Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Crazy Night at Small's w/ Bill Bondsmen

After partying at Andrew W.K. on Friday, Christie and I couldn't wait to get to Small's on Saturday for the 10th Anniversary Bill Bondsmen show and party even more. Every time we've seen Bill Bondsmen, they put on a great show and Saturday was no exception.
The lineup included Population, Fuck You, Pay Me, Rawdogs, and Minus 9. We did get there a little late, but caught most of Minus 9's set and they were pretty good. They are a two piece drum and bass hardcore/thrash band from Ypsilanti totally worth checking out. After Minus 9, Rawdogs were up. We've seen them before and were looking forward to catching them again. We were particularly curious to see what the one guy would be wearing at this show, considering he was wearing pretty much nothing the last time we saw them. Apparently Saturday night was a 'military' theme for their outfits. You have to love a band that dresses up for their shows. If you haven't checked out Rawdogs yet, you really need to and can do so here and even download a free song, "Up All Night".
Last but certainly not least, we got to see the main event, Bill Bondsmen. As usual, they were a blast. I am a little disappointed that there weren't more people there to celebrate with them, though. There was cake, people! Cake! Regardless, the people that were there were obviously having a great time and enjoyed the show just like us. Check out a song from their set in the video below and we better see you all there next time! Congrats on 10 years guys!


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