Monday, April 16, 2012

I Don't Remember Meg White Having Such Muscular Arms...

This past Saturday was Detroit X Detroit. Which basically means a bunch of Detroit bands were playing as other Detroit bands. And not just their songs...they dressed up, too. So, when The Vatican played as Alice Cooper, there were some nice pants and makeup for sure. And when the Kickstand Band played as The Amino Acids, well, let's just say a guitar was broken at the end. One of the funniest parts of the night was seeing some of the people dressed up in their costumes and trying to figure out who they were playing as.
Overall it was a pretty cool idea for a show. The bands each played a few songs and switched back and forth from the main stage to the side stage at the Magic Stick, so there wasn't really any wait time in between acts which is always nice when you get to be an impatient, old lady like me.
Our favorites of the night had to be the last four: The Kickstand Band as The Amino Acids; The HandGrenades as The High Strung; Mick Bassett as The White Stripes; and The Vatican as Alice Cooper
Speaking of Mick Bassett as The White Stripes, major props to you guys for the tight pants, and especially to the drummer for dressing up as Meg. Nice boobs! 
Also, the patio at the Stick is open again! We had forgotten how nice it is to sit out there in the summer. AND, they have shuffle board now. 
One more thing- Happy Birthday Melissa!!! Hope it was great!


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