Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wild in the Streets

We love Detroit and we want to be a part of the positive changes that we finally see happening around us. We are part of the grass roots movement to make a difference in the lives of those that call this city home. We refuse to let Detroit be written off as the wasteland it is so untruly portrayed as in movies, articles and films. We live here, work here, raise our kids here and we are not letting you take that away from us.
We are so proud to announce that this year, Detroit will be the 9th city to participate in Wild in the Streets, a movement created by Emerica that not only unites people of a common interest, but also raises funds to create a new place for them to gather. Started in 2004, this movement has already made its way through Philly, Chi-town, San Fran, Vancouver, Tampa, Montreal, London, Madrid and L.A. They have raised funds and built skate parks along the way while uniting the communities around them for a mass skate event and party.

The premise is simple- meet up, go for a skate through the streets and then reconvene for a big, old party.

Powerhouse productions partnered with Ricta, Thrasher, Spitfire, Independent, PBR, Boards for Bros, Emerica, PLUSkateboarding, Chiipss, Mini-Logo, Refuge Skate Shop, Real Detroit Weekly, Wat-Ahh and your favorite, Hip in Detroit to bring you this amazing night for fun and fundraising!  

You will be able to skate and hang out at Modern Skate park in Royal Oak. Meanwhile, the amazing music of Child Bite, Break Anchor, Snakewing, Drunk Dom and the Roaches, and Wrist Rocket will be playing live for you. When you get thirsty, 21 and older can go to the beer tent to fill up with the sweet taste of PBR! What more could you ask for?!  

All of this only costs $10 and all, I repeat ALL, proceeds go to the building of an outdoor skate park that will be located in the Ride It Sculpture Park!  

If you only do one thing next week, make it this! This event will not only be fun as hell but is for a good cause that will change the face of the city of Detroit for decades to come! So, make sure you're there on June 21!


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