Sunday, July 31, 2016

Win Tickets to See The Gories at El Club

The Gories are Detroit garage rock legends. Mick Collins, Peggy O'Neill, and Danny Kroha started playing together in 1986, released their first album in 1989, and resurrected the band after a 17 year hiatus. Over the last few years they have put out a few new songs on Third Man Records and occasionally they will play around town. They don't perform live very often, but when they do it is an event.
© Jacob Blickenstaff - 2010

The Gories will be taking the stage at El Club this Friday, August 5th alongside Pretty Ghouls and Mexican Knives. Keep on Trash will also be DJ-ing throughout the night. If you like garage rock and want to experience this Detroit legend, you need to check out The Gories this Friday! This one will sell out so you need to get you tickets early. Tickets are $20 in advance and they can be purchased here

We also have one pair of tickets to give away to the show courtesy of Party Store Productions. If you would like to try your luck and enter to win a pair, please email your full name to with the subject line #gories. We will draw one lucky winner the day of the show and will email them details on how to claim their tickets.

Doors for the show open at 8 p.m. this Friday and all ages are welcome!


Belle Isle Art Fair

This Saturday and Sunday, August 6th and 7th,  Belle Isle will be hosting its first art fair. Over 80 vendors will  be setting up shop for the weekend in front of  the Scott Fountain. Vendors will be selling all kinds of different items, including paintings, jewelry, sculptures, photos and more. The DIA will be hosting a free art activity, the Michigan Renaissance Festival will be helping guest make free wands, and  there will be acoustic performers playing throughout the weekend.

The festival is free to attend and park at if you have a State Park Passport. If you do not, they can be purchased for $11 and they are good for the year. If you walk or ride onto the isle it is 100% free to attend the show. The art fair will run from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Sunday. For more info, head to


Win Tickets to Rock Out With Ratt, Warrant, L.A. Guns and More!

It's time to bust out the hairspray, cake on the stage makeup, and put on your tightest jeans because the 80s are coming to Detroit! Ratt, WarrantLita Ford, L.A. Guns, and Downtread are playing Chene Park this Saturday, August 6th. Chene Park is a great place to see a live show, especially an all out rock show like this one. If you haven't ever experienced a hair metal, glam metal, cock rock show in the flesh, we highly suggest you give it a shot! There is something about rock out that helps you let loose!

Tickets to get into the show are $26-$56 in advance and they can be purchased hereSeven Stone Management gave us a few pairs of tickets to send a few lucky readers to the show to rock out with the bands. If you would like to enter to win a pair, please email your full name to with the subject line #glam. We will draw a few winners on Friday and they will get to attend the show with a friend for free.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Album Review - Euphoria "Operation:Genesis"

From time to time we get asked to do album reviews. Actually it happens quite often. Although Sadie and I are both music lovers, we're not musicians. For that reason, I personally am not a fan or writing reviews. We don't break down riffs or drum beats or try to talk about things that we don't know much about. Instead, we tell you what we think of an album as a fan giving it a listen.

This June Euphoria released their debut album Operation: Genesis. Since I followed other projects by some of the guys in this band, I was anxious to give it a listen. Let me start by saying this album is METAL AS FUCK! And that is meant as the highest compliment I could give a metal band. These guys didn't hold anything back for their first release, they're setting the bar high right away with this album and showing fans everything they've got. The band includes Justin Kelter on Vocals, Bubba Colonna on Lead Guitar, Eric Lemmon on Rhythm Guitar, George Ford on Bass and Louie Badalament on Drums.To say that these guys have skills would be putting it very mildly.

Euphoria classifies themselves as a progressive thrash/death metal band. They created this band right around the beginning of the year and began writing music, releasing their first album within the six months of starting up. Operation: Genesis was recorded at Mount Doom Studios in Warren, Michigan, the same studio that many of your favorite Detroit metal bands like Golden Torso and Temple of Void have recorded at. According to drummer Louie Badalament, the album tells the story of "a superior race of beings from another dimension, creating Earth as an experiment to see if they could create a new race that surpasses their own. They failed with the dinosaurs, then took interest in primates. They altered the DNA of the primates and created human beings. After watching humanity go from progression to regression they decided to just end it all. In order to wipe out all life on earth they heated the earths core to implode the earth and the solar system surrounding us." The concept was created by the band's front man Kelter, with the rest of the band lending a hand in writing the music.

If you're a fan of metal then you definitely want to give this album a listen right away! Then, head over to the band's bandcamp to download it for $7. Hard copies of Operation: Genesis are also available on CD at Euphoria shows.

Euphoria will be heading out on the road at the beginning of August on a short tour, with stops in across the Midwest. After their tour, they will be hitting the stage in Hamtramck on Friday, August 26th. That night they're headlining at the New Dodge Lounge and re-releasing Operation: Genesis on cassette. The band will also be playing the album in full that night. So if you dig what you've heard, you will not want to miss this show! For more info on the show, click here. Make sure you also head over and give Euphoria a "like" on Facebook for updates on shows and what's next for this band.


Want to Make a Real Change? VOTE THIS TUESDAY!!!!

The world is focusing on the upcoming Presidential elections. Over the last two weeks the RNC and DNC both held their respective conventions and nominated their official candidates. Everyone is worried because their is a lot at risk in this election. Whoever wins the next presidency will represent us around the world and they will be nominating the next Supreme Court Justice, two very important reasons to take your vote seriously. But, did you know that the people who will actually be effecting your day to day life are all being voted on this Tuesday, August 2nd?

