nation Detroit. If you would like to enter to win a pair of tickets to the show please email your full name to with the subject line #tobacco.  We will draw one lucky winner this Thursday!


24 Hour Giveaway: Win Tickets to See The Bronx!!!

This week one of the most rockin' bands in the world of music is headed to Detroit. The Bronx will be hitting the stage at The Shelter this Wednesday, September 28th. The band is currently out on tour hitting a handful of cities throughout the Midwest and up the East Coast. Detroit is lucky enough to be one of those cities. If you've never seen this band live before, they are one of the most energetic bands out there. They don't have a fancy stage show or crazy antics. They just get up on stage and rock the fuck out! You can get a preview of what you can expect on Wednesday night by checking out The Bronx's new live album below.

The fact that this band is playing an intimate venue like The Shelter is insane! If you liked what you heard or are already a fan of The Bronx, you definitely do not want to miss this show! The Bronx will be joined on stage by their tour mates Dead Heavens and Pounded By The Surf as well as Detroit's own Golden Torso. Tickets to this awesome show $20 and can be purchased in advance here. All ages are welcome to attend and doors are set to open at 7 p.m.

This amazing show is being brought to you by the fine folks at Black Iris Booking, Vile Company and Live Nation Detroit. Thanks to Live Nation Detroit, we are giving away a pair of tickets to this show! If you would like to enter to win, please send your name to with The Bronx in the subject line. If you want to up your chances to win tickets to this one, tag us on social media (@hipindetroit) and tell us you want to go to the show! We will draw one lucky winner the morning of the show and will send the winner details on how to claim their prize. Good luck!


Monday, September 26, 2016

24 Hour Giveaway: Win Tickets to See Diarrhea Planet

I hate bands with shitty names and Diarrhea Planet has to be one of the shittiest band names I have ever heard. But, if you can get past it, you can discover a pretty great band. The Nashville based band is keeping garage rock alive and making it their own at the same time. They recently released their third album called Turn to Gold, if you haven't heard it you can check out the first single "Life Pass" here.

But, this is not one of those bands that needs to be seen and not just heard. They made a name for themselves by tearing up the stage at SXSW this year. Their on stage antics caught the eye of everyone and made people listen to what they had to offer. 

So, if you are looking for an experience and not just a live show you should check them out tomorrow night at El Club. They will be playing alongside Western Medication. Tickets to get into the show are $10, you can purchase them here. Or, you can win a pair by emailing your full name to with the subject line #elclub. We will draw one lucky winner tomorrow morning and will let them know how to claim their prize.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Win Tickets to See Russian Circles at El Club

This Sunday, September 25 Russian Circles will be hitting the stage at El Club in Southwest Detroit! The band is currently out on tour in support of their new album Guidance that was released in August. This is the sixth album from the Chicago based trio. Give it a listen below.

The band is currently heading across the US before they head over to Europe on tour. Joining them for the US dates are Helms Alee, who also just released a new album. You can check that out here. Tickets to Sunday's show in Detroit are only $16 in advance and you can purchase your tickets here. All ages are welcome to attend. Doors are set to open at 5 p.m. with the show beginning at 8. 

Thanks to Black Iris Booking we are also giving away a pair of tickets to this show! If you would like to enter to win, please send your name to with RC in the subject line. We will draw our lucky winner the morning of the show and will send them details on how to claim their prize. 


Win Tickets to See Metric

This weekend 89X, 93.9 and Live Nation Detroit are bringing Metric to the stage at The Fillmore. The band released their latest album Pagans in Vegas last year. Over the span of their career, they have released six studio albums, collaborated with legends like Lou Reed, and even played for the Queen of England. This weekend they will be playing for you.

Metric will be joined on stage by Detroit's own Moonwalks this Sunday night, September 25th. Tickets for the show start at just $20 and can be purchased in advance here. All ages are welcome to attend and doors are set to open at 6:30 p.m. Thanks to our friends at Live Nation Detroit, we are giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky reader! To enter to win, just send your name to with Metric in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner this weekend and they will get to attend the show with a friend for free!

In the mean time, get ready for the show by cranking up your speakers and hitting play below on the video for Metric's song "The Shade".