Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Take a Much Needed Break from Your Phone and Reboot at Capitol Park

We have all become very dependent on our phones. For most, the first thing they do in the morning when they wake up, is check their cell phone. Barely anyone wears a watch anymore, and if they do, it’s as a fashionable accessory rather than a functional item. We obsessively check social media and document our life through it. We plan our week on our phone. We play games on it. We avoid interacting with strangers in uncomfortable situations by looking at it. Hell, some people even use it as their wallet! It’s pretty crazy when you start to really think about how attached we are to our phones. Well, here is a chance to cut ties with your phone and take a break, even if it is just for an hour or so.

This Friday, Capitol Park in Detroit is hosting an event called Reboot. It is a chance for you to give yourself a much needed break from your cell phone and remember what the real world is like. They are asking patrons to put their phone in a “cell phone sleeping bag” for just an hour, unless you like it so much you decide to part ways for a little longer. Instead, chat with people in real life, play games, color in adult coloring books, do a puzzle, or just relax and watch the world around you. We know, this might seem like a crazy idea to some, but we’re sure that your text messages will all still be there after, and Instagram and Facebook will still be there too!

Friday’s event will take place from 4 until 8 p.m. in Capitol Park, located on Griswold between Shelby and State. If you can’t make it out this Friday, you will also be able to Reboot on Friday, August 17th and August 31st. Or here’s an even crazier idea; you can even take a break from your phone all on your own! Yeah, we’re not quite there yet either. So, head to Capitol Park and we’ll all do it together. You can do this! We have faith in you!


Win Tickets to See YelaWolf at St. Andrew's Hall

This weekend, YelaWolf is playing back to back shows at St.Andrew's Hall. The Alabama born artist made waves in our city in 2011 when he was signed to Shady Records. In fact, he finished his hit album Radioactive right here in Detroit. He may have made a name for himself in the south, but he became a star in the Midwest and we love him because of it.

Last year, YelaWolf took his music in a new direction when he released his third full length album called Trial by Fire. This album has a heavy county undertone to it and has been widely recognized for merging rock, rap, and country in a whole new way. The 14 track album also features a variety of collabs, including guest appearances by Kid Rock, Juicy J, Travis Barker, and Wynonna Judd. You can hear the full length album here. Then, you can come out this Saturday or Sunday to see some of it performed in person at St.Andrew's. Waylon & Willie will be opening both nights and tickets to attend the show are $30-$100 a night. You can purchase tickets to attend one of the shows here. Or, you can enter to win tickets to Sunday night's show courtesy of Live Nation Detroit. If you would like to enter to win tickets to the show, please email your full name to hipindetroit@gmail.com with #yelawolf in the subject line. We will draw one lucky person the morning of the show and they will get to see YelaWolf perform live and in person in the historic venue.


Monday, July 30, 2018

Win Tickets to Black Milk's Back to Back Detroit Shows

Detroit's own Black Milk will be returning to his hometown to play back to back shows this weekend! He will be performing live at El Club on Saturday and Sunday night along with the Nat Turner Band. These shows are part of the Fever tour, in support of the album by the same name that was released earlier this year. Give it a listen below.

Black Milk will be joined by a solid lineup of supporting acts on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's bill includes Supakaine, Elbow Lane, and DJ Sober. Sunday's lineup includes Phil Swish, Duality, Ian Fink, and also DJ Sober. Tickets for each night are $20 and can be purchased here. Thanks to our friends at El Club, we are also giving away a pair of tickets to each show. To enter to win, send your name to hipindetroit@gmail.com with #saturdayblackmilk or #sundayblackmilk in the subject line, depending on which show you're entering for. We will draw one lucky winner each morning before the show and will send them details on how to claim their prize.

The patio will open up shop at 7 p.m. each day and the venue will open its doors at 8. Make sure you get there early to grab a drink and a slice on the patio before the show, it's one of the best outdoor spots in Detroit.


Now You Can Have Your Meat Free Coney and Eat it Too

Have you heard the whispers? They started around a year ago and have gotten louder as time has went on. Everyone kept saying there was a vegan Coney Island coming to the city, but no one could tell us who, what, when, or where. We thought it might be too good to be true, but it's not. We can officially confirm that there is a new vegan Coney Island in Brush Park called Chili Mustard Onions and it's officially opening to the public this Wednesday, August 1st. So naturally, the next questions is, is it good?