Everyone keeps asking how they can make a change and voting during the local primaries this Tuesday is one of the best ways to do it! First of all, you need to find out what issues you will be voting on in your area. If you live in Detroit proper, your ballot will include US Congress, US Senate, The Wayne County Prosecutor, The Wayne County Sheriff and more. If you live in Oakland County you will be voting for the Oakland County Prosecutor and Sheriff as well as other elected officials. You will also be voting on a mileage to help support the Detroit Zoo in the entire tri-county area. These people will make the changes that will directly effect your life over the next few years. In fact many would argue that what they do will be more important than what the President does.

So, it's time to do a little research and vote this Tuesday. If you want to vote there are few things you need to do. First, you need to find out if you are registered to vote by clicking here. Then, you need to find your voting location, you can do that by clicking here. Then, you need to find out what races and issues will be on your local ballot, you can do that by clicking here. Finally, do a little research on each candidate by clicking here.

These races aren't glamorized and talked about on the news everyday, but they will directly effect your life. If you want to make a real change in the word around you, take a minute do a little research and head out to vote this Tuesday. This is one of the most direct ways that you can make a real difference in the world around you and sadly most of us don't take advantage of it. It's time to make a real change, so get out there and VOTE!!!!!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Comedians Take the Stage at Small's to Help Bark Nation

This Friday head to Small's to laugh your butt off while helping out some pups! Your favorite corner bar in Hamtramck is hosting a Comedy Show and Bark Nation DACC Heartworm Fund Benefit that's being put on by the same people that bring you Ray & Laura's Comedy Showcase. The event will feature six comedians for the low cost of $5, which will go to Bark Nation.

Bark Nation is a 501c3 based out of Wixom, MI. The group's mission is to "bring the Canine American welfare community together to put an end to the over-populated, over-euthanizing, over-ignorant, under-educated practices of the nation that we live in". They help out shelters in the area, they advocate for victimized dogs, help with their medical and behavioral rehabilitation, help raise awareness in the community, hold free spay and neuter clinics, and even foster dogs. Their fosters, referred to as TeamZomo, include survivors of dog fighting as well as other "special souls". You can see adorable photos of their current and past rescues here. This specific benefit will help raise money to assist with the treatment and care of dogs with heartworm. Click here to learn more about the event.

The list of comedians performing on Friday night include Laura Witkowski, D'Anne Withkowski, Holly Schmolly, Ellen Stachowicz, Nicki Wright and Esther Nevarez. Doors will open at 8 p.m. and the show is set to kick off at 9 p.m. 21+ are welcome to attend.

If you would like to help out Bark Nation, but can't make it out to the show on Friday, there are some other ways you can give them a hand. They are always looking for volunteers to help with the dogs as well as people to help with fundraising events and efforts. You can also show your support by buying Bark Nation gear online here. Or, you can buy them items off their Amazon Wishlist. You can even just make a donation via PayPal or by shopping through Amazon Smile. For all of this information and more, just head over to!

Small's bar is located at 10339 Conant St. in Hamtramck. For information on this event and other upcoming events at Small's, head over to

Win Tickets to Hellmouth's Only Show of 2016

It's been a minute since Hellmouth has played a show. The band, featuring Jay Navarro, Justin Malek, Jeff Uberti and Alex Awn, used to play around town quite a bit, but now it has been about a year since we've heard from them. But, this weekend you have a chance to see them live and it's the only chance you'll have this year!

Black Iris Booking is bringing Hellmouth to the stage this Saturday, July 30th at The Majestic Cafe. Joining them for the night are Build and DestroyThin Skin and A Purple Cloud, who will be releasing their new album at this show. Since this is the only show that Hellmouth plans on playing in 2016, you definitely do not want to miss it! Admission is only $10 and tickets can be purchased in advance here.

Thanks to BIB, we are also giving away a pair of tickets to this show! If you would like to enter to win those tickets, please send your name to with #cultovhellmouth in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner on Saturday morning and they will be heading to the show with a friend for FREE!

Since this is Hellmouth's only show this year, there's a good chance it will sell out! So get your tickets now or get your name in the hat right away! If you're going to wait to pay at the door, make sure you get there early. Doors are set to open at 8 p.m. and all ages are welcome.


Win Free Tickets to Party with Cadaver Dogs, Bastardous, Red Stone Souls and Bronze Mambas!

This weekend those All American Party Animals from Ohio will be coming to town! Cadaver Dogs will be hitting the stage at The Old Miami in Detroit this Saturday, July 30th. Joining them on the bill are Detroit's own Bastardous, Red Stone Souls and Bronze Mambas.

You've probably seen Cadaver Dogs a time or two before. They played last year's Blackout BBQ, they've played here with Wilson quite a few times, and they played at Small's earlier this year. This band always brings the party and puts on an outrageous show! Get a feel for their music by listening to their latest release Too Much here and check out the music video for "Feel The Heat" below.

Admission to see this awesome lineup on Saturday is only $5 and doors are set to open at 9 p.m. We are also giving away a couple of pairs of tickets to this show! If you would like to enter to win a pair, just send your name to with Party in the subject line. We will draw two lucky winners the morning of the show and will send them details on how to claim their prize. 

The Old Miami is located at 3930 Cass Ave. in Detroit. This show is not for the kiddies, only those 21+ can get in to the party.


It's Time to Work On Your Fitness, Detroit!

We all work hard and working out is the last thing that we want to do after work. But, it is important to work out and stay active to live a long and healthy life. The hardest part about working out is starting, once you get going you won't regret it. So instead of making excuses, get out and try something new this summer. There are a million different ways to get into shape, including a bunch of free group classes at various Detroit city parks thought out the summer.

