Friday, September 28, 2012

Squid The Whale At The Loft

Last Friday, we finally got the chance to see Squid The Whale perform at The Loft and they immediately won me over. Bradley's voice just kind of sucks you in, plus they are all pretty easy on the eyes. They are definitely one of my new favorite local bands and it's hard to believe they have only been together for a little over a year.
Squid The Whale are currently working on recording a new record that will hopefully be out sometime early next year. They don't have any shows planned right now because they are focusing on recording, but make sure to keep an eye on them so you don't miss it next time they play!

Sadie got a chance to sit down with the band after they played and got the scoop on the band and their plans for the future. Watch the interview and a song from their set here:


Free Bright Nights Show Tonight!!!

Cadillac Jacks has recently remodeled their facilities and they turned half their facility into a venue to have bands perform. Half bowling alley and half stage, this could be a neat place to check out a show. They have Bright Nights, Passage to India, and 3 Phase playing tonight for FREE! You can hear some music, have a few drinks and even bowl a few rounds if you want to! Cadillac Jacks is located in Warren at 21600 Dequindre. Doors for this show are at 8 p.m. Check out some music from Bright Lights here.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Keep It A Threat 4!

Finally, we have a bad ass event for all those on the west side of Metro Detroit. I don't get out there as much as I would like to, but now I have an excuse to head out to Dearborn this Saturday, September 29th!

Transitions Skate Park is throwing their 4th annual DIY festival called Keep It A Threat. This will feature 2 stages and over 20 bands including Common Enemy (Fleetwood,PA), P.T.’s Revenge, Aggro or Die!, Nuke and The Hellriders, The Black List, The Dewtons, Disco Assault (Windsor/Toronto), S.N.A.F.U, Quarterlife Crisis (Long Island, NY), Walk the Plank (Washington, DC/Fairfax,VA) Taozins (Final Show), The Mostly Dead (Washington,DC/Brooklyn,NY), The Hand Me Downs, Slaves to the Pavement, Scenes of Irony (St.Louis, MO), D.A., Desiring Dead Flesh (Bay City, MI) and Public Sex.

The one day festival runs from Noon 'til 11:30 p.m. Transitions is located at 5618 Van Born Ct. in Dearborn Heights. The park opens at 10 a.m. so you can start skating before the fun starts. Cover is $13 and all ages are welcome.


Dryvel At The Loft

While Wilson was preparing to go on stage and Squid The Whale was finishing up their set on stage at The Loft Friday night, we stepped in the back of the venue and got the inside scoop on Dryvel
These guys have been playing and writing together over 10 years, they know how to get a crowd moving and put on an entertaining show. I loved watching Matt Marriott stand up and party as he played drums. Entertaining drummers always get me into the show. 

They were kind enough to fill us in on how they make such awesome music videos, how they write together and what the future has in store for the band, as they are about to get back in the studio and start recording. Learn more about Dryvel and watch a song from their set here:


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Summer Pledge is Hitting the Road Again!!!

Photo Stolen from The Summer Pledge's Facebook - Credit: Lauren Smith

We just wanted to take a second to wish our friends in The Summer Pledge well as they head back out on tour. This is one of the hardest working bands in the Detroit area. It seems like every time we look they are either playing a show or on the road... Or making pizza...which is a whole different story that we need to talk to Jeremy about when he gets back.

Here are a list of their upcoming tour dates:

Thursday, September 27th -  Toledo, OH @ The Ottawa Tavern
Friday, September 28th - HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday, September 29th - Harrisonburg, VA @ The Blue Nile
Sunday, September 30th - Lancaster, PA @ The Laundry Room
Monday, October 1st - Philadelphia, PA @ The Double Deuce
Tuesday, October 2nd - NYC @ St. Vitus
Wednesday, October 3rd - NYC @ Spike Hill
Thursday, October 4th - Boston, MA @ Wacky Kastle
Friday, October 5th - Burlington, VT @ 242 Main
Saturday, October 6th - Akron, OH @ Annabell's

After this quick little jaunt through the Midwest and up the East Coast, the band will be playing at Creepy Cheapy as one of our favorite bands, Refused. We are definitely looking forward to that. Until then, let your out of town friends know about the shows above and tell them that they need to check these guys out when they pass through their town! 


Wilson Party In Lansing!

Friday night at The Loft in Lansing, Hip in Detroit got their faces melted, drank too much (okay maybe just Sadie) and got a chance to finally sit back down with the party animals that are Wilson
They are back from a two week stint on the west coast and are almost as white as the day they left. Apparently they were too busy recording what they promise will be some of the best music that you will ever hear to spend time playing on the beach. 
The guys were all smiles as they talked about how far they have come and where they plan to take the band in the future. 2012 is the year that they were nominated Real Detroit’s band of the year, but I think that 2013 will only hold bigger and better things for them. 

Check out what they had to say here: 


Don't forget to mark your calendars for October 12 when Wilson will be back in the area at Small's, along with Golden Torso, The A-Gang and Cadaver Dogs.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Bowling League for Night Owls!!!

Ten years ago I was part of a group called Idle Kids. On Monday nights we would meet up at the Garden Bowl and we would bowl 3 rounds as part of a weekly league. I am pretty sure that I never bowled higher than a 60, maybe 70, even after 12 weeks of practice. It was hard to get higher than a 60 when you were throwing back so many drinks and wearing stiletto heels. 

