Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Glass Blowing, Spandex and FLASHCLASH- What A Weekend!

After having such an amazing time watching Peace Love Spandex's fashion show and the Michigan Glass Blowers create art in front of our eyes, we were excited to finish off the weekend with the closing party at the Magic Stick Sunday night.
The evening began with a viewing of a documentary about the art of glass blowing and the process to bring you an event like this. To be honest, the documentary was a little long and slow-moving, but it was interesting. I wish they would have focused more on the legal battles that they have had to endure to continue to operate and create.

After the movie, the real party started as FLASHCLASH took the stage and performed one of the best sets I have ever seen. Their show included an appearance by the Empress Serilda. Generals Yorg and Bryce rallied together their troops and showed us how they do it in the future. They had me dancing and laughing and enjoying the end of a wonderful weekend.
I wish people knew what they are missing when they miss a FLASHCLASH show. They make music and perform it in a way that no one has ever done before. I encourage you to listen to their EP, Born of Astronauts, and watch their music video for "Spiraling." We have even managed to sneak our cameras in and filmed some live footage which you can find here.

Never give up and never surrender.


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