Monday, April 30, 2012

Replicas! Tuesday! Be There!

Tuesday night you should head out to The Magic Stick for what will be a very fun show! The headliner is Frankie Rose, whom I have never heard of. I was going to say I've never heard of him, but then I headed over to The Stick's site and saw that Frankie is a her, not a him. So...that shows what I know. This is a Black Iris show though. With that being said, you know it will be good! Those girls never disappoint!

Despite not knowing the headliner, I am pretty stoked for this show because of the opener, Replicas. This band is truly a hidden gem in the Detroit music scene. They don't play too many shows, so not too many people know about them. But, they have actually been around for a few years now. The band is headed up by lead singer Michael Shalast, backed up by Chris Housholder on bass, Carlos Ruiz on guitar and Shaun Rogan Collins on drums. (As a side note, Chris has been my favorite bartender since I started drinking at bars.)  Replicas are a good mix of 80's, electronic beats and punk rock. Their music is mellow at some points, but it makes you want to dance at the same time. Then, at other points, their songs get you super pumped and pissed! How can all of that be incorporated into one band? I'm not quite sure, but these guys pull it off!

Replicas are set to hit the stage first tomorrow, but the show isn't 'til 8. So you should have plenty of time to make it down after work. It's only $8 if you buy tickets in advance and $10 if you pay at the door. Here's a video I tracked down of them playing at The Magic Stick for the DFiant party a couple of years ago.

If you haven't heard enough of Replicas and you would like to be really entertained, check out the videos from when they played on The Spotlight (a cable TV show that I co-produce over at TV Warren) a couple of years ago! There are 3 songs, but here is my favorite of the 3!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

So Many Panthers!

We got a chance to go see Running With Panthers open up for Steel Panther the other night, and boy was it a party! It was kind of a strange crowd, though...despite both bands having 'panther' in their name, you could definitely tell who was there for Running With Panthers and who was there for Steel Panther. The Steel Panther crowd was interesting to say the least. I saw more 50 year old and up men wearing tight zebra print pants and huge blonde wigs than I was prepared for. 
Running With Panthers rocked, though! And it was great to see Drew on stage and having fun! Check out our interview with the funny guys:


Friday, April 27, 2012

Only Jason Segel Would Eat A 'Taxi Burger' In Michigan

I don't know about everyone else, but we here at Hip In Detroit think it's totally awesome how many big movies are coming out of Michigan lately. When some of them were here filming, we ventured downtown to see the sets and what was going on and it just made us anxious to see all the movies! Unfortunately, not as many are filming here lately, but we still have the actual movies to look forward to!

Today, one of these movies is coming out. The Five-Year Engagement stars Emily Blunt and Jason Segel, who also co-wrote it. It actually looks pretty damn funny. It's about how a couple, Tom (Segel) and Violet (Blunt), get engaged and think everything is going to go perfectly. Things start to go wrong when Violet gets offered her dream job at the University of Michigan, so they move to Michigan, which means postponing the wedding. In Michigan, Tom gets a job at Zingerman's Deli! They run into comical problems along the way and keep postponing the date.

This looks like a pretty good comedy, for girls AND guys! If you don't believe me, check out the trailer:
I think everyone here in Michigan can relate to that whole falling into a snow pile that turns out to be a fire hydrant thing even if we didn't get much of that this past winter. 

I've always loved Jason Segel, mainly because of his portrayal of Marshall on How I Met Your Mother and for his love of The Muppets (even if I am scared to watch the movie because I'm worried it will suck). But he just keeps getting better. The other night he raved about his time filming in Michigan on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as a charming anecdote about dropping a delicious burger all over a taxi floor in Ann Arbor, then eating it. We are talking taxis that drive drunk, puking college kids home. Enjoy:

The Five Year Engagement will be playing all major theatres starting today, April 27. Check your local listings and let us know what you thought of it!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Watch Out! More HandGrenades Coming At Ya!

This Saturday, at Magnetic Recording, come check out The HandGrenades, (see our past article about them here), Tin Tin Can, Mick Basset, The Crooks, and The Good Things at Magnetic Recording in Pontiac. Doors are at 9 p.m. and the lineup is Mick Bassett at 9:30, The Crooks at 10, The Good Things at 10:45, Tin Tin Can at 11:30 and The HandGrenades at 12:15.
Hope to see you all there! We will be doing an exclusive video interview before the show, and then will be there mingling and handing out stickers and love! Please come party and say hello! Also, check out our interview about the studio and venue here. I bet it will make you even more intrigued by this hip spot. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm sorry we are a little behind on this, but this week is Detroit Restaurant Week. It started April 20 and is going on until April 29, so don't worry, you still have plenty of time to go try some tasty Detroit food! And when better to do so than the weekend?
For $28 a person, you can try any of the 21 participating restaurants. This price does not include tax, drinks or gratuity, so don't forget to tip your server! You do not need reservations, but they are highly recommended, and you can do so on some of the restaurant pages within the Detroit Restaurant Week website.

There are some restaurants on the list, like La Dolce Vita, that I have been dying to try, as well as some classics, like Roma Cafe. I will definitely be making an effort to get my butt down to Detroit by the 29th and try at least one of these awesome local restaurants! I love trying new, delicious food!


The Swedes are Coming! The Swedes are Coming!

As you may or may not know, we had the pleasure of seeing Refused this past weekend in NYC! When we booked the trip, we had no idea that they would be visiting our great city this summer. However, as we told you, they will be making a stop at Royal Oak Music Theatre on July 25th! And surprisingly this is one of the only US dates that hasn't sold out yet! We're really not sure how it isn't sold out and after seeing the show over the weekend, we're REALLY NOT SURE how this show is not sold out. It was amazing, to say the least.

One thing that had me down at the NYC show was that the openers weren't as good as the San Fransisco shows. San Fran had the pleasure of also seeing two of my all time favorites... The Bronx and The Hives! When my friends heard that line up, they said it was like the show was made for me! I tried my hardest, but couldn't score those tickets. However, I guess someone was looking out for my pockets because The Hives just announced that they too will be making their way to the Detroit area this summer!!! They will be playing on June 27th at Clutch Cargos in Pontiac. Pre-Sale is at 10 a.m. Thursday morning and regular sale is at 10 a.m. on Friday! So many Swedes in so little time!