Of course it's really good! But, that's not what makes it magical. Coney Island is a Detroit staple.  When visitors come into town, we take them to a Coney to get a real taste of what the Motor City has to offer. Having a Coney Dog and chili cheese fries is as Detroit as Motown is. So being good wasn't going to be good enough. Chili Mustard Onions has to be great to even make Detroit flinch. And great is what they are.

We attended a private opening event last Saturday and treated ourselves to a tour of their menu. First, we ordered chili cheese fries as an appetizer. We followed that up with a gyro, a "Big Mock", and a Coney Dog. We split all four items in-between the two of us and topped off our meal with two different glasses of vegan wine. We were really blown away by the food. The Big Mock is their version of a Big Mac and believe us when we tell you that it tastes like a Big Mac in every way possible. The gyro has the perfect sauce on top and the hot dog tastes exactly like a hot dog. So much so, that I was a little disappointed because I never really liked hot dogs. There was only one thing missing from CMO's food, the grease. They nailed every aspect of the Coney Island experience except for that nasty feeling you get after you eat it because every ounce of your insides is covered in grease. That is what makes a plant based Coney option so magical. You can eat your heart out and still function after you're done. 
Chili Mustard Onions is a turning point for Detroit's restaurant culture. It is the first of its kind and it will redefine what plant based eating means. They will be serving their first lunch this Wednesday at 11 a.m. After that, they will be open Monday through Saturday. Make sure that you follow them here to keep up with everything that they do. We are looking forward to going back to try the chicken parm and the meatball sub as well as the pig skins, because everything looks so good. Welcome to Detroit! 


Friday, July 27, 2018

Dog Days of Summer Brings Furry Friends Together for Food, Fun, and Free Microchipping

In a world filled with Facebook and social media, we are all aware how often pets get lost. Nearly every day, there are Facebook posts popping up in your feed with a furry friend that has gotten lost. One way to help ensure that your four-legged family member makes it home if they get lost, is by getting your pet microchipped.

According to the Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control, "on average, DACC takes in approximately 20 dogs per day. When a dog is microchipped, he is reunited with his owner immediately." That's why this Sunday, July 29th, the Friends of DACC will be hosting a free microchipping event. Residents of Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park can head to El Club this weekend to get their dog microchipped free of charge. In addition to this free service, there will also be frozen treats, music, games, dog pools, and more. Some of the great companies that will be on site at the event include LAIKA DOGThird Man Records, Cass Corridog, and Canine to Five. So even if you're dog is already micro-chipped, this is a super fun event to take your pup to!

Sunday's event will run from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. and all friendly leashed dogs are welcome. El Club is located at 4114 W. Vernor Highway in Southwest Detroit. For more info on this great event, click here.


Let's Get Haute to Death

If you read this blog with any regularity, you already know how much we love Haute to Death. The party to end all parties is one of the only truly all inclusive spaces where you can really let loose and dance your heart out in the safety of strangers who accept anyone who accepts with open arms. For the first 10 years, the party took place in the same space, but over the last two years Jon and Ash have taken their celebration of all that is awesome all over the city. They even started throwing pool parties a few times a year in the summer and had a really cool 10 year retrospective gallery at The Red Bull House of Art a few months ago. If you aren't familiar with Haute to Death, it's time to get hip to their "brand", and there are two ways that you can do that this weekend.

First off, you can stop by their curated stage if you're at Mo Pop this weekend. They were given their own space where they will be performing alongside some of their friends this Saturday and Sunday. You can find tickets for MoPop here and you can expect to see DJ Cent, Mike Medow, Ken Jiro and Juampasoul (from ATL) on their stage.

The second place you can see them this weekend is at Marble Bar in-between the two shows. Turns out Ash and Jon don't need any down time from being fabulous. Instead of stopping the party on Saturday, they are just moving it from the riverfront into Marble Bar. The in between party will start at 10 p.m. on Friday and it will only be $5 to attend. You can learn more about that event here.

Finally, if you cant make any of those events, you can come out to the Haute to Death swim party on August 1st instead. To get tickets for that event click here. Their swim parties are everything you think they will be, so don't miss out!


