Monday, April 30, 2012

Replicas! Tuesday! Be There!

Tuesday night you should head out to The Magic Stick for what will be a very fun show! The headliner is Frankie Rose, whom I have never heard of. I was going to say I've never heard of him, but then I headed over to The Stick's site and saw that Frankie is a her, not a him. So...that shows what I know. This is a Black Iris show though. With that being said, you know it will be good! Those girls never disappoint!

Despite not knowing the headliner, I am pretty stoked for this show because of the opener, Replicas. This band is truly a hidden gem in the Detroit music scene. They don't play too many shows, so not too many people know about them. But, they have actually been around for a few years now. The band is headed up by lead singer Michael Shalast, backed up by Chris Housholder on bass, Carlos Ruiz on guitar and Shaun Rogan Collins on drums. (As a side note, Chris has been my favorite bartender since I started drinking at bars.)  Replicas are a good mix of 80's, electronic beats and punk rock. Their music is mellow at some points, but it makes you want to dance at the same time. Then, at other points, their songs get you super pumped and pissed! How can all of that be incorporated into one band? I'm not quite sure, but these guys pull it off!

Replicas are set to hit the stage first tomorrow, but the show isn't 'til 8. So you should have plenty of time to make it down after work. It's only $8 if you buy tickets in advance and $10 if you pay at the door. Here's a video I tracked down of them playing at The Magic Stick for the DFiant party a couple of years ago.

If you haven't heard enough of Replicas and you would like to be really entertained, check out the videos from when they played on The Spotlight (a cable TV show that I co-produce over at TV Warren) a couple of years ago! There are 3 songs, but here is my favorite of the 3!


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