On Wednesdays, Cadillac Square Park hosts free fitness classes taught by some of Detroit's best trainers from 5:30-7:30 p.m. These classes focus on strength, endurance, and agility. On Thursdays, Cadillac Square hosts a free strength and cardio boot camp from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. The class is meant to help you break a sweat while building some muscle. On Saturday mornings, Campus Martius Park hosts a Beach Body workout class taught by Whitney Harrison at 10:30 a.m. and on Sundays Grand Circus Park hosts a free yoga class taught by the staff of Citizen Yoga Detroit from 4 - 5 p.m.
All you need to do to join a class it show up! All aforementioned classes are free to attend. All you need to do to be part of the fitness fun is show up 15 mins before the event to register and get ready to sweat!

To learn more about these free workout classes and other events in and around Campus Martius, visit the park's website here.

Half the battle is getting yourself to the workout, so get your ass up to Cadillac Park tonight and get to work!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meet Siamese

About two weeks ago Siamese sent over a unreleased copy of their new self titled EP, so I gave it a play. I waited a day and I gave it a second listen, I found myself repeating this behavior over and over throughout the last two weeks. The music is dark and catchy. It's electronic with lots of synth and great vocals. It makes me want to dance, cry, punch someone and celebrate at the same time. It's different. It's unexpected and it's refreshingly goth. The EP was released to the public on Monday, so you can check it out and judge for yourself.

The band will be celebrating the release of the new EP this Saturday, July 30th at The Loving Touch. We have never had the chance to talk to the band in the past, so I reached out and asked them to introduce themselves to our readers. Read our short interview with Johanna Champagne, Steve Thoel, Angie Kaiser and Joe Sausser to learn more about the band and head up to the LT this Saturday to catch the band live!

HID-Why did you choose to book your EP Release party at the Loving Touch?
JS- "They have a great sound system, and we’re always happy with the way things get mixed there for other shows we’ve seen as well."
Jo C- "The Loving Touch has great energy. Some of our favorite shows that we have played have been there. We are pretty comfortable there, and we know what to expect, so it made sense for us to have our release show there."

HID- Why did you ask Tart, Belterra and Wuxia to play?
"Tart & Belterra both put on exciting shows. We’ve played with Tart before and knew we wanted them to be a part of our release since then. We all saw Kelsey (Belterra) perform at the Hamtramck Music Festival, and loved the way his live show is performed with a mix of synths and guitar all on his own. It’s impressive. Wuxia is a new band formed from members of another band we’ve been hoping to play with for a while (Haunted House). We just heard the first official recordings from them, and it’s crazy good. Really looking forward to watching them."
Jo C- "Tart and Belterra are two of my favorite local bands. We know some of the members of Wuxia, and even though we hadn't heard them yet, we knew that they would be incredible. I just heard some of their stuff off bandcamp and my mind was blown. So, so good. We also wanted a bit of a theme for our show, so we were looking fordarker bands with an electronic feel."
AK- "We wanted to invite bands that have a similar sound to what we are doing. We are all big fans of each of the bands we invited to play our show."

HID- Where was the music video for "White Jacket" filmed?

JS- "We spent a weekend with the director (Dan DeMaggio) filming at a bunch of different spots. Some of it didn’t end up in the actual video so we’ve been using it for some other videos regarding the release show. The bulk of the White Jacket footage was actually shot in Dan’s attic space and
Jo’s house."

HID- Why did you choose this song to be the first song off the EP?
JS- "It was a tough choice. We didn’t agree on it for a while, but in the end we decided that this was the one that best encapsulated the mood of the whole EP."
Jo C- "I wanted to come out with a bang with one of our jumpier/dancier songs. This song is actually our newest one off the EP, and seems to be the direction we are heading with new material. I like aggressive music that you can dance to, and sometimes that is hard to find. So, I suppose, we are
writing what we want to listen to."
AK- "WJ is a great song with a lot of energy. Out of all of our songs, WJ just seemed like the one that should have a video associated with it. I also think it is a good representation of our overall sound."
ST- "White Jacket was the last song to be written for the EP. It's different in that we used more modern synth tones than we had used on some of the other songs. Those tones made the song much more aggressive. It took a while to balance the feel of the synths, guitars and live drums. But once it was finished, we realized that if we had to choose a song that represents what we are doing now, and the direction of new material, this is it."

HID- Where was the new EP recorded and who did you work with in the studio?
JS- "We recorded with Zach Shipps at his studio, Rancho Verde (RV audio lab). He’s seriously a master. Steve and I have recorded with him in two very different projects, and couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve gotten both times. He’s super helpful, accommodating, and patient as well as just being really good as both a sound engineer and producer."
ST- "Zach really helped us look at these songs under a different light. He kept reminding us that while we were making dancey, synth-based songs, we didn't have to be afraid of of adding some "dirt"."

HID- Where did the band name Siamese come from?
JS- "Hopefully Jo can answer this one. I joined the band after the name was chosen. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s about cats."
Jo C- "This band was formed originally from people who had worked together in other bands. So it seemed somewhat like a siamese twin band. Steve and I worked together in FUR, and Steve and Joe are also members of The Savage Seven. Lately, though, I have been thinking of the name to more mean two sides of the same person... Having opposing emotions/opinions about something."

