Friday, June 8, 2012

Green Dot Stables

I am going to share some information with you to today that might blow your mind: I am a sexy Italian that happens to really like food! I like everything about food, the smell, the taste, and the memories I have of sharing meals with the friends and family that I love. When you are Italian, sharing a meal with others can take hours and is the closest bonding experience that we have. When I was a fat little child I would spend the entire day on Sunday eating course after course and playing with my cousins. Although I regret how round I got for a while, those are the best memories that I have.

The sad part is that although I love eating food, I do not love cooking it. Don't get me wrong, I have a few fine dishes that I can whip up from time to time, but I am more likely to eat a plain baked potato for dinner than spend time whipping something up. Lucky for me I have an amazing man in my life who loves to cook for me! But Matt is not always around to cater to my stomach's every whim. So, I have to fend for myself at times. Sometimes a plain baked potato or my version of a salad (dressing, lettuce and sunflower seeds) just doesn't cut it. For this reason I am forever looking for good restaurants that cater to my picky tastes. I do not like things that are greasy, have a lot (or any) cheese on it or that come from a chain restaurant. I usually am stuck ordering sushi or getting small diners to make me stir fry dry, with no sauce. I am finally trying to branch out and find new places that I can get meals that I enjoy.

That is why I am so excited to tell you about a new restaurant that I visited this week, called Green Dot Stables. I first learned about them when they catered this year's Solid Dudes Season 2 premiere at the Belle Isle Casino. They were serving up all kinds of interesting things, including a rabbit burger. I was unfortunately to busy drinking Hard Luck Vodka to try their food that night, but everyone that I was with told me that they loved it. Flash forward to two weeks ago when I started to hear people talk about Green Dot Stables in my Facebook feed. I realized that I needed to cover this for the site and see what it was all about.

The restaurant opened on March 21st for lunch only and as of three weeks ago also began serving dinner. Owner Jacques Driscoll and his wife Christine picked this space because they liked the feel of the bar and restaurant, but they also knew that it was going to need some improvements. They kept some of the original pieces, but they gave the place a good polish and began working on their menu. 
They pulled Chef Leslie Molnar on board to create dishes that were not only different, but were things that they themselves would want to eat. Leslie explained, he wanted to find something other than cheese to put on a burger, a notion that I was very happy to hear! Every day they have a "Mystery Meat" dish and many of the options have a twist that you would not expect. 
Christie and I ordered a lot of different items to give them a try and see what they had to offer. We loved everything they gave us! In fact the Korean burger is one of the best things I have ever tried. Who would think that Peanut butter would melt in your mouth so well with beef?

We sat down with the owners and did a little interview for you to check out! It is 10 minutes long, but it is worth the watch. This amazing young couple is part of the group of young people that are trying to bring  back the city of Detroit, a place that I love very much. Thanks so much for your time, your amazing food and the great conversation. True to form we ate, drank and spent three hours having a great time together, just like I did with my family when I was a kid.


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