The Hives are touring in support of their new album, Lex Hives, set to be released on June 5th. The band has already played some U.S. dates, the dates supporting Refused, as well as Coachella and then tomorrow night in NYC. (Wish I knew that before I booked my trip for the days leading up to Refused!) While in the U.S. the band also made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel! Here are the videos from their performance:


If you have never seen The Hives live before, I highly recommend that you check them out. By far one of the best live bands I have ever seen. This television performance really didn't do them much justice. 

The first time I had the pleasure of seeing this band live was at The Shelter when they opened up for The (International) Noise Conspiracy. Prior to the band going on stage, they just looked like some normal indie rock dudes walking around with giant scarves. Once they hit the stage, everyone's mind was blown. From their classy threads with a letter for each member of the band, to their high energy performance, everyone in the crowd kept saying two things..."Who the fuck are these guys?" and "I Love Sweden!" At least everyone by me kept saying those two things. Every time I saw this band from that point on was awesome. The lights, the clothes, the swagger and the music make this band one like no other. 

I leave you with a slightly better representation of The Hives Live, but it's still not as good as the real thing. Do yourself a favor. Put a reminder in your phone to buy tickets this Friday. I guarantee you will not be disappointed! 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Have You Heard of Magnetic Recording???

Hip In Detroit is dedicated to bringing you the latest and the greatest in local music and entertainment around the Metro Detroit area. That's why when we heard about Magnetic Recording studios in Pontiac, we pounced on the chance to talk with the event planner Helena Kirby and find out more about the studio, the performance space, the living quarters and all that this facility has to offer musicians. The space has a big show coming up this Saturday. So we wanted to give you the scoop before then and then on Saturday we are going to take a trip inside Magnetic Recordings so we can give you a more inside look at this place. In the meantime please check out this great chat with Miss Kirby and the photos of the space and mark your calendars to join us to see The HandGrenades this Saturday at Magnetic Recording Studios!

HipInDetroit- How did you become involved with Magnetic Records and what is your role with the studio?

Helena- "My life is entirely erroneous, so naturally my introduction to Magnetic came out of left field. Over the last ten years I have immersed myself in the world of entertainment overseas and here in the states. Hosting and producing interactive game shows,hosting live events, I've stuck a few poses, interviewed artists, and got into character for a few films and commercial spots.But music has always had my heart, beginning my journey at the age of five on an old upright. As anyone in the industry knows, no gig is guaranteed. So, this time last year I was working with my father at his Allstate Agency in Commerce. The steady cash flow was desirable, but it came at the cost of my (in)sanity, I had to get back to my craft. I decided to peruse the almighty Craigslist and stumbled across someone in need of an event planner. I got a call back within minutes resume and set up to stop by that day. Low and behold, it was Mr. Mark Baykian with Magnetic Recording. The rest is magic. "

HipInDetroit- Tell us about the studio, what kind of equipment, acoustics, set up are we working with here?

Helena- "Magnetic Recording spawned about twelve years ago under the expertise of owner and engineer, Mark Baykian. On the surface, Magnetic could be labeled as a fully functioning analog studio, multi-purpose venue and proficient ADR stage. I see a 7,500 square foot madhouse with three echo chambers (one of which is 37 ft.), 16 and 24 track tape recorders in mint condition, top-of-the-line ADR system, an expansive projection screen and dubbing stage, a beautifully modified Mozart board, modern and vintage microphones, a sizable sound stage, custom built tracking room and vocal booth, and a relaxed atmosphere. Not only is Mark the mastermind behind Magnetic, he doubles as our very own MacGyver! Fixing or inventing whatever's necessary at any given moment downstairs in his wood shop or the electronics shop up top.
When asked, Mark put it to me like this; "We haven't had a "hit record" here, yet, but our focus is the facility. Its production capabilities for housing and hosting music or film clients. The amenities, the personality. The randomness of the endless supply of things in here, the crazy town." His expertise includes component level electronics, magnetic tape evaluation, including alignment tape creation, broadcast equipment maintenance and location sound for television. In addition to being a mad scientist, of course;)
We focus on the comfort and confidence of the artist in order to create great energy which feeds the magic that fuels Magnetic.
Come get a 'Reel' recording. "

HipInDetroit- Magnetic Recording also has a space for musicians to perform? Tell us about that space, the capacity , and what shows you have already hosted?

Helena- "Our main studio at Magnetic spans nearly 4,000 square ft allowing approximately 250 guests. A unique and ideal setting for concerts, art showcases, film production, a live studio audience, meet n' greets, business affairs and even the occasional wedding reception! The entire venue is sound-treated along with antique wood flooring and two furnished balconies.Original artwork hangs from a checkered ceiling, the lighting is ambient, and the stage is set with a drum riser and runway.
We've held events for national acts such as Islands and Idiot Glee, and local favorites such as Prussia, The Satin Peaches, The Ragbirds, Covert, Phantasmagoria and Dada Trash Collage. We've run ADR sessions with Cameron Diaz and have run screen tests for Faye Dunaway. With some fresh ideas, a high morale, increased awareness, and a growing appreciation for analog, I believe the best is yet to come. Tin Tin Can, from Chicago recorded both albums at Magnetic and just released their latest album, 'Strange Vibrations' and will be playing in the show on the 28th. Also Larry Mcray, blues artist, on Cleopatra Records recorded 'Chop n' Change' a Black Keys cover."

We heard there is a loft available to rent, is that true? Has anyone stayed there yet? What kind of amenities does it feature?

Helena- "Magnetic Recording now offers the option of 'Studio B' a luxurious loft directly above the studio! This swanky new spot is not your average hotel room. At over 1,000 square feet it can also function as a snazzy 'green room' for artists, video shoots, and other plush gatherings. An aesthetically pleasing design and a spacious setting allow for a rhyme and reason to relax. Of course it come complete with a full kitchen, wet bar, authentic wood flooring, full bath, custom built sound cloud and amenities, a partition for privacy, eclectic decorations, flat-screen TV, washer and dryer, an antique record player and i-pod dock, eye-catching artwork from Tom Tonkin out of NYC, and even a pool table for all you sly sharks out there! Mark and I put our blood, sweat, and tears into this project, literally. It was completed after three months of debauchery and dedication, just in time for the Islands show this past February. They were the first to experience 'Studio B' and spoke nothing but kind words and statements of satisfaction."