Back in the day, the Garden Bowl didn't care if you wore bowling shoes or not and, being the fashionista that I am, I refused to do so. The league is one of my fondest memories of the Majestic Complex. There were even two or three nights that everyone stripped down to their bras and underwear and bowled half naked! Times have changed and they have updated the lanes, but the Garden Bowl is still the oldest working, and in my opinion most fun, bowling alley around.

Starting October 2nd you can now join a league called The Night Owls and bowl on Tuesday nights. They are getting teams of three together to join a 12 week league that will run from 9:30 p.m. 'til Midnight. They are planning to feature a revolving cast of local DJs, play horror movies on the big screens and drink specials will be featured every week. The league will only cost $10 per week and there will be prizes at the end of the night, each week.

Head up to the Garden Bowl with two of your best friends and make some crazy bowling memories of your own! The Garden Bowl is located at 4140 Woodward Ave., Detroit. For more information on the event check out their Facebook event here!


While You Were Sleeping...The Suicide Machines Played The Toepfer House

Tonight there was yet ANOTHER awesome show at the Toepfer House. It was a benefit for Planned Parenthood with a bunch of great bands.

Break Anchor played an amazing set as always. The only other band we happened to catch was Cheapshow. They were pretty awesome and we believe the singer was one of the owners of the house...and he has a padawan tail. 
One band that you're going to kick yourself in the ass for missing tonight is THE SUICIDE MACHINES. That's right, they played a basement show, and you missed it. Sorry for your luck. Guess you should listen to us from now on! Or better yet, listen to Break Anchor and to the dudes in the band!

Here is a video and a couple pictures from the show. We know they aren't the best, but we're sure you'll understand. It was a basement show. With The Suicide Machines. You've seen them at places as big as The Majestic and you know how crazy it is, so picture that in a tiny ass basement.
We know, worst videos ever, but hey, better than nothing!

Thanks to all the bands for playing a show for such a great cause and thanks to the Toepfer House for opening their doors as always to all of us crazy drunks.


Detroit Fashion Done Right!

Sunday night, the Hard Luck Vodka was flowing, appetizers were being served and models were walking the runway at the DDF closing party at Detroit City Airport. All three ladies from Hip In Detroit made the trip out to the event to see what a party held at the old airport terminal would be like. There were literally planes throughout the hanger and in front of the runway where the models walked. We got there before the crowd and hung out backstage as the designers dressed their models... the whole experience was really fun, different and exciting.
There were quite a few designers in the show, including Fotoula Lambros, Anastasia Chatzka, Angie McBride (Peace Love Spandex), Emily Thornhill (Homeslice) and Kelly Lynne. Each of the designers have a very different and unique approach to fashion.

Kelly Lynne took us to "The Night Circus", Angie showed us how hard a girl can hustle some spandex, Fatoula shocked the crowd with her light flowing fabrics and contrasting masks, Anastasia showed us how amazing a girl can look in pastels and Emily showed us how to be a true golden girl.

Special shout out to Nahee for the great hair on all the Peace Love Spandex models and the amazing formations that Sandy Bambi created for all of Kelly Lynne's models. Both of you are true artisans of your craft. T & A also treated us to some good music throughout the evening.

We got you all of the behind the scenes and runway footage that you could want! Watch here:


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why Do We Always Drink So Much When We're At The Loving Touch?

Thursday night was a lot of fun. We watched a few really good bands, saw every boy Christie has ever had a crush on and we got to play with a new camera (as you can see we need to learn how to use it still, sorry Down Down Down).
Anyways, back to the bands. Down Down Down was really good, Break Anchor was awesome as always and Against the Grain was even more bad ass than we remembered. We got a chance to talk with Ben and Jake from Down Down Down, 2 of the nicest dudes ever! Here is what they had to say and a song from their set. 


Keep an eye on Down Down Down's Facebook, I'm sure they'll have more shows coming up soon. Against The Grain is out on tour for awhile, but Break Anchor is playing the Toepfer House Monday night for a show to benefit Planned Parenthood. Check out the Toepfer House's Facebook for more info.


Art, Music & Cake!!!

Tonight is your chance to finally enjoy two things that you never thought you would get in one place - Chocolate Cake and Live Music. When it comes to the Detroit Design Festival, anything is possible. That's why tonight you should head down to the Chocolate Cake Design Collective and catch a Free show with The Hand In the Ocean and Flint Eastwood AND get some Chocolate Cake while you are there. Just so you know, the Chocolate Cake Design Collective doesn't usually have anything to do with cakes, this is an exception.

This show is part of CCDC's open house that is going on all day today. The actual "open house" for the design studio is from 2-6 p.m. Then, following the open house, is the show from 6-10 p.m. Kind of an earlier event, but that means you still have time to go to this and keep the Saturday night plans you might have already made.

Check out this fun video the bands put together for the event. 

We found out about The Hand In the Ocean a few weeks ago and we're really looking forward to checking them out. Flint Eastwood sounds pretty sweet too! Plus, we really like cake. Should be a fun night! The Chocolate Cake Design Collective is located at 17501 Van Dyke St. in Detroit.  


Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's Get Stephen Colbert To Detroit!

Earlier this week, an old friend (and my former RA!), Megan Deal, sent me a request on Facebook that really intrigued me. It was for a group called Colbert Does Detroit (and so can you!). After some of Stephen Colbert's recent digs at Detroit, they decided to do something about it. They want to get him here to prove to him that Detroit really isn't as bad as he thinks it is. I was able to ask Megan some questions about their goal and what we can do to help.
Hip in Detroit- So, let's start with the obvious- who are you? Is it just one person that started this or are there more?
My name is Megan Deal and I work with Josh McManus as Little Things Labs. Little Things is a problem-solving laboratory, working in post-industrial cities. Colbert Does Detroit is a product of the Lab. 

