Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Rebirth of The City

Detroit is a city full of hope despite all the sadness that we see around us. We are a city that has learned to make something out of nothing and turn tragedy into a brighter future for those that remain. James Dewitt Yancey, better know as J Dilla, could have just been another sad case of a talented man dying too young. Instead his music and legacy have been used to unite a city and bring hope to those in it. According to his obituary at NPR.org, he "was one of the music industry's most influential hip-hop artists, working for big-name acts like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and Common.” He died at 32, but his legacy continues to grow.

Today marks a historic day, the release of a video and record in tribute to him, called "Rebirth of Detroit.” Check out the video and make sure to put an order in for the CD. It features our city and the artists making their living here.

J Dilla continues to unite the city through the J Dilla Foundation, created and run by his mother Maureen Yancey. According to her, “One of the things Dilla wanted me to do with his legacy was to use it to help others, people with illness, kids who were musically gifted, but had little hope due to poverty.” To learn more about J Dilla, please go to www.j-dilla.com.



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