HipInDetroit- Will you continue to host more shows at the venue? How would someone get in contact to book the venue or the studio?

Helena- "The way I see it, as long as the music makes magic and the freaky people dance Magnetic will house the hooligans. Naturally, we favor the opportunity to deliver desirable recordings, but we are a multi-purpose venue. Make memories at Magnetic, book your event today! Send any ideas or inquiries to, please include your full name, the name of your band or project, and contact information. Like us on Facebook for updates and giveaways! Check us out at, or call and request a tour!"


HipInDetroit- Tell us a little about the show on Saturday April 28 featuring The HandGrenades, The Crooks, Mick Bassett and The Good Things?

Helena- "Epic. Simply epic. The 28th shall be one for the books. With four of Detroit's finest acts and some Chicago cats, it couldn't get any better. The pristine three-part harmonies of the HandGrenades, the twisted lyrics from Tin Tin Can, the groove from The Good Things, the craziness of the Crooks, and the melodies from Mick Bassett equal nothing short of a damn good time.for all. Show starts at 9, $5 at the door. Check out the event on Facebook!"

Make sure to check back after Saturday for some pics from the show and to see our video tour of the place!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Detroit Has Award Shows Too!

It is always fun to imagine what will happen when you take a risk and put yourself out there. Starting this website was one of those “put yourself out there moments” for us. On good days, I dream about the shows that we get to cover and the people that we get to interview. On the bad days, I think about that bitch from high school watching me do an interview and judging me because I’m doing interviews instead of raising 2.5 kids like she is. I like myself more on the good days! (I’ll shank that high school hoe when i see her!).

But seriously, I was very excited when I learned that we would get to cover and attend our first Detroit Music Awards this year. Not only is this neat because it is literally a event dedicated to what we talk about most on our website, local music. But, it is also really cool simply because it's an awards show. I am one of those crazy people that had a Lady Gaga themed party the first year she was nominated for a Grammy. I will drive very far and stay up very late just to to watch an awards show with a group of friends. You know I have to judge those outfits with my friends (It's sad if you do it if you do it in a group (side note this may apply to other things too wink wink)).

One of the best things we have learned about this  award show so far, is that anyone who wants to come and buy a ticket can join in on the festivities. You may have to be involved with music to vote for the nominees, but not to come and watch the accolades be handed out! This means that you can join us and cheer on some local talent while we gossip about what everyone is wearing!

So here's the back story. The Detroit Music Awards were started in 1992 and the event was held at Detroit's Music Hall. It moved to The State Theatre when it was still called The State Theatre, before it was bought out by The Fillmore. In 1998 it merged with Metro Times and became the show that it is today. Past performers include Bob Seger, Eminem, George Clinton , Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. They give out awards in many categories including blues, jazz, country, gospel, rock/pop, hip-hop and electronic. To see a list of this year's nominees or to find out more about the show click here!

This year, we have a few favorites that we would like to see win, including FLASHCLASH for Best Live Performance, Miz Korona for Best Hip-Hop Artist and The Hard Lessons for Best Rock/Pop Artist/Group.We wish them all the best of luck!

So, if you would like to attend The Detroit Music Awards, it's pretty simple! The event is taking place at The Fillmore on April 27th. Doors are at 6 p.m. Tickets start as low as $20 and are available at the box office of The Fillmore or through Live Nation. In addition to the awards, there will be raffles of some great music memorabilia as well as performances by some of Detroit's finest! Sounds like it should be a pretty fun time for $20! Plus, proceeds from the Award Show go towards educational events and resources for local musicians. So it sounds like the $20 will not only show you a good time, but it will help others out. Seems like a win, win!

We can't wait to for April 27th and we hope to see a bunch of you guys there too!


Party All Night With PBR and Running With Panthers

Sometimes it can be very difficult to do a write up about a band. I have had writers block, not had anything nice to say and not felt that anything was very interesting about a band before, it took me forever to finish even a small blurb about the show. But, I am currently having the worst time trying to figure out how to tell you about Running with Panthers and it is not for any of the aforementioned reasons. Instead, it is because I really like this band, can think of a million things to say and just want to find a way to make you decide that you need to come to this show as bad as I want you to.

I grew up with some of the guys in this band and watched them grow as they performed with their previous groups including Just Ask, The Code, and Bottomed Out.

When I heard that Drew, Scott, Steve, Seth and Meko had gotten together and started RWP, I knew I had to check them out and was likely to be a fast fan. I caught them for the first time at the WAB after the Suicide Machines Christmas show. I was so happy to see Drew back on stage entertaining a crowd, something he is very good at. I saw them again a few months later and I wasn't surprised to find that their following had already grown in that short amount of time, when good people play good music and show their fans a good time, people hear about it and want to be included.

That is why I want everyone to come to the Royal Oak Music Theatre April 26. Running With Panthers is playing along side Steel Panther, in what promises to basically be one big night of party. It is fitting that when I asked Steve to describe the band in one word that he in fact said, "party." From their newly inked PBR partnership to their promo and behind the scenes music videos, a clear picture is painted, we love music and we love to party. Is their anyone in Detroit that doesn't love to party? I sincerely doubt it!
Photo Credit to Joe Gall!

Check out this quick interview with Stevie: 

HipInDetroit- Describe your band in one word. 

Stevie- Party. 

HipInDetroit- Tell me why someone would want to come see Running with Panthers open up for Steel Panther April 26th at the Royal Oak Music Theater? 

Stevie- People need to head out to watch us support our party rock brothers Steel Panther because in these hard times, the Panthers still offer the most bang for your buck, free. 

HipInDetroit- Where can someone find a sample of your music to listen to before the show? 

