Monday, June 4, 2012

Destroy This Place 7" Release Show This Saturday

Hip In Detroit’s local favorite, Destroy this Place, just sent over their latest release for us to listen to! They recorded a four song split with Chicago band, Hospital Garden, that is being put out by Forge Again Records. Their release show is scheduled for this Saturday, June 9th at The Berkley Front

I thought I would tell you a little bit about the band and the album to get you ready to check out the show. So, I sat down with a nice glass of wine, closed my eyes and listened. The first song features Ryan Allen singing, one of my favorite sounds to hear. The dude has a great voice and harmonizes well with Monday. DTP has a very 90's, alternative feel and on this record the guitars sound really, really good. Who knew that a bunch of dudes with kids and careers could still be so cool? When you see them live, the music is so loud that you can sometimes miss some of the details that really come out in this album. 

The second DTP song on the split features John singing. Not many bands have so much vocal talent in them that they can switch up who sings each song, but these guys do it easily and well. 

The second 2 songs are by Hospital Garden. These two bands fit very well together for a split. They do not sound alike, but instead they have the same feel to their music. I am glad that they recorded with DTP because I really like what I am hearing and will definitely be looking them up to learn more about them as soon as I finish this article!

Destroy this Place was kind enough to blog about the making of this album on their website when it was being recorded a few months ago. You can see that here. I think that it's fun to go back and see how something was made, it helps you appreciate the final result. 

If you would like to get a sneak peak of the split before picking up a copy, it is currently up on Forge Again's bandcamp. Make sure to check out our past interview with DTP and join us at the show on the 9th to pick up your copy of the album! We look forward to hearing more from DTP! Two new songs are just not enough guys! 


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