Friday, June 29, 2012

Performance by The Hives. Interview with The Hives. Very Special Thanks to The Hives!

At first glance, the world of The Hives might seem to be quite monochromatic. However, the color that is lacking in their wardrobes is overwhelmingly present in their music and their personalities. There has always been something about this band that made them different from the other bands that I like. Maybe it's their catchy tunes, their whimsical style or their charmingly arrogant attitudes. Something about The Hives brings out a different level of excitement from me. Well, not just from me. The Hives even make some of Detroit's biggest rock stars giddy. But, we won't name names.

Since I have been a huge fan of this band for years, I couldn't wait to see them perform this past Wednesday. The Hives had kind of fallen off the radar for about 3 years while they were writing and recording their new album, Lex Hives. Once their return was announced, I began counting down the days until I would have the chance to hear their new tunes and then see them on stage again. As I told a couple of my friends prior to the band's performance at Clutch Cargo's the other night, this band puts on a live show unlike any you have ever seen before.
The evening was full of tops, tails, ninjas and great tunes. It doesn't matter what size the venue is or how many people are in the crowd. The Hives give every performance their all.

One thing that made this evening extra special to me, along with Becca and Sadie, is that we had the honor to sit down with Pelle and Matt before their performance. Going in to this interview we weren't quite sure what to expect. Coming out of it, one thing is for sure- there are definitely two sides to the guys from The Hives. Although they are members of "the best band in the world" while on stage, they are laid back, down to earth and extremely nice guys when they leave the stage. It is our pleasure to share this video with you! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

As Pelle said, this tour will last about a year and a half total. We are unsure if The Hives will be returning to Detroit during this tour. If they come anywhere remotely close though, I cannot stress this enough, GO SEE THIS BAND!!! There are not many bands that are so good live that you listen to them on the drive home from the show! We did! It's days later and I'm still listening to them! Until we are blessed with the presence of this great band again, at least do yourself a favor and go pick up their latest album, Lex Hives. You will not be disappointed!



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