Stevie- We will be releasing a 4 song EP the night of the show, but on record store day (April 21st) Bellyache Records will be releasing a limited number on colored vinyl. Go to UHF and get yourself a copy. If you're broke just go to our Facebook page to hear some old shit or steal it online somewhere. Digital copies will be ready the night of the show. 

HipInDetroit- Tell us a little bit about playing The Darkness after show? 

Stevie- What happens with The Darkness stays with The Darkness. Let's just say we're all still hungover. 

HipInDetroit- I've seen that you guys have cool t-shirts, but when do we get to hear some recorded music? Any plans to release anything in the future? 

Stevie- We have cool shirts? Oh yea, our buddy and skateboard artist Jason Smith made those. The only thing we put out before Drew's stroke was a 3 song single called "Blown out at the Blowout." It's way out of print, but I'm sure someone put that shit on napster. 

HipInDetroit- I enjoyed the video that you made to promote your last show with The Darkness, where did you come up with such a great idea? Will we see more funny clips in the future? 

Stevie- We came up with the idea that night after a drunken late night rehearsal. Drugs were not involved. Yes we will have more videos coming soon. Drugs will not be involved in those either.

HipInDetroit- Where is your favorite place to play music in the Metro Detroit area? Any other bands in the area that you guys would recommend to our readers?

Stevie- Our favorite places to play... house parties. We're trying to get a gig at Centerfolds right now. Smalls and the LT usually pay us so we like them, too :)
Everyone we know plays in a band... Bars of Gold, Octopus, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Pigeon and The Suicide Machines all are doing pretty amazing shit.

We hope to see all of you at the show! PARTY!!!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yay! It's Record Store Day!

Record Store Day 2012 is officially here! Although we told you that UHF and Flipside are 2 of our favorite record stores, there are some other great shops in the Detroit area! So regardless of where you go, make sure to join in on the fun today and pick up some new tunes! Happy Record Store Day!

Record Store #2: UHF

As a teenager I used to hang out down in Royal Oak all of the time. Whether I was shopping at Cinderella's Attic or just sitting on the street corner it was always a blast. It was much different than it is now. There weren't 50 restaurants lining Main St. There were tons of fun shops and people from all walks of life. During these times, there were quite a few record stores down there. My favorite from that era was definitely Off the Record. 

Well, it is nice to finally see a record store back in Royal Oak! UHF is on Washington right by Lost & Found Vintage. They have a great selection of vinyls and they also have one of my favorite things of the for shows without crazy service fees! I sent the manager of UHF, Scotty Hagen, the same 5 questions that I asked Todd from Flipside. Here's what Scotty's responses were:

Hip In Detroit - How long has your store been open?
Scotty - "I've been working inside UHF since July 1st 2010. We opened September 11, 2010."

Hip In Detroit - What's your favorite part about working at a Record Store? If you are the owner, what made you want to open a Record Store?
Scotty - "Getting to be around records 50 hours a week and listening to all kinds of music all day! "

Hip In Detroit - Do you guys have anything special planned for Record Store Day?
Scotty - "We have 4 great bands playing! Starting at 2pm we have The High Strung, The Hounds Below, Fawn and Jeecy & The Jungle. What else? Oh yeah! Nearly 300 exclusive Record Store Day LP's and 7 Inch Singles!!!  It will be absolutely crazy in here!!!!"

Hip In Detroit - Which Record Store Day special releases are you most excited about?
Scotty - "Personally, I am looking forward to the Joey Ramone 7 Inch, The Black Angels 7 inch, The Third Man & Sundazed Records stuff. "
Hip In Detroit - This is a tough one... What is your favorite record of all time??? 
Scotty - "Either Billion Dollar Babies or Welcome To My Nightmare both by Alice Cooper."

UHF is located at 512 S. Washington Ave., Royal Oak, MI. If you want more info on their shop or their events planned for Saturday, head on over to their Facebook or call (248)545-5955!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Record Store #1: Flipside!!!

One of my favorite record stores that is still standing today is Flipsideon 14 Mile and Main St. in Clawson. In high school, my friends and I used to love to go up there and sell some of our CDs that we got sick of and buy some new or used CDs. I loved being able to listen to some of the used CDs at a listening station before I decided if I wanted to buy it. In addition to their huge selection of music, they also had fun memorabilia and comic book stuff to look at. 

This is one of the few record stores in the area that is still open and standing strong. I got a chance to ask Todd from Flipside a few questions about the shop and what they have going on for Record Store Day this Saturday. Here's what he had to say:

Hip In Detroit - How long has your store been open?

Todd - "Flipside has been open for over 30 years. We’ve been in our current location for 29 Years." 
Hip In Detroit - What's your favorite part about working at a Record Store? If you are the owner, what made you want to open a Record Store?

Todd - "My favorite part about working in a record store is that it provides the opportunity to come into contact with so much music. If I worked in a different field that most likely wouldn’t happen. I am the owner. My father opened the store at urgings from his kids as we were always into music and the there was only one other record store that bought and sold used records back in the early 80’s."

Hip In Detroit -Do you guys have anything special planned for Record Store Day?
Todd - "Flipside has many things planned for RSD. We’re having 5 local bands playing between 12pm-5pm, as well as an acoustic performance at 11am. We’re giving away free pizza and pop while the bands are playing. Also they’re be sales going on in every area of our store: Records, CDs, Video Games, DVDs, Toys, Etc. You know percentages off BOGO that kind of thing."

Hip In Detroit - Which Record Store Day special releases are you most excited about?
Todd - "I guess the Iggy and MC5 things are exciting because of their local affiliation but for me the DEvo live from 1981 is gonna be cool or the Amanda Palmer 7” or the… It’s gonna be a Great day!"

Hip In Detroit - This is a tough one... What is your favorite record of all time???
Todd - "My favorite record of all time… That IS difficult. I’m a classic rock kind of guy so I’m gonna go with The Who’s Quadrophenia."

Flipside is located at 41 East Fourteen Mile Road, Clawson, MI 48017. If you have any questions or want more info you can visit their Facebook or call 248-585-4090!


What if all Record Stores were really like Empire Records???

Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of opening a record store. The idea just always seemed fun to me. Maybe it's because I loved the movie Empire Records. In my mind, if I owned a record store, every morning would be like the scene in that movie where they are opening the store and singing and having fun.

Wouldn't that be the life? But, just like in the movie, corporate giants eventually began to take over. Once digital music became popular, we went from having 2 record stores within a couple of blocks in Royal Oak to maybe one per county. There were a few that weathered the storm over the years. And thankfully, record stores are beginning to pop up once again.

Back in 2007, a group of people decided to get together and dedicate a day to these little retail havens that we love. They founded Record Store Day,. It's a day to support and celebrate independent record stores and the love of music. Record Store Day is recognized as the 3rd Saturday in April and has increased in popularity over the past few years. There are now several special releases on Record Store Day and stores around the country host events on this fun day. 

This year, Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 21st. In honor of Record Store Day we wanted to share a couple of our favorite record stores with you in the days leading up to this great holiday. So make sure to check back to get the scoop on our favorite shops and to find out what some of the stores in the Detroit area have planned for Saturday! And make sure to make time to stop by your favorite record store this Saturday! 


House Phone! Tonight at the Pike Room!

A couple weeks ago I randomly went to a show (which you can read about here) that my friend told me about and was pleasantly surprised by the third band of the night, House Phone. It was a hip hop/rap show, and House Phone came on in the middle of it all with a slightly different kind of sound from the other bands. I decided I needed to hear more of them and that others should, too. So I caught up with the singer, James, and asked him a few questions. 

HipInDetroit- When I saw you, there were quite a few of you playing. How many are there and how did you all meet? How long have you been together? 

James- We got together in the summer of 2010. I had a bunch of demos on deck that we weren't using in my previous band, James and the Rainbros, so my buddy (and ex-bassist) Ben Sturley recruited his favorite players from Wayne State's jazz program and we started rehearsing with them in the tiny attic of my Hamtramck flat. Now our lineup is Stephen Boegehold on drums, Matt Callaway on guitar, Jeff Cuny on bass, and Taylor Pierson on keys. 

HipInDetroit: You guys played with a few hip hop/rap bands when I saw you recently, but that is not exactly what you sound like. You guys were a bit different. Can you describe the type of music House Phone does? 

James- Well in this group I started approaching the song writing more like a producer than i had previously.... layering elements, dropping things out, building to climax then break down. So I think that kinda lends itself to a hip hop aesthetic. Then we spent some time performing as hip hop collective cold men young's backing band, where the guys were interpreting their beats into a live arrangement and i think that helped push us into the sound we have today. 

HipInDetroit- I know you guys have a few EP's out, I bought one when I saw you! How was it putting those together? 

James- The first EP (House Phone EP) was done super fast cause we just set up a bunch of mics in our studio at the Russell Industrial and played live. We recorded like 10 or 12 songs and I thought those 3 (Field Trip, Compartments, and Monarch Heart) came out the best so we got some CD's made. The second EP (Field Trip EP) was more produced. We did live drum and bass, and if I remember correctly some keyboard stuff, too, but then spent some time layering additional keys, guitar, and vocals on top. Plus those were mostly songs that I wrote with the new band in mind instead of just getting their take on my old demos. At that point we had just got some bread from Metro Times after winning the battle of the bands that they had hosted so we got some 7" singles made that had two of the tracks off the EP. Then the last EP (Gift Catalog EP) was prob our most produced effort to date. I had just ended a relationship and all the songs were about that. I wrote it pretty quick in the weeks following and I wanted to get it recorded and out on the internet fast before I got too self conscious about it. Then after we put it out, new fortune records expressed some interest in putting out a 7" split with us and hip hop duo Passalacqua. So we ended up using the closer track from Gift Catalog called Crayons on that vinyl. Also, this new tape label called Checker's Records Collective hit me up and ended up making a deluxe edition type tape of gift catalog that features the EP on one side and then a bunch of alternative versions and demos of the songs on the B side. 

HipInDetroit-  I read on your website that you were lucky enough to make it to Good Morning America with your old band, The Rainbros. How crazy was that? Did you get to meet anyone cool? 

James-  We were on Good Morning America in the sense that the anchor mentioned us. We weren't physically there. In 2006, we had this stop motion animation music video for a song called children of the universe. So we entered it in this contest Youtube was throwing called Youtube Underground. It got really popular and we ended up becoming finalists in that contest but we didn't win. Shortly after the contest, this A+R guy from Atlantic called me and we kept sending him tracks we were working on for a couple months. I totally thought we were gonna be famous but nothing ever worked out and eventually he stopped calling or returning my calls so that was a bummer haha. 

HipInDetroit- One thing we like to ask everyone we interview is what are some of your favorite places in Detroit? Favorite venue, restaurant, bar, etc.? 

James-  I dunno if I have a favorite bar or venue. I like the Old Miami as a venue. It's a good size and has decent sound. I feel like I've been spending quite a bit of time there as of recently. The Lager House is a good venue/bar... love the staff. Of course the Magic Stick is a staple and the lounge side venue upstairs is nice when you want pro sound for a smaller show. 

HipInDetroit- What's next for House Phone? Any shows coming up? 

James- We're playing at the Pike Room (inside the Crofoot) in Pontiac on April 19th with our friends Phantasmagoria, opening for Dada Trash Collage. And after that we're taking a break for a month or two to record a new thing. Hopefully we'll be dropping this new shit by the beginning of the summer.

Well, there you have it! Unfortunately we won't be able to make it to their show on April 19, but I highly recommend checking them out! They are a lot of fun and really good live. As well as Phantasmagoria. Should be a great show! Doors are at 7:30 and tickets are only $7 and can be purchased here.

Check out their sweet video for 'Me and My Machine':

After catching them at their show, make sure to keep an eye out for new stuff from House Phone this summer!


The Swellers Get "Inside My Head" and Head to the UK!

Our friends in The Swellers just released a new music video! The video is for "Inside My Head" off their newest album "Good For Me"! Check it out!

Kids can be such assholes!

