Monday, June 25, 2012

The Weakend Recap

The Weakend Reunion Show on Friday was a pretty big hit! Due to an overwhelming response in ticket sales, the show was moved last minute from The Pike Room to The Crofoot. Becca and I were quite impressed with how much they filled up the place! 

Wilson put on one heck of a show, as always. It was great to hear them in such a big room! Some of the people in the crowd looked a little puzzled. I'm not sure they were prepared for a Wilson show.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed them though!
Shortly after Wilson finished, The Weakend hit the stage with quite the dramatic entrance. The show was full of sing-a-longs and a reminiscent crowd. It definitely seemed like everyone in the crowd was happy to see Mark, Joe, James, Brian, Andrew and Jeff back on stage together. 
We didn't capture any videos of our own Friday night, but there were plenty of cameras in the crowd. There are already a ton of videos up on YouTube. We are looking forward to our friend Pasadena's videos, as he definitely had the best view in the house! If you happened to get some footage of Friday's Reunion Show, let the band know! They are compiling a video using everyone's footage that they can get their hands on. Hopefully yours will make the cut!


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