HID-What local bands have you been listening to?
JS- "Aside from the bands playing our release, I listen to Against the Grain a lot. Those dudes rip. Arc Pelt just put out 3 songs that blew my mind. The new Fawnn record is great!"
Jo C- "Arc Pelt is incredible, they are brand new. I'm a huge huge huge fan of Alexis out of Grand Rapids... that has to be one of my favorite local-ish bands of all time. I also honestly love the bands playing our show, and I'm not just saying that - it's why we asked them."
AK- "Arc Pelt, Tart, The Messenger Birds."
ST- "Dear Darkness, Market, Wuxia's demo on repeat."

HID- What's next for the band?
Jo C- "We are looking to start playing more shows in the area, and putting together a small tour in the near future."

Doors for the show open at 8 p.m. this Saturday and cover is only $5 at the door. Put on your dancing shoes and support local music this weekend! 


Monday, July 25, 2016

Win Tickets to Seraphine Collective's BFF Fest

BFF Fest (Best Friends Forever Fest) is celebrating its third year this weekend at El Club in Detroit. The three day event features a diverse lineup of live music alongside community building events and workshops. The fest's goal is to build a stronger more supportive and diverse cultural scene to Detroit "by prioritizing the participation of women, people of color and LGBTQA performers."

This year's lineup includes a vast array of talent from all walks of life. Friday night will feature performances by Protomartyr, Casual Sweetheart, BEVLOVE, AM People, DJs Vanessa + Katrina and Amy Dreamcatcher. Saturday's music lineup includes Stacey Hotwaxx HaleMother CyborgWhite Mystery (Chicago) , Britney StoneyDeadbeat BeatStef Chura, Bonny Doon, Deidre D.S.SENSE Smith, Best Exes, Autumn Nicole, Jes Kramer, Junk Food Junkies, Fox Face (Milwaukee) , Alexia Avina (Montreal), MagicPerm (Montreal), The Free Bleeders and Wraiths. On Sunday the fest will feature DJ sets by Stacks, Baby Whisper, Beige, Hanny  and Starbellah.  

In addition to live music the festival will feature an art show on Friday, 5 different workshops on Saturday on a variety of topics, including Holla’d At? Hollaback!: How to End Street Harassment in Detroit, and a brunch and clothing swap on Sunday.

Tickets for the show are $12 - $14 a day in advance with some $20 weekend passes available for purchase here (there is a limited number!).  

BFF Fest is a safe space created by the Seraphine Collective, a very cool grassroots feminist group in Detroit that is encouraging change and awareness in our community. To learn more about the Seraphine Collective and what they are doing visit their website here

The Collective will also be accepting donations for Alternatives for Women. If you would like to donate, they will be accepting bras (all sizes), women’s socks (all sizes), hygiene items (travel and full-sized), gift cards (Target, Meijer, Bath & Body Works, Michael’s, Joann Fabrics, Movies), craft supplies (like colored pencils, crayons, and construction paper), or healthy snacks (like crackers, fruit cups, and granola bars). 

To enter to win a pair of weekend passes to this great event courtesy of Party Store Productions (another company run by a powerful woman) please email your full name to with BFF in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner Friday morning and they will get a pair of passes to share with a friend this weekend.  

Shout out to Seraphine Collective and Party Store for putting on such a cool, all inclusive, all ages event!


Watch "The Force Awakens" Under the Stars in Detroit

Calling all Star Wars fans! This week you have the chance to watch the latest Star Wars movie under the stars in Detroit. New Center Park in Detroit will be showing Episode VII: The Force Awakens this Wednesday, July 27th as part of their ongoing Wednesday Night Movies in the park series.

For those of you that don't know, New Center Park is a park featuring an open air theatre in the heart of Detroit's New Center area. Movie goers are invited to bring a blanket or chair and come watch movies for free at this beautiful park. The gates open at 8 p.m. on movie nights and the film will start at sun down, between 9 and 9:30 p.m. The park also features a bar and grill with soft drinks, adult beverages, and everything from candy to hamburgers. Since there is food served on site and the movie is free, the park asks that you please do not bring outside food and beverages in with you. Instead, support the park and their great events by making a purchase from the bar & grill.

New Center Park shows movies every Wednesday and Friday throughout the summer. In case of inclement weather, keep an eye on the park's Facebook page to find out if the show will still go on. New Center Park is located at the corner of Second Avenue and West Grand Blvd. For more info on New Center Park's movie nights and to find out about other events coming to the park, click here.


Win Tickets to See Rival Summers at The Loving Touch

Rival Summers has been playing music around town for the last eight years. The band has recorded two EPs and two full length albums, the latest of which was released in early July. It is called Undeniable. The band has also had a lot of  lineup changes throughout the years, including announcing a fresh start right after the album's release. Sam announced that he would be leaving the band and Leo would be stepping up to take the reigns once again. Leo announced the lineup changes on the band's blog and promised us that he is ready to take on a new chapter.

Leo is really hoping that a lot of you come out to the show. In fact, I saw him walking around Ferndale flyering in the middle of the day last week to make sure that all of you come out. So do us a favor and mark your calenders for the show. If you haven't seen Rival Summers before this is your chance, the music is catchy and fun to listen to.

In celebration of the new album and the lineup changes, Rival Summers will be returning to Ferndale, the place where it all started, this Friday, July 29th. The band will be performing alongside friends Ellis, The True Blue, and Shiny • Penny. Tickets to get into the show are $10 in advance and they can be purchased here.

We also have a pair of tickets to give away to the show courtesy of our friends at Fusion Shows. If you would like to enter to win tickets, please email your full name to with the subject line #rivalsummers. We will draw one lucky winner on Friday and they will get to attend the show for FREE.

Cheers to the next chapter of Rival Summers! We have a feeling it will be the best one yet! 