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Siamese is Ready to Celebrate

This Friday, July 27th, Siamese will be releasing their latest album Host. In preparation for the release, they put out a new video for the first single "Tarrare". The new video was filmed by our friends at Obscura Broadcasting Company and if you haven't seen it, you need to check it out to get a taste of what the new album has to offer.

Host is a dark and gritty album that is full of restlessness, anxiety, and passion, something I think we can all relate to these days. Every time I threw the new album on while I was in the car, I found myself speeding down the road. Singer Jo Champagne knows how to take over a stage and make you watch. She's strong, passionate, beautiful, and full of power, something that can also be said about BOTH openings acts this Friday. WOMB and Tart will be opening for Siamese at the release party this weekend at The Loving Touch. Cover to attend the bash is only $8 and doors for the event open at 8 p.m. this Saturday.

If you want to celebrate new music and feel the full power of women in music, don't miss all three bands this Friday night!


Ferndale Welcomes it's First International Craft Beverage & Mead Festival

Fun, fabulous Ferndale is always at the forefront of funky new festivals. This small little city works hard to curate neighborhood events that cater to the unique community and each year their festivals get bigger and better. The latest festival to take place in Ferndale will focus on craft beverages and mead and it will be called FerndalePalooza.

This new festival's purpose is to bring together the underground craft beer and mead drinking community for a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with all of the breweries that they love. The breweries, many of which will be there to represent their ales themselves, have been asked to being a variety of hard to find items that aren't sold in bars or stores. The idea is to give attendees an experience that they would never be able to have anywhere else, while using the money that is generated to help make a difference in the local community.
The two day event will take place at the B. Nektar Meadery on August 4th and 5th and it will feature over 20 International Breweries, including Cigar City Brewing, Collective Arts Brewing, Off Color Brewing, Founders Brewing, Bell's Brewing Company, Brussels Beer Project, Saint Somewhere Brewing Company, 18th Street, 3 Floyds, Saint Somewhere,Off Color, Superstition, Founders, Green Bench, and more. You can see a full list of companies that will be featured here.  

Saturday's festivities are 21 and over and require a ticket to attend. Sunday's party is family friendly and free for all. To find out which day is better for you and your friends click here. Then, click here to purchase tickets to the event. You can grab a general admission ticket for $20, a VIP early entry ticket for $55, and a DD ticket for $10. Proceeds from the festival will be donated to a few local charities, this includes Blessings in a Backpack and the Ferndale Literacy Project. So essentially, you're drinking for a cause, so why not! 


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Mo Pop Brings Bon Iver, The National and More to West Riverfront Park

This weekend, Mo Pop Festival will bring over 20 awesome acts to West Riverfront Park in Detroit. Now in its sixth year, this festival has featured big name national acts like Modest Mouse and Foster The People, with local and independent artists like Flint Eastwood and Stef Chura. This year, the fest has a packed lineup, with Bon Iver and The National headlining the event. Also on the bill are Portugal. The Man, St. Vincent, Vince StaplesHighly SuspectBrockhamptonDaniel CaesarBillie EilishAlvvaysTurnoverRex Orange CountyDermot KennedyHomeshakeJeff RosenstockClairoS. CareyJoe Hertler & The Rainbow SeekerslovelythebandEmpty HousesShortly, and Curtis Roach. This will be two amazing days of music that you definitely don't want to miss!

Mo Pop 2018 will be taking place on Saturday, July 28th and Sunday, July 29th. Tickets for the festival are $145 for the weekend or $95 per day. You can purchase your tickets in advance here. In addition to all of the great music at Mo Pop, there will be small "villages" set up throughout the festival with all sorts of fun features. For example, The Mo Arcade is an air conditioned tent featuring arcade games from Offworld Arcade, along with contests and DJs. There will also be artists, vendors, craft beers, and a food truck alley with some delicious eats!

Festival gates will open at 1 p.m. each day, with the first act hitting the stage at 1:30. Curtis Roach will kick the festival off on Saturday, and trust us when we say that you don't want to miss his set! Check out the full schedule for the weekend below.
And whether or not you can make it to Mo Pop this year, make sure you check out the official Mo Pop After Parties happening both nights at PJ's Lager House. Saturday night's lineup will feature Homeshake and Ohio Wild. Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers and Jerry Dreams will play on Sunday. Cover for each night is $20 and 21+ are welcome. For more info on Saturday's after party, click here. For info on Sunday's after party, click here.