The Swellers start their pretty much Sold Out UK Tour today! Here are the dates that they will be playing over there:

4.18 - Birmingham, UK at Academy 2 - SOLD OUT
4.19 - Newcastle, UK at Academy 2 - SOLD OUT
4.20 - Glasgow, UK at Garage - SOLD OUT
4.21 - Leeds, UK at Cockpit - SOLD OUT
4.22 - Nottingham, UK at Hit The Deck Fest

4.24 - Manchester, UK at Academy 2 
4.25 - Norwich, UK at Waterfront - SOLD OUT
4.26 - London, UK at Electric Ballroom - SOLD OUT
4.27 - Cardiff, UK at Solus 

If you live in the UK or are in the UK, definitely try to pick up tickets to one of those shows!
After the UK, the band will be playing throughout Europe and then will head back to the UK again! (We think Ryan must have had something to do with all of these UK dates!)

4.29 - Meerhout, BE - GROEZROCK FESTIVAL at Macbeth Stage
5.02 - Berlin, GER at Privat Club 
5.03 - Munich, GER at Backstage 
5.04 - Cologne, GER at Luxor 
5.05 - Stuttgart, GER at Juhawest 
5.07 - Assago, ITL at Live Forum - Door Tickets ONLY!
5.08 - Bassel, SWI at Somer Casion

5.09 - Paris, FRA at Batofar 
5.10 - Eindhoven, ND at Dynamo 
5.11 - Antwerp, BEL at Kavka
5.13  London, UK at Old Blue Last 

The Swellers will finally be back in the US of A at the end of May and they will be playing at BledFest in Howell! Here's a list of all of the US dates:

5.22 - Syracuse, NY at The Lost Horizon
5.23 - New York, NY at Irving Plaza 
5.24 - Rochester, NY at Water Street Music Hall 
5.25 - Cleveland, OH at House of Blues 
***5.26 - Howell, MI at Bled Fest***
5.27 - Toronto, ON at Opera House
5.29 - Chicago, IL at Metro

5.30 - Minneapolis, MN at Varsity Theater 
6.01 - Denver, CO at Summit Music Hall
6.02 - Salt Lake City, UT at In The Venue

6.04 - Seattle, WA at El Corazon
6.06 - San Francisco, CA at Slims 
6.07 - Los Angeles, CA at El Ray Theatre
6.08 - Anaheim, CA at House of Blues 
6.09 - San Diego, CA at Soma 

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the interview we did with Ryan & Anto a couple of months ago here

We hope the guys have a blast in Europe! Safe travels!


Win a Test Press of "Blackhearts and Blackouts"!

So, remember a few days ago when we told you about a sweet new band called Break Anchor? Well, if not here's the basics. They're an awesome punk rock band. The members include Jay Navarro (The Suicide Machines & Hellmouth), Kyle Green (Seized Up), Chris Golan (SnakeWing) and Dan Stover (Seized Up). You should like them. If you want more info on why you should like them and if you want to see an interview we did with Jay, click here.  

So, we also told you that Break Anchor recently released a new 7" entitled "Blackhearts and Blackouts".  Well, Paper + Plastick Records is running a contest right now where you can win a Test Press of "Blackhearts and Blackouts"! When we found out about this contest, we decided we had to pass the info along! 

The contest is pretty simple and pretty fun. All of the details are on Paper + Plastick's site, but the general idea is that you have to come up with an awesome caption to the photo below. 

Now remember! This contest is NOT through Hip In Detroit! We just wanted to share it with you! So, don't post captions on here! Unless you really want to. But, you won't win anything for it. 
Instead, head over to Paper + Plastick for all of the details on how to enter! The winner will be picked on Friday! So get on it! Good luck!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Legendary Creatures

Last night I had the privilege of catching up with an old friend. Not only is she getting prettier with age, but apparently has more talent than she ever let on! I grew up with Sarah Vaughn and little did I know that one day she would start singing and my mind would be blown. Sarah has always been a pretty lady, but a pretty lady who writes her own music and sings it? HELLO!

I first saw Sarah perform with band mates Matt, Jesse, Andrew and Nathan at the Old Miami a few months back. I initially went to see The Glossies and was pleasantly surprised when I found out Legendary Creatures was also playing. They use all sorts of instruments during their performance including a mandolin and ukulele, and a violin in their recording. The overall vibe was calming and beautiful. You can check out their music on band camp here. They have one formal release entitled Bonfires that came out in May of 2011, they have promised more recordings in the near future.

We planned to go cover the whole show last night including openers Honey Locusts, Macrame Tiger and Estuaries, but due to illness we were unable to stay for what turned out to be a late show.

Instead we did a quick on camera interview with Matt and Sarah. Not only was Christie feeling under the weather, Sarah was just getting over the loss of her voice. She was a little worried about being able to sing for the crowd that night. She was drinking tea and honey and saying as little as possible to prepare herself for the show. Here's what they had to say:

We will be revisiting a show in the future and bringing you coverage of this band. I am so excited to see an amazing female singer doing Detroit rounds and making amazing music.

Thanks again Matt and Sarah for taking the time to sit down with us and chat!



Monday, April 16, 2012

I Don't Remember Meg White Having Such Muscular Arms...

This past Saturday was Detroit X Detroit. Which basically means a bunch of Detroit bands were playing as other Detroit bands. And not just their songs...they dressed up, too. So, when The Vatican played as Alice Cooper, there were some nice pants and makeup for sure. And when the Kickstand Band played as The Amino Acids, well, let's just say a guitar was broken at the end. One of the funniest parts of the night was seeing some of the people dressed up in their costumes and trying to figure out who they were playing as.
Overall it was a pretty cool idea for a show. The bands each played a few songs and switched back and forth from the main stage to the side stage at the Magic Stick, so there wasn't really any wait time in between acts which is always nice when you get to be an impatient, old lady like me.
Our favorites of the night had to be the last four: The Kickstand Band as The Amino Acids; The HandGrenades as The High Strung; Mick Bassett as The White Stripes; and The Vatican as Alice Cooper
Speaking of Mick Bassett as The White Stripes, major props to you guys for the tight pants, and especially to the drummer for dressing up as Meg. Nice boobs! 
Also, the patio at the Stick is open again! We had forgotten how nice it is to sit out there in the summer. AND, they have shuffle board now. 
One more thing- Happy Birthday Melissa!!! Hope it was great!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Seoul Garden

Last night, I was treated to a nice dinner with three of my best friends! They asked me to join them at New Seoul Garden for my first Korean meal. The restaurant was huge and was full of people, but it was big enough that we were immediately seated. The service was wonderful and we were attended to very quickly. 

