Wednesday, May 27, 2020

We NEED Your Support

Hey Hip Friends,

As you know, we are living through some weird times. We are all unsure about the future, especially when it comes to going out and having fun. We do not know when things are going to open back up and what art, music, and culture will look like when they do. But, we know that we want to be there to cover everything that happens.

Over the last few years we have counted on our sponsors to help us keep up the website and get the equipment that we need to cover all things Detroit, but we do not feel like we can ask suffering businesses to support us at this time. We also do not feel like we should do a fundraiser to ask for the money because there are much better places to donate to at this time. So, we came up with a fun way for our followers to support us. We have created a new line of merch featuring the Monster Free Design's Hip in Detroit logo. All of the proceeds from these designs will be used to pay our annual website fees and to make sure that we can keep covering all things hip. We have hoodies, tank tops, crewnecks, coffee mugs, and more. So, if you would like to help us keep going, purchase something from our new Threadless store. Additionally, we still have our classic t-shirts and tank tops available to ship today through our Big Cartel shop.

Thanks for all your support over the years.
Stay safe, we hope yo see you soon!

Sadie and Christie

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Meet Twïnn

COVID-19 has canceled almost everything. They have put an indefinite hiatus on gathering to watch a live show and a lot of artists have decided to hold off on releasing new music. It is harder than ever to find something fresh and it is even more difficult to get tuned into the local music scene because it's all taking place virtually. Thankfully, we stumbled across something we hadn't heard before that we wanted to share with all of you.

Meet Twïnn, a local duo that recently released their first EP in the middle of a pandemic. Their first four-song EP is called Long Night Moon and it can be heard in full here. There is little to no information about this band as they created their first social media accounts right before lockdown and were never able to play a live show. So, we reached out and had a Zoom chat with the duo to find out a little bit more about who they are and how they created this EP. Check out our interview with Sean and Gjon and then give the EP a listen. We think that you will like it!

~S & C

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

5 Predictions About the Future of Live Music and 1 Thing You Can Do to Help Your Favorite Local Venue Survive

Photo from The Magic Bag's Facebook Page
Over the last eight years, Hip in Detroit has had the honor of covering all the fun things happening around Detroit. We talk about art, food, and culture, but music has always been the backbone of this website. We grew up going to shows all over Metro Detroit and live music is what inspired us to start this website in the first place. This is why we have worked really hard to form relationships with all the venues and booking agents around town and it's why we go out of our way to set up ticket giveaways for all the events that come through town. We want our readers to experience the magic that is live music. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 all live music and events have been put on an indefinite hiatus. No one knows when we will be able to safely reopen or what the landscape of the Detroit music scene will look like when we come out on the other side of COVID-19. But, we know one thing for sure, if the government doesn't step up and include live events in some of their recovery plans, many of the places we love may never reopen at all. So, after talking to some of the major players around town, we have 5 predictions for you on what the future of live music might look like, and one way you can help your favorite venue ensure that they can reopen whenever this is over.

1. Local shows will come back first.
Cross country tours take a long time to plan out and execute so it will take a while before you see anyone new rolling through town. At the same time, people will also be anxious to see a show. So, a lot of venues will turn to local talent to take the stage when things open back up. We think that we might finally see the resurgence of the "you had to be there" local show and we cannot wait for it.

2. Some booking agents think that we might see the bigger artists playing smaller venues for awhile.
A few of the people we talked to said that we may see some huge stars taking small stages after this ends. Touring bands and live music will need some heavy hitters to get out there and remind people how great it is to see a band and they will most likely do that on smaller stages than before the pandemic. This means that some legendary artists might lose money to give people the experience of a lifetime. Can you imagine seeing something that would normally play Little Caesars or DTE take the stage at St. Andrew's? We are here for that prediction!

3. There probably won't be any festivals this year.
A lot of festivals have already canceled and a few have postponed, but a lot of the people that we talked to think that most if not all festivals will have to cancel or postpone. Festivals have to be planned out really far in advance and right now no one can plan anything out in the way that they would need to bring a multi-day festival to the stage. So, if you still have tickets to something, we do not want you to lose hope, we just want you to hold off on that plane ticket or hotel room because the reality is it just might not happen this year.