Hip in Detroit- Besides the obvious being annoyed at Colbert for saying such stupid things about Detroit, what made you start this whole thing? Why did you push it to this next step?
Megan- Colbert's jokes, while they sting a little, are certainly nothing Detroiters haven't heard before. But often times, satire is a great vehicle for changing perceptions, as it allows people to comfortably talk about a topic they may otherwise overlook. We really saw this as an opportunity to shed some positive light on the city.

Hip in Detroit- How did you come up with the idea of the march? What was the thinking behind that as opposed to getting him to just come to Detroit?
Megan- The March idea was in direct response to Colbert's commentary suggesting that walking through Downtown Detroit is just as dangerous as walking on a tight-rope across Niagara Falls in the dark. The goal is really for Colbert to lead a March through downtown, with legions of fans behind him. To us, the fans are really a key component in all this. It's interesting…the Freep recently posted an article about the project and, reading through the comments, I was taken back by how critical and negative most were. Sadly, these comments are usually posted by locals, individuals who live here in the city or surrounding areas. We often feel that the city's biggest critics are the individuals who live here. If Detroit is going to turn around, it's citizens are going to have to change their perceptions first. A march or rally is one way to capture the attention of many and further turn citizens into active participants. 

Hip in Detroit- You already have a huge amount of likes on your Facebook page and are getting some media attention, but how can people help? Is there a deadline or date in mind to get Colbert here by?
Megan- Great question! We just launched our Colbassadors program for people who may want to get involved. The premise is this: if you go to great effort to help get Stephen to Detroit, we'll make you an official Colbassador. If Stephen comes, we'll print t-shirts exclusively for the Colbassadors and do our best to have you at the front of the line for whatever happens. To become a Colbassador, direct message us on Facebook with your idea of what you are willing to do to help. If we think it will advance the cause we'll give you the green light. After that, it will be up to you to document the action and send us a pic or a screen shot of your work.

And of course, if anyone has any other ideas of how we can get people to send a bold message to Mr. Colbert, they can always share on our Facebook page. But please note, this is intended to be good natured and light-hearted. If you don't have anything nice to say, please don't say it; there are plenty of other places to do that around the Detroit interwebs. 

Hip in Detroit- We always ask people this, and it's fitting with what you're doing, so what are some of the best places in Detroit? Best sites to see, things to do.
Always a tough question for me. I never miss a Saturday at Eastern Market. I could spend hours there. I've also recently started riding my bike downtown just at dusk. It's an interesting time to circle the city, as the day's work activities are winding down. Larry D'Mongo's place for cocktails. Supinos for pizza. Cafe con Leche for coffee. Avalon for atmosphere. Bakers for jazz. Bronx bar and Cass Cafe for nostalgia's sake. 

Detroiters may know it, but speaking as someone not originally from here, people outside of Michigan really do have a very bad idea of this area. However, when I got here, my view on Detroit instantly changed and I fell in love with the city. So let's get him here and show him!


Who's Ready To Taste Passalacqua!

This has been a big summer for Passalacqua. The hip hop duo has been making a name for themselves across town. First they won the prestigious Kresge award and then they performed one of the most talked about sets at this year’s DIY festival
They describe themselves as a meshing of 'old school hip hop, east coast rap and the murkier underground and boisterous pop angled rap.' They are known for keeping their audiences guessing. Fans are always asking themselves what Blaksmith and Mister will do next when they are performing on stage. 

That’s why it comes as no surprise that they are stepping off stage and into the role of ice cream service clerks. They are serving up scoops of ice cream for anyone that wants to drop by the DIA this Saturday, September 23rd, from 2-4 p.m. The best part is the flavor they will be serving up is none other than Treat Dreams Passlacqua flavored scoops. If you haven’t tried the famous Treat Dreams ice cream shop in Ferndale, then you are in for a treat. They serve up some of the best ice cream in town including alcohol and vegan flavored scoops. Make sure to drop in and say hi to the boys this Sunday.

Then, in just a few weeks, you can catch them live at the Loving Touch in Ferndale with Duende, another local artist we can’t wait to see more of! The show is on October 5th and starts at 8 p.m.

Check out Passalaqua’s latest music video here and make sure to come out to get your scoop this Sunday!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Green Day: Yesterday, Today, and Forever!

When I was a kid I was not allowed to watch TV or listen to music without my parents approval. Naturally, this meant that I snuck around and listened to music and watched TV that I wasn't supposed to in any way I could. Usually I did so by going next door to my friends house whose parents were a little less attentive. In 6th grade I heard a song on the radio and begged that same friend to buy me the tape. That's right kids, I'm old and when I was in 6th grade, you had to buy tapes still. 

That December under the Christmas tree I found an album called Dookie from my best friend. I brought that tape home, hid in my closet and at a very low volume I listened to every note, lyric and beat and my life was forever changed. I have similar stories that I can tell about how I experienced each of the Green Day records. I remember driving away from my parents home to move into my college dorm with “Waiting” blasting on the radio while I wondered where my life would take me. Green Day has always been one of my favorite bands for this reason and many more.
When they announced that they had recorded 3 albums that would come out 4 months apart, I knew that my life was going to be changed again. The albums were recorded from February 14 to June 26, 2012 at Jingletown Studios in Oakland, California. These albums are titled ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! and the first one is scheduled to be release on September 25. 

