Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Win a Test Press of "Blackhearts and Blackouts"!

So, remember a few days ago when we told you about a sweet new band called Break Anchor? Well, if not here's the basics. They're an awesome punk rock band. The members include Jay Navarro (The Suicide Machines & Hellmouth), Kyle Green (Seized Up), Chris Golan (SnakeWing) and Dan Stover (Seized Up). You should like them. If you want more info on why you should like them and if you want to see an interview we did with Jay, click here.  

So, we also told you that Break Anchor recently released a new 7" entitled "Blackhearts and Blackouts".  Well, Paper + Plastick Records is running a contest right now where you can win a Test Press of "Blackhearts and Blackouts"! When we found out about this contest, we decided we had to pass the info along! 

The contest is pretty simple and pretty fun. All of the details are on Paper + Plastick's site, but the general idea is that you have to come up with an awesome caption to the photo below. 

Now remember! This contest is NOT through Hip In Detroit! We just wanted to share it with you! So, don't post captions on here! Unless you really want to. But, you won't win anything for it. 
Instead, head over to Paper + Plastick for all of the details on how to enter! The winner will be picked on Friday! So get on it! Good luck!


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