Upon looking through the menu and peeping what the other patrons were eating, I realized each table had a small stove on it with a fan above it. Many people had food cooking on these built in stoves at their tables. None of us ordered food that would require being cooked at our table. So I did not get to experience that, but it seemed neat to have a big pot of food simmering in front of you! 

I ordered what was essentially a chicken stir fry that included rice, potatoes, green peppers, onions and red peppers. It came covered in a lot of red sauce. It was spicy, but not spicy like Thai food or sushi wasabi. More flavor, less burn. 

I enjoyed my meal with a Diet Coke, but all of my fellow diners got huge Korean beers that they said tasted great! 

My fellow eaters all ordered Bibim Bap, which reminded me of fried rice. A giant hot bowl of veggies and rice comes to the table with an egg on top. Then, red sauce is added to make it spicy and the whole concoction is mixed together while still hot. It ends up being a bowl of cooked spicy veggies & rice and it is delicious!

We were also given a lot of weird pickled things to try with dinner. Some were good and some weren't so good. 

Overall, I really enjoyed myself and thought the food was wonderful! I will likely being going back very, very soon!

Check out their website and menu here!



Friday, April 13, 2012

Break Anchor, or shall we say...Drunk Anchor?

When it comes to Jay Navarro and music, you can't go wrong. We grew up as HUGE fans of The Suicide Machines, we're big Hellmouth fans and now we can add Jay's newest project, Break Anchor, to the list of bands we love. 

Break Anchor consists of Jay on vocals & guitar, Kyle Green (Seized Up) on guitar & vocals, Chris Golan (SnakeWing) on bass and Dan Stover (Seized Up) on drums. The band hasn't been around very long, but they already just released their first 7" - "Blackhearts and Blackouts" on Paper + Plastick Records. They had their album release show Thursday night at the W.A.B. We were lucky enough to squeeze into the room to see them play!
Rather than us going into details about Break Anchor, what the band is about and what kind of music they play, we will let Jay explain it to you. Sadie got a chance to sit down with him before their set. Here's what he had to say and a couple of clips from the show!

If you are a fan of The Suicide Machines, you definitely need to check Break Anchor out. Even if you aren't a fan of The Suicide Machines, check them out. We would like to thank Jay again for taking the time to sit down with us. 

If you would like to see Break Anchor, their next show is May 11th @ Toepfer House in Warren. Keep an eye on their Facebook for more details. If you want to pick up their 7" you can order it or get a digital download of it here!



This weekend is the Michigan Pinball Expo. It's held at the Oakland Center at Oakland University and is $15 for a day pass. Once you get in, there are TONS of games to play, most of them free! And if you're feeling lucky, you can even compete on some of them. 
We got a chance to talk to the man in charge of it all, John Kosmal. See what he had to say!
Did you know that pinball was illegal in most big cities in the U.S., including New York, L.A. and even Chicago (where the game was started), from the 1940's through the mid '70s? It is still outlawed in some places, but luckily it's legal in Michigan! Pinball was invented in the 1800's and the best selling pinball machine of all time is still 'The Addams Family' machine that was made in 1991.
Well, there is a little bit of pinball knowledge to fill your brains with before heading over to win some games at the expo! It's supposed to be stormy out all weekend so you have no excuse! We had tons of fun, even if we do suck at actually playing them.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Periphery, Protest The Hero & Pizza!

My new favorite thing about The Garden Bowl/Magic Stick/Majestic Complex is Sgt. Pepperoni's Pizza! It may be the perfect way to enjoy a super metal night. It also may be the reason that I will be obese by the end of this summer. You win some, you lose some I guess.

I love metal shows. I love awesome drummers. And, because of this, I definitely loved Periphery, especially their drummer. He was pretty bad ass. They had a pretty big crowd. In fact the band said it was the biggest crowd they ever played for in Michigan. Good job Detroit for showing them that we still have a music scene that is alive and well! The crowd was jumping so hard that the entire room was shaking, I loved it! 

Protest The Hero was much more melodic than the other bands. Metal, but with more melodies if you will. They talked about the Robo Cop statue and the fact that it never happened. Personally, I hope it never happens, but it was cool that they knew a little about our city. They also got the crowd moving and dancing. So may sweaty, tattooed men in one room!

Matt Moy was nice enough to fill in on camera and video for us and he captured some great stuff for you! For those who didn't get to attend, please check out the videos and make sure you make it out the next time these guys roll through town!

As always, thanks to Black Iris Booking! Hope our contest winners had as much fun as we did!


Get Loose with Lucero

Friday is right around the corner and its time to make some plans for how your going to start your weekend off right. I have decided that I will be heading down to The Magic Stick to see Lucero with William Elliott Whitmore. Thanks to our favorite ladies at Black Iris Booking, we have yet another amazing night of music to look forward to!

Lucero has been around since 1998 and just put out their 9th studio album called "Women and Work". They hail from Memphis, Tennessee and attract a wide range of followers because they have such a unique sound that appeals across genres. They are the perfect mix of punk/country/rock and roll/and talent. The singer, Ben Nichlos, has an amazing voice and the vibe of the band reminds me of Social Distortion, one of my all time favorite bands.

I expect the place to be packed, so make sure to get your tickets in advance. Both Toronto and Cleveland have already sold out! You can purchase tickets in advance here and save yourself a few dollars. The tickets are $16 in advance and $18 the day of the show.

Here's a sweet video we found of the band playing!

We look forward to seeing you and partying on Friday night! If you see us at the show, come up and say hello. We have lots of stickers to give out and want to meet our readers!!!

Friday cannot come fast enough!