So far they have released 4 singles called “Oh Love”, “Kill the DJ”, “Let Yourself Go” and “Nuclear Family”. These songs are a huge step away from the epic ballads that have been heard on the last two albums and lead me to believe it when Billy said in Rolling Stone that these releases will be a step back to old Green Day. He describes now as the most creative time in his life and feels that this is his best writing yet. 

Here at Hip in Detroit we received an advanced copy and sat down to listen to a new Green Day album and see what we thought. I pushed play as I drove away from my house on the way to work today. I blasted the record throughout the day at work and a few things are clear. This album is 100% a return to the Green Day I knew that put out Dookie, Kerplunk and Nimrod, but they are older and better at what they do. The weirdest thing is that somehow they have stayed extremely relevant. The CD is full of love ballads, punk rants and even some dance music. My favorite songs so far are “Stay the Night”, “ Let Yourself Go” and “Sweet 16”. The best part is over the next four months there will be more. They are releasing 38 new songs in total. 

I went home and and listened to the CD with my boyfriend while we cooked dinner and I danced around my kitchen. That will be the way that I remember this CD. I may be a little older myself, but I'm also a little punk rock girl who loves a good love song. This CD delivers another great life moment with Green Day. 

¡Uno! drops September 25th. Pick up your copy and let me know what you think!


No Doubt Pushes And Shoves Their Way Back Onto The Charts

I waited 10 years for this day, the release of a new No Doubt record is upon us and I could not be more excited. During the past 10 years I watched Gwen Stefani get married (Sept. 14 2002), release two solo albums (Love Angel Music Baby and The Sweet Escape) and have 2 gorgeous punk rock, blonde haired babies. I wondered how all of these life changes would change the band, music and Gwen herself. When they announced that they were trying to write a record in 2009 but had writers block, I was worried that it may never happen and/or I wouldn’t be happy with the product when it finally come out. Thankfully, I received my advance copy and I can tell you that this album is everything that I wished it would be and more.
Tragic Kingdom spoke to me when I dreamed of falling in love, Return of Saturn was all about being in love and afraid of losing it and Rocksteady was all about making the love that you found last for as long as possible. Naturally 10 years later, with each member of the band having at least one child and being married, it made sense that this album would be about maintaining that love and lust for life through it all.

Push and Shove is about the give and take in life, love and relationships. It is 11 songs in total. The two singles “Push and Shove” and “Settle Down” are the dance tracks from the record. The rest of it is love ballads and even an acoustic jam. This album sounds a lot like Rocksteady merged with some of Stefani’s solo jams. Upon the first listen, my favorite tracks so far are “One More Summer", with the lyrics, “One more summer, one more weekend. You're my lover I'm your weakness”; and "Gravity" with, “We're so lucky still holding on. Just like Venus in the morning sun. You and me got gravity." Lyrically this album has some of the best stuff Gwen has ever written.

Gwen looks better than ever and at 42 is on the cover of Marie Claire this month barring those world famous abs, and they look even better than they did when she was 'just a girl'. Now my only question is when the tour is and how fast can I get tickets!?


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Punk Rock, Wrestling and Bump-N-Uglies This Friday Night!

Have you ever been watching a punk rock show and thought to yourself, “I wish there was a little wrestling mixed into this music”. Well if you have, you're kind of weird, but in luck because you would likely enjoy going to see the Bump-N-Uglies play this Friday at the Corktown Tavern. This band is a Detroit legend. Their shows have been known to get crazy and are always a good time. When I was reading their Facebook page, I found tons of old fliers for shows that I can remember being at years ago. It reminded me of how great seeing at this band was. I remember thinking why do these guys wear leopard print jackets and wrestle each other?Also why am i enjoying it so much? I finally got the chance to ask Amado from the Bump-N-Uglies these questions and many more.

Hip In Detroit - Would you consider your show this Friday a reunion show? 
Amado - "We never broke up. Bubba and Josh were wrestling around the local and midwest indy circuit (as the Bump-N-Uglies) and that started to pick up steam. Around the same time, Tony and I had started Bill Bondsmen and brought Rob (who plays in the Uglies as well) on board and what started as sort of a side band took on a life of it's own. Bubba and The Josh also played in a band called Casket Bastards. Every couple years or so, when the stars align the right way and we reconvene and play a show. Sometimes it's for a good cause (ex: The Dave K Memorial show, The Benefit for Jeff G after he got hurt) and sometimes it's for the hell of it. This time it's the latter."

Hip In Detroit - How long have you guys been playing together?
Amado - "Bump-N-Uglies played their first show in 1995. I joined in 96 after my band that had played quite a few shows with the Uglies split up. Around the same time their original singer Spaghetti left town so Bubba became the lead singer and I played 2nd guitar. As time went on I handled some vocals and got to write a good chunk of songs. It's pretty easy to get back into the swing with these guys. In fact, our first practice back was pretty painless. It helps that everyone still plays semi-regularly. And Rob's the Oates to my Hall."

Hip In Detroit - Do you have a favorite memory from previous shows?
Amado - "Man...there are quite a few I don't think I can name just one. There was a time in Cleveland where we had our friend planted in the crowd heckling and then attacking Bubba. The Clevelanites didn't know it was a work so they proceeded to jump our friend and give him a whooping. We then had to drop our instruments and save him and the brawl went all the way into the street. While this was happening, some older hippie couple took it upon themselves to get onstage and have jam session. There's also the time we played at a record store and had someone jump off the roof onto us (the cops got called for that). Then later on when we stacked 2 tables together and, set them ablaze .Finally we threw someone through em at the State Theatre. We were told that we'd never play there again (they were right haha)."

