Sunday, June 24, 2012

When The Rouge Go Marching In

Did you know Detroit has a football team? I'm not talking football like Lions football. I'm talking soccer- real football! The Detroit City Football Club's Le Rouge is in it's first year and is doing pretty well. It is in a midwest division, so they play teams like Cleveland, Buffalo and Erie. 

I went to the Detroit vs. Cleveland game this weekend. Unfortunately I missed the game against Buffalo (where I am originally from) last week! My friend just became the announcer for the rest of the season and he told me that the fans are awesome and the games are a lot of fun, so I had to see for myself! I'm really not a sports person, but I did used to play soccer ages ago, so I was a bit more keen on this.
Tickets are only $5, plus $5 for parking in their lot and they play at Cass Tech High School in Detroit. If you go, I highly suggest sitting with the hooligans. They are crazy! I was very impressed by how organized they were and how much they do considering how new the team is. They had all sorts of cheers and songs, smoke, flags, you name it! Plus, everyone has some sort of Le Rouge merch on, whether it be a t-shirt or one of the cool, though slightly Gryffindor-looking (yes, that is a Harry Potter reference), scarves, everyone is wearing red and yellow.

One downside is that there aren't really any drinks or food inside the gates. However, just get your hand stamped and you can come and go as you please. A lot of people venture over to TV Bar in between halves, which is right behind the field, or there is always good, old fashioned tailgating. We kept seeing people with some interesting looking fries (I think there were eggs on them?), but didn't realize where the food came from until we were leaving, even though it was right on the street next to the field. There is always next time!

In summary, I highly recommend checking out Le Rouge. There are only a few home games left in the season, though. It's a perfect way to spend a summer evening and represent Detroit!


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