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A Good Hairdresser is Hard to Find: Chatting it up With Nahee of Upstares Salon

When you're out and about in the city, you may run into a gorgeous girl name Nahee. Her red hair stands out in a crowd and her smile draws you in. Nahee is a local hair stylist and hottie. I have seen her do a number of fashion shows, the cover of Real Detroit and look put-together every time we cross paths. I am forever a sucker for bright hair colors when they are done well and Nahee's red is always bright, shiny, and adorably styled. I always say, the best way to pick a stylist is to see how she takes care of her own locks

Recently, she started posting some pretty awesome pictures of unique up-dos and styles, and I knew that I had to do a feature on her. Any ladies looking for someone to give them that extra special hairdo for a special night should be talking to her. She seems to get it right every time.

I got a chance to ask her a few questions about herself, her business and what hair secrets she was willing to spill. Read ahead to fall in love with a charming woman who works right in Royal Oak and is ready to make you look as pretty as she does.
HipInDetroit- When did you decide that you wanted to be a stylist? When did you start? 

Nahee- I decided that I wanted to be a hair stylist at the tender age of 16. I had modeled for a few hair shows and I fell in love with the idea of creative freedom with beauty. I started experimenting on my friends and myself. In the beginning it was an absolute hot mess! After a short time, I began to teach myself techniques with color and cuts. After high school, I enrolled into Cosmetology school and I've been licensed for about 5 years 

HipInDetroit- What is your favorite and least favorite part about your job? 

Nahee- My favorite part of my job is that I get to meet so many different types of people and learn new things from them. My clients bring me books and movies that I would never pick out for myself. And of course the GOSSIP! My least favorite part of my job is moving to a new salon. I have done this three times and I have lost a few clients over this. Some may not like the new salon, or want to stay faithful to their community businesses. 

HipInDetroit- I have seen you post some amazing pictures of up-do's and extensions, those seem to be your specialty. Tell us about that! 

Nahee- Honestly, when I first got into a salon, I didn't even offer up-do's! I hated doing them for so long, then I started working on Angela Mcbride’s (peaceluvspandex) fashion shows and came to realize that what I was doing was up-dos! Angela’s shows gave me the freedom to do anything I wanted. Weddings are a totally different thing though, and I love a good challenge. When women get up-do's, it is a total transformation and I love that. Hair extensions are one of my favorite services! And I personally wear them everyday. I love the fact that one day you'll have a bob and the next you'll be rocking mermaid hair. The one question that keeps coming up with my clients is, "Are they harmful to my natural hair?" And the technique that I use is 100% completely safe to your natural hair.
HipInDetroit- We love your hair! How often do you have to do your color to upkeep that perfect shade? 

Nahee- Oh, thank you! Of course I picked the most high maintenance color. I refresh my color every three weeks. 

HipInDetroit- You have worked on set and done hair for Real Detroit, even landed some cover work. Can you tell us a little about that? 

Nahee- The Real Detroit covers are always a treat! I love that I have complete freedom of the models, I never go into it with a plan. Joe Gall (photographer) always makes the day a blast. The last shoot for St. Patty's Day was one of my favorites because a few of my friends were there and we spent the day laughing and listening to some good tunes. I get so psyched when the paper comes out because not only is it a piece of art formed by a solid team, but so many people see it! I always grab myself a fat stack haha!
HipInDetroit- What advice would you give women when they are trying to tell a hairdresser what they want? Lots of women tell me that this is the hardest part of working with a stylist. 

Nahee- The first thing I ask during my consultation with a new client is, "What don't you want?" As a woman, I know what I don't like, but I don't really know what I do like. Most clients like to bring in a picture, but the model looks nothing like the client in my chair (skin color, face shape). So remember, we don't all look like Gisele. So try and pick a picture that is closest to your features, you will look better if the hair suits you, not a model.
HipInDetroit- What is your weirdest experience with a client? 

Nahee- Well, I can't say I've had any weird experiences with a client of mine. But in hair school I caught scabies from a customer. My boyfriend and a few friends caught it and it was an absolute nightmare. Of course for almost a month we had no idea what it was and thought we had dry skin and I went out and bought a lifetime supply of Aveeno lotion. I was so glad when that was over, and it's turned me into the biggest germaphobe. 

HipInDetroit- Any hair/beauty tips or secrets you would share with our readers? 

Nahee- My number one tip is DO NOT try and cut your bangs yourself :). I love dry shampoo, it allows you to go a few days without washing your hair (*please shower, though hah :P*) and it adds volume as well! Everyone wants that bouncy healthy hair, and a way to do this is to shampoo your roots only and then apply conditioner to only your ends then rinse. 

HipInDetroit- How can a client contact you? I assume once they see the great work you do, they will want you to do your magic on them! 

Nahee- A client can contact me through my salon or right through my Facebook page. I am here to answer any questions as well! 

HipInDetroit- We always ask, what are your favorite local bands, restaurants, venues, stores, hair salons, etc. Your favorite parts of Detroit basically? 

Nahee- I freaking love Korean food and when my Mom is unavailable, I head straight to Wasabi. They have the best bibimbap in the area! Sometimes if I don't feel like spending too much money I will go to Sammie's, it is a cute little dive Korean restaurant and they don't speak too much English, which is adorable.

I get into the biggest trouble once I step foot inside Incognito or Saffron! I love these shops because of their unique items. Also, they are a short distance away from my salon!

Bands- Wilson + Wireless G
And my favorite salon is Upstares Salon :) 

HipInDetroit- What does the future hold for Nahee? What do you hope to accomplish next? 

Nahee- I recently started school to be an elementary art teacher, but this doesn't mean that I want to switch careers. I needed a backup plan for when my back looks like Quasimodo's back from my job haha!

Contact this amazing lady @
Upstares Salon
321 S. Washington Ave
Royal Oak, Mi 48067
(248) 545-1790


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  1. When I was in high school, I came up to Michigan from Texas to visit family, and I ended up getting my hair cut with my cousin, Amy. Miss Nahee cut my hair; I went from middle of my back length to an incredibly short bob. I tell everyone that it was the best haircut I've ever gotten. I still keep it short (unfortunately it's not as cute as when Nahee did it!) almost 4 years later. Get your hair cut by her! You'll love it, I promise!