Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Seoul Garden

Last night, I was treated to a nice dinner with three of my best friends! They asked me to join them at New Seoul Garden for my first Korean meal. The restaurant was huge and was full of people, but it was big enough that we were immediately seated. The service was wonderful and we were attended to very quickly. 

Upon looking through the menu and peeping what the other patrons were eating, I realized each table had a small stove on it with a fan above it. Many people had food cooking on these built in stoves at their tables. None of us ordered food that would require being cooked at our table. So I did not get to experience that, but it seemed neat to have a big pot of food simmering in front of you! 

I ordered what was essentially a chicken stir fry that included rice, potatoes, green peppers, onions and red peppers. It came covered in a lot of red sauce. It was spicy, but not spicy like Thai food or sushi wasabi. More flavor, less burn. 

I enjoyed my meal with a Diet Coke, but all of my fellow diners got huge Korean beers that they said tasted great! 

My fellow eaters all ordered Bibim Bap, which reminded me of fried rice. A giant hot bowl of veggies and rice comes to the table with an egg on top. Then, red sauce is added to make it spicy and the whole concoction is mixed together while still hot. It ends up being a bowl of cooked spicy veggies & rice and it is delicious!

We were also given a lot of weird pickled things to try with dinner. Some were good and some weren't so good. 

Overall, I really enjoyed myself and thought the food was wonderful! I will likely being going back very, very soon!

Check out their website and menu here!



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