Friday, July 22, 2016

Check Out New Music from Jimmy Vee

If you're a fan of Reuther or Seized Up, chances are that you know who Jimmy Vee is. If not, he's a tall skinny guy that's a great musician with a great voice. Outside of playing in some awesome bands, he also has been doing his own thing for awhile now. Earlier this year he played at Detroit's Acoustic Revival and he has opened up for bands like Due North and Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners.

If you haven't checked Jimmy out yet, now's the time to! He just released two brand new tracks on his bandcamp, which you can also download for free. The songs were recorded with Chuck Huber at Drifting Sun Studios. Give them a listen below.

Right now, it doesn't look like Jimmy Vee has any shows lined up, but we'll definitely let you know when he does. In the meantime, make sure you head over and give him a "like" on Facebook for updates on new music and to find out when you can see him live and in person. 


Celebrate 4 Years of Found Sound

This Saturday, July 23rd Found Sound is throwing a party! It has been four years since this amazing record store opened its doors in Ferndale. In honor of their anniversary they are throwing another one of their awesome free shows!

The lineup for this Saturday includes Sros Lords and Pink Lightning. It has been a minute since we've all heard from Pink Lightning, but over the last few months they started playing shows again. They also debuted a new lineup which you may have seen at Corktown Strut a couple of weeks ago. They always put on a great show, as does Sros Lords. This is a great opportunity to see both in one place. Plus, it's free! You can't really beat that!

Doors are set to open at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sros Lords will kick things off at 9 p.m. Found Sound is located at 234 W. 9 Mile in Ferndale.

Happy Anniversary, Found Sound! Here's to many more!


The 2016 Michigan Glass Project

For the fifth year The Michigan Glass Project Main Event will be returning to Detroit to unite the artistic glass community. This year's main event will feature live glass blowing, live painting, music , food, drinks and more! The three day event will take place at The Russell Industrial Center located at 1600 Clay St. Detroit, MI 48211.

This year's musical lineup includes Dj Dez, Matt Clarke, Dj Rec, Frank Raines, Brad Hales, Crate Digga, Eastside Jon, Erno the Inferno, Walter Glasshouse, Ranking Gimp, Moppy, Jefferson, Jin Son, l Wonder, Rex Bravo, K@dog, ian Lukacs, Brian Borsa, Darren Long, Covered in Cookies, Kwo, Flaquito Hernandez, Dj Soul Power, Stica, DJ 100% Halal Meat, The Movers and Glasfabrik.

This year's painters include Fel 3000, Ron Zakrin, Phyber, Seks, Tead Nasty, RAWR, Sydney James
ARMY, Kobie Solomon, Frances AlbatrossSteve AllenAlyssa TrimmerTravis SafaroGeoff SimmonsPauly Everett, Stephen WellsMatt HutfloetzDoug JonesDylan Wallace,  and Nicole Grubbs.

The weekend will also feature over 50 vendors selling everything from flowers to tee shirts. The main event runs from 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. on Sunday. There are also after parties both nights. Tickets range from $15 a day to $25 for a weekend pass, to find out more about the after parties and tickets click here.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Win Tickets to See Mothers at El Club

This weekend Anthens based Mothers will be making their way to Detroit. The band is currently on tour hitting up some festivals and doing a few Midwest dates before they head over to the UK and Europe. Then, this fall, they will be heading out on tour with Band of Skulls. All of this touring is in support of their latest album When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired. The album was released earlier this year and the band is releasing a deluxe version of it at the end of July, which will feature 4 bonus tracks. Check out one of those songs, "Easy As Possible", below.

Mothers will be hitting the stage at El Club in Detroit this Sunday, July 24th. Joining them for the evening are Swear Beam and Stef. Tickets are $10 in advance here or $12 at the door. This is another great show brought to you by Party Store Productions! Thanks to Virginia at PSP, we are also giving away a pair of tickets to this show. If you would like to enter to win those tickets, please send your name to with Mothers in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner on Sunday morning and will send them details on how to claim their prize.

Doors are set to open at 9 p.m. on Sunday. El Club is located at 4114 W. Vernor Highway in Detroit.


Labatt Blue Brings First-Ever Undomesticated Summer Games to Detroit’s Belle Isle

This Saturday, July 23rd 450 people from across Michigan will be competing for a chance to become team legend at the Labatt Undomesticated Games. There will be five different events that participants will be competing in. First, there is human bowling where participants will turn themselves into a human bowling bowl and hurl themselves at the pins to see how many they can knock down. Next, there is an over sized slingshot where teams will take aim at a variety of targets using a human sized slingshot. The day will also feature Keg o War where teams will have to move four large full kegs to the finish line using only their strength and wit.
All of the teams will have six participants, including two females per team. The games will take place at Belle Isle at 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. this Saturday. Fans are welcome to come out to "watch the games, enjoy music, backyard games, food, prizes and ice cold Labatt Blue throughout the day". Detroit is one of the five cities that was chosen to host a undomesticated summer games event.


TONIGHT! Come One Come All to a Beautiful Show

In 2014 Detroit singer/songwriter Britney Stoney was named a Kresge award winner. In 2015 she debuted a musical that she wrote and produced during her fellowship called Save Yourself, the Musical. The show was well received by audiences which inspired Britney to find a way to perform it again for a wider audience.

