Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Party with the Most Rockin' Dudes in Town this Friday!

This Friday you have a huge choice to make. Do you want to go out and dance to FLASHCLASH at The Shelter or do you want to go rock out with your cock out to some bad ass rock & roll at The Magic Stick? (Side note: If you pull said cock out, you will probably get kicked out. But, I will pay you to do it anyways.). Two great Detroit venues and two very different types of shows. 

For all of those who picked the second of the two choices, you need to head down to The Magic Stick to see a few of our local favorites, including Beast in the Field, Wilson and The A-Gang. All of these great bands are coming together to play Against the Grain's CD release show! The Dewtons are also playing that night, but we haven't seen them yet. So we can't call them a favorite, but we are definitely looking forward to checking them out. You can check out this amazing lineup for a measly 5 bucks! It should be a great time!

It was also just announced that Matthew Wedge, former vocalist of Fordirelifesake, has joined The A-Gang! This will be his first show doing vocals for them. He has always been one of my favorite front men. Seeing him and Chad Nicefield of Wilson scream their little hearts out will be a special treat.

The tentative schedule for Friday night is as follows:
9:10 Beast in the Field
9:55 The Dewtons
10:25 Wilson
11:10 The A-Gang
12:05 Against the Grain

Make sure to get there by 9! You need to see Beast in the Field! We have a couple of clips from their set at this year's Blowout. You can check them out here. (Wilson is also in that video!) Beast in the Field starts about 15 minutes in. Super metal! You will love them!


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