Becca's Bored- Chandler Dances on Things

One thing I've learned from the internet is that some people have way too much time on their hands. Sometimes that makes for some very, very weird things, and others it is just plain awesome. This is one of the awesome times. 
If you have nothing to do, that is of course after reading all of our magnificent posts, then you should check out this hilarious tumblr and waste the day away looking at funny gif's of Chandler from Friends (obviously the best character) dancing on the most random of things.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Good Hairdresser is Hard to Find: Chatting it up With Nahee of Upstares Salon

When you're out and about in the city, you may run into a gorgeous girl name Nahee. Her red hair stands out in a crowd and her smile draws you in. Nahee is a local hair stylist and hottie. I have seen her do a number of fashion shows, the cover of Real Detroit and look put-together every time we cross paths. I am forever a sucker for bright hair colors when they are done well and Nahee's red is always bright, shiny, and adorably styled. I always say, the best way to pick a stylist is to see how she takes care of her own locks

Recently, she started posting some pretty awesome pictures of unique up-dos and styles, and I knew that I had to do a feature on her. Any ladies looking for someone to give them that extra special hairdo for a special night should be talking to her. She seems to get it right every time.

I got a chance to ask her a few questions about herself, her business and what hair secrets she was willing to spill. Read ahead to fall in love with a charming woman who works right in Royal Oak and is ready to make you look as pretty as she does.
HipInDetroit- When did you decide that you wanted to be a stylist? When did you start? 

Nahee- I decided that I wanted to be a hair stylist at the tender age of 16. I had modeled for a few hair shows and I fell in love with the idea of creative freedom with beauty. I started experimenting on my friends and myself. In the beginning it was an absolute hot mess! After a short time, I began to teach myself techniques with color and cuts. After high school, I enrolled into Cosmetology school and I've been licensed for about 5 years 

HipInDetroit- What is your favorite and least favorite part about your job? 

Nahee- My favorite part of my job is that I get to meet so many different types of people and learn new things from them. My clients bring me books and movies that I would never pick out for myself. And of course the GOSSIP! My least favorite part of my job is moving to a new salon. I have done this three times and I have lost a few clients over this. Some may not like the new salon, or want to stay faithful to their community businesses. 

HipInDetroit- I have seen you post some amazing pictures of up-do's and extensions, those seem to be your specialty. Tell us about that! 

Nahee- Honestly, when I first got into a salon, I didn't even offer up-do's! I hated doing them for so long, then I started working on Angela Mcbride’s (peaceluvspandex) fashion shows and came to realize that what I was doing was up-dos! Angela’s shows gave me the freedom to do anything I wanted. Weddings are a totally different thing though, and I love a good challenge. When women get up-do's, it is a total transformation and I love that. Hair extensions are one of my favorite services! And I personally wear them everyday. I love the fact that one day you'll have a bob and the next you'll be rocking mermaid hair. The one question that keeps coming up with my clients is, "Are they harmful to my natural hair?" And the technique that I use is 100% completely safe to your natural hair.
HipInDetroit- We love your hair! How often do you have to do your color to upkeep that perfect shade? 

Nahee- Oh, thank you! Of course I picked the most high maintenance color. I refresh my color every three weeks. 

HipInDetroit- You have worked on set and done hair for Real Detroit, even landed some cover work. Can you tell us a little about that? 

Nahee- The Real Detroit covers are always a treat! I love that I have complete freedom of the models, I never go into it with a plan. Joe Gall (photographer) always makes the day a blast. The last shoot for St. Patty's Day was one of my favorites because a few of my friends were there and we spent the day laughing and listening to some good tunes. I get so psyched when the paper comes out because not only is it a piece of art formed by a solid team, but so many people see it! I always grab myself a fat stack haha!
HipInDetroit- What advice would you give women when they are trying to tell a hairdresser what they want? Lots of women tell me that this is the hardest part of working with a stylist. 

Nahee- The first thing I ask during my consultation with a new client is, "What don't you want?" As a woman, I know what I don't like, but I don't really know what I do like. Most clients like to bring in a picture, but the model looks nothing like the client in my chair (skin color, face shape). So remember, we don't all look like Gisele. So try and pick a picture that is closest to your features, you will look better if the hair suits you, not a model.
HipInDetroit- What is your weirdest experience with a client? 

Nahee- Well, I can't say I've had any weird experiences with a client of mine. But in hair school I caught scabies from a customer. My boyfriend and a few friends caught it and it was an absolute nightmare. Of course for almost a month we had no idea what it was and thought we had dry skin and I went out and bought a lifetime supply of Aveeno lotion. I was so glad when that was over, and it's turned me into the biggest germaphobe. 

HipInDetroit- Any hair/beauty tips or secrets you would share with our readers? 

Nahee- My number one tip is DO NOT try and cut your bangs yourself :). I love dry shampoo, it allows you to go a few days without washing your hair (*please shower, though hah :P*) and it adds volume as well! Everyone wants that bouncy healthy hair, and a way to do this is to shampoo your roots only and then apply conditioner to only your ends then rinse. 

HipInDetroit- How can a client contact you? I assume once they see the great work you do, they will want you to do your magic on them! 

Nahee- A client can contact me through my salon or right through my Facebook page. I am here to answer any questions as well! 

HipInDetroit- We always ask, what are your favorite local bands, restaurants, venues, stores, hair salons, etc. Your favorite parts of Detroit basically? 

Nahee- I freaking love Korean food and when my Mom is unavailable, I head straight to Wasabi. They have the best bibimbap in the area! Sometimes if I don't feel like spending too much money I will go to Sammie's, it is a cute little dive Korean restaurant and they don't speak too much English, which is adorable.

I get into the biggest trouble once I step foot inside Incognito or Saffron! I love these shops because of their unique items. Also, they are a short distance away from my salon!

Bands- Wilson + Wireless G
And my favorite salon is Upstares Salon :) 

HipInDetroit- What does the future hold for Nahee? What do you hope to accomplish next? 

Nahee- I recently started school to be an elementary art teacher, but this doesn't mean that I want to switch careers. I needed a backup plan for when my back looks like Quasimodo's back from my job haha!

Contact this amazing lady @
Upstares Salon
321 S. Washington Ave
Royal Oak, Mi 48067
(248) 545-1790