Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Falling for Michigan: Autumn Activities in the Mitten- Part 4 of 4

Photo Credit: J. Cendrowski
I can tell the temperature is dropping when the walks I take with my dog, Hank, get shorter and shorter. This year, I am vowing to spend more time enjoying the crisp air and changing leaves of Michigan, and less time anticipating the snow. Here are some activities around town for those of you (like me) who might need an excuse to put down your iPad, get off the couch, and head outside.

Some require registration and include a fee.

Fall Color Hike at Tenhave Woods in Royal Oak, Oct. 26th, 2 p.m.

Moonlight Wagon Rides at Stony Creek (near Shelby Twp.), Oct. 24th, 7:30 p.m.

Fall Bird Hike at Indian Springs (near White Lake), Oct. 25th, 8 a.m.

Evening Lantern Tours at Oakwoods (near Flat Rock), Oct. 25th, 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Be Your Own Guide:

Cranbrook House & Gardens in Bloomfield Hills

Finlandia Gardens in Farmington Hills

Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor

For more nature-inspired destinations, check out the sites for Oakland County Parks, Huron-Clinton Metroparks, Wayne County Parks, and the State Parks of Michigan.


Shigeto at the DSO: Mix at the Max

Usually Shigeto a.k.a. Zach Saginaw preforms alone, but this week he will performing with a full band at the DSO. This Thursday, October 23rd Charles Tillinghast (electronics and synth), Josef Deas (Rhodes and percussion) and Brennan Andes (bass) will be joining him on stage. This performance will be outside of the box for the artist. His music is usually so calculated and precise, but with a live band there is always an element of surprise, you never know what is going to happen next. Co-Producer of the show Jon Dones says, "Sitting in on the rehearsal, I could hear strongly the influence of a certain strain of the free-jazz tradition floating in the translations of his music back into the analogue world. It was pretty remarkable. Its a bit of a feat given that his tracks are recorded and layered digitally in a near painterly style that reflect his myriad of influences. The process of reverse engineering the songs back into live instrumentation is something that could really only be accomplished by close collaboration with long time collaborators, like the ones hes assembled." I think this is going to be a once in a lifetime treat, to say the least.

Tickets are only $15 in advance and can be purchased here. The show starts at 10 p.m.  and the DSO is located at 3711 Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

Here is a teaser video that was put out to promote the event:


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New Chapter for New Found Glory

Photo Credit: Andy Foster
This Friday night Pop Punk heroes New Found Glory will be hitting the stage at The Majestic Theatre. The band is currently on tour in support of their newest release, Resurrection. This is the eighth major release from the band, coming out after some of the biggest changes in their history. Last year, New Found Glory decided to part ways with long time guitarist Steve Klein, changing the lineup from a 5 piece to 4. Some fans were afraid that this would change the sound or be the end of the band. But, with their release out now and tour underway, it is clear that they are still the same NFG fans fell in love with, maybe even better. Check out the music video for the new track "Ready and Willing" below for a taste of what the new album is like. 

We had a chance to chat with drummer Cyrus Bolooki before the band heads to town this weekend. It's clear that they are as motivated as ever to keep rocking and that Detroit is in for an awesome time Friday night. Joining NFG on stage are We Are The In Crowd, Red City Radio, and Detroit's own Fireworks. Check out the interview below, then find out how you can snag a free pair of tickets to the show! 