4. Venues will cut their capacity, probably by half.
No one knows how long we are going to have to keep space between all of us, but a lot of the venues are assuming that they will have to keep things more moveable when they open back up. So you might see a 1,000 person room turn into a 500 person room overnight.

5. Nothing can replace the feeling you get when you watch music performed live.
Everyone is live streaming and some people think that it can replace the experience you get when you go to a live show, but everyone I talked to agreed that streaming will never replace the feeling that you get when you watch music performed live in front of your eyes. When you watch an artist or band perform in person you can literally feel the music inside of you. You can also feel the energy from the crowd and if you let yourself give in to it you can forget about the outside world for an hour or two. Streaming is cool and it's a great way to get us through this pandemic, but it will not replace the experience of going to a live show.

800 venues across the U.S have come together to remind everyone how important live music is. They say that the current COVID-19 recovery plans do not work for their industry and they are hoping that if they make some noise we can change that. So, if you want to change that here is what you can do.

Visit this website, put in your zip code, and copy and paste this letter to send to your local state representatives. It's simple but it will make a big difference.

To learn more about NIVA the new organization that is coming together to save live music click here.

Here is the list of Michigan venues that have joined NIVA:

20 Front Street - Lake Orion
Audiotree Presents - Detroit
El Club - Detroit
Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre - Detroit
Flint Local 432  - Flint
Fusion Shows - Lansing
Grove Studios - Ypsilanti
Kalamazoo State Theatre - Kalamazoo
Mac’s Bar - Lansing
Magic Bag - Ferndale
Meridian Entertainment Inc - Lansing
Midland Center for the Arts - Midland
Overdrive -  Lansing
Seven Steps Up Live Music & Events -  Spring Lake
The Crofoot Presents - Detroit
The Crofoot Presents - Pontiac
The Intersection - Grand Rapids
The Machine Shop Concert Lounge -  Flint
The Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids
The Sanctuary - Detroit
Wealthy Theatre - Grand Rapids
Ziggy's - Ypsilanti


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A Zoom Chat with the Visionaries in Century Babes

COVID-19 has put a pause button on life which means that we can't go out and celebrate things the way we want to. We aren't allowed to gather and dance the night away, but we can still listen to and appreciate new music which is why Century Babes are forging ahead and releasing their new album Visionary this Friday, May 1st. To celebrate, we set up a Zoom chat with the band and toasted to the release while we chatted about the project. Visionary is full of upbeat energy that makes you feel good, something that we all desperately need right now. Check out our interview and follow the band on Spotify so that you can be the first to hear the new music when it drops this Friday. 

~ S&C

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Hip Chats with Ally Evenson and Elise McCoy about the creation of Not So Pretty

This Spring was supposed to be an exciting time for Ally Evenson. She was planning to finish up her undergrad study at D.I.M.E Detroit and to play a couple of shows in support of her first EP called Not So Pretty, coming out this Friday, April 17th. Instead, she is on lockdown getting ready to do a livestream from her house this evening.

So, we reached out and chatted with Ally and her producer Elise McCoy (My Pal Val, Century Babes) to learn more about the process of writing the songs, recording the album and what they have been eating and watching why they are staying home and staying safe. Check out our chat and then tune in to instagram tonight to see Ally play all of the songs from her EP before they officially come out tomorrow!

Livestream starts at 8 pm tonight- find out more here.

Contact Elise about recording or mixing at!

Listen to Not So Pretty starting this Friday!
Website | Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Spotify


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Here's How You Can Help Your Favorite Venues

Since you're visiting, there's a really good chance that you're a fan of live music. There's also a good chance that you enjoy going to smaller shows at local venues, just as much (if not more) as the big arena shows. Since there haven't been any concerts for a while now, and there is no certainty when they will return, many of your favorite venues are hurting financially right now. Some of them have developed ways that you can show their business and staff your support during this tough time. Check out our list below to see what your favorite venue is doing to try to stay afloat, and if you can afford to, consider helping them out.

