Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Get Ready for The HandGrenades to EXPLODE!!!

Corny title... I know. But, I had to. 

If you have seen The HandGrenades or even heard them at all, you will agree that this band isn't going to just be a 'local Detroit band' for long. They're talented musicians, they can sing, and they have catchy, fun tunes that anyone would enjoy.

This Friday, The HandGrenades are having their CD Release Party for their new full length "The Morning After". Every day leading up to the show, the band is releasing a track from their CD on their Facebook page. So make sure to head over there to get a little preview of what they have in store. In addition to this being their CD Release show, they will also be premiering their music video for "See You 'Round"  that night. Here are a couple of videos they have out to promote the show:

The last couple of weeks, the guys have been pretty busy traveling around to SXSW and Chicago. Luckily, we got a chance to catch up with them to get the scoop on the band, what they've been up to, and Friday's show!

HipInDetroit - You guys have been a band for a few years now. What's the back story on The HandGrenades? How did you guys meet? (Well, I think we know how Andrew and Tom met.) 

The HandGrenades - "Well Tom and Andrew have been brothers for a long time so they go way back. Nick and Andrew have been playing in bands together since they were around 16 years old, and then in fall of 2007 they asked Tom to be a part of their new band, and The HandGrenades were born. After going through a couple drummers, Joby ( a co-worker of Nick) joined the band in 2010." 

HipInDetroit - So, you guys are about to release your first full length album. How long have you been working on it? How does it feel to finally have it done and ready to release? 

The HandGrenades - "The new album was recorded at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit by Jim Diamond. We started the recording process in November of 2011, and finished in February 2012. The sessions were very spread out because everyone in the band has a full time job.
It feels great to finally be done with it and we are extremely happy with how it turned out. Working with Jim Diamond was a great time and we plan on hitting the studio again real soon and releasing something else this year." 

HipInDetroit - At your CD release show, you will also be premiering your new Music Video for "See You 'Round". Who did you work with on that project and where was it shot? How was it making a Music Video? 

The HandGrenades - "The music video for "See You 'Round" was directed and produced by Ryan Trautmann, who approached us last year at The Metro Times Blowout after seeing our set for the first time and asked if we could work together. Making the video was a lot of fun, and we had a lot of good looking actresses, so that was nice haha. We shot all the indoor scenes at Simon's Bar in Allen Park, and the driving scenes were shot at Willow Metro Park in New Boston." 

HipInDetroit - You just got back from SXSW, how was it? Was this your first time playing there? Did you play with any other Detroit bands? 

The HandGrenades - "SXSW was amazing. We had two shows (Friday at The Blind Pig, and Saturday at Pearl St. Co-op). It was definitely the biggest party I've ever seen. It was awesome to see bands that we listen to all the time, just playing in random bars for free. We didn't have a show together, but we hung out with The Hounds Below (from Detroit) most of the time. We also camped out in our pop-up camper the whole time we were down there. It was awesome because every morning we would just wake up to the sounds of the festival." 

HipInDetroit - How was Chicago? Which was better, Chicago or SXSW? 

The HandGrenades - "Chicago was wonderful as always. We go there quite a bit. We played two shows and they both went very well, we were amazed at the amount of fans we've made out there over the last couple years that came out to see us. Also thanks to The Future Laureates, we had a place to sleep. As great as it was, I think SXSW topped it. But I think SXSW topped anything we've ever done haha. 

HipInDetroit - What are your plans after releasing this album? 

The HandGrenades - "Shows and more shows." 

HipInDetroit - One thing that we like to ask everyone we interview is what are some of your favorite places in Detroit? Your favorite venue, restaurant, bar, store, etc.? 

TheHandGrenades - "I think as a band we love playing at The Magic Stick, which is why we booked The Lounge for our release show. Our favorite place to eat is definitely Lafayette Coney Island, the actual picture on the disc of our new album is a plate of chili fries from there. And we can't forget Jesse Shepard-Bates' house on Trumbull, our favorite place to party."

Well there you have it. The HandGrenades CD release show is Friday, March 30th at The Magic Stick Lounge with The High Strung, Jesse and The Gnome and The Good Things. If you pick up a copy of their new CD at the show, you can get it for just $5. Show starts at 8 p.m. and cover is $5. 

For now head on over to their Facebook so you can get ready to sing along on Friday!


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