Monday, May 21, 2012

Peace Love Spandex Takes Over Eastern Market!!!

This weekend was the kind of weekend that I dream about all year. I skipped around town and attended some great events. On Sunday, I decided to go down to the Eastern Market for the annual Flower Day extravaganza. 

During the weekend that Flower Day takes place, many Metro-Detroiters pack the streets of the Eastern Market and fill their trunks with all sorts of garden goodies to decorate their homes. It is always really enjoyable to walk around, grab some food off a cart and see the live acts that are playing in front of stores and in parking lots throughout the approximately 6 block radius. This year I went with a specific purpose; to finally show you the amazingness that is Peace Love Spandex.

New York and L.A. may be known for their pop up sales, but we want to be known for our pop up fashion shows. An idea that was not created in Michigan, but has spread around the city in popularity over the last few years. Angela McBride, designer and creative director of Peace Love Spandex, knows that in Detroit we love our music, our ladies and our spandex. She creates what are essentially pop up fashion shows at all types of events. When you combine great colorful clothing with good looking women and music, people turn their heads and pay attention. You may have seen her work featured over the last few years in a variety of places, including the covers of Real Detroit and on the racks at Incognito.

Today at the Eastern Market she teamed up with the crew over at the Division Street Boutique and Aptemal Clothing to fill the market with people dancing and having a good time. Once a crowd gathered, they opened the doors and let loose spandex clad models to walk down their impromptu “runway”. People got up and were cheering and dancing while girls strutted and showed off the newest designs from Peace Love Spandex. After they finished walking the “Runway” they all lined up and used the graffiti on the walls to take some great photos and Polaroids of the models in their outfits. We stuck around and took pictures of the whole event.  
For more information on Angela McBride and Peace Love Spandex, visit Also, make sure follow the master of it all on Twitter: @peaceluvspandex. You don't want to miss the next time she tweets out that she is taking over a space with her crazy crew and wild clothing!

Thanks for showing us a great time and letting us in to get a behind the scenes look at how Detroit does fashion!


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