Hip In Detroit - Can fans expect anything special on Friday?
Amado - "We'll have a surprise or 2 up our sleeves. Obviously, Corktown's a very small space so there won't be too much bedlam, but we won't leave you hangin...."

Hip In Detroit
-Why the fur coats in all the old pictures?
Amado - "The coats and all were part of the gimmick. We were at the heels of the Detroit punk scene. Thumbing our noses at them. Obviously, most of Detroit were in on the joke because we had a very good run and were friends with most of if not all the punk bands in Detroit. It also gave you something to look at. I mean c'mon!! We're beautiful, right? Ask to see my BMC tattoo..."

Hip In Detroit - How would you describe the Bump-N-Uglies to someone who never saw you?
Amado - "A Bump-n-Uglies show back in the day was like total bedlam set to a 4/4 beat. Blood, barbed wire, broken tables, broken strings and when it was over you got your $5 worth. Now there's probably a little less blood and gore, but you're still getting your $7 worth (hey...inflation). I'd kinda compare it to the bar scene in the movie Gremlins where they're just going off and getting blitzed."

See the Bump-N-Uglies with The Amazing Larries, Deliberate Abuse and Public Sex this Friday at the Corktown Tavern (1716 Michigan Ave, Detroit). The show starts at 9 and its only $7 at the door.


Wilson, Dryvel AND Squid The Whale At The Loft This Friday!

I pledge allegiance to the house of WILSON. I solemnly swear to go to every show I can before they take off and become known as the biggest party band that rock and roll has ever seen. In my opinion it is only a matter of time before Detroit makes another mark in music history and we stop being known for the White Stripes and our rappers and again are known for our Rock and Roll. Detroit rock city is back in full effect and Wilson is leading the trail for this resurgence. They are by far my favorite band in Detroit and they should be yours too.
This Friday, September 21st, you have your chance to catch them live at The Loft in Lansing. They have just returned from a two week stint on the west coast where they have been recording what is likely to become their newest album. They have been partying and working harder than anyone I know and this can only mean that soon enough we will all be going to a record release party. Hip in Detroit is going to catch up with the band and bring you full coverage of the show. We want to know all the details since the last time we talked to them almost a year ago. Bigger and bigger things are happening for this band by the second. If you have any questions that you want us to ask the band you can email them in before Friday at

The best part about this welcome home show is that both openers are great bands as well. We have told you about Dryvel in the past. They are a local band from Lake Orion who recently released an album called “He Walks Alone”. They describe themselves as “hard fast music that your parents say is too loud”, essentially our kind of music. They will be opening the show and this means that you cannot be late because they are not to be missed. You can learn more about Dryvel here.

Squid the Whale will also be preforming. This band won me over awhile ago and we have been waiting for the chance to get them on camera and catch them live and in person. Singer Bradley Walden is not only good looking, but he is a talented and well trained vocalist whose lyrics and voice are filled with emotion and passion that is unmatched by other performers. They have spent a lot of the last year touring and are finally playing in Lansing this Friday. Their latest EP “New War” is creating quite a buzz. They are a refreshing escape from the Carly Ray Jepsens filling our radio waves; they are writers and performers of really good, honest, well written music. They will be a treat for everyone at The Loft. Learn more and hear some free jams from Squid the Whale here.

Tickets are available here and are only $8. We will have video and interviews with all the bands Monday, but I highly suggest you make your way out to the show and see all three of these bands do what they do live and in person. Live local music is life! 


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Excuses For Midweek Partying!

Wednesday night St. Andrew’s Hall will be hosting a musical threesome that has been a favorite to many of my friends for years. Alkaline Trio will be hitting the stage along with Girl In A Coma and, one of my local favorites, Break Anchor. The show is part of a short Mid-West jag of shows that the band is playing, including a couple of others in Ohio and Riot Fest in Chicago.

The last few times Alkaline Trio has come to town they have played slightly bigger venues like The Fillmore and Clutch Cargos, not to mention the giant setting of Comerica Park when they played on Warped Tour. So it’s nice to see that this time around fans will be able to watch the band from a slightly more intimate setting…Unless you like the bigger venues, then sorry about your luck. Tickets for this all ages show are $22.50 and can be purchased at the St. Andrew’s box office or through Live Nation.

If you want to see Break Anchor play, but don’t want to dish out the bucks to see them open for Alkaline Trio, they will be playing the following night at The Loving Touch for just $5. This is the Tour Kick-Off show for Break Anchor and for Against The Grain. (Man, those guys are hitting the road a lot this year!) In addition to these two bands Dead Ellington will be in town from Boston and Detroiters Down Down Down will be playing. We are really looking forward to finally catching those guys.

Two great nights of music and two chances to see Break Anchor, right smack dab in the middle of the week. The weather is crappy, fall is upon us…why not head out to a show, grab a drink and grab your friends. Well, don't like inappropriately grab them...creep.


Detroit Design Festival

If you have been reading this blog, then you know that fashion is my passion. Clothes are my version of crack and like any good drug addict, I cannot get enough. Thanks to the Detroit Design Festival taking place September 19-23, I will be able to get my fix this weekend. The festival consists of tons of events held in different venues over a 5-day span. A full list of events can be found here, there is just too much happening for me to be able to tell you about all of it.
There is a kick-off party, at 3011 W Grand Blvd, Detroit, at 6 p.m. on the 19th and a closing party on the 23rd. Both of the parties are do not miss events. The kick off will put you in the same room with a lot of people that will showing, working and creating throughout the weekend. The closing party will feature some of the biggest designers that the city has to offer.

