Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hogans

Sometimes after a long week of working hard, a girl just wants to put on her heels on a Friday night and dance! This Friday, I spent the evening at Luna Royal Oak checking out local "cover band" The Hogans.
I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about the idea of going to see live music at a dance club. I did not know what kind of music would be played and if it would have the feel of karaoke with a live band.

As always, I was very, very wrong.

The Hogans are a "cover band", but that's not really what they do. They may play a song that you know, but they play it with their own unique vibe, style, and with bad ass guitar solos (Go Bryce). They played a wide variety of music including classic rock and even a few present "hits".


The lead singer, Yorg K., has the voice of an angel. Actually, he hits notes so high the angels be getting jealous. He also has slowly become my favorite front man in Detroit. I have seen him in the past while performing with other acts and there is no one that can turn on a room like him. He is not afraid to climb on a bar, dance with an onlooker, or roll around on the ground in the middle of the dance floor. He draws you into his performance. I sometimes wonder if this is what Freddie Mercury was like. The fact that he even makes me draw such a comparison says a lot.  

The lead guitarist Bryce was also a show in himself. He plays guitar solos better then Babe Ruth played baseball. It's always fun to watch a talented musician do what he does best, even better when he does it with a smile and no shirt on! Thank you Bryce, from all the ladies!  

The band played 2 sets over the night and more people were dancing when they played then when the DJ was spinning. I have to say my favorite cover was Pink Floyd, "Another Brick in The Wall". I never knew that I could dance so hard to that song!

I would recommend checking them out when they play at a local bar near you.

I have to say, live music at Luna made the place better than usual. We now have to reconsider the idea of having a DJ at all unless it's East Side Jon. Real records and live music will always be better than your I-tunes.

Side note: Angie was one of the bartenders at Luna. She had on a pleather mini skirt and a perfect smile! Hip In Detroit would like to thank Angie for her quick service and pretty smile! Any girl that looks this hot in pleather is o.k. with us!


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