Britney has teamed up with a group of hand picked Detroit artists to put on a FREE live performance of the show in Grand Circus Park tonight at 7:30 p.m. sharp. The musical "looks into one creative person’s journey to discover the “Self.” Combining audio and visual, the audience explores the perspective of an emerging artist". The event is kid friendly and all are welcome to attend.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Win Tickets to Undesirable People's 7" Release Show and a Copy of the New Album

This Saturday, July 23rd Undesirable People will be releasing a new 7" album at The Sanctuary in Detroit. The album is being released on Head2Wall Records, you'll be able to check it out here. The band is about to head out on a mini tour in support of the new album, with stops in Saginaw, Toronto, Chicago, and Detroit will be in the middle of it all. To get a feel for Undesirable People's sound, check out their new music video for the song "All We Want Is A Proper Burial" below. The video was directed by our friend Raymond Rivard, who has also done videos for Wilson and is the guy behind those Blake's Hard Cider videos that we all love so much.

Although this is a release show for Undesirable People, it's the last show that the band will be playing in the area for awhile. Joining them for the evening are Destroy This PlaceTypesetter, The Cardboard Swords and Bong Mountain. Cover is $10 at the door, which will also get you a copy of the 7". If you don't want the new album (for some crazy reason), it will only cost you $8. But get the album. We're sure you'll love it.

Another way you can get in the door and get the album for free is by emailing us at! Thanks to the guys in Undesirable People, we are giving away a pair of tickets to the show and once you're in the door you can stop by the merch booth to pick up your record. If you'd like to enter, just send your name to the email address above with UP in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner the morning of the show and will send them details on how to claim their prize.

All ages are welcome to attend this show. The Sanctuary is located at 1501 E. Outer Drive in Detroit. For more details, click here.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Celebrate Two Years At The Wright and Company Anniversary Party

If you're looking for a great place to take a date for an extra special night of good food and good drinks, look no further than the Wright & Company two year anniversary party this Thursday, July 21st. Wright & Company is hosting a very special dinner in celebration of their anniversary. The meal is open to ticket holders only and will include a variety of passed appetizers and wine. The menu for the night includes crisp gulf shrimp, sweet soy Thai chili sause, micro cilantro sriracha chicken skewers, Chinese mustard, fresh scallions, pork belly sliders, tomato jam, arugula, brioche roll, paella arancini, shakshaku sauce, saffron aioli, chives, brutta crostini, heirloom tomatoes, basil pesto, Parmesan Maine crab toast, gremolata aiolo, pickled melons. micro basil roasted beets, cucumbers, spiced yogurt, candied walnuts and a plated appetizer that features potato chips, white cheddar, marinated tomatoes and smoked bacon. A variety of all the great things that Wright and Company has to offer.
Photo Credit: @ashieldsphoto
Tickets to attend the party are $35 and can be purchased in advance here. The event runs from 4 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. This would be a great place to take a date or a foodie. Cheers to two years Wright & Company, we hope you have many many more!


Win Tickets to See The Infatuations with The Tower of Power and Sheila E!!!!

Sheila E. is an "American singer, drummer, and percussionist whose notable collaborators include Billy Cobham, Lionel Richie, George Duke, Ringo Starr, Gloria Estefan,Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Hans Zimmer, and Kanye West". But, she is mostly known for her work with Prince. Legend has it that when Prince met Sheila, there were sparks and he had to work with her. She famously helped him write and record Purple Rain, you can even hear her in the background on "Lets Go Crazy". Prince and Sheila remained friends throughout his life, even though she stopped officially working with him in the late 80s. She recently released a track in memoriam to her friend, it is called "Girl Meets Boy" and you can check it out here.

You can see her perform the song live along with the rest of her hits at Chene Park this Friday, July 22nd. She is taking the stage alongside The Tower of Power and the Detroit born band The Infatuations. If you're not familiar with The Infatuations, you mus go here and download their new album Monster for FREE! You will not be disappointed!
All three acts are worth seeing on their own, but this Friday you can check them all out together. Tickets to get into the show range from $25-$75 and they can be purchased here. We also have a pair of spots on the guest list thanks to The Infatuations! They have given us the opportunity to get one lucky reader and a friend into the show for free. If you are a Prince fan you have to see Sheila E.! He thought she was the bees knees and when you watch her perform, you will see why.

If you would like to enter to win a spot on the guest list, please email your full name to with the subject line #purple. We will draw one lucky person the day of the show and they will get in with a guest for free courtesy of The Infatuation and!  


Win Tickets to See Japanese Breakfast at UFO Factory this Thursday

This Thursday, July 21st Party Store Productions is bringing Japanese Breakfast, don't and Double Winter to the stage at UFO Factory. Another week, another set of amazing shows booked by none other than Virginia Benson.

Japanese Breakfast is the solo project of Michelle Zauner. Her brand of experimental pop is catchy as hell and fun to listen to. You can check out some of her tunes here. You can also check out her latest music video for the song "Jane Cum" below. It's so great to see all these powerful female artist coming through town!

Tickets to attend the show are $8 - $10 in advance and they can be purchased online here. You can also win a pair of tickets by emailing your full name to with the subject line #JB. We will draw one lucky winner this Thursday morning and give them details on how to claim their prize. Doors for the show open at 9 p.m. this Thursday and and 18+ are welcome to attend and enter!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Pokémon Go Events in the Metro Detroit Area

It seems like all of the cool kids are playing Pokémon Go these days! In case you've been living under a rock, it's a cool new app that uses your phone to show you Pokémon throughout the streets. You've gotta catch 'em all and there are even Poké Stops, Gyms and more. The game encourages you to get out in the streets and make stops at local landmarks and businesses.

Since I don't play Pokémon Go, I'm probably leaving A LOT of details out. But, what I can tell you is that it sounds like a lot of fun and the streets have been filled with people staring at their phones looking for Pikachu, Bulbasaur and more! It is such a hit that people are meeting up at bars, meeting new friends in the streets, and places are even making events based on Pokémon Go. So, we wanted to let you know about a few Pokémon Go events that we came across that sound pretty cool.

