Sunday, June 17, 2012

Models Chugging PBR & Other Fun Things at the Michigan Glass Project

The Michigan Glass Project event was in full swing this weekend. The fires were burning, food and drinks were being served and there were models in spandex everywhere. We were lucky enough to get to come down and cover the event and we couldn't have had a better time. The Michigan Glass Project was created not only to promote art and build a local community of glassblowing artists, but also to help raise money to reopen the doors of the Belle Isle Aquarium.
The building consisted of two floors of fun. On the main floor, The Whitney was serving up food, including tacos and cupcakes that were to die for. There was beer and wine to drink (only $2 a glass) and there were a few local merchants including Fotoula Lambros (designer), Detroit Hustles Harder and Detroit Origami selling their wares. There were tables to sit down at to enjoy your food and visit.
Upstairs there were 20 torches set up for artists to work on projects as they pleased. Glassblowers came in from all over to make and sell projects. There were also a few DJ's spinning music, including two of our favorites, DJ Jefferson and East Side Jon. 

Outside there were graffiti artists creating different works on large pieces of canvas. This was my favorite thing to watch. I love that someone can take something like a spray can and use it to create art. There was even an artist using a hair dryer to splash the paint and create a different effect on his canvas. The work turned out great and was made to be raffled off at the closing event on Sunday to raise money for the aquarium. 

At about 7 o'clock, Peace Love Spandex put on a fashion show that had over 20 looks. DJ Jefferson played tunes while each girl walked out and danced to show off the clothes created by Angie McBride and Detroit Hustles Harder. The hair, makeup and clothes were colorful and fun and the crowd responded well to the show.
We stayed until well after close and we did not want to leave! We are so excited to go back today and get you more coverage including the closing party at the Magic stick with East Side Jon and FLASHCLASH.

We were also able to steal a few models and do a PBR chugging contest that is not only funny, but was sexy and fun! Nothing better than hot girls in spandex chugging PBR! I was shocked at how fast the winner took down a beer. She really was a champ! Thanks to PBR we were even able to give away prizes to the top three winners, including shirts and stickers.

Take a look at the video from Saturday and keep checking with us to find out about other Michigan Glassblowing events. We suggest that next time you don't miss out on this great event!


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