Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Live Footage and Pictures From the Phantasmagoria and James Linck Dual Album Release.

All winter I was waiting for Phantasmagoria’s second album, Dayze, and James Linck’s first album, The Fortress of Solitude, to set release dates. Phantasmagoria teased us for months with singles and James kept pushing back the release date month after month. When they finally announced that they had a date and they would be releasing both albums together on the same night I was thrilled. I blocked off the evening in my calendar and made sure that I was front and center for both acts.
Someone must have given Jamkes some Pixie Stix before the show Saturday night because he was like a little ball of energy when he hit the stage. He usually dances and moves around, but he was singing his little heart out and moving around the stage with a huge smile and purpose. He played with a live band (minus drums, Chris from Phantasmagoria provided those sounds) and the entire production sounded amazing. His songs have changed and grown since he first started preforming them and it was like watching a graduation and seeing all the hard work finally come together. James has already stated that he has a lot of new music on the way and was happy to get this record out so he can show you what else he has been working on. He played a song with Tunde Olaniran and one with Doc Waffles to give you a sample of what the future holds, and both guest appearances were on point.

Chris and Lianna have also both grown a lot musically since the first time we saw them. The quality, production and sound of their newest album is amazing. The room was shaking and Lianna’s voice was blowing my mind. Did you take singing lessons or something? I have always enjoyed when Lianna sings, but I felt like I was hearing Whitney in her hay day. She was hitting notes and taking my ears to places that they have never been before. You have officially made me a fan of a type of music that I never gave a chance and I am grateful that you opened my eyes and turned me on to something I had never tried before.

At the end of the night I was told that this would be Chris and Lianna's last show in the Detroit area. They have one in Ipsi in a few weeks and are going on an undetermined hiatus. I implore them to reconsider this and continue on if they can because I think that they are truly onto something great here. Either way, be proud of what you guys have done together and what you have created because it is truly beautiful.

Check out some videos from the show and do not forget to get your copy of The Fortress of Solitude and Dayze as soon as possible.


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