The first two events are happening this Thursday, July 21st. In Ferndale, The Loving Touch is hosting a meetup where you can, "Meet your teammates, learn tips, share strategies, discover other local trainers, and much more". All ages are welcome to attend and the event is free. The bar is asking that you please wear your team color so teammates can find you easily. The meetup starts at 7 p.m.

On the same night, you can head out to Mt. Clemens for a Pokémon Go Food Truck Rally! The food trucks will gather in the parking lot of St. Peter's, at Pine St. and New St. Some of the trucks that will be on site include Hero Or Villain Van, Detroit BBQ Company, GoCheez and Detroit Mini Donut. A lure module will be provided, showing all of the stops in the area and local businesses will be doing giveaways throughout the evening. The rally is set to start at 7:30 p.m. and will run until 11:30 p.m.

Then, on Monday, July 25th there will be a Pokémon Go bar crawl through the streets of Detroit. A group will be meeting at Checker Bar at 6 p.m., will walk the streets catching Pokémon, and will grab food and drinks along the way. The crawl will end with games at Checker Bar around 9 p.m. For more info, click here.

If you know about any other Pokémon Go events happening around town, please comment and let us know! We're sure there are plenty of people out there that are looking for more chances to meet up with other trainers and catch some Pokémon!


Help B. Nektar Raise Money For the Victims and Families of the Orlando Attack

There has been a lot of hate and sadness in our news feeds the last few months. The shooting in Orlando shocked all of us and broke our hearts.  It is hard to see such a massive attack carried out against our LBGTQ brothers and sisters on our own soil.

Forty nine lives were lost in Orlando on June 12th. Forty nine people who were just hanging out, dancing and having some drinks were killed for their sexual orientation. There is nothing we can do to replace those lives, but there is one good thing to come out of all of this. We have the chance to come together and make a change. We have the opportunity to take a stand against violence, especially violence that is targeted at one particular group of people. Part of coming together is raising money and awareness. Awareness for LBGTQ rights and the bigotry that they face on a daily basis and money for the families of the victims who lost their lives in this attack.

B.NeKtar Meadery in Ferndale is hosting a fundraiser this Tuesday, July 19th to raise money for the victims and survivors of the June 12th attack. The Meadery has joined forces with Ferndale Friends and Affirmations in Ferndale for this event. 50% of proceeds and all tips will be donated to the victims and families.

The fundraiser starts at 5 p.m. tomorrow and run through 10 p.m. B.Nektar Meadery is located at 1511 Jarvis in Ferndale, MI. Stop by after work, grab a drink, and show your support for the LBGT community and the victims of the Orlando attacks.


Friday, July 15, 2016

Bands Take Over the City for Crash Detroit

Are you a fan of the Detroit Party Marching Band? If so, then this is an event you won't want to miss! Crash Detroit will bring together street bands and marching bands from throughout the county for two awesome days of music.

The first night, Friday, July 15th, the bands will "Crash" bars and businesses throughout the city. Between 8 and 11 p.m. bands will show up and play at places like Two James and even the Tigers game. Here's the full list of who will be playing where.

Bands: The Party Band // Dead Music Capital // Bitch, Thunder!
Locations: Nancy Whiskey, Two James, Mercury Burger Bar, McShane's, 
PJ's Lager House (good chance!), Batch Brewing

Bands: Bitch, Thunder! // Black Sheep Ensemble
Locations: Motor City Brewing Works, Jumbos, Plato Beer, Canfield Street, Circa 1890 Saloon

Bands: Environmental Encroachment // Jefferson Street Parade Band
Locations: Cliff Bells (if there is not a competing performance), Park Bar, 
Tigers Game, Greektown area, Campus Martius

After a night of crashing bars, the main event will happen at Roosevelt Park on Saturday, July 16th. There, over 20 bands will play throughout the day under two tents. Admission to the show at the park is free and the music is set to start at 2 p.m. Roosevelt Park is located right in front of the train station in Corktown at 2200 Michigan Ave. The party will go all day until 10 p.m. Check out the full schedule of bands below. 

High in July Art Fair at Kelly's Bar

This Saturday, July 16th spend the day outside in Kelly's backyard! The Hamtramck bar will have art, a rummage sale, BBQ and live music throughout the day for their High in July Art Fair. Pieces from local artists will fill the fence and the walls of the bar and will be available for purchase throughout the day. There will also be vendors selling everything from vintage clothes to cool stuff they found in their basement. While you shop there will be great music throughout the day from 16 acts. The lineup for the day includes Eric Allen, Jay Clark Reid, Dark Red, SLO, Primitiv Parts, Drinkard Sisters, Jenny Junior & Jackie Rainsticks, Diamond Hens, Sugarcoats, Craig Brown Band, Kelly Jean Caldwell, Staffers (DC), Navy Gangs (NY), Uniform Opr. (Buffalo), Blackout Lion and Isles of ESP. 

The party starts at 1 p.m. and will go until the bar closes at 2 a.m. At 10 most of the party will move inside, with the last band of the night set to go on at 12:25. Admission is only $5, but make sure you bring some money to buy some art and cool stuff from the rummage sale! 


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mo Pop Brings Matt & Kim, Shakey Graves, Fidlar and More to Detroit

It's summer in the city which means one thing, festivals!!!! Movement has come and gone and Dirt Fest is still  a few weeks away, but Mo Pop is right around the corner!

