Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Center Park is the Place to be Three Nights a Week

Tonight, New Center Park will be kicking off their 2012 Season of music, movies and other fun events! This outdoor venue opened back in 2010. It is located across from the Fisher Building at Second and West Grand Blvd. When driving by, it might look a little on the small side. However, they can host up to 700 people! Each week there are mainly 3 different events that take place at the park. 

First, there is “Wednesday Night at the Movies”. Every Wednesday night, beginning June 13th, New Center Park will show some of your favorite classics. The season kicks off with “The Shining” next Wednesday, followed up by “The Goonies” the week after. This year’s movie schedule is full of tons of great movies, so make sure to check out the full list here.

Every Thursday evening New Center Park hosts “Thursday Alfresco Jazz & Blues”. Since the official opening to the 2012 Season is on a Thursday, you can look forward to hearing some great blues from this week’s performer, Thornetta Davis. Although Jazz and Blues isn’t really my thing, I am looking forward to seeing Will Sessions perform this weekly event when they hit the stage on July 26th.

The last weekly ritual at New Center is "Camp Hi-Fi" on Saturday evenings. This night, sponsored by Metro Times, features a whole slew of different bands and musicians. They even have a “Caribbean Fest” at the end of August! So there is definitely something for everyone during Camp Hi-Fi! For a list of all of the performers, click here.

Although most events at New Center Park are free, there are occasionally special engagements that you have to purchase tickets for. However those are quite rare. Even though admission is free, don’t forget to bring your wallet! There is a Conservatory at the Park that offers delicious treats and beverages!

I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite things to do in the summer is watch movies outside with a bunch of friends. One of my other favorite things is when stuff is Free! So I can’t wait to head down to New Center on Wednesdays and have some fun! For more info on New Center Park, their events, or how to rent the space for a private party, head over to their website at We were super happy to see a picture of some beautiful ladies decked out in Peace Love Spandex gear on there too! Here’s a video that features some past performers from New Center Park (including The Sights) and all of the great things that are happening there!


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