Friday, June 29, 2012

Boys Can Do It Too!

As you know, there's an emerging fashion scene in Detroit. In the past few years there have been numerous designers popping up with their own lines. We have shared some of our favorite local designer with you over the last few months including, Sarah Lapinski (WOUND Menswear), Kelly Lynne and Angela McBride (Peace Love Spandex).  Well, we wanted to let you know that not just girls are making clothes. Guys are doing it too! 

Since starting this website, we have met so many people. We are constantly finding out about new people, events and ideas. Recently we were contacted by one of our readers, Jay Poljanac, about a new clothing line his friend started called Ghost Cloth. The guy behind these threads is Kevin Brown. We asked him a few questions about his line and the Ghost Cloth Launch Party happening this Saturday.

Hip In Detroit  - Tell us about Ghost Cloth. When did you start working on this project?
Kevin -
"I started working on Ghost Cloth in November and officially launched it in February 28th of this year."

Hip In Detroit - What made you want to start your own clothing line?
Kevin - "I started it for two reasons: I have my own screen printing press and I thought it would be cool to just start making my own stuff and I don't like most other clothing companies. "

Hip In Detroit - What type of clothing do you make?
Kevin - "Shirts, hoodies, tank tops, zip-ups, girl tank tops, those girl sweaters that don't quite cover the shoulders; all of those things are bought and printed on, but I am planning on making my own wallets, dresses and socks sometime in the near future. I also am starting to print 12.5" x 19" posters that will be ready in time for the June 30th party."

Hip In Detroit - Do you design everything yourself?
Kevin - "Most of the them are designed by me, but if my friends show me something I like that they made for me I will print it. "

Hip In Detroit - Can you tell us about your launch party this Saturday? 
Kevin - "The party this Saturday has Tharsis They, Undesirable People, Reverend, Stoopkids, Steamroller and a band that doesn't have a name yet performing. Its at a house in the Woodbridge neighborhood ( 1553 Merrick Street Detroit, MI 48208 ). This is a party so its free, but its also a concert so the drinks will cost you money. Ghost Cloth stuff [will be] available and all the bands will [have] their merch available. We're also shooting a promo video that night so if you come, you might also be in that... so that's cool. "

Kevin would also like to say: "Thanks to everyone that helped me out so far; my brother Brian, Chris L., Jay P., Undesirable People, Reverend, Endeavors, Martin E. for filming, everyone who understands why I make things hard to get and bought something." 

The party is this Saturday, June 30th. They are charging for drinks, but it sounds like they will be pretty cheap. Even if you aren't into clothing too much, there are some good bands playing. Our new friends Undesirable People will be there! Here's an interview we did with them earlier this month!


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