The closing party will begin at 7 p.m. on the 23rd and is the highlight of the weekend for many reasons, including where it is being held. Remember a few years ago when we had the Super Bowl in Detroit? Well, at the time Playboy rented an airplane hangar and threw one of the best parties that the city has ever seen. The airplane hangar will be host to many designers including Anastasia Chatzka, a former Michigan resident turned Chicago store owner; Fotoula Lambros who designs her own couture line; Kelly Lynne, who we have told you about in the past (we love what she does to fabric); and Angie McBride, none other than the creator and owner of the famous Peace Love Spandex line. Music will be provided by a few local DJ's, including our favorite T&A also known as Ernie Guerra and Steven Robert. There will be a gallery featuring fashion photography and an exhibit on the hanger itself. The whole night is being hosted by Ashley Elyse from Channel 95.5 and William Malcolm from Drive Radio. 

Tickets for the event are available either here or here.

We cannot wait to get our fashion on this weekend and we hope to see you around town at one of the many events! 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun Weekend At DIY Street Fair

This past weekend was the annual DIY Street Fair, and as usual it was a lot of fun. It's easily my favorite street fair/festival in the Detroit area. DIY went on the whole weekend with good tunes, food, beer and of course lots of great vendors. 

I look forward to DIY every year. It always has the best vendors. None of those stupid kitchen knife demonstration people. I don't go to a craft show to watch an infomercial! I usually walk away with a new ring for every finger and who knows what else. Christie and I were definitely scoping out the amazing posters at Shawn Knight's booth, too.
I swear every year the festival grows and this year was no exception. There was even a free ferris wheel! I am a little wary of carnival rides, all the creaking and weird noises kind of freak me out, so I didn't go on it, but I'm sure there would have been a nice view of the festival from the top. Maybe next time I'll brave it.

It was great seeing everyone's faces out and about during the weekend, especially at the Loving Touch for Sadie's birthday and the awesome Jamaican Queens and Child Bite shows. I have never seen the place so packed. It was hard just to get up to the bar to grab a beer!
Smudge Candy also put on a great show! You really need to keep an eye on these girls, and if you missed it, you can read an interview with them here.

Check out some pictures from the weekend and see why you won't want to miss it next year!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Four Girls You Don't Want to Miss This Sunday at DIY!

In addition to all of the other great bands playing DIY this year, there was one that I was super excited to see on the bill...Smudge Candy! I found out about this band through my job, earlier this year. I was instantly impressed by their talent and their sound. They reminded me of girl bands of the 90's, like Red Aunts, Seven Year Bitch and Sleater-Kinney, bands that Sadie and I loved when we were teenagers and still listen to, to this day. It was quite a shock, since it was obvious these girls were just babies back then.  But hey, tons of bands out there are influenced by The Beatles and they were around before most of us were even alive! 
Photo By: Holli Streetman - Hair & Makeup By: Tahsin Asjad

Smudge Candy is a four piece, all girl, rock band consisting of Willa, Anna, Blaire and Melissa. They have opened for many well known acts in the Detroit area, including The Hard Lessons, Destroy This Place and Deastro. Just in case you haven't heard of these girls before, I caught up with them so you could get to know them a little better before their set at DIY this Sunday. 

Hip In Detroit - How did you guys get your start? How long have you been a band?
Smudge Candy - "We started in March of 2011 for a battle of the bands at the Rochester skating rink. We lost."

Hip In Detroit - You recently got a new drummer. Tell us about that! How are things going?
Smudge Candy - "All drummers for Smudge Candy have a curse just like in Spinal Tap. In the past two years we have gone through 5 drummers both of the male and female variety. We are just waiting for something bad to happen to our newest drummer, Melissa. She is a classically trained pianist, has a very cute wiener dog as a pet, and also plays the key kit in a folk band called “Match byMatch”. So if you are interested in playing drums for Smudge Candy, we will put you on the waiting list, where you will eventually most definitely be selected."

Hip In Detroit - With all of you being in school and living all over the place, how does the band manage to stick it out?
Smudge Candy - "Willa is studying Human Sexuality at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Anna is a teacher and front desk assistant manager at the School of Rock in Rochester, and Blaire is a full time student and classical musician at Cranbrook. So we all have more than enough on our plates. Our secret is cutting out sleep and showering, being vegetarians and petting lots of animals to relieve all of our stress."

Hip In Detroit - Are you guys excited about DIY this weekend? What other bands are you looking forward to seeing?
Smudge Candy - "We are extremely excited about playing DIY Fest in Ferndale. We are all excited about seeing our friends Augie and Korin, fellow lady rocker Amy Gore, The Sights, Lightning Love, and The Hounds Below. "

Hip In Detroit - What does the future have in store for Smudge Candy?
Smudge Candy - "On October 2 we are playing with Kingsfoil at The High Octane Lounge in Romeo. The drummer of this band just happens to be Agent Cody Banks himself, Frankie Muniz. Our bassist Anna has a secret plan to win [his] 5-foot tall heart. The rumor around town is that we will be recording our first full-length record and there will surely be many shenanigans surrounding that. Also, Blaire is playing solo on the 30 of September at Goldfish Tea in Royal Oak."