For everything you need to know about Mo Pop and the After Parties, head over to MoPopFestival.com.


Win Tickets to Bane's World

This Friday night, El Club will welcome Bane's World to their stage! The Long Beach based artist is currently out on a summer tour and selling out dates across the US. Friday night he will be joined by
Michael Seyer and Inner Wave. If you're not familiar with Bane's World, give his latest release Drowsy a listen below.

Tickets for Friday's show are $12 and they are going quickly! You can pick up your advance tickets here. If you're feeling lucky, you can also enter to win a pair of tickets to the show. To enter, send your full name to hipindetroit@gmail.com with #banesworld in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner on Friday morning and will send them details on how to claim their prize. 

Doors are set to open at 8 p.m. on Friday and all ages are welcome. 


Monday, July 23, 2018

Win Tickets to See Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite LIVE at St. Andrew's Hall

Blues artists Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite joined forces in 2013 to release an album together, entitled Get Up! That album earned them a Grammy Award for Best Blues Album the following year. Well, this spring the duo released another hit album together and now they are hitting the road to play the blues for you. Give their latest release No Mercy In This Land a listen below.

Harper & Musselwhite will make their way to Detroit this Sunday, July 29th to perform live at St. Andrew's Hall. Tickets to see this legendary duo live on stage start at $53 and can be purchased in advance here. Thanks to our amazing friends at St. Andrew's Hall and Live Nation Detroit, we are also giving one lucky reader a chance to get into this show for free! To enter to win a pair of tickets to this great show, send your name to hipindetroit@gmail.com with #ben&charlie in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner on Sunday morning and will send them details on how to claim their prize. 

It's Time to Try it Raw

We know we're late to the party here, but have you ever heard of Try it Raw in Downtown Birmingham? Somehow this magical restaurant has flown under our radar for the last four years. But, ever since we had our first taste, we can't stop going back for more.

Try It Raw is an all vegan raw restaurant that serves up some of the most delicious food we have ever put on our palette. Their staple menu includes tacos, zucchini noodles, avocado rolls, hand rolls, salads, dessert, a breakfast bowl, and more. Their daily specials include lasagna, pizza, burgers, Reuben sandwiches, and more. None of the food that they serve is cooked above 116° and everything is plant based. They use lots of soaked legumes, nuts and grains, to create their plant based treats and they are truly onto something special because their food doesn't taste like anything we've ever had before.


We've sampled quite a few things on their menu and we haven't found anything that we didn't like yet. But, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn't mention one item and we know will blow your mind. Vegan or non vegan, you must go to try it  raw and order the nachos. Everyone tried to do their take on vegan nachos and tacos. Many restaurants use seitan, tofu, and even cauliflower to create the perfect texture and taste,  but the nachos at Try It Raw take it to the next level. Their nachos are made with fresh cabbage chips topped with walnut pate, tomato, avocado, green onion, cashew nacho cheese, and cashew sour cream. They taste better than most of the nachos we have ever eaten and the cabbage chips give them the most wonderful crunch. If you have ever thought about trying vegan or raw food, this is the place you need to go to and this is the item that you need to try. 

Try It Raw is open from 7 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Saturdays, and 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Sunday. They source their foods locally and are passionate about the benefits of adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Stop in and grab something healthy from them the next time you are in the area and need to get some take-out. We promise that your taste buds and your body won't regret it! 