HID- So you guys have been on tour for a couple of weeks now in support of the new album Resurrection. How's tour going?
Cyrus- "Tour is awesome! We’re super happy to be back on the road... it’s been a while since we've gone on a full US tour, and I’m really happy with the other bands that we have on the bill. We've toured with and/or played shows with every band out with us at some point in the past, so it’s great to be back on the road with friends!"
HID- Describe Resurrection to fans that haven't heard it yet.
Cyrus- "Resurrection is our eighth studio full-length, and our first album in 2 years. We’re very proud of this record, as we recently went through a member change, going from two guitarists down to just one, yet I feel like we've written some of our best songs to date for this new album. Most of the songs revolve around great guitar riffs, not just chords, and we really embraced the fact that we’re a four-piece now when we were recording, allowing each of our instruments to shine equally. Also, lyrically this record is a bit of a shift from albums in the past, where now we are talking about more than just relationships; we touch on other topics such as life in general and how to overcome struggles or obstacles in your life."
HID- Are you playing a lot of tracks off of the album during this tour or just sprinkling a few in amongst older favorites?
Cyrus- "We’re playing five songs as of now. For us, that’s actually more than we usually do with new albums. It’s tough to write a set list because we have so many songs to choose from, but on this tour besides the five new songs and of course a lot of the “hits”, we’re actually adding a few “gems” to the set list — songs that we wouldn't normally play live. Everyone seems to be responding well to the set list as a whole, and we’re loving playing all these songs every night."
HID- I for one really like the new album, do other fans around the country seem to be responding well to it too?
Cyrus- "Thank you! I think the response to the new album has been great. It’s not just people saying that the new record is good or things like that; the compliments seem to go a bit further than that and there’s lots of people saying it’s one of their favorite NFG records in a long time, or that they really connect with a lot of the songs, or even that they love how powerful the record sounds as a whole. All of these compliments are awesome and well-received by us!"
HID- What's your favorite song to play live off of Resurrection?
Cyrus- "I love “Selfless” because to me it’s pretty much a quintessential NFG song. It’s got a great hook, super powerful guitar riff, and a really cool punk-rock sounding bridge. I’m also loving playing “Resurrection”; we just added that into our set the other night!"
HID- Off of any of your albums?
Cyrus- "Favorite song off of any of the records? Probably “Truth of My Youth” because I love the drum parts…it’s faster and definitely a challenge for me, but well worth it!"
HID- You're currently on tour with We Are The In Crowd and Detroit's own Fireworks. What can you tell us about these bands? How are you enjoying being on the road with them?
Cyrus- "Well, like I stated earlier, we've toured with and/or played shows with everyone on this tour, so we were already friends coming into this run. Fireworks is a band that we've known for quite a while, and We Are The In Crowd we first met a little over a year ago after playing some Europe dates with them. We've connected with all of the bands, and I especially love how we all try and hang on days off. Last day off a whole bunch of the guys in both Fireworks and We Are The In Crowd met up with us to watch the Monday Night Football game, as a lot of us play Fantasy Football together. That was fun."
HID- Best show so far on this tour?
Cyrus- "Best show for me was the other night in Boston. That’s one of our favorite cities to play in and it feels like a second home for us, as we became popular in the North East before almost anywhere else besides our home state of Florida. Actually, almost any show for us in the North East is awesome. Tonight we’re in New Jersey and I’m sure it’ll be an amazing show!"
HID- Show you're looking forward to the most?
Cyrus- "I look forward to each and every show for different reasons. Sometimes it’s the city we’re in, and the things to do before and after show near the venue, sometimes it’s the friends that come out to certain shows, and a lot of times I look forward to shows because I know it’s gonna be a great crowd. Like I just said, shows in the North East always tend to be special for us, as well as any show in our home state of Florida. California shows are pretty great too!"
HID- In several interviews that I've read in the past with you guys, you mention that you were hardcore kids or fans of hardcore music. So, I have to ask, what are your favorite hardcore bands?
Cyrus- "I’m not really the hardcore kid out of all of us, but I did get into a few hardcore bands by in the day. I actually became a fan of Shai Hulud (the band that Chad our guitarist used to sing for) when Chad was still in the band. I also really like Snapcase back in the day and we were fortunate to tour with them back then. I know there’s quite a few good hardcore bands still around, but again I’m not really the best one to answer that."
HID- I'm not sure if you know, but your were and still are pretty much the heart throbs of pop punk. How does it feel to know that girls around the world swoon over you and every word and note in your songs?
Cyrus- "I appreciate that, although I would tend to think that most girls are going crazy about the teenage boy bands right now. Thanks for the kinds words, though. It is cool to know that plenty of people, not just girls, are looking up to us for inspiration and that our music has helped a lot of people get through their lives, whether it was a bad or good situation. That’s the kind of thing that makes our career well worth everything."
HID- Speaking of heart throbs, whose pictures were on your walls when you were a teenager?
Cyrus- "I was a fan of 90’s alternative. So I didn’t really have pictures of people, but I did have random rock posters of bands from Pearl Jam to Korn to Silverchair. How cheesy is that?"
HID- Who are the kids in the "Ready and Willing" video and how did you find people that look so much like you?
Cyrus- "Those kids were just actors in the LA area that all had some sort of musical experience. We all helped out with the casting process, and it was so funny to see these kids try their hand at acting along to the song. The Jordan character was a no-brainer; in fact, I think that he originally was trying to be cast for the part of the drummer, but one look at him and we were like, “you have to be Jordan. You look like you’re related to him!”"
HID- Ok, back to business... What can fans expect at your Detroit show on the 24th?
Cyrus- "The Detroit show is gonna be great. Not only is it a homecoming show for the guys in Fireworks, but we always have awesome shows in Detroit. In general, fans can expect a highly energetic show, complete with a great mix of songs from our entire catalog. We’ll be playing new songs and a lot of the ‘usual suspects’, and we’ll definitely throw in a few oldies in there too!"
HID- Any favorite places to hit up while you're in town?
Cyrus- "It all depends on what’s around the venue. I’m known to Yelp a lot, and if I have time, I’ll always seek out a good restaurant or coffee shop. But in Detroit I’ll probably leave it to the Fireworks guys to show us around. Why not have locals show us a great time, right?"
HID- Anything else you would like our readers to know?
Cyrus- "Just thanks to all for the support throughout the years and also for the support of the new record. It means a lot to us to be able to be back out on tour right now, especially given some of the circumstances we went through in the past year. Where most bands might think about hanging it up or not continuing after enduring rough times, we used it to bring us closer together and to help fuel us to continue and release this album and get back on the road. So the fact that we've made it through all of this hopefully can serve as an example to all about how anyone should be able to get through any challenge in life, no matter what it entails. See you on the road!"