Small's - Visit Small's online store to pick up a sweet t-shirt to show your support and look cool at the same time. They also are hosting carryout pop-ups a couple of times a week. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for menus and details.

Party Store Productions - This one isn't a specific venue, but a booking company that brings shows to a lot of your favorite venues! You can help Party Store Productions out by ordering a bag of coffee from Populace Coffee. 50% of the proceeds will be going to PSP and you get some delicious coffee! Pick yours up here!

El Club - There are a few ways that you can help out this venue, and get something sweet in return. First, El Club is selling some great merch in their online store. They have shirts, drink coozies, assorted posters, and more. They also have a really unique item that you have to buy at this link instead, custom Vans. The classic slip on was designed by SW Freddy (Freddy Diaz) and are limited to 500 pairs. So don't wait to buy yours! Last, but not least, every Friday and Saturday, they are offering Curbside Pizza, Beer & Wine from 5-10 PM. Call to order: (313) 375-5324

Deluxx FluxxPurchase a Season Pass to ALL shows, DJ sets and parties through June 2021! This special pin will get you into any night at Deluxx Fluxx without cover or ticket purchase. All sales will be donated to support their team and resident artists.

Marble Bar - Buy a sweet hoodie, crew neck, or t-shirt to show your support for Marble Bar. Pick yours up here.

UFO Factory - UFO Factory has a great selection of stylish shirts for sale in their online store, as well as some records and tapes from the classic UFO record label. Click here to shop.

The Old Miami - The Old Miami doesn't have any fancy merch, but they do have a Go Fund Me set up if you want to help out their staff. Click here for more info and to donate.

The Painted Lady Lounge - Want to help the staff at The Painted Lady? Make a donation here.

Planet Ant - The team at Planet Ant are keeping people entertained nightly with online entertainment. If you want to show your support to this multi venue non-profit, just head to their website. There you can buy merch, make a donation, or buy a gift card to use towards a future event or class.

Know of something that we missed? Let us know at

Friday, April 10, 2020

A Zoom Chat with Sweat About their New EP

COVID-19 has caused a lot of cancellations and postponements. Many artists who were on the cusp of releasing new albums have pushed them back indefinitely. Thankfully, Detroit's own Sweat decided to do just the opposite. They figured, since we are all stuck at home we should have something good to listen to. So, they released a new 5 track EP that features new versions of previously recorded tracks off their 2017 release Gloom Pride. This is the band's first time heading into a "real" studio and you can hear the difference. In fact, this album is so smokey and melodic that we didn't even realize that it was some of the same tracks until we talked to Krista and Val via Zoom this week. The new EP was recorded by Josh Schroeder and mixed and mastered by Elise McCoy.  Check out our first Zoom interview (it has some flaws, but were trying new things here) to see what Val and Krista had to say and how they are handling sheltering in place together. Then, head over to Soundcloud to give the album a listen. We can't wait to see Sweat play live again, hopefully, it'll be sooner than later.

~S & C

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Shop Online with Local Metro Detroit Shops

Need something? Consider shopping locally before you order off Amazon. Many local shops have transitioned to online stores and can ship something out to you much faster than the conglomerate who is pushing all non-essential shipments back as far as a month. Plus, you will be purchasing from a small local retailer who really needs your help to get through these trying times. Many local shops are offering sales and discounts too! Here is a list of Metro Detroit shops that you can shop right from your couch during COVID-19.

Coup D'état- Vibrant, eclectic women's lifestyle boutique offering apparel, accessories + more from independent designers.

Rouge Makeup and Nail Studio- Organic makeup and beauty from Eve Organics shipped right to your door.

