Friday, June 1, 2012

Back to 'High School'

Movies are awesome. Movies made in Michigan are even more awesome. It's so cool to be able to watch a movie and recognize places throughout it. Hell, even in Transformers I'm pretty sure I recognized the train station, although they had made a few changes to it...

Recently, we told you about The Five Year Engagement that was filmed here, and now there is another movie, High School, that is coming out. It is a 'stoner comedy' that was made in the Howell area.

Michigan always benefits when movies come to town, and this was no exception. The Howell area benefited in a couple ways from having the movie filmed there. They took over the previously vacant Parker Middle School in 2008, with a pretty hefty price tag, agreeing to pay the Board of Education $230,000. Also, as part of the agreement, the production company provided educational opportunities for the students, offering on-set instruction with set design and construction and film technology. Pretty cool!

The movie stars Adrien Brody and Colin Hanks. Adrien Brody in a stoner comedy? He plays the crazed drug dealer, Psycho Ed, and is apparently really good at it. Basically, the movie is about how the valedictorian got high and then finds himself having to take a drug test. So, of course, he sets out to get the whole graduating class baked so he won't be the only one to fail. Check out the trailer:

If 'stoner comedies' are your thing, you should probably check it out. It will be playing at most theaters around here starting June 1.

In an interview, Colin Hanks talked about a project of his that he has been working on for years, a documentary about the rise and fall of Tower Records. I'm admittedly a little more excited about that than 'High School.' So keep an eye out for that in the future! 


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