Tickets to see New Found Glory at The Majestic on Friday, October 24th are $21.50 in advance or $25 the day of the show. You can pick your tickets up ahead of time at the Garden Bowl fee free or online here. Thanks to our good friends over at Black Iris Booking (was it really any surprise that they are the ones bringing this great show to town) we are giving away one pair of tickets to one lucky winner. To enter, please email your full name to with New Found Glory in the subject line. We will draw our winner the morning of the show!

The Majestic Theatre is located at 4120 Woodward Ave. in Detroit. If you want to pick up NFG's new album Resurrection before the show, click here.


Win Tickets to See Noah Gunderseon at The Shelter!

The Shelter has a reputation for throwing some legendary shows. They have hosted some of the biggest up and coming acts in this intimate setting before they hit it big. I have witnessed some of the most amazing shows of my life at The Shelter and will always have a soft spot in my heart for any show that gets booked there.

The Shelter is trying to shake things up and get some new blood in its doors. To do this, they are inviting in acts that wouldn't normally play there. Noah Gundersen is going to be one of the first acts that they invite into to play this intimate space. He will be in town this Saturday, October 25th, with Caroline Rose. To make the place even more cozy, they are bringing  in high top tables and turning it into a space where someone can sit and enjoy a good show while having a stiff drink. Add in the smooth sounds of Noah and The Shelter will transform into the coolest little club in the city.

Noah is definitely an up and comer. You many remember him from the To Write Love On Her Arms campaign. He's quite an amazing person and a very talented artist.

We have three sets of tickets to give away to the show. To enter, please email your full name to We will draw our winners a day or two before the show and send them details on how to claim their prize. Tickets are also available for advance purchase here.

We look forward to more of these intimate events at The Shelter, it's a great idea! The Shelter is located at 431 E. Congress Detroit, Michigan.


