Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Celebrate 10 Years of The Bill Bondsmen!

This weekend Bill Bondsmen will be celebrating 10 years of existence. That's quite the accomplishment, if you ask us. We can't even count how many bands we've seen come and go in Detroit over the last decade. To stick it out AND still have a bunch of fans is definitely worth celebrating. 

So this Saturday at Small's, Bill Bondsmen are throwing their 10th Birthday/ Anniversary Bash. As with any proper party, there will be cake and gifts, but only for the first 50 people. Joining Bill Bondsmen for the evening of fun are Fuck You Pay Me, Population, Rawdogs and Minus 9. The band will also be joined on stage by Dave Cocagne from the Feisty Cadavers for a few songs. 

In preparation for Saturday's shindig, and in honor of 10 years, we asked Bill Bondsmen's own Amado Guadarrama to give us the "Top 10 Reasons You Should Go To the Bill Bondsmen 10th Anniversary Show this Saturday". 
And here they are:
10) It's $32 less than the cheapest Young Jeezy ticket, which is also on Saturday.
9) You missed the last 9 anniversaries.
8) Population is gonna bring the Dracula rock to Small's all the way from Chicago!
7) Fuck You, Pay Me: Cleveland rippers with the legendary Tony Erba (Face Value, 9 Shocks Terror), A man who looks like a cross between Booger from Revenge of the Nerds and Laddie from the Lost Boys.
6) The other 2 bands.....(Rawdogs and Minus 9)
5) We're playing some tunes that we haven't touched in years (and probably should've left alone).
4) We got Dave Cocagne to come onstage with us and play not one, not two, but THREE Feisty Cadavers songs!
3) There's gonna be a cake.
2) Like most 10 year old's parties, there's gonna be tantrums, sick kids and embarrassed adults.
1) 10 years of being too punk for hardcore kids, too hardcore for punk kids, too weird for garage rockers and too garagey for weirdos is no small feat. Come on down and party down with us. You'll only regret it the next morning!

Cover for this all ages show is only $8 and doors will open at 8 p.m. For all of the details, head over to the Facebook event page here.


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