Sunday, June 3, 2012

We've Finally Recovered From Partying With Wilson & PBR on Friday!!!

Friday night we had the pleasure of hosting our first event with PBR at The Pike Room for Wilson's Tour Kickoff show! The night was insane to say the least. There was a line to get inside before doors opened and every minute the venue kept filling up more and more. Everyone at the show was definitely there to have fun and party! 

By now you should know that Wilson is one of our favorite Detroit bands. We are so happy we got to be a part of this night with them! And of course we love PBR! The beer company gave out some sweet swag throughout the night including t-shirts, sweat bands and cozies.
Before last call, the bar was Sold Out of PBR! Needless to say, when that much PBR is consumed things get a little crazy!

Here's a video that we think sums up the night and what Wilson, Hip In Detroit and PBR are all about!

A very special thank you to Matt Moy, Steven Karapandza and Lyle Tucker. Those guys worked their asses off to help make this video possible. We can't thank them enough! Another big thank you to everyone that came out and partied with us! We had a blast! We hope you did too! 
Wilson is on the road until the end of June. Their first show back in Michigan is at Mac's Bar in Lansing on June 29th! To see some awesome pictures from Friday night, head over to our Facebook! Don't forget to tag your friends and make sure to "Like" us so you know about the next awesome thing that's going on! Be on the look out for an interview with Undesirable People and a lot more pictures in the next few days!

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