Youngbloods Makes Their Stake on Hazel Park

Metro Detroit has lots of great boutiques that cater to the feminine aesthetic. But, we have always been seriously lacking on great local spots for the gents out there to get their style on. Thankfully, a new local store has opened its doors to cater to that demographic and they are doing it the right way. Youngbloods is a new men's clothing store and barber shop that recently opened its doors in Hazel Park. The large, finely decorated space celebrates the rock & roll lifestyle by offering its patrons a whole new way to approach style, self care, and grooming.
When you enter from the front, you walk into a big open room filled with barber chairs and places to sit and relax while you wait for your trim. In the back of the store, you find a finely curated collection of some of the coolest jeans, shirts, jackets, hats, and accessories that anyone could ask for. The store carries a variety of brands that we love, including Straight from Hell (they have the vegan leather jacket!), Alternative, and of course classic Levi's. In the front of the store, they carry a wide variety of hair care products, including the full line of Murray's products and Black and White Hair Dressing, which was worn by Elvis, Johnny Cash and many other rock & roll greats! Youngbloods is edgy and classic at the same time!
For now, they're open 5 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, and Lyle is the sole stylist. So you might want to call ahead if you need a haircut! You can follow the new shop online here to find out more about them as they grow and change. They will be bringing in some more barbers and more threads as time goes on, so make a plan to stop in soon and stop in often! 


Win Tickets to the Summer Slaughter Tour at The Majestic

There used to be a ton of big fests and tours that made their way around the US every summer. There was Ozzfest, Mayhem Festival, and Warped Tour, just to name a few. Well now the first two are gone, and after this year, Warped Tour as we know it will be no more. But, there is one tour that doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, and they like to pride themselves on being the most extreme tour of them all, The Summer Slaughter Tour.

The Summer Slaughter Tour started in 2008 and is continuing to go strong throughout North America. This Thursday, July 26th it will make its way to Detroit to take over The Majestic Theatre. This summer, the tour will feature Between The Buried And Me, Born of OsirisVEIL OF MAYA, ERRAThe Agony SceneAllegaeonTerror UniversalENTHEOS, and Soreption. Tickets to see this awesome lineup live are $29.50 in advance or $35 the day of the show. You can pick up your tickets in advance here. You can also enter to win a pair of tickets to the show by sending your name to hipindetroit@gmail.com with #slaughter in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner early on Thursday morning and will send them details on how to claim their prize.

Things will kick off early for this one, with doors at 2 p.m. and bands starting at 2:30 p.m. All ages are welcome. For more info on this show, click here.


Friday, July 20, 2018

L7 is "Back to Bitch" and is Playing St. Andrew's Hall

When some people think of the '90s, they think of bands like Nirvana or Soundgarden. Others think of pop music like the Spice Girls or Janet Jackson. But, there's one band from the '90s that every riot grrrl thinks of and that band is L7. This band got its start in the late '80s, but were most popular in the early to mid 90s. They were bad ass and unapologetic, and paved the way for many female artists and bands after them. They called it quits for a while, from 2001-2014, but now they are back at it! This past year they even released their first new song in over 18 years, with some inspiration for the one and only Donald Trump. Give L7's song "Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago" a listen along with their latest song "I Came Back to Bitch".

Now that L7 is back, they have a handful of shows that they're playing throughout the US and Canada. This Tuesday, July 24th they will be making their way to Detroit to play St. Andrew's Hall. Joining them for the evening is Detroit's own W.O.M.B., and we couldn't think of a better opener for this show! Tickets to see these bands live are $28 and can be purchased in advance here. Thanks to our friends at Live Nation Detroit, you can also enter to win a pair of tickets to this show! To enter to win, send your name to hipindetroit@gmail.com with #L7 in the subject line. We will draw one lucky winner on Tuesday morning. 

Doors are set to open at 7 p.m. for this one and all ages are welcome. Make sure you get there early to catch W.O.M.B. too! You can check out their latest EP "Soundtrack for a Heated Conversation" below.


My Mid-Day Meal at Clementina

Metro Detroit has so many new places to eat that we can barely keep up! We have been trying our best to visit every space as soon as we can, but we have quickly learned that we need to wait a few weeks for the new restaurants and pop-ups to get their flow before we give them a proper review. So, we waited a few weeks to let Clementina work out the kinks before we stopped by. Unfortunately, we didn't have a great experience when we finally visited for lunch on Tuesday afternoon.

