Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Presenting The Talented and Witty James Linck

After months of anticipation, James Linck and Phantasmagoria have finally set a record release date for both of their albums. In fact, they have teamed up with Lord Scrummage, Coyote Clean Up and Doc Waffles to release both of their albums together this Saturday, June 15th in The Burns Room (upstairs in St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit). I sat down to write the promo for this event and realized that I’m sick of telling you how amazing both of these acts are. The truth is they are doing new things that no one else is and it's awesome and worth checking out.

James Linck is one of the weirdest and most charming people I have ever met. He's cocky and timid at the same time, and when he smiles, sings, or does this weird little shuffle dance on stage my heart is filled with happiness. I danced like an idiot at his Metro Times Blowout show and I wore my boyfriend out listening to his album before it was even mastered. I realized the best way to sell James is to let James sell himself. I got the chance to ask him a few questions and when I read his responses I felt myself smiling the same little smile I have when I hear his music. There is just something about this guy, something amazing.

HipInDetroit- How does it feel to be releasing your first record as a solo artist? 
James- "Awesome cause I've had this fucker done for a while and I got a new one on deck that's real personal and I feel paralyzed."

HipInDetroit- We heard and fell in love with a sneak peak of the album a few months ago before it went in to be mastered. How did the process of mastering the album turn out? Are you happy with the finished product? Would you change anything if you could? 
James- "Zach Shipps did a great job mastering it and I gave him a hard time about it and he didn't even care and did a million revisions cause I'm a diva bout that shit.. sounds kinda treblely in my van but I think shit just sounds treblely in my van and treblely is not a real word.. I wouldn't change anything. I kept telling him to make it sparkle more and he did."

HipInDetroit- What's your favorite song to perform live? 
James- ""Since 84” cause the girl I wrote it about never comes to my shows."

HipInDetroit- Each time we see you preform the audience is gets bigger and bigger. What is your favorite live show from the past few months and why? 
James- "The party at Nick Chevillet's house a couple weeks ago cause everybody sang the WOO'S in get this money.. also Jumbo's before that cause mic write walked in right as his verse was bout to start and it was magical.. and JP FROM THE HP sang Lion King songs in his set.. also blowout cause I love Brent and Bryan and Tunde and Doc Waffles and Ferndale."

HipInDetroit- Three biggest musical inspirations?  
James- "Bob Dylan cause he's a dickhead, Marvin Gaye cause he's sexy, and John Lennon cause he's a dickhead and sexy."

HipInDetroit- How do you keep your hair looking so fly? 
James- "Bar soap and whatever shampoo my roommate buys and stress to keep those grays coming in."

HipInDetroit- Are you an ass or titties man? 
James- "I'm in love with most girls no matter how they look.. unless they have annoying voices then I'll prob just make out with you if I'm drunk."

HipInDetroit- Where do you see James Linck in a year? 
James- "I dunno I hope I fall in love and write beautiful songs about it."

The show starts at 9 p.m., costs $5 at the door and 18 plus are welcome.


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