City Bird/Nest- Michigan-themed products as well as housewares, jewelry, stationery, paper goods, apparel, accessories, and home decor by hundreds of independent artists and designers.
Free shipping on orders over $50

Modern Natural Baby- All things baby
Curb Side Pick up
Free Shipping over $35

Bath Savvy- Soaps, shower bombs and all sorts of self-care.
Sign up for their email to save $

Good Neighbor- Free Shipping on orders of $100+

ZMC Pharmacy- They carry everything from disinfectant wipes to face wash. You can shop off their Instagram by seeing something you want and calling it in. Then you can pick it up curbside without having to get close to anyone. They are also a local pharmacy.

Green Daffodil- Handmade soy candles, lotion, lip balm, and soap, plus a full line gift shop with greeting cards, kitchenware, linens, jewelry, books, vintage and more!

Love Candles and Creations- Hand poured soy candles and hand crafted bath and body goods all made with LOVE.

Refuge Skate Shop- Refuge is a 100% Skateboarder Run & Operated shop that has been serving the Metro Detroit area since 2002.

Bird Bee- We curate nothing but unique, quality items that we would wear ourselves.

Lean on Lulu-Leon & Lulu offers one-of-a-kind & custom furniture, as well as a spectacular selection of gifts, books, toys, accessories, and women’s clothing.


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Playground Detroit Brings Detroit Artists to Your Living Room Every Wednesday

Playground Detroit made a commitment to help support the artistic community of the city when they opened their doors in 2012. They have hosted galleries, helped connect artists with grants and funding and helped curate the next generation of talent. But a few weeks ago, COVID-19 abruptly shut their doors. Instead of going dark, they found a new way to virtually support the community and to share art and culture during the shutdown. They have uploaded all of their previous shows to their website so that you can look at them anytime that you want to. They have also started a new weekly Instagram series that will bring you up close and personal with some of the city's best artists. The first stream took place last week and it featured Ouizi. Each stream will feature a different artist, a different conversation or a different project in the making. You can tune in live on Wednesdays on Playground's IG at 5 p.m. So mark your calendars and get your weekly dose of Detroit art.


Monday, March 30, 2020

A Music Video Playlist to Entertain You for a Bit

We've all spent a lot of time watching videos on the internet lately, so we thought we'd make a little playlist of music videos to keep you entertained. All of the videos below are from Detroit artists, some are brand new and others are a little older. And Jax Anderson made it onto the list twice because she's been putting out some killer tunes and music videos to go along with them. We hope that you enjoy and that this introduces you to some artists you may not have heard of or leads you down a YouTube hole full of great music videos. 


Friday, March 27, 2020

Missing the gym? Here are Five Free Places you Can Find Workouts on the Web

It can be hard to find a well put together at-home workout that is free. Websites lewer you in with the promise of a fee-free workout, but quickly ask you for your credit card to get started. We did some research and tried some new workouts during the first two weeks of lockdown to find a few amazing trainers that are offering great at-home workouts that are actually free.

Fitness Blender-  Fitness Blender offers hundreds of workouts for all skill levels at the click of a button. Married couple Kelly and David walk viewers through each workout in real-time with no music, which means once you get the hang of it you can throw on a record and get to work. Their website also has a great search bar that lets you be very specific about how long you want to work out, how hard you want to work out, and what kind of workouts you want to do. They are constantly updating their content and are really good at explaining how and why you are doing each movement.

Colin Parks- A local trainer named Colin Parks is doing live fitness classes on Facebook from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday evening. You can tune in to workout with him or you can visit his Facebook page to try one of the videos that he has already recorded and posted onto his feed. You do not need any equipment to do his workouts and he does a great job of walking you through each movement as you do it in real-time with him.

Body Project- The Body Project has around 35 free workouts that you can stream on their YouTube channel whenever you want to workout. They have a solid variety of workouts, but most of them are focused on beginners. So this is the perfect place to start if you haven't been moving in a while.  They even have a seated workout for someone who has a limited ability to move. Their trainers are a little over the top, but they are also very motivational which helps you get through the hardest parts of the workout. 

MadFit- Maddie Lymburner has recorded hundreds of real-time workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Most of her workouts can be done without any equipment and are around 20 mins from start to finish with most requiring little to no equipment.  She also has workouts to calm your stress which is something that all of us could use right now.

