Monday, April 23, 2012

Detroit Has Award Shows Too!

It is always fun to imagine what will happen when you take a risk and put yourself out there. Starting this website was one of those “put yourself out there moments” for us. On good days, I dream about the shows that we get to cover and the people that we get to interview. On the bad days, I think about that bitch from high school watching me do an interview and judging me because I’m doing interviews instead of raising 2.5 kids like she is. I like myself more on the good days! (I’ll shank that high school hoe when i see her!).

But seriously, I was very excited when I learned that we would get to cover and attend our first Detroit Music Awards this year. Not only is this neat because it is literally a event dedicated to what we talk about most on our website, local music. But, it is also really cool simply because it's an awards show. I am one of those crazy people that had a Lady Gaga themed party the first year she was nominated for a Grammy. I will drive very far and stay up very late just to to watch an awards show with a group of friends. You know I have to judge those outfits with my friends (It's sad if you do it if you do it in a group (side note this may apply to other things too wink wink)).

One of the best things we have learned about this  award show so far, is that anyone who wants to come and buy a ticket can join in on the festivities. You may have to be involved with music to vote for the nominees, but not to come and watch the accolades be handed out! This means that you can join us and cheer on some local talent while we gossip about what everyone is wearing!

So here's the back story. The Detroit Music Awards were started in 1992 and the event was held at Detroit's Music Hall. It moved to The State Theatre when it was still called The State Theatre, before it was bought out by The Fillmore. In 1998 it merged with Metro Times and became the show that it is today. Past performers include Bob Seger, Eminem, George Clinton , Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. They give out awards in many categories including blues, jazz, country, gospel, rock/pop, hip-hop and electronic. To see a list of this year's nominees or to find out more about the show click here!

This year, we have a few favorites that we would like to see win, including FLASHCLASH for Best Live Performance, Miz Korona for Best Hip-Hop Artist and The Hard Lessons for Best Rock/Pop Artist/Group.We wish them all the best of luck!

So, if you would like to attend The Detroit Music Awards, it's pretty simple! The event is taking place at The Fillmore on April 27th. Doors are at 6 p.m. Tickets start as low as $20 and are available at the box office of The Fillmore or through Live Nation. In addition to the awards, there will be raffles of some great music memorabilia as well as performances by some of Detroit's finest! Sounds like it should be a pretty fun time for $20! Plus, proceeds from the Award Show go towards educational events and resources for local musicians. So it sounds like the $20 will not only show you a good time, but it will help others out. Seems like a win, win!

We can't wait to for April 27th and we hope to see a bunch of you guys there too!



  1. The DMAs are as far from a real award show as it gets. All you need to do to become a judge is pay the organization $ via their website. Also, since musicians don't submit copies of the music to the judges, typically judges will vote for categories full of music they've never heard.

    1. Wow - that is a TOTAL misconception, Steve. SO completely off-base that I won't even waste my online breath to answer it here. IF you want to learn the facts about the DMAs one person per vote voting process (there ARE no "judges"...and it is FREE to be a member, btw - please email me at and I will spend the time to explain. Until then - keep spreading the hate. p.s. Thanks for the GREAT article, H.I.D.!!! :) Kathy

    2. Bummer that you feel that way, Steve! I know we can't wait for the Awards and we're hoping to see some of our favorite Detroiters take home awards Friday night!

  2. Steve is right. Everyone who has been around the scene knows it. The awards are dominated by a handful of the same people year after year in many categories. It's highly political.