Mo Pop is a 2 day festival in the heart of Detroit that has a killer musical lineup, a great lineup of food choices, and a bunch of really cool shops and activities to try throughout the day! First, we can talk about the music. Then we can talk about the food, and finally will talk about all the random fun that you can get into at the festival.

This year's festival will feature two stages, the Fender Stage and The Grande stage. Saturday, the Fender Stage will feature Tunde Olaniran, Quilt, Coast Modern, Twin Peaks, Borns, and Haim. The Grande stage will feature Panama Wedding, Bishop Briggs, Fidlar, Glass Animals and G-Eaxy. Sunday, the Fender Stage will feature The Greeting Committee, Lewis Del Mar, Raury, Kaleo, Shakey Graves, Father John Misty, and The Head & The Heart. The Grande stage will feature Banners, Nothing But Thieves, Mac Demarco, Matt & Kim, and M83. There will be live  music playing from 12:45 p.m. 'til 11p.m. both days!

This year's Food Truck Rally Alley will feature delicious treats from Detroit 75 Kitchen, Concrete Cuisine, Andiamo, Chicken Coupe, Dago Joes, Delectabowl , El Guapo, Go! Sy Thai, Hero or Villain,  Island Noodles, Living Foods to Go, Lod Dos Amigos, Mac Shack, The Mean Weenie, Rollin Stone, The Rolling Stoves, Shimmy Shack, Slows BBQ, The Pita Post, The Twisted Mitten, Treat Dreams, Bear Claw Coffee, and Mercurio Foods Chicken Truck.

Finally, there will be a lot to do throughout the day. There will be a craft bazaar that will feature vendors like All Things Grown, Aromaholic, Arthur's Plaid Pants, Blackenedruby, Burton And Levy, Courtney Fischer Jewelry, Gingerly Made, Glass Action, Handmade Detroit, Hooray Forever, Humbleebee Family Farm, Jodi Lynn's Emporium of Doodles, Mended, Reware Vintage, Re-Zip It, and Spazz Happy Line Design.

You can take a turn at vandalizing the PBR van or making your mark on the InkAddict wall. You can create your own record at the PBR record pressing station and play darts with the Detroit Dart Club. And you might be able to meet one of your favorite artists at the signings that will be announced the day of the show! There is also a beer tent with a variety of great beers and you can play an arcade game inside an air conditioned tent.

Mo Pop offers a lot more than music. They offer an experience to their guests. Tickets to attend the show are $89.50 a day for regular admission and $199.99 a day for VIP. You can buy weekend general admission passes for $125.00 and $249.00 for VIP.  You can also win a pair of tickets from us! AEG Live was nice enough to give us two pairs of tickets for both days of the show! To enter to win a pair of tickets to the show, you can email your full name to with your address. We will be mailing a pair of tickets to four lucky people first thing Monday morning so that they will have them before the show.

Mo Pop takes place in, West Riverfront Park, located along West Jefferson Avenue between Rosa Parks Boulevard and Joe Louis Arena.


Head North This Weekend to See Wilson, Flint Eastwood, and More!

If you're looking to get out of town for a day or two this weekend, you might want to head north on 94 to Port Huron. We don't normally encourage people to leave the city or promote events this far outside of Metro Detroit, but what the heck? This weekend Port Huron has a festival featuring so many Detroiters we felt like you need to know about it! Plus, who doesn't like a little road trip in the summer?

This Thursday, July 14th through Saturday, July 16th, The Blue Water Fest will be taking place in Port Huron, Michigan. This festival features fireworks, a lighted boat parade, a carnival, and a whole lot of music! The lineup of musicians participating in this year's festival is pretty amazing! There will be 3 stages at the fest and scheduled acts include Wilson, Olivia Millerschin, Flint Eastwood, Boudoir Noir, The Guess Who, The Gasoline Gypsies, Stone Clover, Mountain Babies, Nina & The Buffalo Riders, Kaleido, The Native Howl and many more. Check out the full schedule here. Wilson will be headlining Thursday night and Flint Eastwood is the headliner for Friday, with all of these other great acts and many more playing throughout the day and into the night.

The Blue Water Fest kicks off at 3 p.m. on Thursday and the hours are as follows: Thursday, 3-11 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m.- 1 a.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. As always, admission to the festival is free. There will be great food available for purchase at the Taste of Port Huron and a Beer Oasis Tent brought to you by Bells Brewery. For everything you need to know about the fest, directions to the event, and the full schedule of events, head over to


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Win Tickets to See Garbage at The Fillmore

During the mid '90s Garbage hit the scene and took the world by storm with singles like "I'm Only Happy When It Rains", "Stupid Girl" and "Queer". They are one of the quintessential bands of the 90s and alternative music as a whole. Over the past two decades they have put out eight albums with the latest, Strange Little Birds, being released earlier this year.

Now the band is on tour in support of the album and will be hitting the stage at The Fillmore in Detroit this Saturday, July 16th. If you've never seen this band live, they are definitely a must see! Front woman Shirley Manson has an amazing voice and an incredible stage presence. Judging by the last few times they came to town, Garbage will play all of their hits as well as some of their new tunes. Get a feel for that new album with the music video for "Empty".

If you want to see this iconic band live, tickets are still available. They start at $29.50 and can be purchased online here. Thanks to our friends at Live Nation Detroit we are also giving away a pair of tickets to this show! If you would like to enter to win those tickets, please send your name to with Garbage in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner this Friday and will send them details on how to claim their prize. 

Garbage will be joined on Saturday by Kristin Kontrol. All ages are welcome to attend this show and doors are set to open at 7 p.m.