Sunday, October 19, 2014


Have you ever stopped in and checked out Saffron in Royal Oak Michigan? This amazing store is owned and operated by Marianne Petrus and sells some of the coolest clothing, jewelery, and accessories that a girl could dream of. 
A few friends and I stopped in for a movie style shopping spree montage last week and I think we fell fell in love. We tried on half of the store while hanging out with the owner, Marianne. She is one of the coolest ladies that I have met in a long time. Not only does she have a great store, but she has a great personality. It was really fun to hang out and have her help us shop.

Marianne opened the store about four years ago and only has one employee besides herself. So, if you go in to shop it is likely that you will see her there. She decorated the place herself and makes sure that when someone walks in, all of their needs are attended to. The prices are absolutely reasonable and you can find things here that you wont find anywhere else.
I bought an amazing necklace and my co-shoppers stocked up on some fall must haves, including ponchos, dresses, and the coolest pair of print leggings that I have ever seen anyone wear. There is a black lace dress that will be mine ass soon as I get my next paycheck. The store also carries belts, jewelry, purses, headbands, perfume, butter gloss, and more. It was refreshing to see a cool independent shop in Royal Oak that sold things that I would want to buy. It reminded me of why I used to love that city and gave me hope that it will return to the hip place that it used to be. 
Every girl I know needs to at least stop in to the store and see what it is all about. I say shop local whenever you can. I can't wait to go back and I wish that I would have visited sooner. Thanks for letting us play dress up, Marianne. We love you and we love Saffron!  



Creapy Cheepy Halloween Treat 666

At this point you already know that Creepy Cheapy is one of the best Halloween parties in the Detroit area. It's held at the Crofoot complex, which is a great venue. It features some of the best bands in Detroit covering some of the biggest acts in musical history and, unlike a lot of other parties, it is only $5 to get in the door.

I have gone to Creepy Cheapy the last 5 years and it just keeps getting bigger. I mean it, the place is so packed with people dressed up in full costumes that it can be hard to move. If you love big Halloween parties, you need to be there.

This year's lineup has some highlights, including James Linck and friends as Stevie Wonder, El Dee/The Cold Wave/The Summer Pledge as Elton John, ANA as NirvANA, Little Animal as M.I.A., Seven Birds One Stone/Shoutgun Soul/The Muggs as Amy Winehouse, and The ILL Itches/YUM as Sonic Youth. They will also have DJ sets from some of the greats, including Erno the Inferno. For a full list of bands, click here. To purchase tickets to Creepy Cheapy, click here.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Detroit City Distillery

Detroit is growing and expanding really quickly, it seems like every week there is a new restaurant, bar, or venue popping up. It can be hard to keep up with it all! This week I finally had a chance to check out The Detroit City Distillery, which officially opened its doors on August 30th. The distillery offers "artisanal whiskey, gin and vodka using the finest local ingredients sourced directly from farms near the distillery".

I rolled into the distillery late last Friday night to catch DJ sets by two of my favorites, Erno the Inferno and Eastside Jon. What I found was one of the coolest new bars in the city. The walls are made of red brick from top to bottom, there are a few pieces of art on the walls, and a few tables. There is a long bar along one side of the bar and a small dance floor by the DJ area. The room is dimly lit and the space was very inviting. I felt like I was traveling back to an era where people dressed up and went out for quality cocktails on the weekend. 

The bar tenders immediately asked me what I wanted and offered up a drink menu when I was unsure. The menu featured classic drinks, like an old fashion, paired with lots of specialty cocktails that the staff has created. I personally ordered a Moscow Mule, which became my favorite drink after trying it at Green Dot Stables a couple of years ago. I can honestly say that it was the best Mule that I have ever had, it was well made, well mixed, and went down way too easy. In fact, I had to have two. I was so impressed with the drinks, the vibe, and the space that I stayed there 'til close. I only planned to stay for a drink, but a good time is a good time. My only complaint was that my Mule wasn't served in a copper mug. They need to invest in some copper mugs, they make Mules that much better.