Hip In Detroit - We like to ask everyone we interview what some of their places in the Detroit area are. So, what's your favorite venue, restaurant, store, bar, etc.?
Smudge Candy - "Our favorite venue is Harpos…JK. We also love the Russell Industrial Center, the Avalon Bakery, and PJ’s Lager House." 

Smudge Candy will be playing DIY on Sunday at 3:15 p.m. on the Pabst Stage. If you'd like to check them out before their set, head over to their bandcamp to hear their self-titled EP. You can download it for just $5. 

Even though we will be hungover as hell from Sadie's birthday festivities the night before, we hope to see you all at the Pabst stage on Sunday to see these wonderful ladies perform...3:15 isn't that early in the day anyways and we promise it will be worth it! 


DIY Street Fair 2012

This year my favorite local outdoor festival and my birthday fall on the same weekend. That’s right this weekend you can celebrate the end of summer, the beginning of fall, the taste of local food and drink, the sounds of good music and the birth of little old me. 
The D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Street Fair will happen again this year Sept 14th, 15th,16th in Ferndale. This year there is more food, alcohol and vendors than any other year. There is also an extra music stage in The Loving Touch, which means there is also more music than ever. 

D.I.Y is open to the public and free to attend. It all starts on Friday at 6 p.m. and goes 'til Midnight. On Saturday the festival runs from 11 a.m. 'til Midnight and on Sunday it is open from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.. Free performances continue inside The Loving Touch at Midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The festival is mainly located in behind the W.A.B/Loving Touch (just south of 9 Mile and east of Woodward).

There are many great bands playing all weekend, but here are our do not miss selections:
6:00 p.m. - John Nelson and the New Girlfriends - PBR stage
8:30 p.m. - The Summer Pledge - PBR stage 

9:10 p.m. - The Muggs - Metro Times Stage
10:10 p.m. - The Sights - MetroTimes stage

5:30 p.m. - Ryan Allen & his Extra Arms - MetroTimes stage
6:20 p.m. - Lightning Love - MetroTimes stage
9:00 p.m. - Duende - PBR stage
10:10 p.m. - FAWN - PBR stage
10:20 p.m. - The Hounds Below - MetroTimes stage
11:15 p.m. - Child Bite - McClure’s stage (Inside The Loving Touch)
12:10 a.m. - Jamaican Queens - McClure’s stage (Inside The Loving Touch)

3:15 p.m. - Smudge Candy - PBR Stage

3:50 p.m. - The Cold Wave - MetroTimes stage
4:15  p.m. - Mobillogix - PBR stage
6:00 p.m. - Will Sessions - MetroTimes stage
7:15 p.m. - Phantasmagoria - MetroTimes stage
7:25 p.m. - Augie and Korin - PBR stage
8:00 p.m. - Bars of Gold - MetroTimes stage
9:15 p.m. - Passalacqua - MetroTimes stage
9:15 p.m. - Amy Gore - PBR stage

As you can tell some of these bands overlap each other, so you will have to make a choice on who you are going to see and who you are going to miss. I love that there is so much great music booked this year that you even have to make a choice! It’s a good choice to have to make! For a full list of bands and set times go here.

Restaurants this year include Treat Dreams, Taco Mama, El Guapo, Om Café, Howe’s Bayou, Detroit BBQ Company, Garden Fresh Gourmet, The Emory, The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, People's Perogi Collective and of course the W.A.B.

Brewers include: Atwater Block Brewery, Arbor Brewing, Founders, Frog Island, Liberty Street, The Livery, Midland Brewing Company, Milking It, Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company, New Holland, Rochester Mills, Short's Brewing Company, Avery Brewing, Big Sky Brewing, Dogfish Head, Lagunitas Brewing, PBR, and McSorley’s.

Our favorite do not miss vendor is Glass Action!, featuring the Michigan necklace that I wear so proudly. Other vendors who always show promise are Handmade Detroit, The Rust Belt Market and Aptemal Clothing.

Remember you can also come out and celebrate my birthday during the Child Bite and Jamaican Queens show at The Loving Touch Saturday night. All three Hip In Detroit writers will be there and shots of whiskey are welcome!


It's Sadie Day!

We'd like to take a moment to wish a very Happy Birthday to the one and only Sadie! She is truly one of a kind and we don't know where we would be without her. From her bleach blonde hair, to her loud...personality, everyone knows when she walks into a room. She is a great person, a super hard worker and a great friend. 

Since she is the last of the 1/3 to have a birthday this year, we figured we have to have a tribute to her just like we did to me and Becca. So, without further adieu, we bring you Sadie's favorite things!

  Leopard Print!
Seriously, it's EVERYWHERE. Take one step in her apartment and you will see what we mean! 
We guarantee, she will probably be wearing it next time you see her too!

It was her first word and from that day on it was her obsession.
She has more shoes than an entire village, but I'm not compaining...
That means after she wears them once or twice, she sends them my way!

Hot Blondes!
Especially when they are Pop Icons.
Gwen Stefani, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Courtney Love, Britney Spears.
You name it! She loves them all! As far as hair goes, the whiter the better! 

Chicken Stir Fry!
Hold the sauce, please!

Don't ever correct her! She insists that "Cardigans" is a band 
and the sweaters are called "Carnigans". : )

Definitely her drink of choice no matter what she's celebrating!  

But, come on, why wouldn't she??? And let's not forget...She especially loves
pictures of herself when they are taken by Camera Jesus himself, Joe Gall! 

