Saturday, June 9, 2012

Michigan's War on Women

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We have noticed a large scale attack on women's health in the United States lately. For some reason, old men in political offices are very worried about what me and my vagina are doing these days. They are not just attacking abortion rights and services, but the access that a women have to birth control, OBGYN services and the ability to terminate a pregnancy if her health is at risk.

In Michigan, House Bills 5711, 5712 and 5713 are being proposed as a way to stop women's health services in Michigan, including abortion. Our legislature is using fancy wording to overturn the FEDERAL decisions and rules put into place over 50 years ago. This includes unnecessary licensing for providers even if they do not perform abortions on site, a 20 week ban on services even when a mother's life is at risk or a patient was raped, and a requirement that a fetus older than 8 weeks be buried or cremated to create unnecessary fees and raise prices.

In a world where anyone can inject botox in your face or use acid to peel off your skin without a license, these restrictions to "keep us safe" seem ridiculous and sad.

Please visit Michigan's Planned Parenthood website to learn more on this topic or call Governor Snyder at (517)373-3400 to let him know that you will not stand for this attack on reproductive health.


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  1. Since we now need to name the aborted fetus, I suggest "Rick Snyder" for all of them.