Monday, April 2, 2012


Saturday night my boyfriend and I thought outside the box. No, we didn't eat Taco Bell. We went to a hip hop show. We were invited by our favorite designer, Peace Love Spandex, to come check out Mobil, a local artist.

We arrived at the space while Skrapz was preforming, our friend Blair (Dial 81) was on the tables and everyone was having a good time. Skrapz describes himself as “Public Enemy + Nas + Alkaline Trio - Tool / Krs-One + Donnie Hathaway = SKRAPZ”. I thought that was an interesting way to convey what I saw. I enjoyed his music. Check out this video we found of him performing last fall at The Berkley Front:

The Venue, called the The Park Bar, is located at 2040 Park Ave, Detroit, MI 48226. It’s a neat space above a bar and a restaurant. It's a large room with all hard-wood floors and a wide circular bar. The venue had a relaxed vibe and dim lighting, two things that make for a good time.

Up next, was Phantasmagoria. Performers Christopher Jarvis and Lianna Vanicelli combine really cool beats with really pretty singing. They describe themselves as both techno and hip-hop, and credit J Dilla as an inspiration. They had a large crowd of people dancing and singing along while they played. Check out the Music Video for their song Empty Houses:

Lianna is unbelievably pretty and fun to watch.

Young and amazing, jealous!

Finally we saw Mobilogix (Eddie Logix and Mobil Home) who were releasing their CD “Meet me @ the MRKT”. We got a copy of the album for attending the show. It’s always nice to take a little something home with you. You could tell that the release of the album was a celebration for the performers. They were energetic and smiling through the whole performance. 

This show was different from what we are used to. We loved it and hope to continue checking out more local hip-hop artists. If there is someone that you think that we need to see, send us an e-mail at Here's to another great night!

Thanks so much to Peace Love Spandex for inviting us along and showing us a good time in the city we love!


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