Monday, June 3, 2013

Recap of the "Surrounded By Snakes" Release Show

After Friday night at The Magic Stick, Against The Grain is officially the favorite band of many Detroiters, if they weren't already. The place was packed in honor of the release of their third full length album, "Surrounded By Snakes". The band played one of the best sets I've seen by anyone in a while. Judging by the crowds reaction, and the fact that the band was genuinely cheered on for an encore, we weren't the only ones that thought they were amazing.
We managed to catch everyone on the line-up except for Frank White, which we were super disappointed about. All of the bands put on a great show! We even got a few pics from The Amino Acids and Beast In The Field's sets, as well as some shots, a new song and an old song from Against The Grain. (Things got a little rowdy at a couple points. Thanks to Jenn Koss for lookin' out while we tried to shoot these songs for you guys!)

If you didn't get to pick up Against The Grain's new CD on Friday, it is available through their bandcamp for $5. It is well worth every penny. The band will be releasing the album on vinyl later this summer. There will be another bash for that on July 12th at P.A.N. Shop with Snakewing, The Hangdowns, Type-3 and The Gutter Ghouls. You can get all of the details on that show on the Facebook event page here. Against The Grain will be on the road for most of the summer. So make sure you don't miss out on this show! And check out their tour dates and tell your out-of-town friends to head out to see ATG when the band hits their town.


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