Popsugar Fitness- Anna Renderer leads viewers through real-time workouts for all fitness levels. Their workouts are more advanced than the other channels. They have lots of dance-focused workouts if you like to shake your booty and workouts that cater to people with health conditions or women that are pregnant.  There are hundreds of different styles of workouts that run from 10 minutes through an hour so you can really tailor your sweat. 


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Detroit Company Releasing Shorts Called the Humans of Quarantine

Normally, our friends at Obscura Broadcasting Company would be working and recording content for companies like the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, but their industry has been completely shut down because of the pandemic. They could be Netflix and chilling, but instead, they have decided to capture this moment on video to share with the world. They have begun doing a series called Humans of Quarantine where they interview people in quarantine or isolation all over the world. So far, they have talked to people in Paris, the UK and all over the US. If you want to see how COVID-19 is affecting people all over the world, watch their short interviews on YouTube. They plan to keep releasing a few interviews every day, so make sure you give them a follow to keep getting a look inside look at people's experiences all over the world.


Monday, March 23, 2020

How You Can Help Metro Detroit's Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Workers

Last Friday, Detroit Sewn in Pontiac Michigan announced that they would be temporarily halting their normal operations to begin producing hospital masks on March 23rd. Their goal is to produce 50,000 masks as quickly as they can so they made a call for local sewers to apply. They received thousands of applications and will not be able to hire everyone who applied, but that doesn't mean that you can't help. If you know how to sew and have some materials laying around to do so, here is what you can do.

The hospitals are running low on masks and supplies. To compensate they are using DIY handmade masks and protective gear when they have to. We have seen a lot of people posting about this, but there is very little direction on what mask to make and what to do with the masks once they are completed. So, we did some research so that you don't have to.

According to healthcare workers the best masks are made out of polypropylene (hard to get), rayon, or polyester, but cotton and other materials will work if that is all you have. There are lots of patterns floating around but these two are the ones that nurses and hospital workers are directing people to use.

Once you have found the materials and made the mask you have to find a way to get the mask into the hands of hospital workers. If you know someone that works in a hospital we suggest reaching out to them personally to see how many masks they need for themselves and their crew. If you do not know anyone that works in a hospital, we have found two ways for you to connect with someone who can get your mask into the hands of someone who needs them.

So, if you want to sew, go ahead and do it. It's a great way to be creative, pass the time, and help during this pandemic.

Sewing masks is a great way to help, but donating unused supplies is even better. If you happen to have any leftover unused hospital supplies that is even better. Beaumont and Henry Ford are calling for everyone to round up their leftovers to drop off for the workers to use.

They are looking for:

Disposable face masks
N95 masks, sometimes called respirators
Eye protection including face shields and safety goggles
Disposable gowns
Disposable gloves, especially non-latex
Disposable surgical caps
Disposable foot covers
Wipes: bleach or antimicrobial
Hand sanitizer

If you have any of these items you can drop them off here:

Beaumont Service Center
26901 Beaumont Boulevard in Southfield
Donation bins will be located outside the Beaumont Service Center's main entrance through March 28.

Henry Ford Hospitals
One Ford Place in Detroit or at Henry Ford Allegiance Health in Jackson
Sundays (beginning Sunday, March 22) from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Oakland County Donations
Oakland County Farmers Market, 2350 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford
Donations will be accepted from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Stay in and stay safe! See you on the other side of COVID-19.


Friday, March 20, 2020

Here's How to Get Food for Your Children While They are Out Of School

Did you know that if schools are shut down for an extended amount of time they are required to provide meals for children under 18? The Michigan Department of Education has put together an emergency food assistance program that provides meals to anyone that needs them. The program is called Meet Up and Eat Up and there are three ways that you can find out where your local meet up is and what times they are open. Visit, call 211, or text Food to 877-877 to find a site near you. Right now the program is funded to operate through 4/3/2020, but that will likely get extended if schools stay canceled. If your child needs a meal please use this resource and make sure that they stay healthy during these difficult times.