Clementina is the new pop-up restaurant and bar in Capitol Park that is owned and operated by the people at Prime + Proper (across from the park). This food truck style space features unique group seating and a relaxed vibe for patrons to enjoy food and drinks. The food is Latin influenced and the menu features items like salsa, guacamole, ceviche, tacos, nachos, and more. They also have a unique bar that serves up frozen specialty drinks and a small assortment of liquor and beer. They even have an activated charcoal ice cream that you can get to cool down while you hang out in the park. In theory. it sounds like a really awesome addition to the area, but as you will learn, it just didn't deliver.
I arrived at Clementina around 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday and was greeted at the "door" and given a menu to look at. No one explained if I should sit down or head up to the truck so I asked and was told that I could place an order and sit anywhere I wanted. So, I reviewed the menu and went up to the window to place an order. I inquired about the coconut and grains and asked if there was any way for it to be made vegan. The person at the window stared at me for a long time before they explained that they thought that it was made with milk. I asked if they could check for me and they begrudgingly inquired before again telling me no. After a long pause, I asked if there was anything that I could make vegan and with an annoyed air in her voice she told me, "you could have a mushroom taco without (indistinguishable) in it." I said, that sounds great, I'll have that. Then I inquired about the salsa or the guacamole and decided to get some guac and chips to round out my meal. I gave my name and waited for my order to come up. I also asked for a drink and was very sternly told that I wasn't able to order any drinks including water at this station. There was a separate line for drinks and I didn't want to go over there and re-ring my credit card, so I went drink free for this meal.
When my name was called I walked up the window and was handed my order. My bill came to just under $18 for the meal (without a drink) so I was surprised to find that I only had one taco and a small helping of chips with a hefty helping of guacamole with some interesting toppings. The taco was anything but hefty and was not very appetizing. It tasted like it was barbecued, but I couldn't really put my finger on the taste. I'm not sure what it would have tasted like if I didn't have to take off the cheese and the cream, but the vegan version was nothing to write home about. The gauc was topped with some interesting items like grapefruit and mandarin oranges and was actually very good.  I wouldn't usually like something like this, but it had a unique taste to it and it was refreshing to eat something so fruity and light on a hot day. The only problem was that the chips that were meant to be dipped into the guac were not edible. I almost took a boomerang to prove it to all of you but I assure you that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't not bite into about half the chips in my bag. They looked fine, but were as hard as rocks. So, I only got to enjoy about half of the guac that I ordered before I ran out of chips to eat it with. But, being fat and cheap I made sure to hovel the rest in my mouth with a fork.  
Overall everything about my experience was disappointing. The food wasn't very good and it wasn't very fresh. It was however very small and very expensive, something that seems to be a staple in Detroit these days. I really like the bar, I really like the seating, and maybe the drinks are good (I didn't get to try), but I can't recommend anyone stopping by the food truck for a meal in its current state. There is simply too many other good spots in the area to spend that kind of money on a sub par meal. I also can't stress enough that if you are trying to get people to come out and eat at your space in 2018, you need to offer a vegan option! There are tons of us out there and we don't like to waste your time and food skills on changing up an item you created. Create something for us and we will come out and give it a try!
I might go back to have a drink sometime this summer but Clementina's service and staff left a bad taste in my mouth and its going to take me a minute to get over it. On the flip side, the stores and markets in the park are killer, so stop by for those if you're in the area! 


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Celebrate Beacon Park's 1st Anniversary with Saint Motel

This weekend, Beacon Park will be celebrating its first anniversary! Over the past year, the park has hosted some great events, but this year's concert series has definitely topped them all. Beacon Park kicked off their 2018 summer concert series last month with Detroit's own JR JR. Now, this weekend they will celebrate their 1st birthday with Saint Motel!

Saint Motel are just about to hit the road on a headlining tour, but first they will play this special FREE show in Detroit. This band has played big name festivals like Coachella, Bonaroo, and Lollapalooza, so getting the chance to see them in one of Detroit's coolest parks, is quite the treat! Plus, during the show, Mindfield will be putting on an awesome light and video show on the G.A.R. building that is across from the park. There will also be food trucks on site, yard games to play, craft beers to sip, and the Night Market will be open during the show.

This is all happening this Saturday, July 21st and things are set to kickoff at 6:30 p.m. and Detroit's own Flint Eastwood will be getting the party started! So make sure you get there early, because you do not want to miss her! There are other fun free events happening all weekend long at Beacon Park in celebration of their first anniversary, like yoga, spin classes, and a free family fun day. You can find out about all of this weekend's festivities by clicking here.