All joking aside, we love you Sadie! We hope you thoroughly enjoy your 25th Birthday again this year! I wonder everyday, what life would be like if we would have never bought those same Airwalks back in 8th grade. We may have never talked and never became best friends. Life would have been a hell of a lot different, that's for sure! But, I'm glad that we both happened to have the same taste and that we both had parents that were awesome enough to let us buy the "cool" shoes, but asked us to get the cheaper pair. Fate must have really been on our side. Oh yeah, and Becca's glad she met you too. 

Enough with the sappy stuff, if you see Sadie out and about this weekend at DIY make sure you wish her a Happy Birthday and if you have an extra buck or two, buy her a drink! Especially if you are at The Loving Touch on Saturday! We Love You Sadie! Happy Birthday! 


Thursday, September 13, 2012

See Joan Rivers Live This Friday!

The woman, the myth and the legend that is Joan Rivers is coming to Warren this week. I am in the middle of reading her latest book "I Hate Everyone... Starting with Me" and if is she is as funny in person as she is on paper then we are all in for treat.

Joan Rivers has been a working comedian since the 60’s and somehow she has stayed relevant while most of her age have either faded into obscurity or died. Through the last 50 years, the suicide of her former husband and an uncountable amount of plastic surgeries, she has made new groups of people laugh at her, pop culture and the world around them. No one can wear a boa or a sparkly top quite as well as Joan Rivers and no one is better at putting a funny twist on what others are wearing. She is the queen of mean when it comes to the red carpet.

She has conquered the Carson show, the entertainment world and even reality TV, but seeing her live at Andiamo's on Friday is the way to see her do what she does best. Joan doesn't bring notes on stage and she is not known for repeating a set from city to city. At almost 80 years old, she is sharper and more relevant than ever.

Tickets for this show are available at and range from $25-$75 a piece. I will be there celebrating my birthday with 6 of my closest friends. I hope to see you there laughing with us.


Hot Water Music This Friday!

I don't know what Ramona and Sarah at Black Iris Booking have been doing to get the best bands to play in Detroit lately, but I like it! This time they booked a show for September 14th (my birthday!) at The Magic Stick that will knock your socks off. Hot Water Music is playing with one of my favorite, up and coming, local bands, Nice Hooves. This is going to be a night of fun that you will not want to miss!

Hot Water Music was formed in 1993 in Gainesville, Florida and they have recently released their 8th album Exister. This album was a long time coming because in 2006 the band took a break and fans were unsure if they would ever be putting out new material again. In August 2011, they put out a 7" called “The Fire, The Steel, The Tread” and it motivated them to finally get in the studio and begin writing and recording again. They spent 21 days in the studio and recorded 20 songs, 13 of which ended up on the album.

Nice Hooves is a local, up and coming band that you will be hearing about sooner or later. I encourage you to get out and see them before you're the last person on the bandwagon. Dave Graw is the local legend that fronted Bang Bang at sold out shows across town a few years ago. He was known for his onstage antics and amazing voice. I love watching him play drums in Isosceles Mountain, but there is something amazing that happens when he sings. 

The show starts at 7 p.m. on Friday and is $20 in advance or $22 at the door. I have a feeling that this one will sell out early, so get your tickets in advance. Don't forget, you can buy me a shot of whiskey and give me a spanking at the show to help me celebreate being 25 again! Way to go Black Iris for booking what I expect to be an amazing night.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Betsey's Back!

This past weekend I got some great news from my sister! There's yet another store that I can buy Betsey Johnson gear at! Unfortunately, it's not at her own, cute, little hot pink shops. Sadly, they're still closed. Instead, you can now purchase Betsey's "Betseyville" line at your local JCPenney! Probably the best part about this is that all of the merchandise is super affordable, even more so than the "Betseyville" line has been in the past.

After checking out the collection online, I ran over to the Penney's at Lakeside Mall yesterday to see the goods for myself. Tons of cute stuff! The department store is carrying shoes, boots, pajamas, bags, tights, leggings, jewelery, scarves and other accessories. Oh yeah, did I mention... it's cheap! 

The bags were all pretty cute and ranged from about $30-$60. Most were some sort of cloth, but there were some that were faux leather. Some were a little younger looking, but the large totes would be great for overnight bags! There's also a wide variety of pajamas, including hooded robes that are only $35 and look super comfy! 

My favorite selection was definitely in the shoe department though. Although the shoes are all priced affordably, ranging from $35-$65, they still seem to be really good quality and classic Betsey style. There are
even knee high boots for $65! And they're cute! That's a steal regardless of the name slapped on the sole! 

Overall, I liked the selection the store had. I picked up a pair of cute black flats with spikes on the toe, which I'm sure you will catch me wearing all of the time now. Some of the accessories weren't quite as cute as I would have liked, but others were way nicer than I expected. I will say, the jewelry was all quite disappointing though. Quite chincy and maybe even a little tacky. It definitely seemed to be geared towards younger shoppers. Luckily, many other department stores still carry the regular Betsey Johnson jewelry!

In addition to the new "Betseyville" line, JCPenney has added some other brands that you might not expect to see there. It's all part of the new look they are going for. You can now find Buffalo clothing and a line by Cosmopolitan in their stores, as well as mini Sephora and a Levi's "shops" within the department store. I was really excited to see them featuring Levi's after they closed most if not all of their store fronts this year! This small little shop was super organized (unlike the Levi's section at some other stores) and also priced fairly well. (The Levi Leggings were regularly priced at $35, usually that's the sale price at other stores!)

All in all, the "Betseyville" line and the other additions to JCPenney are a great reason to go into a store that you normally might pass up unless you were buying a gift for Grandma.