The distillery is located at 2462 Riopelle Street in Detroit. It is currently open Monday-Thursday 4 p.m. -.12 a.m., Friday 4 p.m. - 2 a.m., Saturday 8 a.m. - 2 a.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Drinks range from $10-15 and are worth every penny. They also have happy hour specials from 4-7 p.m. and a gentleman's Sunday special that involves a hair cut. To keep up with the specials, you can follow Detroit City Distillery on Facebook here.

We would love to see more cool spots like this open around the city. Kudos to the distillery, you just made drinking a whole lot more tasty and classy.


Your Record Collection is Getting Bigger this Weekend!

Do you need more records? Better, question... Who doesn't need more records? This Saturday, October 19th head out to Henry Ford College in Dearborn for the WHFR.FM Record Show. The radio station is hosting their annual record show that will feature thousands of records from local and out of state vendors. Yes, some vendors won't even be from the area. That means that album that you've been searching for everywhere might just be in your hands this weekend. 

From 9 a.m. 'til 4 p.m. you can flip through the bins to see what goods you can find. Admission is only $5 for the early birds getting there at 9, then the admission price will range from $1-5 the rest of the day. As with most shows like this, there will also be music memorabilia and other music related goods available. There will probably even be some cassettes, 8 tracks, and CDs available. 

Henry Ford Community College is located at 5101 Evergreen in Dearborn. For more info on the 7th Annual WHFR Record Show, click here. For more information on 89.3 WHFR.FM and their programming, click here


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kick Off Halloween at the Lager House this Weekend!

This weekend officially kicks off Halloween with the first big event of the season. This Friday, October 17th and Saturday, October 18th head down to PJ's Lager House for their big Halloween Cover Show. This event features 2 stages, the normal main stage and one in the bar area. Both stages will be filled with Detroit bands playing as some of your big favorites. Check out the lineup below.

Friday Night:
Spooky Secret DJ starting @ 9:30 p.m.
Members of Frustrations and more as Patsy Cline
People from Pink Lightning and Phantom Cats as Dion & The Belmonts
Members of Rebel Kind and Diskette as Liz Phair
Kommie Kilpatrick as The Dictators
Members of Mama Roux as Syd Barrett
Tamara Finlay & Band as Siouxsie & The Banshees

Saturday Night:
Spooky Secret DJ @ 9 p.m.
Vonneguts, King Eddie, and Moon Walks as Sergio Mendez & Brazil 66
People from After Dark Amusement Park as The Cure
A Member of The High Strung and others as Green Day
Primativ Parts as The Gun Club
Radio Burns Salvage, Eric Twine Time Allen, a member of The Fertilizers and Joe Leone as Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
Chelsea and members of Kommie Kilpatrick and Terrible Twos as The Runaways
Members of Bison Machine as Electric Wizard

Admission is only $4 per night. Costumes are encouraged, but not a must. I can tell you that I went last year and the crowd was about half and half on costumes. So, whether you wear one or not, you won't feel out of place. While you are at the show, make sure you pop into the basement to check out the "Haunted House Basement Record Store". There are always great finds and great deals down there, but this weekend there will be even better deals. You will even be able to pick up any of the dollar records for 2 for $1 instead! 

There is no better way to describe this event than just fun. So if you are up for fun this weekend, the Lager House is the place to be. For more details on this event, click here.


Win Tickets to see Mastodon in Detroit

Progressive rockers Mastodon are coming to The Fillmore in Detroit on Friday, October 24th with Gojira and Kvelertak and we have two sets of tickets to giveaway! They have recently released their 6th album Once More 'Round The Sun which is getting rave reviews across the board. The band is known for its unique sound, which includes three out of four members singing and unique instrumentation on every song. Sometimes their live show is just the dudes rocking out and sometimes they have a crazy visual show. To find out what they are going to do this time, you have to be there. 

Tickets range from $35 to $50 and are available for purchase here. You can also email your full name to to be entered to win one of the two pairs that we are giving away thanks to Live Nation Detroit. We will  draw winners and email them details on how to claim their prize a few days before the show. I know all you metal heads are going to dig this one, so get your entries in now!