Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today we celebrate the birth of 1/3 of Hip In Detroit, Becca Friedman! What can we say... without her we wouldn't look good! She's a great friend, a great designer, one hell of a partier and just an all around awesome chick! Unfortunately she is gone in Mexico for the next week, so you will all have to buy her a drink when she gets back. Since she is out of town though, we took this chance to improve our design and photo editing skills on the picture below!

Obviously there's a reason we leave design to her. Seriously though, she does much more than make stuff pretty. We love you, Becca! We couldn't do it without you! 

In tribute to Becca, here are some of her favorite things in no particular order!
  This one is quite ridiculous though. 
If you're a hot dude with a mustache, even better!

Good Beer
If it comes in a Tulip Glass,
it just means it's stronger!

Butch Walker
She cries like she's a teenage girl at a Beatles Concert
every time she goes to one of his shows!

All kinds, but especially Newfs!

Ryan Gosling
I spelled it "Gossling" when I searched.
Shows what I know. 

  Not to be Confused with this Gosling named Ryan
Don't worry, this one isn't spelled 
with a double s either.  I tried.

Or really any sandwich with a ton of meat on it...
or even a plate full of meat.
Don't worry. She'll finish it before the waitress sets yours down.

There it is! Our tribute to Becca! We hope she has a great birthday and enjoys the rest of her trip! We also hope she finds some hot Mexicano down there! Oh, and we hope she likes all of the italics
Special thanks to the interwebs for lending us all of the pictures for this very important project! Make sure to cheers a drink to Becca tonight!

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