Friday, April 13, 2012

Break Anchor, or shall we say...Drunk Anchor?

When it comes to Jay Navarro and music, you can't go wrong. We grew up as HUGE fans of The Suicide Machines, we're big Hellmouth fans and now we can add Jay's newest project, Break Anchor, to the list of bands we love. 

Break Anchor consists of Jay on vocals & guitar, Kyle Green (Seized Up) on guitar & vocals, Chris Golan (SnakeWing) on bass and Dan Stover (Seized Up) on drums. The band hasn't been around very long, but they already just released their first 7" - "Blackhearts and Blackouts" on Paper + Plastick Records. They had their album release show Thursday night at the W.A.B. We were lucky enough to squeeze into the room to see them play!
Rather than us going into details about Break Anchor, what the band is about and what kind of music they play, we will let Jay explain it to you. Sadie got a chance to sit down with him before their set. Here's what he had to say and a couple of clips from the show!

If you are a fan of The Suicide Machines, you definitely need to check Break Anchor out. Even if you aren't a fan of The Suicide Machines, check them out. We would like to thank Jay again for taking the time to sit down with us. 

If you would like to see Break Anchor, their next show is May 11th @ Toepfer House in Warren. Keep an eye on their Facebook for more details. If you want to pick up their 7" you can order it or get a digital download of it here!


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