Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary Green Dot Stables!!!

It's hard to believe that it has already been a year since Green Dot Stables opened their doors. Coming up on Monday, June 10th, this great establishment will be celebrating their one year anniversary in the most appropriate way ever; an outing to Hazel Park Raceway. If you've ever been to Green Dot, you know the entire restaurant has a horse race theme, with jockeys and ponies adorning the walls. So, the owners of Green Dot are asking friends, family and patrons to join them at Hazel Park Raceway to enjoy this great past-time.

If you've never been to Green Dot Stables, it is a wonderful restaurant on the edge of Corktown at 2200 W. Lafayette. They specialize in sliders like you've never had before, as well as delicious sides and great cocktails. We had the opportunity to visit with the owners last year shorty after the restaurant opened. Here's a look inside and some background on Green Dot and the owners.

The gang from Green Dot Stables will be at the Raceway all evening long on Monday, starting around 7 p.m. So stop by to say "hi" and to celebrate! Hazel Park Raceway is located at 10 Mile and Dequindre at 1650 E. 10 Mile. Admission to the track is free and so is parking! So just make sure you bring some money to make your bets! For all of the details on Green Dot's anniversary party visit the Facebook event here. We'd like to congratulate Jacques and Christine on a successful first year! We hope there are many more!


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