Thursday, June 6, 2013

Catching Up with Those Bad Asses in Battlecross before Orion!!!

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Amongst the numerous big name bands playing Orion this weekend, there is a Detroit band that is quickly becoming huge themselves. Battlecross is a 4 piece reigning from the Detroit area. The band was formed in 2004 and was signed by Metal Blade in 2011. Since their first major label album, they have toured North America and shared the stage with bands like All Shall Perish, Killswitch Engage and Five Finger Death Punch.  This weekend Battlecross will once again be playing along side some bands that were at one time or another an inspiration to them, when they hit the stage at Orion. We had the honor of catching up with guitarist Hiran Deraniyagala via email and finding out a little more about the band.

Hip In Detroit- In one sentence, define Battlecross.
Hiran- "A relentless, energetic onslaught."

Hip In Detroit- You guys have had a hell of a ride since your first release in 2011. What has been the most exciting part since signing with Metal Blade?
Hiran- "The most exciting part is touring and sharing the stage with bands we've looked up to and admire. The crowds and venues we've been fortunate to play as a young band is incredible. This is what we live for! "

Hip In Detroit- The band has toured a lot over the last couple of years. Any crazy stories from your time on the road?
Hiran- "Nothing too wild or crazy. On our first tour, the van transmission blew in Texas. We basically crawled to the next venue to make it in time for the show. We played then crashed in the parking lot. Woke up and went to a dealership 10 minutes away. Our manager had a cousin who was a higher up at GMC. We got an awesome deal on a brand new van, bought it and finished the tour! I know there are other random stories but that one sticks out a lot." 

 Hip In Detroit- Tell us about your new album War of Will?
Hiran- "War of Will is the continuation and evolution of Pursuit of Honor. Since getting signed and traveling on the road we've matured as a band, both mentally and musically. This album represents the struggle, perseverance and determination of a young band fighting its way through a tough industry, personal sacrifice, and struggles that we dealt with individually and as a band. Each song displays the energy and musicianship that the band is known for while showing a diversity of genres. Each song tells its own story."
Hip In Detroit- You guys are on some big tours this summer. How does it feel to be on some of these huge tours playing with Metal legends?
Hiran- "It's incredible! To think that I would be playing the same show as Metallica is unreal! We're so humble and honored to be able to have these opportunities. We really owe it to the people who work with and support us! Thank you!"

Hip In Detroit- What can fans expect during your set at Orion this weekend?
Hiran- "We'll be playing a lot of material from our first album, but we also want to give the fans a taste of the new material! We're expecting to play in front of new faces so we want to come out strong. Playing our hometown is only going to feed our energy even more and I can't wait!"

Hip In Detroit- Why should someone that has never seen you before check you guys out at Orion?
Hiran- "If you're looking for a no bullshit, straight to the point, energetic heavy metal band then come see us at 2:30 on the Frantic Stage!"

Hip In Detroit- Is there anyone you are looking forward to seeing this weekend?
Hiran- "Metallica of course, but I am also looking forward to seeing our friends in All Shall Perish. Grew up listening to the Deftones and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Tomahawk and Cauldron I definitely want to check out as well."

Hip In Detroit- Who are you guys currently listening to? What's the last show you went to that you didn't play at?
Hiran- "I go to a lot of local shows while I'm home. I love the Michigan metal scene, there are a lot of great bands. I just picked up the new Beast in the Field album; great doom metal from Saginaw. Wulfhook is another incredible heavy metal band from Detroit. I see them doing great things in the future. I've also been digging the new Killswitch Engage and I continuously listen to Goatwhore, whom are probably my favorite metal band right now."

Hip In Detroit- We like to ask bands that we talk to what some of their favorites are in Detroit. What is your favorite venue, restaurant, bar, band, etc.?
Hiran- "My favorite venue is the Token Lounge. That venue is our home and John Anton has been so good to us over the years that we'll always call that place our home. I also really enjoy going to the Magic Stick and St. Andrews Hall. Favorite restaurants would be the Mercury Bar and Slows BBQ. Great food! Favorite Detroit bands- Wulfhook, Beast in the Field, Hellmouth, Gutrot, Writhing, Scorned Deity, Nurse Ratched, Saprogenic, Imminent Sonic Destruction, to name a few.

We'd like to thank Hiran for taking the time to chat with us! As he said, Battlecross plays the Frantic Stage at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. Keep an eye out for their new album War of Will that is set to be released on July 9th. Not only is Battlecross on the lineup for Orion this year, but they will also be on Rockstar Energy's Mayhem Fest as it tours the country this summer and they will be featured at Gwar-B-Q in Virginia this August. If you can't make it out to catch the band's set this weekend at Orion, make sure you don't miss them when Mayhem Fest heads to DTE on July 28th.


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